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My Life On The Sask Music D List

My Life On The Sask Music D List

By Andreea The Narrative
This is an account of what it is like to be a Saskatchewan Music D lister, and about the industry, topics that are of importance, social issues and everything in between as told from my vantage point and the points of view from my varied guests.
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Long Time Coming, Friends Fun and Fabtastic

My Life On The Sask Music D List

Pride Month the haze code and Row vs Wade
Prior to the overturning of Row vs Wade I had a chance to talk to the very talented and well versed poet, artist, theatre person and activist Elise Pallagi.  She is a vibrant and engaging individual and I really took my time to get this episode just right.  This episode covers many topics that are possible triggerwaring topics they are: Religion Reproductive Freedom  Bodily Autonomy 2LGBTQA+ Issues Other Topics
July 30, 2022
Coffee, Songwriting and Possibly Realty TV
In this episode the Regina resident and brilliant songwriter avid coffee drinker and all around cool person Joel Henderson aka Poor Nameless Boy joins the show for a very engaging discussion. There are so many aspects of this enlightening and captivating episode. Be sure to check out the single "Jean Jackets" and definitely sip some coffee while listening.  Poor Nameless Boy is definitely a songwriter to watch on the Saskatchewan soundscape and beyond.
June 28, 2022
Long Time Coming, Friends Fun and Fabtastic
In this episode history of friendship is explored with Emma Jean of many an artistic project and we get the scoop on the newest fantastic duo "Cupids Heart" based out of the lovely and very hip happening city of Regina. We also talk about previous creative works and a lifetime ago.
May 23, 2022
Digital vs Analogue and The Soundscape
In this episode the classic debate of digital vs analogue sound recording techniques are discussed as well as the genuine beauty of live sound. In this episode you also get to witness a delightful conversation with Jay Semko from the Northern Pikes and Andreea The Narrative. This is a very special episode and one that is to be enjoyed and treasured.  Stay tuned for upcoming shows from the Northern Pikes in the summer of 2022 and be sure to check out Jay Semko's solo works as well as the authorial debut release of "The Poetry & Lyrics of Jay Semko".  
April 23, 2022
Multi Medium Super Cool Friend Chats
In this episode I am graced with the presence of my friend, Jon H. Pace aka Kankpace. He is a super talented being of so many mediums of art. Jon is a visual artist of paint/sketching, sculpture, miniatures, and so many other creative things related to physical objects. Along with that He is a talented skateboarder who posts skate videos regularly and an avid miniature skateboard inthusiest. Jon also is a very talented multi instrument musician/film maker. Yes a genius of many things. I am super stoked about this episode and about one of my coolest friend's many creative projects. 
April 12, 2022
Into The Cycle of Emo, Loss and Discontent
In this episode I talk about what I am going through in some of the darkest of inner monologues. I also lost some people I really loved and cared for. My heart really feels an intense amount of sadness and grief. I dedicated this episode to anyone out there feeling lonely, isolated and also grieving the loss of ones that they lost and miss. Specific the one that is so near and dear to my, my closest inner circle and the music community as a whole. I believe we all grieve in many ways and that grief is a learning experience, although painful, it's a never-ending process that we must face until its our turn.   —- Thankyou for being a friend, Jill Mack
March 21, 2022
I Can Follow Along Kinda With the Francophone Scene….. but Only Barely
In this episode I had the opportunity chat with the lovely and super duper talented bilingual artist Éemi. Her works are brilliant and very relatable, even more so after a transition.
February 02, 2022
Venturing Deeper into the Things That Made or Unmade Me
This episode explores the many things that i covered briefly in a prior episode, of some of my struggles and of some of the things that crafted me to who i am, but here I go far deeper into the psyche and possibly into the roots. TRIGGER WARNING -Self Harm -Suicide-Addiction-Disordered Eating -Depression - Anxiety
December 29, 2021
Sisterhood, Stories and Some Paranormal
This episode of My Life On The Sask Music D List features some interesting tales of paranormal encounters and sister chats with my very own sister Lorena. Also lots of antics.
November 26, 2021
Skin: A Living Canvas
This episode is all about the art work of tattoo and how it relates to My Life on the Sask Music DList. It features some very talented individuals and some of their industry's up, downs, and some insider scoop. I share some personal insights. Artists mentioned are all very amazing, hardworking and capable.  TRIGGER WRNING: Graphic Content Warning Possible NOTIBLES AND OR INSTAGRAM @ @siobhanbayda @crystalheshkatattoos @colleenajsmith @trevorgtattoos
October 27, 2021
EWest Music a Blast from the Past.... and Melissa Uhrin
This episode features a lovely conversation with a dear friend of mine the talented and very cool Melissa Uhrin. She is an individual who started on EWest telivision, wrote for a popular internet blog, is published author. So settle in and enjoy a lovely cit chat, and a lot of laughs and some references to Canadian pop culture. 
September 26, 2021
The Case For Cancelling... Others Who Show Problematic Behaviour
This episode has some sensitive content and has some subject matter that might be triggering.  TRIGGER WARNINGS: Sexual Misconduct SexualAssault  Rape Culture To find help
August 20, 2021
The Year of Constant Growth and The One Time I Went Outside
This episode covers a number of rather sensitive topics and trigger warnings are present for the following: Addiction Depression Anxiety  Self Harm If you or someone you care about requires assistance please do seek help I have included a list of resources below. The Canadian Society of Mental Health and support has a good landing page for a list of varied national resources in all forms of medias. Or if you require immediate assistance please contact emergency services or contact your local mental health crisis hotline. You matter, Love Loight and Blessings to you.  
August 03, 2021
The Heat Is Ongoing
This episode covers the current heatwave of the summer of 2021 and some other related issues related to that.
July 22, 2021
The Pilot
The first episode and an introduction as to why this show exists.
July 10, 2021