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Mom Moving Mountains

Mom Moving Mountains

By LaTasha Arnold
Mom Moving Mountains is a podcast that helps you tackle the “mountains” that you face on a daily basis. Inspired by own journey to tackle the hardships that I experience, I will share tips and stories to help you turn your mountain into a molehill. I am a mom on a mission, so mountain move out of our way.
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March is Kidney Disease Awareness Month
Join me as I kick off Kidney Disease Awareness Month! Learn about my journey with a rare kidney disease called FSGS and what you can do to be aware of this silent disease.
March 02, 2020
I’m still alive.
I will be back with more episodes March 1. See you then!
February 24, 2020
What’s your legacy? RIP Kobe #24 #8
Follow me @memorynotthings
January 27, 2020
You are already equipped!
This weeks episode discusses the most valuable lesson that I learned last year during a trip to the mountains. A lessons that we can all definitely use. Follow me on all social media @memorynotthings
January 20, 2020
What Fills your Cup?
How are you making sure that you are not depleting yourself of everything (emotionally, physically, mentally) each day. Here is my process. Make sure to follow me on all social media at @memorynotthings or on the family blog at
January 13, 2020
Word for 2020
Have you made any resolutions for the new year? I don’t necessarily make resolutions, but I do assign a word for the year. Make sure to follow me @memorynotthings on all social media and check out my blog See you next week!
January 06, 2020
Stop Second Guessing Your Decisions
Today we dive into why it’s important to stop second guessing yourself. Ignore the “What Ifs?”....
December 26, 2019
Mom Moving Mountains Introduction
Meet Tasha, the host of the podcast. In this episode she introduces you to her “mountains” that she is tackling for 2020. What mountains exist in your life?
December 23, 2019