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Mock IT

Mock IT

By MetroStar Systems, LLC
Mock IT is a design and culture podcast sponsored by MetroStar.

An inside look at two UX Designers navigating design for the government, the relevancy of the work they do, emerging trends, and everything in between.

Liz and Marie are passionate about design of all shapes and forms and the impact it can generate for all generations. This podcast features their insights and thoughts about what inspires them, motivates them, or makes them go "hmm?"

Join us every two weeks as they share their personal stories about the highs and lows of life as a designer.
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Building Successful Remote UX Teams
This week, Liz & Marie explore how their team handled the ever-changing dynamic of the pandemic. Their team transitioned to remote work right as they started a new project; Learn how they made it work!  The duo discuss everything from the tools they used (like Google Sheets and Miro) to how they fostered strong virtual relationships (Spoiler: They love to have their Zoom camera off). Questions? Reach out at (Click on general under reason for contact) 
September 22, 2021
Exploring Inclusive UX Design Choices
This week, Liz and Marie explore inclusive design choices that everyone can execute, whether you’re a UX Designer or not. They discuss the small inclusive design details they find helpful at work and in their everyday lives. There is much more to say about this topic and MetroStar’s approach to inclusive design in the government space. Interested in having an in-depth discussion? Reach out: Correction: At 21:25, the title for the Integrated Digital Experience Act was mentioned incorrectly. It is later corrected at 22:32 in the same episode.
September 8, 2021
Forming, Storming, and Norming in Government Spaces
Mock IT is a design and culture podcast sponsored by MetroStar. Mock IT's first episode features Liz, Marie, and their professional relationship. They cover how they met, how their friendship has grown, their work in government, and the forming, storming, and norming we all go through when starting a new project or job. Liz and Marie offer insights into forming strong relationships with your coworkers and understanding the stages of team development on UX teams. Interested in learning more? Head over to: Stay in Touch: + LinkedIn: + Instagram: + Twitter:
August 25, 2021