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The World of Momus Podcast

The World of Momus Podcast

By Momus Najmi
Interesting facts and stories from history and various mythologies, mixed in with various audio readings of short stories, poems and non-fiction materials - anything that comes from my mind to yours.

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Some Interesting facts about Loch Ness & its Monster | The World of Momus Podcast

The World of Momus Podcast

Nicomachean Ethics (Book I) by Aristotle | Audiobook | The World of Momus Podcast
This is the 1st part, in the 10 part audiobook series of Nicomachean Ethics written by the great Greek Philosopher Aristotle. Book I consists of 13 Chapters.    An episode will be released each Monday for the next 10 weeks.   I hope all you philosophy lovers enjoy listening to this audio reading.    For more:  00:00 Intro  00:19 Chapter 1  02:25 Chapter 2  04:48 Chapter 3  08:04 Chapter 4  11:38 Chapter 5  14:46 Chapter 6  23:37 Chapter 7  33:12 Chapter 8  40:04 Chapter 9  43:14 Chapter 10  51:08 Chapter 11  53:12 Chapter 12  56:08 Chapter 13  01:03:04 Outro  
May 23, 2022
Three Years She Grew by William Wordsworth | The World of Momus Podcast
Reading of a poem by William Wordsworth, Three Years She Grew.  For more:
May 19, 2022
10 Interesting Facts about Books & Libraries | The World of Momus Podcast
10 Interesting Book related facts which obviously contain few facts about libraries as well.   You can find the text of these facts on my website.    To Find out more:
May 12, 2022
A Modest Proposal - Satirical Essay by Jonathan Swift - Audiobook | The World of Momus Podcast
A Modest Proposal, in full A Modest Proposal for Preventing the Children of Poor People from Being a Burthen to their Parents, or the Country, and for Making Them Beneficial to the Publick, satiric essay by Jonathan Swift, published in pamphlet form in 1729.   This is an audio reading of that essay by me, Momus Najmi. I hope you enjoy listening to it.
May 06, 2022
Blowing in the Wind by Momus Najmi | The World of Momus Podcast
We are all fading away, our lives, our memories, our experiences, every breath we take, It is all with time blowing in the wind. But remember, as we battle this constant and slowly fade away, that we leave more love than was shown out way. Silently, as we go, blowing in the wind.  Short Poem 'Blowing in the Wind' by Momus Najmi Music: Sedative (Lesfm on Pixaby)
May 04, 2022
An Essay on Civil Disobedience by Henry David Thoreau | The World of Momus Podcast
This is the reading of an essay on Civil Disobedience written by Henry David Thoreau in 1849.  The text of the essay will be made available on my website: To connect on Socials:  Linktree
April 28, 2022
Oldest University in the World & other 5 Oldest Universities | The World of Momus Podcast
In another episode of short facts, we get to know a bit about University of Al-Qarawiyyin, the oldest university in the world. And also a bit about 5 other older universities: Al-Azhar University University of Bologna University of Oxford University of Salamanca University of Cambridge To connect on Socials:
April 20, 2022
Serenity Prayer by Reinhold Niebuhr | The World of Momus Podcast
In this episode, I give a brief overview of the Serenity Prayer by Reinhold Niebuhr and then read the prayer.  God, give me grace to accept with serenity the things that cannot be changed, Courage to change the things which should be changed, and the Wisdom to distinguish the one from the other. Living one day at a time, Enjoying one moment at a time, Accepting hardship as a pathway to peace, Taking, as Jesus did, This sinful world as it is, Not as I would have it, Trusting that You will make all things right, If I surrender to Your will, So that I may be reasonably happy in this life, And supremely happy with You forever in the next. Amen. To connect on Socials: Linktree
April 13, 2022
A Dream within a Dream by Edgar Allan Poe | The World of Momus Podcast
Reading of one of my most favourite poem, 'A dream within a dream' by Edgar Allan Poe.  Take this kiss upon the brow! And, in parting from you now, Thus much let me avow — You are not wrong, who deem That my days have been a dream; Yet if hope has flown away In a night, or in a day, In a vision, or in none, Is it therefore the less gone? All that we see or seem Is but a dream within a dream. I stand amid the roar Of a surf-tormented shore, And I hold within my hand Grains of the golden sand — How few! yet how they creep Through my fingers to the deep, While I weep — while I weep! O God! Can I not grasp Them with a tighter clasp? O God! can I not save One from the pitiless wave? Is all that we see or seem But a dream within a dream?
April 11, 2022
Oldest Library in the World | The World of Momus Podcast
Short fact about the oldest library in the world, found in Syria by archeologists in 1974-76: Royal Library of the ancient Kingdom of Ebla
April 06, 2022
April Fools' Day | Ep17 | History & Myth
In this episode, I give a brief history of April Fool's Day and 5 of the most amusing pranks ever pulled.  For more information:
April 01, 2022
Minotaur, Theseus & the Labyrinth of Crete | Ep16 | History & Myth
Who was Minotaur, how did he come to be? And what is the story about ‘The Labyrinth’ and his eventual demise at the hands of Theseus? Listen and find out about this intriguing Ancient Greek Mythology.  Sources:  The Library of Greek Mythology by Apollodorus Battle scene between Minotaur & Theseus taken from Museum of Liverpool description Find out more:
March 23, 2022
On the Western Front by Alfred Noyes (1916) | The World of Momus Podcast
Reading of the poem, On the Western Front by Alfred Noyes written in 1916 I I found a dreadful acre of the dead, Marked with the only sign on earth that saves. The wings of death were hurrying overhead, The loose earth shook on those unquiet graves; For the deep gun-pits, with quick stabs of flame, Made their own thunders of the sunlit air; Yet, as I read the crosses, name by name, Rank after rank, it seemed that peace was there; Sunlight and peace, a peace too deep for thought, The peace of tides that underlie our strife, The peace with which the moving heavens are fraught, The peace that is our everlasting life. The loose earth shook. The very hills were stirred. The silence of the dead was all I heard. II We, who lie here, have nothing more to pray. To all your praises we are deaf and blind. We may not ever know if you betray Our hope, to make earth better for mankind. Only our silence, in the night, shall grow More silent, as the stars grow in the sky; And, while you deck our graves, you shall not know How many scornful legions pass you by. For we have heard you say (when we were living) That some small dream of good would “cost too much.” But when the foe struck, we have watched you giving, And seen you move the mountains with one touch. What can be done, we know. But, have no fear! If you fail now, we shall not see or hear.
February 25, 2022
Reading of Three of Aesop's Fables | The World of Momus Podcast
This is a bonus episode with 3 of Aesop's Fables:  1. The Bear and The two Travelers 2. The Father, his sons and the bundle of sticks 3. The Fox and the Grapes Social Links
February 15, 2022
Hades & Persephone: The Creation of Seasons | Ep15 | History & Myth
This is the story of how the seasons got created, due to the relationships between Hades & Persephone and Persephone & her mother Demeter. This episode also gives a brief introduction to the characters: Zeus, Demeter, Hades and Persephone.
February 12, 2022
10 of the World's most remarkable Roller Coasters | The World of Momus Podcast
Linked to the History & Myth Episode about Roller Coasters here is a list of 10 remarkable roller coasters from around the world.    Website: Social Links
January 28, 2022
Some Radio Related Facts | The World of Momus Podcast
Linked to the History & Myth episode about Radio and Marconi, here are some interesting facts about Radio and Broadcasting.  Social Links
January 27, 2022
Some Interesting Facts about Cats | The World of Momus Podcast
Linked to the Felis Catus episode of History & Myth, here are some 15 interesting facts about cats.   Social Links
January 24, 2022
Some Interesting facts about Loch Ness & its Monster | The World of Momus Podcast
Linked to the History & Myth episode about Loch Ness Monster, here are some interesting facts about Loch Ness (the lake) and the Monster that resides within it, Nessy. Social Links
January 23, 2022
10 Interesting Facts about Biryani | The World of Momus Podcast
Here I have for you 10 interesting facts about Biryani - linked to the more indepth episode of The Story of Biryani Find out more: Social Links
January 23, 2022
I wandered lonely as a cloud by William Wordsworth | The World of Momus Podcast
Reading of the poem, I wandered lonely as a cloud by the great William Wordsworth. Social Links
January 21, 2022
10 Interesting Facts about Sandwiches | The World of Momus Podcast
Here are 10 interesting facts about sandwiches - link to the History & Myth podcast about Sandwiches Social Links
January 19, 2022
The Story of Biryani | Ep14 | History & Myth
First episode of the 2nd Season delves into a foody story about Biryani.  Apologies for the intro on Anchor/Spotify - I still don't have access to video format so could not show you my new mascot.  You can see the mascot in Podcast badge/profile pic - he is called Mo Bear.  Sources: · A Culinary Journey for the Love of Biryani: Over 100 Tantalizing Recipes – Tanuj Singh, Varuna Mathur · Biryani – Pratibha Karan · NPR: · Hindustan Times: · The Biryani Blogger: · News18: · BBC: · Crazy Masala Food:
January 15, 2022
The Gift of the Magi by O. Henry | The World of Momus Podcast
This is the reading of a Christmas short story by O.Henry written in 1905, The Gift of the Magi. It is about a young couple who sacrifice everything  they have of value to give each other the best Christmas present. Social Links
December 23, 2021
Christmas Traditions from Around the World | Ep13 | History & Myth
I have got together some Christmas traditions from all over the world with interesting facts in this episode, to get you all in the festive mood. Social Links
December 21, 2021
The History of Essex | Ep10 | History & Myth
Essex, my home county for the past decade, has been shaped by a wide variety of cultures, from Ancient Britons, Danes, Saxons, Normans, Vikings and Romans over the centuries. Situated in the south east of England, between London and the North Sea, with an area of 3,670 square kilometres and housing a population of 1.842 million people recorded as of 2019. It consists of 12 districts, with Chelmsford being its capital and two unitary authorities of Southend On Sea and Thurrock. Listen to the other lost episode, missed out in the series, about a brief history of Essex and some interesting facts. Social Links
December 12, 2021
In Flanders Fields by John McCrae | The World of Momus Podcast
Reading of the poem, In Flanders Fields by John McCrae, also in the previous WWI episode.  For Remembrance Day.  Social Links
November 11, 2021
Guy Fawkes & the Gunpowder Plot | Ep12 | History & Myth
Bonfire Night or The Guy Fawkes Day is the foiling of the Gunpowder Plot planned for the 5th of November 1605 to blow up the houses of parliament and the monarch King James I along with it. It is a day to celebrate in Britain, the defeat of that plot.  Social Links
November 05, 2021
The Phantom Coach by Amelia B. Edwards | The World of Momus Podcast
Reading of short story 'The Phantom Coach' written by Amelia B. Edwards in 1864. This is a Halloween bonus episode and the first time I have recorded a reading of a short story.  If you wish to read and listen to the story at the same time, I will put it up on my website so you can follow along.  For more information: Social Links
October 28, 2021
Roller Coaster Ride | Ep6 | History & Myth
This is a lost episode, missed out of the sequence, about the history and story of roller coasters with interesting facts and famous coasters from around the world. Sources:
October 04, 2021
The Lost City of Atlantis | Ep11 | History & Myth
Was there any city like Atlantis, did Atlantis actually exist?  Resources:  Timeaus and Critias by Plato Plato on Atlantis – Voices of the Past on Youtube Lost City of Atlantis – Naked Science Documentary Legend of Atlantis – Drain the Oceans – National Geographic
September 06, 2021
Three poems from Mumblings of a Fool | The World of Momus Podcast
This is a bonus episode, where I read 3 poems from my poetry collection, 'Mumblings of a Fool'.  This collection is available on amazon, as ebook or paperback and it is also available on Kindle Unlimited.  1. Cowards who fight 2. Living in an abyss of discontent 3. To War and Destruction
August 13, 2021
WWI (Brief summary & Interesting facts) | Ep9 | History & Myth
In this episode, I give a brief chronological summary of the first world war and then 40 interesting facts. I also read In Flanders Fields by John McCrae.
August 12, 2021
Felis Catus - How cats became our purrfect companions | Ep8 | History & Myth
An introduction to feline species, the story of their domestication and some interesting facts - about our purrfect, furry companions.  Sources:  Britannica, National Geographic, Mental Floss The Carnivores by R.F Emer Big Cat Genomics, research paper by Stephen J O'Brien and Warren E. Johnson How the leopard got its spots by Lars Wordelin and Lennart Olsson
July 28, 2021
Moirai - The Goddesses of Fate | Ep7 | History & Myth
Moirai (Pronounced Moy-rye in English or Mee-reh in Greek) were the 3 sisters and goddesses of fate according to Hesiod.  This episode gives a bit of overview about them and their disputed origins.  
July 18, 2021
Early story of Radio & Marconi | Ep5 | History & Myth
This is a brief history of events leading up to the creation of radio and Marconi, with some other interesting facts.
June 30, 2021
The Story of Ramen | Ep4 | History & Myth
The origins of Ramen, different styles of Ramen and other interesting facts. Sources:  Barak Kushner -Slurp! A Social and Culinary History of Ramen  George Solt - The Untold History of Ramen: How Politicial Crisis in Japan Spawned a Global Food Craze  Eric Rath - Japan’s Cuisines: Food, Place and Identity
June 24, 2021
The Legend of Loch Ness Monster | Ep3 | History & Myth
A brief story with some interesting facts about the Loch Ness Monster or Nessie.  Sources used: The Scotsman, Live Science, Sky History, BBC, Britannica and other anonymous sources.
June 21, 2021
The Story of Sandwich | Ep2 | History & Myth
The Story of Sandwich - from one slice of bread to the other with a whole lot in between.   Visit:
June 16, 2021
The History of Early Britain | Ep1 | History & Myth
Early Britain - From Stone Age to Norman Conquest Linked to
June 14, 2021
June 13, 2021
June 13, 2021