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Mobile Dev Memo is the site of record for mobile advertisers and app developers.
Episode 4: Legal sports betting on mobile with Matt Restivo
In the 4th episode of the Mobile Dev Memo podcast, I speak with Matt Restivo, the Chief Product Officer at the Action Network, about the impact that the Supreme Court's recent decision to allow States to offer legal sports betting will have on sports fanaticism, social media, and mobile.
July 23, 2018
Algorithms, Ad Targeting, and Democracy - a Conversation with Dr. Sandra Matz
A conversation with Dr. Sandra Matz of Columbia Business School about ad targeting, the Cambridge Analytica scandal, and how to protect our Democratic institutions from algorithmic content serving
April 2, 2018
Why are mobile growth roles so hard to hire for? With Andy Carvell
In the second episode of the Mobile Dev Memo podcast, I speak with mobile growth expert Andy Carvell about the difficulty of hiring people into mobile growth roles and what might be the cause of that.
April 10, 2017
Influencer Marketing's Jerry Maguire Moment: An interview with Adam Hadi
In this interview, Mobile Dev Memo's Eric Seufert speaks with Adam Hadi, a mobile influencer marketing expert, about growing a mobile user base with influencer marketing.
March 5, 2017
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