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The Mobius & Sokwa Show!

The Mobius & Sokwa Show!

By Andy Torres
My name is Andy and welcome to my podcast! A band once sang about "getting by with a little help from my friends", and that couldn't be truer for me. The friends I've made here in Albuquerque and beyond inspire and motivate me in ways I can't measure, so it made sense to host a show where I talk to ALL those friends, artists, business owners, and characters, mainly in the Albuquerque and New Mexico area, and learn about their lives, art, businesses, and their creative processes. And one good friend, the high desert's own SOKWA, is in the co-pilot seat for many of these episodes. Enjoy!
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Tony Manard chats with Andy about Memphis, life in the American South, and making honest music.
This pre-reboot episode of The Mobius Theory Show is an oldie but a goodie. I talk with my friend Tony Manard about damn near everything: Memphis, music, life in the South, the human condition, politics, compassion, the pandemic, and a little bit of Elvis. When you play his records or hear him perform live, you get just about as honest a glimpse into what he's all about as is possible. His songs are unapologetically honest, alive, and timeless. It is a pleasure hearing about what motivates him, his history, and his process of bringing literature into music. Tony Manard has this to say about himself: "I am Memphis born and raised. I am active in the songwriting community here. I have played guitar in bands, worked as a stage hand, television engineer, cable guy, bingo card seller, and once as a pyrotechnics man for a rodeo. I'm a third generation (that I know of) bullshitter. I have collected stories and characters my whole life. My folks were teachers. I have been married forever, had kids too young, got them grown and am now resuming questionable behaviors. I also play occasionally with "The Big Ole Band" at venues in town. I typically go solo on the road. I got a guitar, a head full of songs and stories, a fairly reliable mini van and a wife that mostly keeps me out of trouble. I would love to come share some songs and laughs with you!" Tony Manard Music Website Bandcamp Instagram Facebook Twitter Mobius Theory Apparel + Designs to Rekindle Awe & Wonder.
March 25, 2022
Tom Ashton chats with Andy about being in groundbreaking rock band The March Violets, Leeds, UK in the 1980s, and making music for films.
On another pre-reboot episode of The Mobius Theory Show, I bring Reed Reimer along to catch up with my friend Tom Ashton about life as a guitarist for eminent post-punk band The March Violets. his long career as a composer for films. what it was like living in the 'goth ground zero' of Leeds in the 80s, producing albums in his Athens, Georgia studio, and what bands he has an eye on for the future. I always enjoy getting to sit down with Tom and experience his stories and his special insight into the creative process, a perspective that goes beyond music. Tom Ashton is an original founder member and guitarist of legendary early 80's British darkwavers The March Violets. Based in Gothic central, Leeds, UK, the band released many tracks which went on to be rated as classics of their genre. He also guested in bands such as Sisters Of Mercy, The Danse Society and toured with Clan Of Xymox. In 1987 his music was featured in director John Hughes' coming of age drama, Some Kind Of Wonderful. A year later he co-wrote the score for Zelda Barron's teen thriller Forbidden Sun during his stint in London Records' band Hard Rain. After reforming in 2007, The March Violets released their first proper studio album in 2013, Made Glorious. The band also toured extensively in the US and Europe. In 2012 Tom returned to film scoring and has now completed 8 features with director Daniel E. Falicki and two shorts for director Ryan Lieske. In 2016 he founded SubVon Studio based in Athens, Georgia, and since then has recorded, mixed, and mastered many Georgia based darkwave bands including Vision Video, Tears For The Dying, Hip To Death, and Entertainment! Reed Reimer Composer, Writer, Musician, Producer, Fable Factory Lead. He can also be found on Bandcamp and Spotify. Fable Factory A collective of Storytellers creating projects in all formats and genres. Mobius Theory Apparel + Designs to Rekindle Awe & Wonder.
March 25, 2022
SOKWA and Andy continue talking about life, art, and business in Albuquerque, New Mexico.
Welcome to part of the pilot episode of the re-booted Mobius Theory Show! SOKWA and I talk about each other, our lives here in Albuquerque, and share some thoughts about running an art-based business. We talk about collaborations, setting up our booths for events and shows, and our plans for this podcast.  Hosts: SOKWA  Andy Torres (Mobius Theory)
March 25, 2022
SOKWA and Andy introduce themselves and talk about life and art in Albuquerque, New Mexico.
Welcome to the pilot episode of the re-booted Mobius Theory Show! SOKWA and I talk about each other, our lives here in Albuquerque, and share some thoughts about running an art-based business. We get into our approaches to art, finding time to create, and the importance of practice. Hosts: SOKWA Andy Torres (Mobius Theory)
March 25, 2022