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Modern History HSC Podcast

Modern History HSC Podcast

By Blake Hamilton
A student and teacher made guide for HSC Modern History. No PhD experts, just awesome people looking to learn and chat about life’s big events.
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Are you the 33%? feat. Heavily Armed Clown

Modern History HSC Podcast

Are you the 33%? feat. Heavily Armed Clown

Modern History HSC Podcast

The Quest for Sound Money - A Short Historical Biography
In this episode, we will be crafting a short biography of the Birth and early life of the Bitcoin Network and community. This bonus episode is an example of how historical investigation and analysis into the construction of history can be applied to any subject. 
September 16, 2021
Assess the importance of the Berlin Wall and the Cuban Missile Crisis on the development of the Cold War
25 Mark Question - Assess the importance of the Berlin Wall and the Cuban Missile Crisis on the development of the Cold War? This is an essay-style question and what we discuss is the preparation, argument, and evidence that can be used for this extended response.  Host - Luke Guest - Sam and Riley 
September 16, 2021
To what extent did the reforms of Deng Xiaoping transform China?
12 Mark Question - To What extent did the reforms of Deng Transform China?  This is also a source-based question, and our cover art is the source in question. Note, if you are listening on Apple podcast you will not see the custom cover art. So instead click the link  Host: Mark Guests: Thomas, Sophie, and Scott
September 15, 2021
Are you the 33%? feat. Heavily Armed Clown
In this episode, I speak to Collin "Heavily Armed Clown" co-creator of the viral website and meme WTF happened in 1971? We discuss inquiry-based learning, the impacts of monetary policy on global events across time and the folly of nations believing that this time is different when it comes to central planning. We hope you enjoy this discussion. 
September 11, 2021
Which CCP leader had the most important impact on China?
In this episode, we compare the actions and impacts of the leaders of the Chinese Communist Party during the early years of Communist China. Scott, Luke, Thomas and Mark are back to decide between the impacts of Moa, Zhou and Deng. This is a great overview of the power struggles and decisions made by these three men, and the final decision is not what most people would expect. 
September 10, 2021
Bonus Ep - If I was a soldier in WW1...
In this bonus episode, Paige and Jade from Year 11 are back to discuss the condition of different armies in the early stages of World War I. We compare the mobilisation plans, conditions and early battles of World War I until 1916. Comparing the French, German and Russian perspectives. Spoilers our winner was clear. 
September 8, 2021
The White Rose - We resisted the Nazis
This is a short story of the actions of the White Rose, a youth league violently opposed to Nazi atrocities. Its members are largely unknown to the average person, and this story aims to rectify that fact.
September 7, 2021
Who would win… A Nazi henchmen bid for power?
In this episode, we are playing out the hypothetical scenario, what if Hitler died in operation valkyrie and the German army did not have a plan for the other Nazis? Who would be most likely to seize power? Who was closest to Hitler? Who had the most power and influence? This is a really fun debate, and you might be shocked by our final decision. 
September 6, 2021
Set up to fail - Nazi Germany
In this episode, I am joined by Luke and Sam to discuss the conditions which produce dictatorships. This discussion will explore how the conditions of the Treaty of Versailles, and Germany's exclusion from the League of Nations ultimately set the groundwork for consolidation of power.
September 5, 2021
Who is the Greatest... US President?
The criteria for this episodes debate is which US president had the greatest impact on the Cold War. We have majority support for JFK, but minds are swayed back and fought through the discussion. 
September 3, 2021
Collapse of the American Dream - USA National Study Part 1
In this episode I bring in a good friend Peter Grace, with the USA national study outside of my wheelhouse, I had to bring in a 14-year expert on the subject. This discussion is so enlightening and shows the difference between a person that just knows facts and a real storyteller. We start in 1919, with America's identity crisis, the nation of religious alcoholics is betting big on the stock market, and when the bill comes due the American dream collapses. This is only part 1 of a two-part discussion to come later, so I hope you stay tuned through the ad break.  
September 2, 2021
Who is the Greatest... Soviet Leader?
The criteria for this episodes debate is which Soviet Leader oversaw the most important period of the Soviet Unions history. Each debater takes a different leader and things really kick up a level in the second half of the debate after Blake says everyone is wrong! Find out why. 
September 1, 2021
Hitler's Inner Circle of Evil
This episode is a must-listen, fellow teacher Chris is back with me to discuss the inner circle of the Nazi Party. There is no dead air in this drama for the ages. 
August 31, 2021
Bonus Ep - WWI Short Stories - Battles of WWI
In this episode Year 11 is back again to cover some of the battles of WWI. Jade, Ben, Paige and Jayden will be discussing the Eastern Front offensives, the Caucasus campaign, Gallipoli and the battle of Verdun. We had a few technical hiccups, but hey that learning from home for you. 
August 31, 2021
Season 2 - Who is the Greatest...?
Get ready for Season 2 of Who is the Greatest...?, where students battle it out to determine which leader had the greatest impact? 
August 30, 2021
Life under Stalin - Soviet Union
In our final ep of season 1, we explore what it would have been like to live under Stalin during the early years of the Soviet Union. We discuss Stalin's cult of personality and how the Soviets become the new religion with Stalin as the messiah. We look at how he improved the lives of many and arguably made one of the largest contributions to Russia in recorded history in terms of industrial advancement, but at the cost of many lives. It's a complicated world in Life under Stalin.  
August 29, 2021
How to make a living doing what you love - The Cameron Reilly Interview
In this episode, I have a very special guest. Cameron Reilly is Australias first History Podcaster, all-around good bloke and professional storyteller. He has produced over 9 podcasts, authored books like the Psychopath Epidemic and written and directed "Marketing the Messiah". Our discussion is a deep dive into why you can sometimes never learn about the other side of history and why it is important to create a heatmap of broad understanding before undertaking an argument. We also chat about how Psychopaths often rise to positions of power and how stories based on poor sources are often our greatest foundation stories. So I admit live on air that Chris Brown is one of my favourite music artists, so you know mistakes were made. I love this chat, and I hope you will too. 
August 27, 2021
Peace, Land and Bread - Soviet Union
In this episode, we explore the troubled birth of Soviet Russia. The team explores the motivation behind Bolshevik ideology, the signing of the TOBL, and the impact of the Russian Civil war and NEP. My guest today are Scott, Sophie and Thomas. 
August 25, 2021
Bonus Ep - WWI Short Stories - Causes for WWI
Today the year 11 team covers MANIA, the causes for WWI in 1914. Jayden, Ben, Jade, Jack and Paige each take a topic to master and serve it up in this 16 min overview which is essential listening for all Preliminary Modern History Students. Also, we have another one of a kind album art on display. 
August 25, 2021
Future proofing the nation - Nazi Germany
This time I am joined by Sophie and Mark, who will be picking up from ep 11 to speak about the consolidation of power. Understanding the cult of personality, need for jobs, desire for tradition, deep shame and politics can give listeners a more detailed image of the Third Reich. 
August 23, 2021
Collective Amnesia - Hong Kong
This is a bonus episode focused on recounting and analysing the unfolding and forgetting of the Hong Kong protest. 
August 21, 2021
New promises, Old reactions - Chinese Cultural Revolution
This episode will be focused on the Rise of Deng Xiaoping and the response and outcomes of the Tiananmen Square Protest.
August 20, 2021
Bonus Ep - WWI Short Stories
Today on Short Stories, I bring in two year 11 students to discuss aspects of WWI. Ben will be investigating the impacts of Trench Warfare, and Jack will be covering the German U-Boat. This is a shorter ep for the curious. Also, our Album Art for this ep is one of a kind and we used an AI bot to add colour to a photo donated to the school from an old scrapbook. 
August 20, 2021
A centrally planned nightmare - Chinese Cultural Revolution
This episode will focus on the Great Leap forward and its disastrous effects on china and Moa's legacy. Also, we explore how Moa would inspire a cultural revolution in order to regain his lost power, at the cost of tradition, education and productive life. 
August 20, 2021
"Enemies without guns" Chinese Cultural Revolution
This episode is another trailer and primer for our student HSC discussion. In under 10 mins, we will cover the rise of the CCP out of the ashes of WWII to Moa taking centre stage after the death of Stalin in 1953. 
August 19, 2021
Mr Gorbachev tear down this wall! Cold War - End of the Cold War
This is our follow up episode to the Cold War topic where we look at the end of the Cold War. We discuss the perfect storm of Regan and Gorbachev, as well as, potential HSC questions and ways to tackle them. Our guests are Thomas, Luke and Mark. 
August 18, 2021
We choose to go to the moon! Cold War – Brinkmanship
This is our first of a student made series. Today I am joined by Sophie and Mark, they will be exploring the idea of Brinkmanship, the arms race and the space race, as well as, giving an overview of the Cuban Missile Crisis. 
August 18, 2021
Fall of Saigon vs Fall of Kabul
In today's main episode we are joined by Steve of Tamworth Highschool and Chris of Quirindi Highschool. We will be discussing the war on terror and the recent events in Afghanistan. 
August 17, 2021
The War on Terror
What is the War on Terror? This episode is focused on giving listeners the need to know the basics for understanding the War on Terror and the reasons for the invasion of Afganistan in 2001.  
August 17, 2021