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College of the Redwoods presents: What's the Issue with...

College of the Redwoods presents: What's the Issue with...

By College of the Redwoods
Each episode will take one timely, topical issue and invite our resident faculty and experts on to discuss the issue.

We imagine there will be common ground, some friendly rivalries, and also some spirited debates.

Episodes will be available about every two weeks. Follow us wherever you get your podcasts and never miss an episode.
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Matthew is joined by CR history and political science instructor William Meriwether to discuss the complex history of the region, the 20 year war, and the ultimate withdrawal. 
October 13, 2021
the Pelican Bay State Prison Scholars Program
Did you know that CR has over 450 students working to earn their Associates Degree inside Pelican Bay State Prison? On this episode, join program coordinator Tory Eagles, CR English instructor Ashley Knowlton, and two former students, David Nguyen, and Eric Clark, to discuss what it’s like to teach and to learn inside Pelican Bay.
September 08, 2021
COVID-19 Vaccines?
The FDA just granted full approval to the Pfizer-BioNTech’s coronavirus vaccine for people 16 and older but is it safe? Will it alter your DNA or make you sterile? Join Matthew as he speaks about these and other vaccine concerns with CR nursing professor Dr. Melody Pope and microbiology professor Dr. Diqui LaPenta. 
August 23, 2021
Are we alone in the universe? CR astronomy prof Dr. Jon Pedicino and physics prof Dr. Erik Kramer talk about the (un)likelihood of that. Plus, what would it take to get here from another world?
July 01, 2021
Police Training?
We've all heard of "de-escalation" but how do you teach it? How can you simulate stressful situations for officers-in-training? What is it like to be a person of color who is also a police officer? What was it like to watch the George Floyd trail as an officer? These and other questions answered on today's podcast, What's the Issue with...Police Training?
May 06, 2021
On this episode of the CR Podcast, producer and Marketing Director Molly Blakemore talks with Forestry and Natural Resources Professor Valerie Elder and Environmental Ethics Professor Dr. Peter Blakemore about forest management, climate change, and what we can (and can't) do about wildfires.
April 22, 2021
the Voting Rights Act?
In this episode Matthew talks with CR Political Science professors Dr. Ryan Emenaker and Gary Sokolow about the history and current day issues surrounding voting and the Voting Rights Act. 
April 07, 2021
Matthew Cendejas
College of the Redwoods introduces our new podcast with a conversation between Marketing and Communications Director Molly Blakemore and our podcast host Matthew Cendejas. 
March 15, 2021