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By Candice (she/they)
Finding ways to affirm, celebrate, and examine oneself through candid conversations with Candice, founder of MN8Beauty. On this podcast, Candice shares insights about topics ranging from energetic/mental wellness, #makeupandmeditation, living with bipolar disorder, navigating academia, tantric sexuality, and so much more!
Language and Power
In this episode, Candice shares some thoughts about language as a tool for dismantling and/or upholding infrastructures of power.  Currently entering her second year of Master's coursework, much of Candice's research examines how gendered language shapes perception, and consequently perpetuates inherently biased beliefs.  The ultimate question is by examining the language that we use, how can we liberate ourselves from unhealthy power dynamics?!
August 13, 2020
Lessons from living ethically non-monogamous...
In this episode, Candice discusses how ethically non-monogamous dating is both amazing and confronting af.  From acknowledging jealousy and possessive tendencies, to finding partners who align with specific ideals/qualities, Candice explores several recent lessons from some amazing experiences.
August 1, 2020
Welcome to my podcast!
Hey y'all!  Welcome to MN8Beauty's podcast.  I'm so excited to be finally sharing dope conversations and experiences in this space.  In Episode 1, I give a brief summary about who I am, and what I do through my brand MN8Beauty.  Trigger warning, in this episode, I briefly discuss my experience with sexual trauma and living with a bipolar diagnosis.  Additionally, I share some of the many other topics that I'm passionate about discussing.  Although this episode is short and sweet, I look forward to bringing some dope individuals on to share their insights and to curate conversations that help us all to feel empowered, educated, and connected!
June 13, 2020