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By Momosas
Welcome to Momosas! Co-hosts Kristen & Talia get together each week to chat about different Mom topics. While being a Mom is not all rainbows & unicorns, it is not a hugely negative experience. They share the good, bad, ugly, & hilarious of their adventures. Tune in to hear their raw experiences.
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Episode 24: Interview With Lindsey Hein


Episode 127: Hopes For 2021
This week we start the conversation posing what are our hopes for 2021. Talia chats about how she hopes to spend time with her family when her baby is born, and how she hopes to grow as a teacher. Kristen is looking forward to adding their 4th baby, and hoping to learn more about the education system. We get off topic quite a bit, chatting about nursing with multiple kids vs nursing with our first, and more. We hope you love this episode! Connect With Us Instagram Facebook Email
December 24, 2020
Episode 126: Holidays & Hospital Stories
This week we start off with a discussion of holiday fatigue. We quickly veer off into conversations about planning how our older kids will be cared for while we give birth. This also leads to a discussion about our first postpartum pee. We hope you all enjoy this weird journey! Connect With Us Instagram Facebook Email
December 17, 2020
Episode 125: Pregnancy Likes & Dislikes
This week we chat about the things we are loving, and hating this pregnancy. No surprise, the conversation gets derailed pretty quickly. We chat about nursing, how long we have nursed in the past, and how we felt about nursing. We also discuss pandemic pregnancy, as well as ultrasounds and our different experiences. Connect With Us Instagram Facebook Email
December 10, 2020
Episode 124: Burnout & Similar Traits As Our Children
This week we dive right into burnout. As a teacher doing distance learning in a pandemic, and a mom who is pregnant, Talia is burnt out. As a mom of 3 with a 4th on the way and a hyper-vigilant brain, Kristen is burnt out. We discuss what that looks like for each of us. Then we jump into a listener question. It was such a fun question! Connect With Us Instagram Facebook Email
December 03, 2020
Episode 123: Happy Thanksgiving
Happy Thanksgiving!! This week we chat about our plans for Thanksgiving, then get way off course discussing bed time routines, tricks for brushing teeth, and sharing fun stories. We hope you all have a wonderful holiday! Connect With Us Instagram Facebook Email
November 26, 2020
Episode 122: Kid Clothes
This week Talia FINALLY reveals the sex of her baby. Her neighbors gave her some hand-me-down clothes, which launches us into an entire discussion of baby clothes. We also get to hear how Talia told her family the sex of the baby. Connect With Us Instagram Facebook Email
November 19, 2020
Episode 121: What's Next?
This week we, of course, discuss the election results. We discuss what our next steps will be moving forward, and hope that others are feeling the fire to work hard and make some change. We discuss why we do not think this system is beneficial for anyone. Connect With Us Instagram Facebook Email
November 12, 2020
Episode 120:
This week we kick off the conversation by sharing what we did for halloween. Then we jump into what aspects of religion are a hard pill to swallow for each of us, at which parts really resonate. We wrap up by discussing how Talia will reveal the sex of baby 2! Connect With Us Instagram Facebook Email
November 05, 2020
Episode 119: Don't You Hate Pants
This week we start off by climbing up on our soap box to discuss pants. From there Talia fills us in on what is going on with school and the transition to hybrid for some students in her district.  Connect With Us Instagram Facebook Email
October 29, 2020
Episode 118: Finland & Finger Chopping
This week we are back to rambling on and on. We discuss an array of random topics, such as reading, Finland, and that first round of cutting baby finger nails when you basically chop off half their finger. Connect With Us Instagram Facebook Email
October 22, 2020
Episode 117: Returning Guest Rosalia
This week we had our first returning guest! Rosalia from Consent Parenting is on today to regale us with all her knowledge. We discuss human trafficking, sex trafficking, abuse prevention, managing our kids in public spaces, how to handle situations where family is not respecting a "no", and tons more helpful information. Connect with Rosalia Instagram Facebook Website Predators Don't Want You To Know This... Prevent Your Child From Being Trafficked During COVID-19 Quarantine Safety Travel Tips For Parents Of Young Kids Connect With Us Instagram Facebook Email
October 15, 2020
Episode 116: Stories
This week we have a lot of stories for you. We share our plans for voting, some riffs from the past, and Kristen's most absurd admission on her college applications. Kristen also shares a story to highlight her anxiety at night. Trust me, you will not want to miss the big story they drop in the middle. Connect With Us Instagram Facebook Email
October 08, 2020
Episode 115: Feeding Therapy
This week we start our discussion with our anti-racist work but it veers off into a discussion about sex education & voting. We then jump into Talia's recent update into feeding therapy with Skye.  Connect With Us Instagram Facebook Email
October 01, 2020
Episode 114: RBG & Kristen's Incompetence
This week we start off with a chat about classroom history lessons, and quickly move in to our discussion about Ruth Bader Ginsburg. We veer into a discussion about how difficult registering to vote seems, and a few barriers to voting.  Connect With Us Instagram Facebook Email
September 24, 2020
Episode 113: Remembering 9/11
This week we chat about where we were on September 11, 2001. We describe what we remember and our different experiences being on opposite coasts during this time. Kristen discusses a lot of the fear she remembers feeling on the day of, and Talia discusses finding out from a neighbor on the way to school. We also discuss how things have changed since then, and while it felt overwhelming at the time, it is normal now. We speculate that may be how some things will be in the post Covid pandemic world. Connect With Us Instagram Facebook Email
September 17, 2020
Episode 112: Childhood Cancer Awareness Month
This week we are chatting all things childhood cancer awareness month. Talia gives us a little background on her family's journey with this, but for the full story, head back to episode 7. She shares some things that were helpful for her family, some things that were not so helpful, and some things she wish she had done during their time in the hospital. She also shares some foundations and other ways to help families going through this, even if they are not families you know personally. Connect With Us Instagram Facebook Email
September 10, 2020
Episode 111: How To Celebrity
This week we have all kinds of stories for you. We start off with a discussion about privilege and shattering the glass for our husbands on how differently we as women have to think when we are doing basic daily activities, for our safety. We share some stories about when we have felt unsafe and how frustrating it was to have to rely on a man for that safety. We then share hilarious stories of things we have happened to experience at Trader Joe's. Finally, I share my recent dream about meeting Dax Shepard and hugging him. We chat about different celebrity sightings and how completely inept Kristen is and knowing celebrities. Connect With Us Instagram Facebook Email
September 03, 2020
Episode 110: Devices & Friends
This week we delve into which devices we have in our homes and how they are used. Afterward, we discuss what it is like to lose friends over differences of opinions. As always, we get sidetracked into a chat about schools, but it circles back around to the original point of the discussion. Connect With Us Instagram Facebook Email
August 27, 2020
Episode 109: You Lost Me At 1600 Calories
This week we start with a discussion about how Talia is preparing for school, as well as how Skye is preparing for her big year as a kindergartener! After much discussion about pandemic distance learning and how it will look different this year we move on to a discussion about the Jillian Michael's live video regarding intuitive eating. Kristen has a few things to say about it, and Talia was a champion who made it to the end of the video. Connect With Us Instagram Facebook Email
August 20, 2020
Episode 108: Skye In The Big City
This week we kick off our anti-racism check-in by chatting about how we are approaching this with our children. After that, Talia fills us in on Skye's big trip to UCLA and how they prepare her for these types of appointments. We chat about children looking to find people like them, or understand their differences. Connect With Us Instagram Facebook Email The White Families' Guide For Talking About Racism The POC Families' Guide to Racism (That Affects the Black Community) The Black Families' Guide to Racism
August 13, 2020
Episode 107: Chatting Speech
This week we chat about growing concerns regarding Kristen's youngest and speech. They discuss advice they have received from a speech pathologist, and of course Talia shares about one of Skye's hilarious speech therapists. We chat about comparison as parents, and how difficult it is to compare, especially with your first child, but how it sometimes is necessary. Connect With Us Instagram Facebook Email White Rage
July 30, 2020
Episode 106: Traveling Across The Country
This week Kristen updates us on her move across the country. Moving mid pandemic is not ideal. We do get a bit derailed discussing school again. We end the chat with a conversation about a funny meme. Connect With Us Instagram Facebook Email White Rage
July 23, 2020
Episode 105: Picky Eating, Poop, & Pee-She
What more could you need to know than what we have in this title? We jump start with a listener question but it takes a weird turn into poop stories there for a while. Connect With Us Instagram Facebook Email Episode 37 She-Pee
July 16, 2020
Episode 103: Getting Out Of Dodge
This week we chat about Kristen's impending cross country move. We get a little into the background and how this move has been delayed. Through the course of the episode we chat about some of the plans we have made, and post recording plans changed again! Connect With Us Instagram Facebook Email
July 10, 2020
Episode 104: Back To School
This week we are discussing back to school. Talia fills us in on the latest information she has about her expectations as a teacher. We spend the entire 40+ minutes unpacking back to school this year. We discuss the perpetual underfunding, the undervaluing of teachers, and the insane decisions teachers will have to make for the safety of themselves, their students, and their families. Connect With Us Instagram Facebook Email
July 09, 2020
Episode 102: Talia & Father's Day
This week Talia tells us how she celebrated her birthday, and the bone she has to pick with Father's Day. We also get off topic as always, chatting about haircuts, & how we are approaching COVID as the country continues to open up. Connect With Us Instagram Facebook Email
June 25, 2020
Episode 101: Kindergarten Readiness & Military Life
This week we do another check-in to keep each other accountable for challenging racism around us. We then get Talia's insight into some kindergarten readiness skills for the upcoming school year. Spoiler alert, they have more to do with social and emotional skills than academic skills. We then discuss the pros and cons of military life. Connect With Us Instagram Facebook Email
June 18, 2020
Episode 100: Accountability & Celebrating 100
We can't believe we have made it to 100 episodes! This week we start off by sharing what we had originally chatted about doing for our 100th episode. Then we start a weekly check-in on how we are working on anti-racism in our lives, including of course where we are stumbling. We chat about updating history curriculum in schools and how Talia has been approaching it in previous years. We also share stories and chat about the usual shenanigans such as kids eating 80 trillion meals per day, growth spurts, etc. Connect With Us Instagram Facebook Email
June 11, 2020
Episode 99: Yes, We Are Talking About Race
This episode is a lot of us fumbling as we realize how little we have done to be ally's and taking a good hard look at ourselves. This episode is not a signal for sympathy, nor do we have a lot of answers. This is a place where we fumble through learning and listening, and letting you know that if you are struggling to understand how to stand strong and fight racism, we are here to fumble with you. We probably said a lot of things wrong, and we will continue to learn. Resources A White Families Guide For Talking About Racism Read Like A Rockstar Here We Read Brittany Packnett Cunningham
June 04, 2020
Episode 98: When I Grow Up
This week we answer listener questions. We start off chatting about what we wanted to be when we grew up. We cover a wide range of jobs. Then we answer how we back off when our kids are exploring despite concerns about them getting hurt. We finish up with a quick chat about how we have and currently interact with one year olds. Connect With Us Instagram Facebook Email
May 28, 2020
Episode 97: Weighing In On Slowing Down
We hope you appreciate this punny title. We kick off the episode speculating why in the world we are feeling even more critical about our bodies right now, when there are much bigger issues at hand. We get side tracked chatting about not stepping in when our kids are struggling and what we have been doing when our kids are struggling to learn a new skill. We tell lots of silly stories. Connect With Us Facebook Instagram Email
May 21, 2020
Episode 96: It Took A Weird Turn
This week we kick off the conversation chatting about what we are doing on Mother's Day. We chat about how we communicated our expectations for Mother's Day, as well as what we chose to do to celebrate. We share a few funny stories about animals and pets, then take a total turn into wondering how this whole pandemic could be a real chance to get back to basics for major parts of our system. We the the conversation realizing we took a strange turn. Connect With Us Instagram Facebook Email The Broken Ladder
May 14, 2020
Episode 95: Funny Stories & Listener Questions
This week we cover a lot. We start off with a funny story, share some victories in Kristen's house that she had virtually no part in, and chat about something people say that really gets under Talia's skin. We chat about things we do like for people to say and how people can help when we are out with kids and struggling. We answer a few listener questions: what is making us laugh, and when we know we are done having kids. Connect With Us Instagram Facebook Email
May 07, 2020
Episode 94: Distance Learning & Other Ramblings
This week we kick off our discussion with an update on how we are doing. We quickly jump back into how distance learning is going for Talia, as a third grade teacher. We chat about homeschooling younger children if distance learning looks like it will be the option for the fall. We wrap up the conversation by answering a listener question. Connect With Us Instagram Facebook Email
April 30, 2020
Episode 93: Parenting Through Covid
Many of you said you would be interested in hearing how parenting through Covid is going over here. We dive into what it looks like being a teacher on the distance learning end of things, and working from home with the whole family. Kristen chats about the positives she is finding and also the utter anarchy in her house. Connect With Us Instagram Facebook Email
April 23, 2020
Episode 92: Chat With Cindy Utzinger Pediatric Occupational Therapist
This week we get to chat with pediatric occupational therapist, and author, Cindy Utzinger. We pick her brain about right brain left brain connection, the importance of the majority of children having a dominant hand, how children get their needs met through physical play, and lots more. We share a few funny stories and have lots of fun with Cindy. Connect With Cindy Why Is My Kid Doing That? A Sensory Approach To Understanding Your Child's Behavior Website Youtube Facebook Connect With Us Instagram Facebook Email
April 16, 2020
Episode 91: Turning 5 & Tiger King
This week we have so many emotions and it shows. We start off with a chat about turning 5 and how crazy it feels that we have 5 year olds! We then get into the meat of the conversation, a chat about Tiger King. We both watched the show, though we watched through very different lenses. We wrap up by discussing how we are coping with this shelter in place & the media we are currently consuming. Connect With Us Instagram Facebook Email Books Playful Parenting Siblings Without Rivalry
April 09, 2020
Episode 90: Chatting With Rachel Bailey Parenting Specialist
This week we got to chat with parenting specialist Rachel Bailey. We pick her brain about letting kids sit in their feelings, sibling rivalry, only children, extending independent play, and expectations during a global pandemic. You will learn so much from this conversation and Talia will also have you rolling laughing in the first two minutes. Connect With Rachel Website Instagram Facebook Youtube Podcasts Unlocking Us Podcast - Brene Brown The Life Coach School - Brooke Castillo Connect With Us Instagram Facebook Email
April 02, 2020
Episode 89: Chrissy Lawler of The Peaceful Sleeper
This week we had such a fun and informative conversation with Chrissy Lawler of The Peaceful Sleeper. She is a sleep specialist as well as a licensed marriage and family therapist. We pick her brain about sleep and the importance of it in the context of your marriage and your family. We also discuss sleep and brain development, including crying and attachment. We probe for ways to maintain a strong bond with your spouse while skipping expensive date nights. Connect With Chrissy Instagram Therapy Adult At Home Insomnia Course Newborn Essentials Sleep Course Sleep Training Essentials (4-24 Months) Written Guides Books Jon Acuff Shows Love Is Blind The Bachelor Connect With Us Instagram Facebook Email
March 26, 2020
Episode 88: Implementing Discipline
This week we are chatting our personal styles when it comes to discipline and when we implement these strategies. Kristen shares different resources she likes, and we mostly share personal anecdotes. We discuss time-ins and what those look like, as well as how they have worked for some of our kids, but not all of them. We chat a lot about the language we try to use around our kids in times of heightened emotions, and our expectations of ourselves as parents. Connect With Us Instagram Facbeook Email Resources No Drama Discipline Playful Parenting Simplicity Parenting The Explosive Child Simply On Purpose
March 19, 2020
Episode 87: BONUS Homebound Activities
March 15, 2020
Episode 86: T & K Catch Up
This week we are back and have climbed out of our diet culture rabbit hole. We are catching up with conversations about Kristen's recent cross country trip with the whole family, and Talia's recent procedure for Skye. We also get sidetracked with a conversation about hand washing and school, and bathroom breaks as a kid. We finish up with some shows and books we are currently enjoying. Connect With Us Instagram Facebook Email Book Playful Parenting Shows/Documentaries Love Is Blind Taylor Swift
March 12, 2020
Episode 85: Chat With Devrie From Happily Fed
In today’s episode we get to chat with Devrie from Happily Fed! She explains to us what HAES (Healthy At Every Size) means, and the 5 pillars of the movement. We touch on some important topics including how much more likely a child is to develop an eating disorder than they are type two diabetes, that children going through puberty gain 50-70lbs during that time, and why it is imperative not to put children on a diet. She briefly touches on the need for doctors to inform patients the repercussions of dieting. You will love this episode and learn so much! Connect With Devrie Instagram Happily Fed Connect With Us Instagram Facebook Email
March 05, 2020
Episode 84: Unpacking Last Week's Interview
This week we unpack and personalize last week's conversation with Anne Mauney. Be sure to check that episode out to get the full benefit of this episode. We dive deeper into thin privilege and especially our experiences at doctor appointments. Kristen shares a new idea she has about making a fun family activity. We also discuss Kristen's growing concerns as a trainer whose grasping more understanding of diet culture. We end the episode on a high note, gushing about favorite non-physical attributes of each other. Connect With Us Instagram Facebook Email
February 27, 2020
Episode 83: Interview With Anne Mauney
Your mind is about to be blown this week. We had such an informative and amazing conversation with Anne Mauney of Fannetasticfood. We touch on topics such as diet culture, intuitive eating, thin privilege, and keeping food neutral with our children. This conversation is important for so many people, and it also may be triggering if you have or do struggle with an eating disorder. Work With Anne Blog Joyful Eating Nourished Life Nutrition For Runners Media Anne Is Consuming Drop The Ball - Book McMillions - Show Finding Fred - Podcast Connect With Us Instagram Facebook Email
February 20, 2020
Episode 82: A Wide Variety Of Topics
This week we finish up some listener questions. We touch on the topic of night terrors, though we have no first hand experience with it. We then discuss the transition from baby to toddler, which is timely since our youngest intern just had her first birthday! We finally jump into a discussion about how our relationships with friends and family has changed since having kids, but it turns into a discussion about breastfeeding in public. Connect With Us Instagram Facebook Email
February 13, 2020
Episode 81: Coping With Overwhelm
This week we chat about ways in which we cope with the overwhelm of motherhood. We doubt many of our strategies will be earth shattering but we think it is important to acknowledge that the majority of us feel overwhelmed often, and that there are different ways to cope. We also share stories of hitting our breaking points, and how our husbands supported us. Despite the serious topic, we had a lot of laughs this episode. Connect With Us Instagram Facebook Email Books Catch And Kill A Vast Conspiracy
February 06, 2020
Episode 80: Physical Exhaustion Of Motherhood
This week we discuss the physical exhaustion of parenting. We tell hilarious stories of the children exhausting us, and veer into a chat about postpartum mood disorders. While exercise and sunshine are imperative to health, they are not a guarantee you will not struggle with a postpartum mood disorder. We talk tantrums and crying at baby pictures. Connect With Us Instagram Facebook Email
January 30, 2020
Episode 79: Grandparents
This week we are chatting all things grandparents. All the grandparents we love. We chat about our experience with our grandparents growing up, and move on to our parents as grandparents vs raising us. We also acknowledge how difficult it must be to be a grandparent! We of course get off topic here and there with some hilarious stories, but we save it for the end. Connect With Us Instagram Facebook Email
January 23, 2020
Episode 78: Teething
This week we discuss a listener topic: teething. We chat all about our experience among our four kiddos when it comes to teething. We chat about how they each cut their teeth differently, our different pain management techniques, and teething poop. We also veer way off course, dabbling into chats about diarrhea and breastmilk composition. We share our current media consumption as well, since it has been a while. Connect With Us Instagram Facebook Email Can We Boost The Nutrient Levels In Breast Milk?
January 16, 2020
Episode 77: Another Conversation About Diet Culture
This week Kristen & Talia kick off the conversation by chatting about the new year. They discuss their approach to resolutions and intentions, but it quickly devolves into a discussion about diet culture. They chat about what they hope to instill in their kids, and what they are modeling. Kristen chats about her struggle this time of year as a trainer who also wants to change the conversation about our bodies. By the end of the conversation we end up setting some goals for the podcast in the coming year. Connect With Us Instagram Facebook Email
January 09, 2020
Episode 76: Reflecting Back On The Year
This week we kick off our conversation chatting about some motherly feedback from Kristen's Mom. After that we discuss our favorite moments/guests from 2019. It was so fun reflecting back on hilarious moments throughout the year, and recognizing how lucky we are to have these conversations! We answer two listener questions about our relationship struggles after kids, and hilarious toddler shenanigans. Connect With Us Instagram Facebook Email
January 02, 2020
Episode 75: Birth Story Re-Release
This week we had some technical difficulties editing. Since it is Christmas week and family is in town, we did not want to miss out on that family time. Instead, we are re-releasing one of our first episodes: our birth stories! This episode brings you down memory lane of Talia's birth and Kristen's first two births. We hope you will enjoy this and have a wonderful cap to your holiday season! Connect With Us Instagram Facebook Email
December 26, 2019
Episode 74: More Holiday Memories & Ramblings
This week we get back together to basically talk in circles about our expectations and stress levels right now. We also reminisce about the holidays as kids and wonder if the pressure is even necessary! We also sound super old when we have no idea what a current gaming system is, and share some funny stories from our childhood. Connect With Us Instagram Facebook Email
December 19, 2019
Episode 73: Chatting With Rosalia Rivera From Consent Parenting
This week Kristen & Talia get to pick the brain of Rosalia from Consent Parenting. She brings us on her journey to motherhood, and her three different births. We get to hear about how she managed depression during her third pregnancy, and her introduction to meditation. We dive deep into the culture we can create in our home of consent parenting and what this means. We get to hear about some ways we can discuss this with grandparents, as well as how to navigate some tricky things adults might say to kids when they show their affection differently than the adult was hoping. We ask for statistics on sexual abuse, and learn about the age children are now being introduced to pornography and why that matters. Rosalia was a wealth of information! Connect With Rosalia Website Instagram Facebook Podcast Connect With Us Instagram Facebook Email Books I Said No Sexploitation Viral Parenting TV Westworld
December 12, 2019
Episode 72: The Holiday Rush
This week Kristen & Talia are chatting about all the craze of the holidays. We are yet another person acknowledging we are putting too much pressure on ourselves, while still partaking in putting too much pressure on ourselves! Talia shares what she is NOT participating in this year, and also shares a gift that is Kristen's favorite. Kristen shares a few low price point gifts she has found while sleuthing the internet. We keep this episode short so you can get back to your holiday craze! Mentions Operation Christmas Child Giant Microbes Simplicity Parenting - Decluttering Episode Connect With Us Instagram Facebook Email
December 05, 2019
Episode 71: Chatting With Cameron Kleimo (Sensory Mom)
This week Kristen & Talia have an enlightening conversation with Cameron Kleimo of Sensory Mom. She felt like sitting down and chatting with a close friend. We got to go on the roller coaster ride of her journey to get pregnant, as well as her unexpected birth experiences. We then pick her brain about sensory processing disorder. She tells us about some of the struggles her children have had, as well as some early red flags, and a few coping skills. She also reminds us how important our mom gut is, and that we live with our children so we know them best. You guys will love this conversation! Connect With Cameron Sensory Mom Instagram Facebook Connect With Us Instagram Facebook Email Podcasts Armchair Expert Conan O’Brien Needs A Friend Shows Succession Working Moms Pose Books Atomic Habits Crucial Conversations
November 28, 2019
Episode 70: Chatting With Lauren Floris
This week we get to chat with Lauren Floris, host of the Up & Running Podcast, Olympic Trials Qualifier in the marathon, and mom of two. We have such a fun conversation chatting about birth stories, transitioning to motherhood and multiple kids, how the heck to get dinner on the table with so many balls in the air, and more. We got pretty caught up in our conversation so we did not get into any listener questions. We also discuss her podcast, as well as raising girls with body image pressures in mind. Connect With Lauren Instagram Instagram - Up & Running Podcast Connect With Us Instagram Facebook Email Podcasts I'll Have Another The Mom Hour Atomic Moms Stuff You Missed In History Class TV Below Deck
November 21, 2019
Episode 69: Update on Transitioning To Three Kids
This week Kristen gives us another update on how the transition to three kids is going. She talks about the chaos and non-stop noise in the house. We also share our parenting fails and wins, which we haven't shared in quite a while. Connect With Us Instagram Facebook Email
November 14, 2019
Episode 68: Chatting Kindergarten
This week we are chatting kindergarten! We are mostly discussing early elementary school, including standardized testing, homework, technology, and types of schooling methods. Kristen asks a lot of questions, and Talia discusses her perspective as a public school teacher in California. The books Kristen mentions are linked below. Books Simplicity Parenting The Coddling Of The American Mind Connect With Us Instagram Facebook Email
November 07, 2019
Episode 67: Dinner Time
This week we are chatting all things dinner. We discuss our routine, how we get food on the table, breaking habits that we do not like, and favorite recipes. We have a few side stories about hilarious things our kids say and do, as well as funny ways they eat their food. Connect With Us Instagram Facebook Email
October 31, 2019
Episode 66: The Moms of Momosas
We kick off this week's episode talking about Kristen's experience with a period cup. After that quick update, we start chatting about our moms and what we admired about how they raised us. We realized that they each had similar goals socially but approached it in near opposite ways. We share funny stories from our childhood and realized that there's no way we were able to get everything into one episode. We will do a part two at some point down the road. Connect With Us Instagram Facebook Email
October 24, 2019
Episode 65: Getting Back Into Exercise
This week we answer a listener question asking us how we got back into an exercise routine after having kids. Kristen discusses the different approaches that have worked for her, and Talia throws some barriers at her. We get side tracked discussing how to pronounce apricot and florets. We also chat about Kristen's obsession with keeping her phone out of her room. We hope your take away from this episode is to implement small pieces one at a time, and to own where you are. If exercise is not a priority for you right, that's FINE! Connect With Us Instagram Facebook Email
October 17, 2019
Episode 64: Breast Cancer Awareness
This week Talia & Kristen both share their perspective on watching their moms battle breast cancer. We share our perspective on watching their fights, as well as some funny stories along the way. It is a bittersweet episode with some expletives along the way. We hope this episode encourages you to call your mom, and/or do your monthly breast exams!
October 10, 2019
Episode 63: City Of Girls Book Club
Book club week is here! We read City of Girls by Elizabeth Gilbert, and it was amazing. We both listened to the majority of the audio book and gush about the narrator. We chat about the loss of virginity scene, our interpretations of the various relationships, and our love of the characters. We want to continue some form of book club, but we need your input! Contact us and let us know how you would like book club run. Connect With Us Instagram Facebook Email
October 03, 2019
Episode 62: Religion In Our Families
This week Kristen & Talia discuss religion in their homes. We were a little tentative to record this episode, simply because it can be such a hot button for some people. We decided in the end though, we would love to listen to an episode about this topic. One of us is Christian & the other is Jewish, so there are multiple viewpoints here, with a multitude of reasons why we are doing what we do! At the end, Kristen fills us in on her latest read, as well as something new that she's trying! Connect With Us Instagram Facebook Email Book Simplicity Parenting
September 26, 2019
Episode 61: Listener Questions
This week Kristen & Talia delve into listener questions. We kick off the episode talking about how Kristen & her family run family meetings. We also answer how we think our relationships with our spouses have changed since having kids. This turns into a conversation about how opposite Kristen & Talia interpret the same phrase. The conversation goes into many sidebar stories, per usual. Books The Yes Brain Connect With Us Instagram Facebook Email
September 19, 2019
Episode 60: Drowning
This week we get an in depth look at that failings that we are feeling as moms. It happens to everyone, and though we try to see the positives in our home, sometimes we are simply losing our minds. We tell stories about the circus that is preschool drop off right now, as well as the difficulties of maintaining a house, sanity, and schedules. We also share our parenting fails and wins this week, as well as hilarious stories from this week. Connect With Us Instagram Facebook Email
September 12, 2019
Episode 59: Childhood Cancer Awareness
This week Talia shares with us the best tips for helping a friend/family who is battling cancer, or really any severe illness. We have seen all of the lists of what not to do, but she shares with us the best things to say and contribute. She also shares her favorite organizations to help raise funds and awareness for childhood cancer. This is a packed episode and we hope you find some way to give in your community. Organizations Be The Match 17 Strong Hyundai Hope On Wheels Connect With Us Instagram Facebook Email
September 05, 2019
Episode 58: Resources For Supporting Your Child
This week Kristen delves into the resources she has used to help parent her oldest in a way to help him thrive. She shares her favorite parenting books, starting with the basics and moving into more specialized books. She also shares a few tactics that have worked with particularly difficult behavior, as well as other resources. We also get an update on Skye & how she ended up in a cast. Books No Drama Discipline Peaceful Parents, Happy Kids Peaceful Parents, Happy Siblings Raising Your Spirited Child The Explosive Child Free Range Kids Connect With Us Instagram Facebook Email
August 29, 2019
Episode 57: Back To School
This week Kristen fills us in on why her family chose to switch schools for her oldest child and keep him home a bit more before he heads to big kid school next year. Then, Talia gives us the insider information on how to get your kids off on the right track from the teacher's perspective. Coffee for the teacher is ALWAYS a good choice. Kristen goes on a few tangents about constructive failure as well. Connect With Us Instagram Facebook Email
August 22, 2019
Episode 56: Free Range Gushing
This week we announce our book club book! Kristen catches up on her most recent book obsession, which lends itself to a really fun discussion about our current culture of raising kids. There is a lot more fear, despite the statistics apparently showing this is a much safer time to raise kids. We have a really fun discussion and love reminiscing about when we were kids! Books City Of Girls Free Range Kids Connect With Us Instagram Facebook Email
August 15, 2019
Episode 55: World Breastfeeding Week
It's world breastfeeding week (did you get the memo on social media?) so we chat about our experiences with breastfeeding. We also lift up all moms, whether you breastfeed, bottle feed, or otherwise. As long as you are not feeding your kids bleach, we are here for it. Kristen also updates everyone on her trip to the East coast and all of the lobster and chowder she consumed. She shares her new favorite hack for traveling with toddlers. We give an update on the trash we are loving to watch, and the books we are reading. We want to interview all the authors. Connect With Us Instagram Facebook Email Books The Explosive Child Free Range Kids Whole Brain Teaching For Challenging Kids
August 08, 2019
Episode 54: Interview With Natasha Daniels Child Therapist
We get to pick the brain of Child Therapist Natasha Daniels! She is the host of Parenting Survival Podcast and we are here for it. We ask her for tips on how to get our kids to go to swimming lessons and cope with moves, especially in military families! Natasha works with not only toddlers, but big kids as well! This episode is informative for parents with kids of ALL ages and you will garner tons of information! She has courses for helping kids with anxiety AND OCD. We also ask her about early signs of anxiety or OCD and to explain what OCD even is! Connect With Natasha Podcast Website Instagram Facebook Connect With Us Instagram Facebook Email
August 01, 2019
Episode 53: Skye Update
This week we are in Los Olivos recording in nature. We give you an update on all things Skye. Go back and listen to Episode 7 if you haven't, so that you can learn all about Skye's history. We discuss what her course of medicine is currently, some of the barriers she is running into, and how she is overcoming those barriers. We also discuss school options, and what types of therapies she is in to continue getting stronger all around. Be The Match Connect With Us Instagram Facebook Email
July 25, 2019
Episode 52: Moving Around
This week Kristen & Talia are in one closet catching up! Kristen is visiting Talia, and they reminisce about their early days together & the simple moments that you do not realize you will always remember in later years. There are a lot of tangents and Kristen talks about how hard it is to move and leave friends. Connect With Us Instagram Facebook Email
July 18, 2019
Episode 51: Interview With Musical Therapist Jenna Bollard
This week Kristen & Talia get to chat with Jenna Bollard, who is a musical therapist. Not only is this conversation super interesting, it is also extremely informative. We get to hear a little about how Talia & Jenna got to know each other while Skye was in the hospital. Jenna also tells us all about the different ways musical therapy can be utilized from helping calm your child as a meltdown builds up, to helping regain speech after a stroke. It is fascinating and you will learn so much! Jenna's Recommendations Mending Mothers Mending Mothers Instagram Children's Music Fund Ali Wong Comedy She's Gotta Have It What No One Tells You: A Guide To Your Emotions From Pregnancy To Motherhood Becoming Connect With Us Instagram Facebook Email Sponsor Great Kids Snacks - MOMPOD25 for 25% off first box
July 11, 2019
Episode 50: Momosas & Dadquiris
This week Dadquiris (AKA our husbands Todd & Pat) interview us to celebrate our 50th episode. They ask us a variety of questions ranging from how we parent differently to what it is like as a military family uprooting our family every few years. We share what has shocked us most about motherhood, both positive and negative. The guys chime in on their views of how we parent differently as spouses, and how we get on the same page about parenting decisions. We had such a fun time recording this episode! Connect With Us Instagram Facebook Email Shows Schitt's Creek Catastrophe Fleabag
July 04, 2019
Episode 49: What Your Mom Forgot To Tell You
This week we are diving into the exciting postpartum period. We are discussing all of the things our moms didn't tell us about recovering from childbirth. It's bad enough that we are losing our hair and wearing these lovely mesh diaper/underwear. No one warned us about the night sweats, nursing poops, and many other lovely bodily changes. We are here to keep you in the loop. If you are pregnant with your first baby, you do not want to miss this episode! If you have already had a baby, listen along so you can take a walk down postpartum memory lane. Send us an email or let us know on social media what you would add to the list! Follow Us Instagram Facebook Email Sponsor Great Kids Snacks - MOMPOD25 for 25% off your first box
June 27, 2019
Episode 48: Running Away
This week Kristen has a very important questions for Talia, and she wants her unfiltered input. They discuss if they have ever fantasized about running away, and remind you that you can love your kids deeply, be living exactly the dream you had, and still want to run away. Parenting is OVERWHELMING sometimes. They discuss why they think some behaviors in their kids are so triggering for them. They also discuss if they have travelled alone since having kids and how it can be hard for some moms. They get into several tangents, so enjoy the ride! Follow Us Instagram Facebook Email Sponsor Great Kids Snacks - MOMPOD25 for 25% off your first box
June 20, 2019
Episode 47: Postpartum Healthcare
This week we kick off the conversation with a chat about "controlling" kids & phases children go through. Then we jump into what our ideal postpartum support would look like. Talia discusses it from a family stand point and the at home support she would love. Kristen discusses it from a healthcare standpoint and what she thinks should be standard of care. They both lament the absurdity of "family leave" in our country. This lends itself to a discussion of no longer having your family/village close and the disconnect between the expectations place on those raising a family and the lack of support offered. Connect With Us Instagram Facebook Email Sponsor Great Kids Snacks -MOMPOD25 for 25% off first box
June 13, 2019
Episode 46: Poop Stories & More
This week Talia & Kristen get to catch up. Kristen tells a ridiculous story about her awkwardness. They jump into how they handle other children doing something that might require adult intervention. This leads to a discussion about not parenting our husband's parenting which OF COURSE leads into poop stories. We wrap up with discussing our current media consumption. We did have to stop recording halfway through then record the second half later. You might notice a bit of redundancy in the conversation, and this is why. Connect With Us Instagram Facebook Email Sponsor Great Kids Snacks - MOMOPOD25 for 25% off first box
June 06, 2019
Episode 45: Interview With Dr. Thivierge
This week we chat with our good friend Jessie. She is a Doctor of Clinical Psychology. We invited her on as a mom for this episode, but we cannot wait to have her back and chat with her as a doctor! In this episode we discuss the transition to multiple kids, reconnecting in your marriage, transitioning from being a working mom to a stay at home mom, and of course, postpartum mood disorders. This episode is full of wonderful insights and we know you will love the banter. Two babies join us for this episode, so we hope you are ready for some coos and some poops! Connect With Jessie Nurturely Facebook Sponsor Great Kids Snacks - MOMPOD25 for 25% off your first box Follow Us Instagram Facebook Email
May 30, 2019
Episode 44: Motherhood Survival Box
This week we chat with Melissa Buck, creator of Motherhood Survival Box. We loved learning about how she came up with the idea to start this company, and where she plans to go with it in the next few years. Melissa has two children with her third on the way. She also homeschools her oldest while running her business from home. She’s real about the fact that “balance” doesn’t exist. Sometimes you get a bunch of work done, sometimes you do dishes. Kristen & Melissa bond over the experiences we had with postpartum anxiety. By the end of the episode everyone has invited themselves to be a part of Melissa’s future with Motherhood Survival Box. Connect With Melissa Motherhood Survival Box Instagram Facebook Sponsor Great Kids Snacks - MOMPOD25 for 25% off first box Follow Us Instagram Facebook Email Podcasts Rachel Hollis Jenna Kutcher
May 23, 2019
Episode 43: Body By Mommy Chats Pelvic Floor Health
Gear up for an important episode on pelvic floor health. This week we had a super fun and informative conversation with Tessa from Body By Mommy about pelvic floor health. Of course we kick the episode off chatting about her birth story, which was not exactly how she pictured her birth going. We then delve into the importance of pelvic floor health. We discuss not only the importance of strengthening the pelvic floor, but also release work. We continue to lament the standard set for women of peeing your pants being OK. It is common, but not normal and we discuss the lack of resources surrounding this issue. Tessa has such a fun and infectious personality. We know you will love this episode! Connect With Tessa Body By Mommy Instagram Facebook Sponsor Great Kids Snacks - MOMPOD25 for 25% off first box Follow Us Instagram Facebook Email Books Brene Brown The Power Of Vulnerability  Rising Strong Rachel Hollis Girl Wash Your Face Girl Stop Apologizing Podcasts Create And Cultivate Biceps After Babies Instagram Under The Womanhood Taking Cara Babies  (Episode 38) Feeding Littles (Episode 37)
May 16, 2019
Episode 42: T & K Catch-Up
This week Kristen & Talia take some time to catch up! We talk about different aspects of Kristen’s postpartum journey including where she is with postpartum anxiety this time around, how she is working to stay connected in her marriage, extra weight postpartum, the farce of balance, and a reminder to new moms that bringing your baby into the bathroom is real. You will of course get to hear a bunch of hilarious side stories about the kids and an update on how the youngest Momosas intern is doing. Tune in for some laughs and reminders that you are killing it! Follow Us Instagram Facebook Email Sponsor Great Kids Snacks – MOMPOD25 for 25% off first box Books, Apps, Podcasts 36 Questions To Fall In Love With Anyone Questions For Couples Peaceful Parents, Happy Kids Why Marriages Succeed Or Fail I’ll Have Another With Lindsey Hein
May 09, 2019
Episode 41: Guest On Single Parenting & Infertility
This week we get to chat with our close friend Angella. Get your popcorn because this conversation is going to production as a Lifetime movie if we have any say about the matter! She tells us all about her struggle to get pregnant with endometriosis. We also hear about what it was like to date as a single parent and some of the awkward situations she found herself in as a result. As we follow her through her journey to meeting her current husband we are on a rollercoaster of emotions! She details the struggle of driving back and forth to a fertility clinic while her husband was deployed and how draining the whole process was. Listen and enjoy! Follow Us Instagram Facebook Email Sponsor Great Kids Snacks - MOMPOD25 for 25% off your first box
May 02, 2019
Episode 40: Goodnight Sleep
This week we chat with Alanna from Goodnight Sleep Site. We get to hear about her very different births, as well as her struggles to conceive. She brings us through how she got started as a sleep consultant, and grew her business. She gives us insight into a few struggles we have with our toddlers. She also chats about how sleep works for young children and teenagers, and why we need to stop wearing exhaustion as a badge of honor. She also discusses the importance of prioritizing your child's sleep. Connect With Alanna Website Facebook Instagram YouTube Sponsor Great Kids Snacks - MOMPOD25 for 25% off first box Follow Us Instagram Facebook Email Podcast Armchair Expert TV/Movies The Dirt The Walking Dead
April 25, 2019
Episode 39: Interview With Lily Nichols
This week Kristen & Talia talk with Lily Nichols who is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist & Gestational Diabetes Educator. She looks at the advice (or lack thereof) from our doctors when it comes to pregnancy and postpartum nutrition. She has two books Real Food For Pregnancy & Real Food For Gestational Diabetes where she dives into these subjects in a manageable way for the everyday consumer. The girls ask about Vitamin D transfer through breastmilk, how thyroid function is tested in pregnancy, and how to increase iron stores. They discuss how the current recommendations do not take into account the six weeks of bleeding from an internal wound after giving birth. This episode is so informative and every woman should hear it! Connect With Lily Website Instagram Facebook Vitamin D & Breastfeeding Sponsor Great Kids Snacks - MOMPOD25 for 25% off first box Follow Us Instagram Facebook Email Book The Fifth Vital Sign
April 18, 2019
Episode 38: Taking Cara Babies
This week we have infant sleep specialist, Cara Dumaplin, creator of Taking Cara Babies. You know we jump right in with her birth story. As a labor and delivery nurse, she has seen it all, so she had a feeling her births would be a circus. The majority of the hospital was in her room for her birth, which was perfect for her. We get to hear about how sleep was a huge struggle with her oldest, which led to her diligent research on baby sleep and the birth of Taking Cara Babies. Cara teaches us about wake windows, surviving the witching hour, and offering a pacifier. We had such a fun conversation with Cara and hope you enjoy her as much as we did! Connect With Cara Taking Cara Babies Pacifiers Instagram Facebook Sponsor Great Kids Snacks - MOMPOD25 for 25% off first box Follow Us Instagram Facebook Email Books Girl Wash Your Face Girl Stop Apologizing Shows God Friended Me Dateline
April 11, 2019
Episode 37: Interview With Megan McNamee From Feeding Littles
If you have a baby, toddler, or just about anyone in your house eating, you NEED to hear this episode. We chat with Megan McNamee, one of the two founders of Feeding Littles. She is a Registered Dietician who specializes in Pediatric Nutrition, Food Sensitivities, & Disordered eating. In this episode we discuss why a parent's attitude around food matters when it comes to their children eating. We also discuss why forcing, bribing, or tricking your children into eating is not a long term strategy. We also discuss some reasons why food regressions might happen & children will gravitate toward certain foods. We discuss a lot of other aspects of eating as well, so get your notebooks out! Connect With Feeding Littles Website Instagram Facebook Sponsor Great Kids Snacks - MOMPOD25 for 25% off first box Follow Us Instagram Facebook Email Book The Hate You Give Show The Ranch
April 04, 2019
Episode 36 Proposal Stories & Best Of Fights
This week Kristen & Talia share their engagement stories. Talia's happened on her birthday, and she might request a redo. Kristen's happened close to Valentine's Day weekend, and she had no idea it was coming! This devolves into a discussion of the biggest fights they have had with their husbands. Get excited, because these fights are over cleanliness & food - what else? Their youngest intern is on the scene today, so listen for some coos. Sponsor Great Kids Snacks - MOMPOD25 for 25% off your first box Follow Us Instagram Facebook Email
March 28, 2019
Episode 35: Supporting Sensitive Children Interview With Jen Harrison
This week we get to pick the brain of Jen Harrison of Supporting Sensitive Children. She has a plethora of resources ranging from her website to her podcast, with printables and classes in between. She works with parents to give them the resources to support their children. In the last year she began focusing on sensitive children and their parents. Some of the topics that come up during are discussion include, how to know if your child is sensitive, how to know if you as a parent are sensitive, if these techniques can be implemented in the classroom, and if sensitivity has any relationship with self-esteem. Books The Highly Sensitive Child Girl Stop Apologizing Sponsor Great Kids Snacks - MOMPOD25 for 25% off first box Find Jen Website Instagram Facebook
March 21, 2019
Episode 34: Travel Tips
This week Kristen & Talia share their travel hacks. Talia & her family travel 3 hours round trip at least once per month, often more. She shares how they make it through those trips, typically in survival mode. Kristen's family travels often as well, though they fly frequently too. Kristen shares her hacks for surviving long trips with minimal screen time. We are also astounded to find out that Talia just went to Wal-Mart for the first time, in her 30s. Listen in for travel hacks while traveling with toddlers, and share your additional travel hacks with us on social media! Follow Us Instagram Facebook Email
March 14, 2019
Episode 33: Introverts & Extroverts
This week Kristen & Talia discuss their differences as an extrovert vs an introvert. They chat about how being each personality type impacts their parenting, including the struggles (i.e. birthday parties, calling to make appointments). They also speculate on if their children are introverts or extroverts and what parenting each personality type looks like to them. Additionally, in their parenting wins and fails of the week, they get into a discussion about apologizing. They discuss if they force their kids to say sorry, as well as other ways they think their child can show remorse. Books Raising Your Spirited Child Quiet: The Power Of Introverts In A World That Can't Stop Talking Sponsor - MOMPOD25 for 25% off first box Follow Us Instagram Facebook Email
March 07, 2019
Episode 32: Potty Training Adventures
This week Kristen & Talia chat about their adventures in potty training their kiddos. We hear from Kristen first, who you can guess, had a structured, researched approach to the endeavor. She used start charts, prizes, alliteration, & was done in four days. Talia took a more laid back approach, but still used stickers & prizes. They discuss what worked best for their particular kid and tailoring potty training to your child's personality. They both also waited until their kids were older. Kristen's son had just turned three and Talia's daughter was closing in on four. Tune in to hear their tips, tricks, & failures from potty training their first born kids! Sponsor - MOMPOD25 for 25% off your first box Follow Us Instagram Facebook Email
February 28, 2019
Episode 31: Struggling To Conceive
While we have touched upon this briefly in other episodes, Talia delves into their struggles to conceive this week. She and her husband have been trying to expand their family for almost a year, and she's at her wits end. She shares the tornado of blame she places on herself, the lengths they have gone to so far, and the lengths they are willing to go to in order to expand their family. We also get to hear some of the well intentioned things people say during this struggle, that does not feel so helpful. This week we have a new question to close out the  episode, which will help us all feel a little more human in our mothering journey. Sponsor Great Kids Snacks - MOMPOD25 for 25% off your first box Follow Us Instagram Facebook Email
February 21, 2019
Episode 30: Bonus Birth Story
Today Kristen regales us with the arrival of her third child. This episode will either have you rolling or vomiting (hopefully the former). The ladies chat about their thoughts on the Group B Strep test, primping for birth, & how the family is transitioning. This was a fun & funny episode, and was requested by a lot of you. Enjoy! Sponsor Great Kids Snack - MOMPOD25 for 25% off first box Follow Us Instagram Facebook Email
February 18, 2019
Episode 29: Teacher Interview
This week Kristen & Talia get to chat with their friend Allie. Allie is a teacher turned stay at home mom of two boys. We kick the episode off with her birth stories. We get to hear about her two c-sections, one of which she labored through for more than a day! Talia & Allie also school Kristen on what a combination class is, which is still a tough concept for her to wrap her mind around. We also chat about some feeding issues Allie’s son has run into, as well as life after miscarriage. Tune in to hear a fun conversation with some serious aspects. Sponsor – Use the code MOMPOD25 for 25% off your first box & to help support the podcast. Follow Us Instagram Facebook Email
February 14, 2019
Episode 28: Diet & Exercise
This week we keep it real with our diet & exercise journey. The episode starts off with Talia describing her upbringing and culture around food, exercise, and body image. She takes us through pregnancy and postpartum, discussing her experience with trying to lose the baby weight. She also shares her struggles with emotional eating while in the hospital with Skye. We then get to hear Kristen's upbringing and culture around food, exercise, and body image. We get a glimpse into her mentality before, during, and after her pregnancies, and how she approached postpartum fitness each time. They both discuss how they want the culture of these topics to be for their kids, in the hopes of raising intuitive, confident children. They do drop a D-bag while talking, so make sure you are not listening around your kids this week. Sponsor Great Kids Snacks - MOMPOD25 for 25% off first box Follow Us Instagram Facebook Email
February 07, 2019
Episode 27: Interview With Early Childhood Education & Parenting Professional
This week we had a super fun conversation with our friend Lauren. We have had a lot of interviews where moms tell us how difficult transitioning to multiple kids was for them, and about the postpartum mood disorders they struggled with. If you have not been able to relate, this might be the interview for you. Lauren had pretty easy transitions with all of her children, and did not deal with postpartum mood disorders. We ask her how to foster the close relationship that her children seem to share. We dive into questions pertaining to parenting, such as how to help your toddler when they are hitting, as well as helping toddlers and older kids work through emotions. She answers a listener question about stages of development, which lead to a discussion about realistic expectations for children. Whether you have toddlers or older kids, this episode has some extremely helpful parenting tips! Follow/Contact Us Instagram Facebook Email
January 31, 2019
Episode 26: Transitioning To Two
You asked and we provided! This week we chat about the transition from one child to two children. Kristen discusses why she thinks this transition was particularly difficult for her, and what she is planning to do for a smoother transition to three. Talia asks a few questions about transitioning, such has how the heck you safely get multiple kids from point A to point B, and what exactly do you do with one child when you are trying to get the other child to nap! Tune in this week to hear their perspective on the transition to multiple kids. Find us on social media Instagram Facebook Email
January 24, 2019
Episode 25: Interview With Labor & Delivery Nurse
This week we are sharing a super fun conversation we had with our friend Morgan, who is a labor & delivery nurse. She shares her birth stories with her two girls. They are drastically different experiences, and it is fun to hear her chat about it as someone who is already trained in this field. We talk about some of the struggles she had with breastfeeding her oldest, as well as her experience with postpartum OCD. She discusses how she knew something felt off, but none of the screenings for postpartum mental health were asking questions that pertained to her. We ask about things she does not love seeing as an L&D nurse, and how she advocates for her patients. We have a lot of laughs through this conversation and learned a ton. Find Us On Social Media Instagram Facebook Email
January 17, 2019
Episode 24: Interview With Lindsey Hein
This week we had the opportunity to chat with Lindsey Hein,  host of the podcast I'll Have Another. She is the mom of four boys, ages 4 months to six years. We dug into the chaos that is being a SAHM to 4 kiddos that close in age, while building her business. She speculates why she feels less mom guilt than other moms might. We also discuss the double standard of the praise a dad receives when parenting vs the praise a mom receives for the same parenting. The conversation is easy and funny, but we dig into how tough it is to be in the trenches with young kids close in age. Find Lindsey On Social Media: Instagram Twitter Facebook Website Find Momosas On Social Media: Instagram Facebook
January 10, 2019
Episode 23: Interview With a Speech Pathologist
This week Kristen & Talia get to chat with a speech pathologist & mom of one girl! She tells us her qualifications then we dive right into the transition of motherhood. She shares with us her experience with prolapse & battling to get that taken care of. We discuss when a stutter is "normal" or concerning, as well as insight into "normal" & helping your child to develop language. She also gives us tips on how to navigate conversations with our littles so they will respond. Be sure to follow us on social media @momosaspodcast or email us at
January 03, 2019
Episode 22: Preparing For The New Year
As the holidays wrap up & the new year approaches, Kristen & Talia chat about their take on resolutions, and their individual plans moving forward. Kristen plans to calm down a bit, which is always a big struggle. Talia will be cutting anxieties out of her life. They discuss past goals they where they have succeeded. Kristen also shares a hack that has been working for her regarding toddler bed time.
December 27, 2018
Episode 21: Holiday Fun & Stress
With Christmas just around the corner, we talk about the excitement we feel, as well as the struggles. Kristen is spreading herself thin despite her best efforts. Talia is working through her first Christmas at home since her mom passed away. We know this time of year is not for everyone, and we do not want you to feel alone. Tune in and find out you are not the only one torn between your love for this season & losing your mind.
December 20, 2018
Episode 20: Nesting Phase One
In today's episode Kristen & Talia chat about all of the purging & reorganizing Kristen is doing in her house. They speculate what kind of lunacy her nesting will become as she gets closer to baby's arrival. They also discuss some things that have been working to make meal time smoother in Kristen's house, as well as the barriers she is facing as her oldest goes through a big developmental leap. They speculate about reward systems to help give their kids the help they need in certain areas (going to bed, potty training, etc). This episode is a little more scattered than usual, but they both share some things they have been trying that are working. Feeding Littles: Our social media: @momosaspodcast;
December 13, 2018
Episode 19: Sleepovers
Today Kristen goes down a rabbit hole of sleepover anxieties. Kristen & Talia talk about the pros & cons of sleepovers, as well as their experiences with sleepovers as kids. They also discuss the age they were exposed to porn and when/if that is appropriate. They also discuss how to prepare their kids to navigate scary situations. While they do not use inappropriate language, they do use a lot of anatomical terms & discuss sexual abuse. This might be an episode you want to listen to without your kids around. This conversation moves into a conversation about "the talk". They finally diverge from this topic to chat about preschool activities & hilarious kid stories. Playing Preschool: Raising Your Spirited Child by Mary Sheedy Kurcinka, Ed. D.
December 06, 2018
Episode 18: Todd Interview
This week we get to have a super fun conversation with Talia's husband Todd! He regales us with his creeper story of how he & Talia first met. Due to Skye's medical needs, Todd stays home with her. He brings us through what their days look like. It includes occupational therapy, physical therapy, & riding the escalator. We delve into his hesitation with attending mom groups. We also delve into financial contribution as a stay at home parent, during which time Todd shares some great words of wisdom about contributing to the family. Book: Raising Your Spirited Child by Mary Sheedy Kurinka, Ed. D. Find us on social media @momosas podcast for Instagram & Facebook or email us at This is our final week with For Two Fitness as a sponsor! Use the code MOMOSAS at for 30% off their entire website + free shipping over $75 through November 30. Thank you for your support!
November 29, 2018
Episode 17: Holiday Traditions
This week we chat about all of our holiday traditions! We start the episode with a quick chat about postpartum anxiety, highlighting some moments we remember working through & how that felt. Once we dive into the holidays, we discuss our favorite kind of pies. We discuss our yearly plans for Thanksgiving then chat about when to decorate for Hanukkah/Christmas. Kristen also has no clue how she acquired a Christmas tree one year. They also briefly chat about Operation Christmas Child, which Kristen cannot remember the name of. We discuss gift etiquette for the classroom, from a parent perspective & a teacher perspective. Operation Christmas Child: Social Media: @momosaspodcast
November 22, 2018
Episode 16: Interview With Lindsey Fazendine
Today we kick off another interview diving into Lindsey's birth stories. She ranges from the rainbows & unicorn perfect birth, to a planned c-section. She shares her experience transitioning to two kids with work & living in a new place. We chat about how we entertain our oldest while the newborn grows & nurses round the clock. We also commiserate over the sadness of our baby boy's first haircut. She shares what her family's experience recovering from hurricane Florence has been like. Find Lindsey: @lindseyfazendine Follow us: @momosaspodcast (Instagram & Facebook) This week's episode is sponsored by Use the code MOMOSAS for 30% off their entire website + free shipping over $75, to support the podcast.
November 15, 2018
Episode 15: Interview Sarah Mac Robinson
This week we chat with Sarah Mac Robinson who is a mom of two. She talks about the difference in recovery between her first birth & her second birth. She shares her struggle with anxiety & what helped her to decide to take medication for it. She is so refreshing in her views of the preciousness of parenthood, & knowing she needs boundaries. We discuss the realities of the transition from one to two kids. She is also an Olympic Trial Qualifier for the marathon & discusses what her plan is for professional running moving forward, with two kids. Find Sarah on Instagram: @thatsarahmac Find us on Instagram & Facebook @momosaspodcast or email us at
November 08, 2018
Episode 14: Interview With Claire Martin-Royale
This week we get to chat with Claire Martin-Royale, founder & owner of The Fit Moms Plan. We kick off the conversation getting into her birth stories. She birthed 2 kids, over 9.5lbs, 18 months apart. She had a roller coasted ride for her first birth, which really wiped her husband out. She brings us through the inner workings of raising two kids with a husband whose job takes him away from home for months, while she built a successful business. She also discusses those few years of burning the candle at both ends and the long term impact it took on her health. She offers us a plethora of information on abdominal separation/diastasis recti. Instagram: @thefitmomsplan Website: Sponsor: - code MOMOSAS for 30% off entire site + free shipping over $75
November 01, 2018
Episode 13: Interview With Suzy Slane
This week we chat with Suzy Slane! She is a mom of five who is open about her anxiety, and the highs and lows of motherhood. We discuss postpartum anxiety, medication, & running to manage anxiety. We also discuss mom guilt, showering, and how integral we are to the survival of our kids. She gets real about her transition to running, and how she makes it happen while managing her kids & house.
October 25, 2018
Episode 12: Raising Girls
This week we try to keep the conversation loosey goosey, but end up launching into a conversation about raising girls. We also discuss parenting compliments. We chat about the joys of stretching casts, splints, & leg braces. We also update you on what all the kids are up to this week. Parenting Instagram Mentioned: @simplyonpurpose
October 18, 2018
Episode 11: Husband Jobs
This week Kristen & Talia discuss their different family dynamics. While one of them works out of the home & the other is a stay at home mom, they seem to share a lot of the same worries. They wonder if their husbands feel the same guilt they do. We round out the conversation with a discussion about pies & poop etiquette at parties.
October 11, 2018
Episode 10: Wine Culture & School
In this episode Kristen shares her perspective on the marketing of wine culture. We discuss family influence on drinking, which is one of the few things Talia & Kristen have in common. You will also get to hear our hilarious mimosa expedition. Additionally, we get some perspective from Talia about starting the school year as a teach & working with parents.
October 04, 2018
Episode 9: Pat Interview
In this episode we chat with Kristen's husband Patrick! He talks about why he encouraged Kristen & Talia to launch this podcast. They also discuss his favorite & least favorite traits about Kristen as a wife & mom. They all laugh about some pregnancy meltdowns. We mostly get a dad's perspective on the whole parenting gig.
October 04, 2018
Episode 8: Advice People Offer
In this episode we begin our chat by discussing the train wreck that is family pictures. We then launch into some opinions we found on the internet & give our perspective. Finally, we get into the unsolicited advice we have been offered. Between a toddler who is medically incapable of eating & a toddler who hits a lot, the unsolicited advice they have received runs the gamut.
October 04, 2018
Episode 7: Skye's Story
Today we hear briefly about some medical issues Kristen ran into with her youngest. Then things get pretty heavy when we get to hear the in depth story of everything that Skye has been through. This is a long, detailed, & emotional episode.
October 04, 2018
Episode 6: Hacks
Today we chat about parenting & relationship hacks that have worked for us. Showers are a non-negotiable for both of us, so we share how we make that work. We also have bathroom talk & how we go to the bathroom as a family. Kristen shares how she potty trained her oldest, which is a pretty standard approach. Talia also shares a hack she used for walking. Book: Just Married: The Catholic Guide To Surviving & Thriving In The First Five Years of Marriage by Dr. Greg & Lisa Popcak
October 04, 2018
Episode 5: Our Birth Stories
Today we share our birth stories! We discuss c-sections, epidurals, & medicine free births. We also chat about how much we love nurses during the process. We learn that Skye mooned everyone & Kristen's kids have huge heads.
October 04, 2018
Episode 4: Miscarriages & Infertility
Today we have a heavy episode, where we discuss our experiences with miscarriage. One of us is also in a weird camp of not necessarily being infertile, but struggling to conceive. We also talk about Post Partum Anxiety & the leading question our doctors asked to skirt the subject. Ultimately, we devolve into a conversation about sharing baby names.
October 04, 2018
Episode 3: Period Talk
Today we discuss the stark contrast in how each of our moms taught us about getting our period. This devolves into a discussion on our hatred for growing boobs & how severe of a tomboy Kristen was. One of our moms helped put a tampon in her daughter while the other mom handed out a pamphlet. This segues into a conversation about telling daughters about their period, the sex talk, & the Diva cup.
October 04, 2018
Episode 2: Parents We Thought We Would Be
Today we chat about the visions we had of ourselves as parents, & how it actually turned out. We discuss sleep, discipline approaches, swearing, being a working mom vs stay at home mom, and food approaches. Kristen discloses her obsession with the brain. Book: No Drama Discipline by Daniel J Siegal, MD & Tina Payne Bryson, Ph.D.
October 04, 2018
Episode 1: Introduction Episode
Welcome to Momosas! Today we introduce each other and discuss how we became friends. We also briefly discuss why we started this podcast.
October 04, 2018