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Mobile Dev Memo is the site of record for mobile advertisers and app developers.
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MDM Podcast Episode 8 - What does it mean to be a quantitative marketer?

Mobile Dev Memo Podcast

Unpacking Tim Cook's comments about ATT
On Monday, April 5th, I hosted a Clubhouse room in which I provided brief commentary on Tim Cook's recent interview with Kara Swisher. The interview focused on Apple's upcoming ATT privacy policy -- and, in the interview, Tim Cook indicated that ATT will be rolled out in the next few weeks -- and I explained why I felt the interview fell short of holding Apple accountable for the structural changes that ATT will wreak on the mobile ecosystem. I recorded a rough representation of the commentary I gave in the Clubhouse room and am releasing it as a podcast.
April 7, 2021
iOS 14, Privacy, and the Future of Digital Advertising (presentation)
On Monday, March 1st, I delivered a presentation on Clubhouse titled, "iOS14, Privacy, and the Future of Digital Advertising." I was asked by a number of people to release a recording of the presentation, so I have recorded the content as a podcast and am releasing it here.
March 4, 2021
MDM Podcast Episode 16 - The future of advertising attribution on mobile
In this episode of the MDM podcast, I discuss the future of advertising attribution on mobile with my guests Maor Sadra, the CEO of INCRMNTAL, and Peter Hamilton, the former CEO of TUNE.  Why did Applovin buy Adjust? Will fingerprinting be possible once ATT is made mandatory? What is the nature of ad fraud on mobile?
February 28, 2021
MDM Podcast Episode 15 - Why doesn't Google have to show the ATT prompt?
In this episode of the MDM Podcast, I unpack a very specific, very important question with my guest, Thomas Petit: Why doesn't Google have to show the ATT prompt? This discussion was catalyzed by the enormous amount of confusion that was created when Google announced last month that it would not expose the ATT prompt in its owned-and-operated apps. This revelation seemed to fly in the face of Facebook's announcement in December that it must show the ATT prompt in its owned-and-operated apps, and that ATT would govern not just app campaigns run on its platform but also mobile web campaigns. How can Google avoid showing the ATT prompt if Facebook seems to have been told very explicitly that it must show the ATT prompt? In this podcast, Thomas Petit and I discuss this very confounding situation and attempt to provide clarity on when exposure of the ATT prompt is required, and why.
February 17, 2021
MDM Podcast Episode 14 - IDFA, TURTLEDOVE, and the Future of Privacy with Paul Bannister
In this episode of the MDM Podcast, I discuss the future of privacy as it relates to digital advertising with Paul Bannister, the Chief Strategy Officer at CafeMedia. Paul and I consider why the platforms -- but especially Apple -- are developing new privacy frameworks, how Google's privacy sandbox initiative may perform relative to user-based targeting, and what is meant when we use the word "privacy" to describe how a user behaves or interacts with properties online.
January 27, 2021
MDM Podcast Episode 13 - When does it make sense to outsource user acquisition to an agency?
In this episode of the MDM podcast, I speak with Grant Harbin, the founder and CEO of Headlight, a marketing agency. We discuss the topic of user acquisition outsourcing and when and why that might be relevant for an app developer.
December 16, 2020
MDM Podcast Episode 12 - The economics of game streaming
In this episode of the MDM podcast, I speak with Stephen Ellis, the founder and CEO of, about the economics of game streaming and the future of the games streaming landscape. As a former professional gamer and then an employee at Facebook working on the company's games streaming product, Stephen witnessed first-hand just how difficult it is to aggregate and monetize and audience as a streamer. In this podcast, Stephen and I discuss his journey from gaming enthusiast to professional gamer to entrepreneur, as well as the games streaming ecosystem, the relationship between games streamers and game developers, the obstacles that streamers face in building an audience, and the economic realities of game streaming.
November 30, 2020
MDM Podcast Episode 11 - Contemplating the next 18 months of mobile advertising
In this episode of the Mobile Dev Memo podcast, I speak with David Philippson and Nebo Radovic about the near-term future of mobile advertising. How will the deprecation of the IDFA -- and of mobile advertising identifiers more generally -- change: the way teams are constructed; demand for various media sources; the degree to which programmatic media buying is viable; ...and other topics that will be relevant for mobile marketers over the next 18 months.
November 11, 2020
MDM Podcast Episode 10 - How to win with subscriptions on mobile
In this episode of the MDM podcast, I chat with Thomas Petit -- better known to those operating in mobile as @Thomasbcn -- about all things subscriptions. We discuss product strategy for subscription products, how to price test, the future of the subscription model (including hybrid IAP / subscription monetization), and a number of other aspects of building a successful subscription business on mobile. 
October 26, 2020
MDM Podcast Episode 9 - A 13-minute analysis of the anti-trust case against Google
In this episode of the MDM podcast, I try to unpack the underlying mechanics of the accusations being made against Google from a commercial perspective (in 13 minutes)
October 21, 2020
MDM Podcast Episode 8 - What does it mean to be a quantitative marketer?
In Episode 8 of the Mobile Dev Memo podcast, I speak with Conrad McGee-Stocks, the Director of Growth at Uken Games, which is the Toronto-based studio behind mobile hits like Who Wants to be a Millionaire? and Jeopardy World Tour. In the podcast, we talk about what it means to be a quantitative marketer, and how that role is evolving, especially on mobile, as product and user acquisition converge.
October 7, 2020
MDM Podcast Episode 7 - Surfing in a Squall: the future of mobile without an IDFA, with Maor Sadra
In this episode of the Mobile Dev Memo podcast, I speak with Maor Sadra about why the deprecation of the IDFA (announced at this year's WWDC event) should not have been surprising to people who follow the mobile ecosystem, why deterministic app install attribution wasn't as reliable as people thought in the first place, and what the future of mobile looks like without the IDFA.
July 8, 2020
MDM Podcast Episode 6 - How a Bid becomes an Install with David Philippson, CEO of Dataseat
In this podcast, I speak with David Philippson, the CEO of Dataseat and former co-founder of Ad-X, which was acquired by Criteo, about the underlying mechanics of mobile advertising. David walks through the process of How a Bid Becomes a DAU (inspired by the Schoolhouse Rock animation, How a Bid becomes a Law). We also talk about the future of advertising identifiers and programmatic in-housing.
May 28, 2020
MDM Podcast Episode 5 - Is the App Store fair to developers?
In this episode of the MDM Podcast, I speak with David Barnard, a vocal developer advocate on Twitter, about whether the App Store's closed nature and its treatment of developers is fair.
May 1, 2020
Episode 4: Legal sports betting on mobile with Matt Restivo
In the 4th episode of the Mobile Dev Memo podcast, I speak with Matt Restivo, the Chief Product Officer at the Action Network, about the impact that the Supreme Court's recent decision to allow States to offer legal sports betting will have on sports fanaticism, social media, and mobile.
July 23, 2018
Algorithms, Ad Targeting, and Democracy - a Conversation with Dr. Sandra Matz
A conversation with Dr. Sandra Matz of Columbia Business School about ad targeting, the Cambridge Analytica scandal, and how to protect our Democratic institutions from algorithmic content serving
April 2, 2018
Why are mobile growth roles so hard to hire for? With Andy Carvell
In the second episode of the Mobile Dev Memo podcast, I speak with mobile growth expert Andy Carvell about the difficulty of hiring people into mobile growth roles and what might be the cause of that.
April 10, 2017
Influencer Marketing's Jerry Maguire Moment: An interview with Adam Hadi
In this interview, Mobile Dev Memo's Eric Seufert speaks with Adam Hadi, a mobile influencer marketing expert, about growing a mobile user base with influencer marketing.
March 5, 2017