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By Mmutle Arthur Kgokong
Intraparadox is a site or a platform where I interview artists with an interest of unearthing their background, their inspiration and their interests. To get to know artists a little bit better. The ultimate aim of Intraparadox series of recordings is to build an archive of contemporary South African artists’ biographies. To write art history, differently. I am Mmutle Arthur Kgokong, welcome to Intraparadox.
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Intraparadox, Interview with Philiswa Lila (Episode 1, On Studying Art and Concept Development) 10Mar21.Irie Ambient20XXIeD.1
Philiswa Lila has stayed the course to weave some interesting forms hovering on the brink of abstraction. In this feature I present her to you in her own voice,  weaving for us a tale of triumph against obstacles which are pertinent to the artistic journey. Her triumphant winning of the prestigious Absa L’Atelier art competition: Gerard Sekoto Award in 2018 represent her major breakthrough. What interests me historically .is her journey towards that nexus point. Her journey is intricately linked to cumulative experience that gained traction prior to her completing her B-Tech Degree with Tshwane University of Technology Fine and Applied Arts Department around 2010. This episode sets the tone for the probe into her life story in an effort to lay bare her-story.        
April 8, 2021
Intraparadox, Interview with Mxolisi Vusimuzi Beauchamp, Coffee + Medium=Inspiration,24.Mar.21.Irie Ambient20XXIeD.2.eXpanded
In this edition of Intraparadox, I talk to Mxolisi Vusimuzi Beauchamp on his curatorial debut exhibition Coffee + Medium. For this exhibition Beauchamp, who is also an entrepreneur in the coffee business, invited a group of nine artists from diverse backgrounds to participate in an exhibition of works made from using coffee as a painting medium.  Coffee + Medium opens on 27 March 2021 at 10:00am at Art on 6TH, corner of 6 Kramer Road and Desmond Road, Sandton, Johannesburg. RSVP @ 082 237 3376
March 26, 2021
Intraparadox Interview with Papi Oratile Konopi curator for - 27 BKhz Solo Exhibition.Mar 2.Feb.21 (Final Mix)
In this feature I speaks to Oratile Papi Konopi (Curator) on Banele Khoza's solo exhibition '27' currently on at BKhz. Khoza's latest solo offering can be seen as a poetic snippet of his life. However the talk with Konopi reveals the many layers that led to the realisation of the exhibition.   
March 16, 2021
INTRAPARADOX: Interview with Wonder Buhle Mbambo
This interview took place at BKhz Studio. Wonder Buhle Mbambo relates his artistic journey from his training, his solo exhibition and to his show, Comfort, that was on show at BKhz between 2020 and 2021.
March 10, 2021