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1: Introduction to Mommy Oyoyo

An episode of Mommy Oyoyo!

By Mummy Oyoyo
On the Mommy Oyoyo podcast, Berry Dakara shares the unique experiences of being an African mother! Listen for the funny anecdotes, inspiring stories, challenging topics, heartbreaking moments and more that come with motherhood from an African perspective. African mothers in Africa and the Diaspora, listen in for honest, transparent, authentic and REAL life gist about what being a mother means to us!
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11. Living with PCOS feat. Titi Oyebade
September is PCOS Awareness Month. Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome is a hormonal illness that affects about 10 million people in the world and is a leading cause of infertility. It is currently not curable but can be managed with medicine, nutrition and exercise. In this episode Titi Oyebade shares what living with PCOS has been like for her, having secondary infertility and aims to spread awareness.
September 19, 2019
10. I Love My Children But...
Motherhood is wonderful... and tough! As much as we all wanted children, the truth there are some aspects of motherhood that aren't so great or sweet. Whether it's your children never giving you space or privacy, or being a single mother, we all have our struggles. We all love our children... BUT! This episode features write-ins from our audience who share some funny and some hard struggles they are facing in motherhood.
September 11, 2019
9. Endometriosis and Trying To [Freaking] Conceive feat. Kunbi Odubogun of Perfete | TTF*C
In this episode, Kunbi Odubogun shares her story about her struggles with Endometriosis and Infertility. Endometriosis is a debilitating disease that is grossly under-reported by indigenous African women due to different factors including poor awareness, and taboos/shaming around periods/menstruation. It is also a leading cause of infertility and pelvic issues. This episode is a no-holds barred conversation and a very honest and transparent look at what some African women face and usually have to hide about and keep to themselves. Follow Kunbi online @perfete, subscribe to the Perfete Podcast, and also join the Trying to Freaking Conceive community at
September 1, 2019
8: Homeschooling in Africa feat. Tomilola Olatunde | The Cuddle Blog
Homeschooling in Africa (in this episode, Nigeria specifically) is not the norm. Traditionally young children are either just kept at home without a learning structure or sent to creche/daycare/preschool. In this episode, we hear from Tomilola Olatunde about why she has chosen to homeschool her child, the challenges and wins she has experienced with homeschooling, and she also gives practical advice to parents who might be interested in homeschooling their children. It's not as easy as it looks!
August 23, 2019
7: My Breastfeeding Story | World Breastfeeding Week
World Breastfeeding Week is an annual celebration and campaign to foster and encourage breastfeeding across the world. The aim is to empower parents, enable breastfeeding. In today's episode I share my personal experience and struggles with Breastfeeding. I also want to thank the ladies who sent in their experiences as well. The more information we share, the easier it is to understand each other.
August 7, 2019
6: The Omugwo Experience
Omugwo is the Igbo word that describes the practice of when a woman's mother or mother-in-law comes to help her out after she's given birth. For a period of time, postpartum care is showered on the new mum and her child(ren) and it's important to manage expectations. Potential issues that may arise are which grandmother gets to come first, what is expected by all parties, possible disagreements, etc. In this episode, I talk a little bit about what the Omugwo experience is like, and how to overcome or deal with the aforementioned issues.
July 29, 2019
5: Not Your Typical African Father. Featuring special guest - Osi O.
The stereotypical African father is not very involved in raising his children. More often than not, the typical African man leaves the daily hands-on parenting activities to the children's mother. In today's episode I speak with Osi who's not your typical African dad and who is actively involved in parenting his son. He shares his fatherhood experience so far, including how he fared as a single dad for some time.
July 19, 2019
4: Discipline and How Early is Too Early to Discipline a Child
Discipline is the act of training someone to obey rules and using punishment to correct disobedience. As Nigerians (or maybe Africans or black people at large) many of us were subjected to being spanked or flogged as part of discipline. These days though, it seems more people are shying away from physical discipline methods and using other forms of correction. In this episode I share 3 levels of discipline my daughter's pediatrician advised me to use. I also ask how early is too early to start disciplining a child.
July 13, 2019
3: What NOT to say to Someone Who is TTC (Trying to Conceive)
Why do a lot of Africans like to do amebo and give unsolicited advice? While trying to conceive, there are certain things that a woman or couple does not need to hear. In today's episode I shared some of the comments that were thrown my way before I finally got pregnant. I also share from my followers some of the things that were or have been said to them in their period of waiting to get pregnant. Listen in and learn what NOT to say, and what can be said to convey your support.
July 4, 2019
2: Children's Birthday Parties
Africans like to party! From weddings to graduations to even kids birthday parties! I'm talking about renting event spaces, spending lots of money on food, decor, photography for a child's birthday party. I'm of the "Small Birthday Parties" persuasion myself. I hope you enjoy this episode as I share my thoughts on children's birthday parties.
June 27, 2019
1: Introduction to Mommy Oyoyo
Welcome to the Mommy Oyoyo podcast. In this first episode, I introduce the podcast and explain where the idea came from, my hopes and expectations of Mommy Oyoyo and giving a voice to the African mother!
June 21, 2019
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