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Meet New Friends Through Tessy's Lens

Meet New Friends Through Tessy's Lens

By mnfttl
A podcast by Tessy De Nassau
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Meet New Friends Through Tessy's Lens - Dirk Daenen - Episode Six
A Podcast By Tessy Antony De Nassau. Dirk Daenen recently started and is currently the Dean of the British Chamber Academy for Belgium and the EU. He frequently guest lectures at universities around the world, including Vietnam National University, Tongji University in China, Novi Sad University in Serbia and Clark University in the USA. Alongside his academic work, he regularly coaches / consults for a range of international companies and public sector organisations.  Dirk is also a huge fan of TED Talks, having hosted and / or coordinated numerous TEDx events including currently TEDxLuxembourgCity. Having lived and worked in Brazil, Germany, UK, France, USA and Belgium, he understood from a young age that cultures are diverse and the people that make them can not possibly be educated in a one-size fits all manner. He has since been travelling, observing and teaching in as many countries as he can get to.  Together with his students he always examines the question: "in communication, is it all about perception?" - they call him the perception guy.
March 13, 2020
Meet New Friends Through Tessy's Lens - Stuart Young - Episode Five
A Podcast by Tessy Antony De Nassau. Stuart Joined the Wine Industry in 2001, held various management and senior management positions focused around private client sales and investment. In 2015 I co-founded Four Corners Wine Company to import the very best tiny production wines from California. Wines that are usually only available via mailing lists operated at the winery. Our criteria for selecting a wine is simple, top quality, low production, passionate winemakers interesting story, critical acclaim and above everything else - wines which offer outstanding quality and enjoyment! Stuart Young Founder UK: +44 (0)7825 223 879
March 13, 2020
Meet New Friends Through Tessy's Lens - Marta Derpenska - Episode Four
A Podcast By Tessy Antony De Nassau. About Marta: "Based in Surrey, I provide wealth management advice to clients both in London, and more widely through the south east. The essence of my business is to help make it easier and simpler for you to manage your finances, and plan for a secure future for yourself, your family and your business. Outside of my working life, I love spending time with my family, playing tennis and walking in the beautiful parks in Surrey."
March 11, 2020
Meet New Friends Through Tessy's Lens - Hanna Jaff - Episode Three
A Podcast by Tessy Antony De Nassau. Hanna Jazmin Jaff Bosdet was born and brought up in San Diego on November 4, 1986, but spent much of her childhood in Tijuana, the home of her maternal family. She went to Saint John’s Episcopal Elementary School and University of San Diego High School (now called Cathedral High School) in San Diego. Hanna is an American born Mexican-Kurd reality television personality, politician, philanthropist, conference speaker, human rights activist, and author. Her father’s family name is Jaff. Which is Kurdish and belongs to the Jaff tribe, well-known for its political involvement in political Kurdish affairs since the year 1114. Hanna’s father is a real estate developer, Board Member of North Bank Iraq (largest private bank in Iraq owned by the family), the son of Dawood Fattah Al Jaff (also remembered as Dawood Beg Jaff), the largest property owner in Kurdistan and leader of the Jaff tribe. She is a descendent of Mohamed Pasha Jaff, Lady Adela, Osman Pasha Jaff, and Mahmud Pasha Jaff. Sherwana Castle is their ancestral home. Her mother’s paternal family name is Bosdet and mother’s maternal family name is Gonzalez. The Bosdet, are originally from France, migrated first to Canada and then moved to Mexico in the 1800s. The Gonzalez, originally from Spain, migrated to Mexico in the 1800s. Hanna is the great granddaughter of Carlos Henry Bosdet, married to a woman from England, and remembered as the first person to install and introduce the telephone in Mexico. Hanna holds a Master’s Degree in Arts, a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology, and minors in Political Science and Criminal Justice. She studied at National University (California) in San Diego, Harvard University in Boston, Columbia University in New York, Tecnológico de Monterrey, Campus Monterrey, and La Sorbonne University of Paris. In March 2014, she was awarded an honorary doctorate degree for her humanitarian work by the Claustro Doctoral in Mexico. Since 2013, Hanna has been the Undersecretary of Relations with the Civil Society, the Undersecretary of Immigrants, the National Secretary of Social Management of Youth Network for Mexico, and the National General Secretary of the Revolutionary Youth Expression in the Institutional Revolutionary Party. She was a Federal Congresswoman candidate of the Ecologist Green Party of Mexico. Hanna is the founder of Jaff Foundation for Education, a nonprofit organization, created on June 4, 2013. The foundation has hosted more than 180 charity events worldwide, benefiting more than 120,000 people. Their mission is to teach English to immigrants, refugees, and the less fortunate, launch nondiscrimination campaigns, and aim their attention on world peace and education. Today, the foundation has more than 7,000 active volunteers. Hanna is an activist for immigrants and refugees, and she frequently volunteers in Iraqi refugee camps, where she teaches English and has donated thousands of her English learning books. In 2013, she organized the first Kurdish Festival in Mexico, the biggest one ever held outside Kurdistan, attended by 80,000 people in four days. Hanna organizes frequent non-discrimination campaigns for the world’s peoples to respect one another’s race, skin color, national origin, gender, disability, religion, sexual orientation, social class, political views, and age. Hanna conducted a We Are One Campaign in support of war victims in the Middle East. Her projects promote tolerance and public awareness about eliminating hatred.
February 24, 2020
Meet New Friends Through Tessy's Lens - Frank Floessel - Episode Two
A Podcast by Tessy Antony De Nassau. Frank Floessel is a serial entrepreneur and investor. He holds a master degree in electrical engineering from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH) in Zurich, where he cofounded his first venture, a student run Junior Enterprise. After graduating he started his next company, a Swiss-based human resource and customer care company with 600 employees. After hiring a CEO in 2013 he spent time investing and exploring in the Swiss Fintech industry until, in 2015, he exited his company after 17 years.Following the exit, Frank joined the family office network AskTheCircleas partner and CEO until December 2017. Currently he is working on automated trading algorithms for crypto currencies and is raising capital for his hedge fund. This is Marketing - Seth Godin : Imperial College London:
February 06, 2020
Meet New Friends Through Tessy's Lens - Paola Diana - Episode One
A Podcast by Tessy Antony De Nassau. A native of Italy, Paola achieved a BA in Political Science and an MA in Institutional Relations from the University of Bologna before probing into the world of Italian politics. Since the day that she embarked on a career directing the Think Tank in support of former Italian Prime Minister Romano Prodi’s political campaign, Paola has never been one to adhere to gender stereotypes – challenging the ideologies of male supremacists at every opportunity.
January 16, 2020