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MMA Storytime

MMA Storytime

By MMA Storytime
Writing and fighting caged together into one podcast!
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MMA Storytime Podcast: Episode 5

MMA Storytime

MMA Storytime Podcast: Episode 5

MMA Storytime

MMA Storytime Podcast: Episode 5
In this episode, I direct any listeners or followers to go to Fightbook MMA YouTube's Channel and let Dave Rodriguez know he sucks. This guy can't get enough of me and has spent the past four years messaging me, threatening me and others. Please help me let him know he is trash by commenting on any video, though podcast episodes would be best, followed by a thumbs down. Every digital mark is another painful blow to his fragile, pathetic ego.  Here is a link to their most recent episode: Thanks everyone!
June 2, 2021
MMA Storytime Podcast: Episode 4
For this episode, I explore the world of journalism—primarily MMA journalism—with the host of the Keyboard Warriors MMA Podcast, Eddie Law. Eddie obtained a journalism degree from Arizona State University and brings a unique perspective to the game of being an internet reporter. I’ve known Eddie for a handful of years and have recorded numerous podcasts with him. He’s easy to talk to, and the discussion bird walked far away from the topic of journalism, which is why you’ll notice the show ends with an abrupt end. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Save 15% on Because Jitsu Online Tutorial instructional courses by using the promo code STORYTIME at checkout. Connect to the courses led by Professor Drew Weatherhead at:
March 25, 2021
MMA Storytime Podcast: Episode 3
On this episode of the podcast, I revisit my run in with the disgruntled teens who comprise the K-pop community. My bizarre experience online with these individuals made me think of memoir, my favorite genre for reading and writing. MMA Storytime vs. The Shiny Shamalamadingdong Army at: Save 15% on BJJ instructional courses at:
March 24, 2021
MMA Storytime Episode: Episode 2
In episode 2, I share my experiences and attitude toward the communities on social media versus blogging. Though both are forms of networking on the Internet, the differences are staggering. Each has its fun and purpose, and I share how I got started, my perspective on others, and my levels of engagement moving forward.
March 21, 2021
MMA Storytime Podcast: Episode 1
The debut episode of the MMA Storytime Podcast, this episode, is a test, of sorts. Being a new format for recording podcasts, listeners are encouraged to cross their fingers for a second episode, which ensures a third, fourth, and so on, as well as provided on overview of what can be expected.  Follow MMA Storytime on social media for MMA memes: Instagram: @mma.storytime Facebook: @MMAStortyime
March 19, 2021