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Looking Ahead w/ Mohamed Ahmed

Looking Ahead w/ Mohamed Ahmed

By Mohamed F. Ahmed
Looking Ahead podcast is about solving the world's biggest problems using technology, leadership, and innovation. We’ll talk to experts and leaders in business and technology about the most pressing challenges. You will get tangible advice to grow your startups, manage your teams and continue to innovate.
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Building a blameless learning culture using the correction of error (CoE) framework

Looking Ahead w/ Mohamed Ahmed

Start with the customer leadership principle
Start with the customer or the customer obsession is all about setting the right priorities both strategically and tactically. It is the north star for the whole company. The absence of that north star makes teams confuse the problem with the solution. It impacts team productivity and sometimes makes teams lose the sense of direction. In this episode, we talked to Ahmed Badran, the CTO and co-founder of Magalix, about customer obsessions or start with the customer leadership principle. We talk about when we were first exposed to this concept and how different companies, such as Amazon and Microsoft, and also successful startups implement it in both daily and strategic decisions.
April 14, 2021
Bias for action as a core cultural element of your startup
Bias for action is to keep moving fast and learn by doing rather than spending too much time analyzing or creating unverified assumptions. Bias for action is critical in environments where uncertainty is high, and agility is a critical aspect of your business model. In other words, if you are a startup or want to operate like a startup, bias for action should be the first building block of your culture. In this episode, we share our stories from AWS, Microsoft, and our current startup about the best ways to build a bias for action culture. We are also discussing the ICE model to evaluate ideas before you start high-velocity experimentation. We also talked about the best personalities to hire and have in your team to have that natural tendency to experiment and move fast.  Below is a link to a nice article explaining the ICE model
April 2, 2021
Building a blameless learning culture using the correction of error (CoE) framework
Startups are about moving fast and figuring out the product-market fit quickly.  Implementing a learning culture is key to your innovation journey. That's why you want to nurture healthy learning from failures in your startup culture.  Blameless learning culture will help you as an entrepreneur achieve the promise of building a startup, moving fast, and innovating much faster than anyone else in the market. In this episode, I discuss with Ahmed Badran, my CTO & co-founder, the CoE framework to establish such a culture to build strong and resilient teams. We share our experiences from Amazon and Magalix to apply the best practices and encourage your team to learn from their failures continuously.
March 22, 2021