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Mini Mythological Moans

Mini Mythological Moans

By Moan Inc
Join our host Erica Stevenson as she navigates Ancient Greek & Roman history in a new light. Together we'll be tackling the most underrated myths, the frustration of famous characters and the absurdity of historical events in a fun and light hearted way.
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The Real Mythology of Hercules & His Famous 12 Labours
Hercules is by far the most famous hero from Greek mythology. In fact, we'd go so far to say that he's one of the most famous heroes in the world. From his famous Twelve Labours to hunting the Calydonian Boar, Hercules truly is a quintessential greek hero.   This week we had the pleasure of being featured on the #MoviesThatRaisedUs podcast with hosts Mo & Christina, discussing all things Disney Hercules! This Moan Inc. episode works in harmony with all the discussions over on Movies That Raised Us , so don't forget to check that out via the links below :)   First, our website article for all your sources:   Follow Movies That Raised Us -  Podcast: Instagram: TikTok:
April 6, 2021
The Great Women of The Odyssey: Penelope, Calypso, Nausicaa & Arete
Today's podcast episode focuses on some of the neglected women of Homer's Odyssey . Here at Moan Inc. we decided  some of these literary moments weren't appreciated enough, so we made a whole episode singing their praises!  Despite Penelope, the wife of Trojan War hero Odysseus, being one of the best portrayals of a mentally strong female throughout all of mythology, the other women in this episode tend to get tossed to the side.   Calypso is a nymph who keeps Odysseus captive on her island of Ogygia. While she is definitely problematic, her feminist moments are not given enough airtime by the academic community. For this episode, we decided to show off her better qualities in the brief time we spoke about her - but please don't forget she's not actually a great gal. She simply has an incredible moment.   Nausicaa and Arete are two women from Phaeacia. Considering Nausicaa is a princess who bosses Odysseus around and Arete the queen who holds the final say in the entire kingdom - this pair are definitely not harped on enough.
March 25, 2021
The Myths Of Io & Semele: The 2 Women Hera Didn't Like
The myths of Io and Semele are both tragic tales, demonstrating the terrifying wrath of Hera. Understandably Hera is annoyed that Zeus can not seem to keep it in his pants ... but were these punishments REALLY necessary? Did Io really need to be turned into a cow? Did Semele really need to burst into flames (even if she is the mother of the next Olympian god, Dionysus)??? 
March 2, 2021
Why Odysseus & Diomedes Are The Best Greek Heroes In "The Iliad"
Loves of my absolute life, Diomedes and Odysseus simply are just the best. Both of these men begin their mythological journeys at the battle of Troy in Homer's "Iliad", an epic poem detailing the final year in the famous war. Unfortunately, after this Diomedes fades into the background of our memories, whereas Odysseus' journey home is followed in Homer's next epic titled "The Odyssey".  After a couple of our previous episodes, it seems many listeners believed we hated all men in mythology. This is not the case!!! Both Diomedes and Odysseus are wonderful examples of incredible heroism - not only to the ancient listeners of this tale, but also to modern scholars who study their texts. Today we wanted to give them a moment in the spotlight to highlight their leadership, bravery, and power. 
February 23, 2021
Cassandra & Daphne: 2 Women Who Said "No" To Apollo
We know, you're probably all thinking "Apollo? Not Zeus???" which is completely valid. But today, we're going to be delving into the myths of Cassandra (once Trojan princess) and Daphne. Even though Daphne was technically a tragic product of wrong-place-wrong-time and didn't exactly say no to Apollo, her unfortunate fate is really BECAUSE of Apollo, so that's why we included her.  Don't forget that every podcast episode is linked to a post on our website detailing the analysis of the facts & sources. We also have a YouTube video up on our channel of each episode.
December 25, 2020
Erysichthon: The Myth of The Man Who Ate Himself
A short episode today for a short myth. By far, this is the most underrated myth of all time. It's the peak of all absurdity in greek myth, coupled with the absolute brilliant story telling of the ancients. In an extremely short myth, we have a flawed king, and angry goddess (in this case, Demeter), a wounded daughter and the most perfect punishment of all time.  Don't forget each of our episodes are coupled with a post on our website detailing all the facts & sources, plus a YouTube video over on our channel.
December 25, 2020
Were These Ancient Women Crazy? Medea, Clytemnestra & Helen
... Or did men just cause their problems? Today we're diving head first into the most popular female characters: Medea, Helen and Clytemnestra. But were these ladies crazy *without* men causing havoc in their lives, or did they *become* crazy BECAUSE men caused havoc in their lives? Our host Erica even has to debate all sides with herself in this one! Don't forget each episode of our podcast is accompanied by a fact & sources page over on our website, along with a Youtube video over on our channel.
December 25, 2020
12 Olympian Gods Made Simple & Easy
Probably the most popular topic in all of Ancient Greek history, the gods are the most famous club pretty much ever. In today's episode we're keeping it calm on this end: Erica's simply going to be running through the basics of who's who with this weird family.  Don't forget all our podcasts have accompanying analysis which involves the facts & sources of each episode on our website, along with a Youtube video up on our channel.
December 25, 2020
Why I Loathe "Heroes" Achilles, Agamemnon, Paris and Aeneas
Ah, the 4 men I loathe most in the Iliad. Obviously, we need to acknowledge just how important these men were in Ancient Greece and how they defined an era of heroism, but ... seriously? In today's podcast I'll be briefly chatting about each of these 4 men and explicitly stating why they've irked my soul since the first time I read the incredible homeric epic. Most importantly, how every time I read additional legends surrounding the character I simply hated them more. Important to the greek society? Of course. Monumental in literature? Without a doubt. Men you actually want to be mates with? Oh hell no. Don't forget that every podcast episode has an additional article on our website with all the analysis, facts & sources. Each episode is also uploaded to our YouTube channel.
December 25, 2020
Why I Hate "Heroes" Theseus & Jason
Welcome to the first episode of our Mini Moan series! Today's episode is an educational rant about why I hate Theseus (the man who killed the minotaur) and Jason (the guy who captured the Golden Fleece). Both these men are without a doubt "Greek Heroes" in all senses of the phrase, however even though my team and I can appreciate them in their ancient context, they are both absolute d*ckheads. For every episode we also have a corresponding video on our Youtube channel and all the sources, quotes & details over on our website.
December 25, 2020