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Moms of Color Palaver

Moms of Color Palaver

By Lakischa Smith
Voices for Black Motherhood
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Courtney Stallworth a Registered nurse on Decreasing Maternal Mortality rate amongst Women of Color
Courtney takes action on her mission to decrease Maternal Mortality rate amongst Women of Color. This podcast is full of information and inspiration. If you are an excepting mother of Color I highly advise that you tune in, I truly believe it will be worth your time. 
March 17, 2021
Nia Avery on Maternal aged Motherhood
Nia Avery discusses her experience on being an maternal aged mother, her beliefs on what helped her prosper through her pregnancy,  and delivering a healthy baby. Tune in as she shares her experience. 
December 08, 2020
Alexia Mitchell on the Importance of Mother Daughter Relationships
In this short clip, Mommy Blogger Alexia Mitchell shares her experience and lessons she has learned from her own relationship with her mother. She wants us to realize how important our relationships are with our daughters and what we can do to help ensure that we are raising strong and powerful Black girls into a society that tries to silence them. 
October 20, 2020
Generational Parenting with Olivia Gordon
Olivia Gordon, a parenting coach and life skill development consultant talks to us about how the way we parent has to change in these new times. She offers us some life skills that we can take along with us to enhance our parenting in order to enhance our children's growth. 
October 03, 2020
Je'Kendra Robinson mom of 6 speaks about persevering
Je'kendra Robinson, a mother of 6 shares her story about persevering and its absolutely beautiful. She speaks about divorce, depression, and finding herself in the mist of raising 6 kids and enrolling into Pre-med school.  Her story is truly inspiring as she gives us all hope and encouragement while sharing her journey with us!
September 05, 2020
Autumn Altamirano on ADHD in Black Children
Autumn Altamirano speaks on her experience working in the school system with children who have ADHD as well as Black and Brown children who have been wrongfully referred to her as being potential ADHD candidates. Autumn tells us some valuable information about what to look for before allowing your child to be diagnosed with ADHD.
August 06, 2020
Speaking up for yourself & baby: A talk about Disparities of Maternal deaths Impacting Black Motherhood
This episode educates you about the disparities that are happening regarding Black maternal deaths inside of the hospital. Black mothers are dying at a rate of 3 to 4 times higher than white mothers and according to the CDC, 60% preventable. Shanika  Valcour-Leduff the owner of Labor and Love speaks about how we can use our voices and trust our intuitions as a way to prevent these avoidable disparities that take place in our communities. 
July 29, 2020
Dr. Alisha Reed on Grief and Making Yourself a Priority
Dr. Alisha Reed also known as your "Virtual Bestie" is a success coach that has made it her mission to inspire women to become the best versions of themselves. In this episode Alisha talks about how we should deal with grief and offers some helpful tips on how we can make ourselves a priority in the mist of life's happenings. 
July 16, 2020
Yadie Prosper discusses growing up with dark skin insecurities
In the Black community we are faced with colorism on a regular bases. However, this mom, Yadie Prosper had a positive role model, her mother, to look to as an inspiration to love her dark skin. While Yadie's mom was a very confident Black woman Yadie still learned how to dislike her dark complexion by society. Now a mother herself, she speaks on trying her best to ensure her daughter learns the importance of loving her dark skin and blossom into the confident dark complected women she now is. 
July 08, 2020
Shavoi Kent talks Postpartum Depression
This episode places emphasis on Postpartum Depression in the Black Community as Shavoi Kent tells us about her first hand experiences and how she felt stigmas, judgement, and lack of comfort kept her from sharing her truth. 
June 29, 2020