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The Monarch Experience

The Monarch Experience

By The Mancona
The Monarch Experience is a light-hearted, yet reflective look at various education and pop culture topics hosted by an enthusiastic 8th grade English Teacher, Mr. Ancona. Each episode features a different group of students that take on topics in Education, analyze pop culture phenomenons, and teenage life.

Whether you're a fellow educator looking for a podcast that focuses on amplifying student voice, a student looking for a podcast that mirrors your beliefs, or a fan of informative, often hilarious conversations, The Monarch Experience is can't miss.
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57: The Hobbit
In the final episode of the 2021-2022 school year, Arina, Serena, and Nishi join Mr. Ancona to discuss J.R.R. Tolkien's The Hobbit. They break down their favorite characters, discuss the character arcs and storylines developed within the book, identify what makes a hero sympathetic, and we make a lot of comparisons to Star Wars. Also, they've got incredible impressions and their own version of "The Riddle Game" that Mr. Ancona has to solve in order to leave. Plus a very special announcement about the creation of The Podcast Club for next year!  Add on Snap Chat: The Monarch Experience Podcast Follow on Tik Tok @monarchxp Follow on Twitter@themonarchxp
June 02, 2022
56: Our Favorite Fast Food
Everyone has their favorite fast food place and Quinn and Vincenzo are no different. We rank our favorite fast food fries, burgers, chicken sandwiches and more. Mr. Ancona explains why everyone at some point in their life should work in fast food or in the food industry in general. Also, things get weird when we talk about which mascot would win in a knife fight, which mascot we'd least like to date or be friends with, and we unveil the murder secrets of the Wendy's logo.  Follow on Twitter @themonarchxp Follow on Tik Tok @monarchxp Snap Chat: The Monarch Experience Podcast
May 22, 2022
55: Ben Solves Your Problems Part 2
Ben is back to solve your problems again! In part 2, Ben answers why humans are called humans, if pineapple on pizza should be a crime, if cereal is soup, and so many more ridiculous scenarios.  Follow on Tik Tok @monarchxp Follow on Twitter @themonarchxp Add on Snap Chat @The Monarch Experience Podcast
May 09, 2022
54: Indian Culture, Family, and Traditions
Culture is all about the 3 F's.. Family, Food, and Fun. And in this very informative, light-hearted episode of The Monarch Experience, Tayyeba, Srilasya, and Anika join Mr. Ancona to talk about East Asian culture, specifically Indian culture. They share laughs about family quirks, expectations from their parents, food and other customs and how similar Italian culture and Indian cultures are. Plus, we talk about cultural stereotypes, Holiday traditions, how easy it is to mispronounce Indian names and terms,  and so much more! Follow on Twitter @themonarchXP Follow on TikTok @monarchXP Add on Snapchat: The Monarch Experience Podcast
April 25, 2022
53: 2022 Major League Baseball Season Preview
The lockout is over, spring is here, and so is the 2022 MLB season! And since baseball is a game of traditions, The Monarch Experience continues its own tradition of having Jeremy S and Mason A, two current MHS baseball players, come back to make their predictions for what will happen this upcoming baseball season. They talk expectations for both The Mets and Yankees for this year, what they think of their respective offseason moves, pick every division winner, NL and AL MVP, rookie of the year awards, Cy Young, and of course, make our way too early to be accurate World Series predictions. And of course, we agonize over calling Freddie Freeman the most boring player in baseball from last year. If you love baseball and winter was a long offseason, this episode is sure to warm you up for some baseball!  Follow on Twitter @themonarchXP Follow on Tik Tok @monarchxp Add on Snap Chat @ The Monarch Experience Podcast
April 04, 2022
52: Ben Solves Your Problems Part 1
Listeners sent in problems for Ben to solve and on this first of two part episodes, Ben offers his solutions to some of the world's, and your own, most insane problems. From advice on how to make a good first impression, to why bananas are curved rather than straight, to whether or not Lightning McQueen should buy car or life insurance, to what to do when your old spice runs out, and so many more questions,  this episode has an abundance of Ben's wit, smarts, and plenty of humor! Plus, the podcast premier of rap legend, DCB!  Follow on Twitter @themonarchXP Add on Snap Chat @ The Monarch Experience Podcast Follow on Tik Tok @monarchxp
March 20, 2022
51: Bollywood
Bollywood is a larger industry than Hollywood, and Pakhi, Yash, and Akshat sit down with Mr. Ancona to talk about everything related to the industry and genre, from the impact of the musical soundtracks and dances, the societal and cultural commentary apparent throughout many movies, how Bollywood movies and Disney movies have some strange similarities, and they talk about their favorite movies, plus much more. And after first being introduced to the genre through the movie, 3 Idiots, Mr. Ancona shares some of the things he notices, and likes, about the Bollywood style.  Add on SnapChat @ The Monarch Experience Podcast Add on Tik Tok @monarchxp Follow on Twitter @themonarchXP
March 06, 2022
50: Content Creation- The Creative Process
50 episodes of student voice! In this very momentous episode, the podcast's content creators, Umar, Sriya, and Rohan, discuss what led them to take on the position, what their individual interview/audition was like, what makes them creative and where they draw inspiration from, and they reveal the inner workings of our meetings, elaborating on the behind the scenes for some of the content they've created on TikTok for the podcast, and more! Plus, we reveal some plans we had that didn't exactly happen the way we were hoping!  Follow on Tik Tok @monarchXP Add on Snap Chat @The Monarch Experience Podcast Follow on Twitter @the monarchxp
February 23, 2022
49: How Much You Lift, Bro?
Bro, do you even lift? Weightlifting has enormous physical benefits, but it can also be a major contributor to confidence, accomplishments, and overall good mental health. Jack and Umar talk with Mr. Ancona about their favorite types of workouts, how weightlifting has had a positive impact on their life outside of the gym, how people can get into weightlifting or any type of physical fitness, what we wish we knew when we first started working out, and more. Plus, we talk in detail about how goal setting in the gym can help with success anywhere. We also break down the myths and stereotypes of fitness and weightlifting, discussing how it's perfectly safe for teens to lift weights, how weightlifting for girls won't make them bulky, and so much more. If you are an avid gym-goer or someone looking to simply be more active and maybe even start weightlifting and you are looking for a resource, give Jack, Umar, and Mr. Ancona a spot and check out this episode now! Follow on Twitter @themonarchXP SnapChat: The Monarch Experience Podcast TikTok @monarchxp
January 25, 2022
48: Cobra Kai Season 4 Review
Season 4 of Cobra Kai is upon us and one of the major themes throughout the season, as Terry Silver tells Kreese, is that "Everyone Has a Weakness". In this highly insightful episode, Ben, Rika (Cobra Kai Season 3 Review), and Rishaan break this theme down in great detail, focusing on each of the main character's weaknesses and how it plays a factor in their decisions and possibly season 5. We chat about our favorite scenes from the season and what we expect to happen in season 5. If you binge watched season 4 and are looking for all things Cobra Kai, this is the episode for you! Follow us on Twitter @TheMonarchXP Add on Snap Chat: The Monarch Experience Podcast Follow on Tik Tok @monarchxp
January 10, 2022
47: Best Christmas Movies
Overwhelmed by the abundance of Christmas movies on every streaming device? Vincenzo, Theo, and Tyler have you covered! In this Holiday Special, they break down the key elements of a classic Christmas Movie, what themes need to be present, which are overused, and they rank their top 5 Christmas movies of all time. Pour a large glass of milk, grab some cookies, and get yourself into the Holiday spirit with this very special episode of The Monarch Experience Podcast! Add on Snap Chat: The Monarch Experience Podcast Follow on Twitter @themonarchXP Follow on Tik Tok @monarchxp
December 08, 2021
46: Squid Game
Netflix's hit show, Squid Game, has taken over, and Naman, Umar, and Kierra break down hidden Easter eggs, discuss whether or not we liked the ending and major swerve, which our favorite game was, which games we'd be great at and which ones we'd struggle with, and so much more.  Follow on Twitter @Themonarchxp Add on Snapchat @The Monarch Experience Podcast Follow on TikTok @monarchxp
November 22, 2021
45: Back To "Normal" School
After over 20 months of Virtual, Hybrid, in person variations, and numerous changes, Vedant and Onur speak candidly about what it has been like returning to a "normal" school year. They talk about what they missed about socializing in person, learning in person, what things they even took for granted about a typical school day, and more. Plus, Onur tries to solve the dilemma of not being able to sit near friends during lunch periods. What lies inside of Vedant's room? Ketchup bottles, empty Capri Sun drinks, bags of chips and more! Follow on Twitter @TheMonarchXP Add on SnapChat: The Monarch Experience Podcast Follow on TikTok @monarchxp
November 10, 2021
44: Halloween and Horror Movies
It's Halloween time! And that means Halloween and Horror movie expert, Sika, stops by to chat all things Halloween with Mr. Ancona. From favorite candy to going over 5 MUST SEE Family Halloween movies, as well as 5 MUST SEE Horror Movies, Sika breaks down what makes a great Horror movie and how it is more than just jump scares that make something truly terrifying. Also, Mr. Ancona shares what he wore to Marlboro High School on Halloween as a student that almost scared his bus driver to death.  Follow on Twitter @TheMonarchXP Follow on Snap Chat @The Monarch Experience
October 24, 2021
43. All Things Ice Cream
Do you bite your ice cream or lick your ice cream? Cup or cone? Multiple scoops of the same flavor or do you mix it up? Apparently, how you eat ice cream tells us a lot about you as an individual. Sriya, Emma, and Arianna join Mr. Ancona on this very special, very funny, and at times, downright hilarious conversation about all things ice cream. Do toppings dilute the flavor of the ice cream or enhance it, and how much is too much? And is ice cream cake considered ice cream or cake? Grab your favorite ice cream and listen now!  Follow on Twitter @TheMonarchXP Follow on Snap Chat @ The Monarch Experience Podcast
October 11, 2021
42: 2021 NFL Season Preview
For four years students have been asking to do an NFL season preview episode, and we finally did it! Join Mr. Ancona as he chats with Zach, Edward, and Shivraj about all things NFL, including rule changes for the upcoming year and how it will affect on the field play and how, according to Mr. Ancona, the 17 game schedule will ruin football. Plus, we all make our division winners predictions, wildcard predictions, and even lock in our picks for who is going to the SuperBowl and who will hoist the Lombardi Trophy. If you can't wait for this NFL season, this is a must listen! Follow on Twitter @TheMonarchXP Snapchat: The Monarch Experience Podcast
September 08, 2021
41: A Chat With Logo Contest Winner Alan Liang
The Student Council Logo Design Contest Winner, Alan Liang, joins Mr. Ancona as he talks about his incredible design of the podcast logo, how he was inspired to come up with the image, what tools and platforms he used to design it, what he thought of his chances to win, plus more. Mr. Ancona also details the behind the scenes look at the logo design contest, as well as the near 100 emails Alan and himself exchanged over the course of a month. Mr. Ancona and Alan talk about the reactions and feedback they received on the winning logo and some deep insight on how important feedback is. He's The Student Council Logo Design winner, and he's the artist behind the new, official logo of The Monarch Experience.  Follow @TheMonarchXP Add on Snap Chat: The Monarch Experience Podcast
May 25, 2021
40: WandaVision Review
Join Onur, Tarun, and Original Monarch Experience logo designer, Chloe, as they talk about theories, Easter eggs they noticed, favorite episodes, and how coping with grief is an enormous part of the show. We breakdown what each episode sitcom is supposed to be a parody of. They also breakdown the vague commercials throughout the show and how they relate to previous movies. If you are a fan of Marvel and WandaVision, this is a must listen! Follow on Twitter @TheMonarchXP Add on Snap Chat: The Monarch Experience Podcast 
May 04, 2021
39: Lessons Learned From Sports
Sports are more than just a way to get some exercise in. They offer valuable life lessons that can be applied both on and off the field. Join Mr. Ancona as he talks with Annette, Jason, and Alan about their individual journeys playing sports, what they've learned about themselves, how struggling and sometimes failing has been a great motivator and teacher, plus more. Plus, Mr. Ancona explains why he was kicked off the wrestling team in high school.  Follow on Twitter @ThemonarchXp Add on Snap Chat: The Monarch Experience Podcast
April 23, 2021
38: The Mandalorian Review
This is the way. In a very funny episode of The Monarch Experience Podcast, Mr. Ancona joins Ishika, Jay, and Pratham to discuss all things Mandalorian! We talk about our favorite characters, episodes, moments, and theories on future Star Wars Spin-off shows. Also, is Boba Fett the most overrated Star Wars character of all time? Is The Mandalorian a Star Wars show for adults? Plus much more Star Wars/Mandalorian talk! Follow on Twitter @TheMonarchXP Follow on Snap Chat: The Monarch Experience Podcast
April 12, 2021
37: 2021 MLB Season Preview
Seventeen podcast episodes ago we gathered for the last time in person to preview what we thought at the time would be a normal 2020 baseball season. And boy were we wrong! Join Mason and Jeremy as they talk about the upcoming (hopefully more normal than last year) baseball season as they discuss potential game-altering rule changes, they chat about the Yankees and Mets' expectations, make their division winner picks, season ending award recipients, and of course, their way-too-early World Series picks. Plus Mr. Ancona continues to profess his love for Brett Gardner and find out why we all agree that Freddie Freeman is the most boring baseball player on the planet. If you are a baseball fan counting down the days until Opening Day, this is a must listen! Follow on Twitter @TheMonarchXP Follow on Snap Chat: The Monarch Experience Podcast
March 24, 2021
36: Remote Learning Feedback: Learning while being fully virtual
Marlboro Township schools went from a hybrid learning model at the beginning of the 2020-2021 school year to fully remote from November- February. Join Meher, Ishika, and Sammy as they have a candid conversation with Mr. Ancona about how they excelled during learning from home, how they struggled, whether or not they felt like they were learning as much as they normally would, and how different their teachers looked through Zoom. Plus, they give teachers, administrators, and parents honest insight into what it really was like trying to minimize distractions at home and offer blunt advice for parents on how to help their children during the pandemic.  Follow on Twitter @TheMonarchXP Follow on Snap Chat @The Monarch Experience Podcast 
March 14, 2021
35: Spotlight on the Digital Media Clubs
The Digital Media Clubs, run by Mr. Bucci, do far more than most students realize! Between hosting "Would You Rather" Wednesdays, gaining over 100,000 views on their blog, or producing incredible videos in the AV Club, Quinn and Grace join Mr. Ancona on The Monarch Experience Podcast to talk about the impact the Digital Media Clubs have had on them as well as the projects they currently are working on. Whether you are someone interested in joining the club or a content creator yourself, Quinn and Grace take you behind the scenes for an in-depth look at both the AV Club and The Digital Magazine Club.  Digital Magazine: Follow on Twitter @TheMonarchXP Follow on Snap Chat: The Monarch Experience Podcast
March 01, 2021
34: A Harry Potter Review
The Monarch Experience Podcast continues to review series, shows, books, and this time, the entire Harry Potter series of movies/books. Join the three funniest 6th graders you'll ever meet, as Jasmine, Shreena, and Rianna break down their favorite Harry Potter movies, characters, lines from the movies, and discuss their strong feelings about controversial topics like Snape's death and more. Is Dumbledore old and useless? Which character was not cast well for the movies? Which houses do the girls belong to? Also, is it possible an English Teacher didn't read any of the Harry Potter books? Whether you're a fan of Harry Potter or not, this is a can't miss episode with plenty of analysis and laughs.  Follow on Twitter@TheMonarchXP Follow on Snap Chat: The Monarch Experience Podcast
February 15, 2021
33: Super Bowl 55 Preview and Predictions
The Super Bowl is the biggest sports game of the year, and everyone has an opinion on who will win, why, and more. Join Shivraj and Michael as they chat with Mr. Ancona about their predictions, key matchups, the historical significance of the game, and favorite Super Bowl foods. Plus Mr. Ancona has some key phrases to look out for during the commercials. Don't waste your time listening to fools like Skip Bayless and Stephen A. Smith, when two of Memorial's finest show off their knowledge and understanding of football as they talk all things you need to know before Chiefs take on the Buccaneers in Super Bowl 55.  Follow on Twitter @TheMonarchXP SnapChat: The Monarch Experience Podcast
January 29, 2021
32: Cobra Kai Season 3 Review
Vinnie, Rika, and Layla join Mr. Ancona and discuss all of the outrageousness that occurred in Season 3 of the hit Netflix show, Cobra Kai. We break down our favorite characters, the most important themes from within the show, who we think ends up in the tournament for season 4, some fun references throughout the show, plus much more. Plus, details on the new Student Council logo design contest.  Follow on Twitter: @TheMonarchXP Follow on Snapchat: The Monarch Experience Podcast
January 19, 2021
31: A Star Wars Review
Join Mr. Ancona, Ishika, and Mason as they break down the entire Star Wars 1-9 movies, ranking their least favorite to most favorite, pick their favorite characters, storylines within the films, and break down the most iconic scenes in the movies. Also, they talk about what they feel should have happened and what they think the biggest missed opportunity was in the most recent films. Should a fan favorite have joined the dark side? Were the prequels really that bad? Whose ranking do you think is best? And more! Follow on Twitter @TheMonarchXP Follow on SnapChat: The Monarch Experience Podcast
January 04, 2021
30: Grades Are Not Important
Often times students set goals for themselves, but lose sight of how how to attain those goals. In this episode of The Monarch Experience, we break down how grades are no different than goals, and how they should not be the only thing students focus on. Join Mason, Tarun, and Danielle as they talk with Mr. Ancona about how students, parents, teachers, and schools spend too much time focusing on the grades rather than the learning.  Mr. Ancona shares some personal stories of how he began to shift his focus onto learning skills, rather than using the grades as a way to talk with students and parents. Also, Danielle, Tarun, and Mason share their experiences with this shift in their mindset and how it has ultimately helped them set stronger goals, be more engaged in the learning process, and even receive higher grades along the way.  Follow on Twitter @TheMonarchXP Follow on Snap Chat @The Monarch Experience Podcast
December 10, 2020
29: Would You Rather?
In a very unusual, completely light-hearted episode of The Monarch Experience Podcast, Ishika, Alicia, and Suhani join Mr. Ancona in a series of hilarious 'Would You Rather?' questions.  Would you rather lose a year off your life, or spend a year in prison? Would you rather eat a half formed chicken or 10 fried grasshoppers? Would you rather sweat maple syrup or have edible spaghetti grow from your hair? Would you rather have $40,000 to spend on anything, or travel the world all expenses paid? Plus many more odd, hilarious, and deep 'Would You Rather' questions that are sure to get you thinking, or at least laughing! Follow on Twitter @Themonarchxp Follow on Snapchat @The Monarch Experience Podcast
November 29, 2020
28: Maintaining Friendships
Making new friends is hard, but maintaining established friendships during Covid can sometimes be even more difficult. Join Mr. Ancona as he talks with Ying, Samaira, and Simran about the challenges that students are faced with when trying to keep their friendships strong during a pandemic, what things they wish they did differently, Zoom fatigue, and the impact social media has on staying in touch with friends, plus more!  Follow us on Twitter: @TheMonarchXP Add us on Snapchat: The Monarch Experience Podcast
November 10, 2020
27: Hybrid Learning Feedback
The Monarch Experience is back with the season 3 debut as Mr. Ancona talks with three incredible students, Haro, Sayuri, and Sagarika about what the beginning of the school year has been like for them. What was the first week back before going fully remote for 5 weeks like? They discuss what struggles they faced and what they observed about learning during such a difficult time, focusing on what organizational strategies teachers used that were effective and ineffective, what ways teachers tried to build classroom culture and community that worked/didn't work, and break down what they consider to be some unrealistic expectations. And as Marlboro enters "Phase II", we look towards how teachers and students can continue to build off what's working and reflect on what hasn't.  There's plenty of insight, realizations, laughter, and most importantly, student perspective in this fantastic episode!  Twitter: @themonarchxp Snapchat: The Monarch Experience Podcast
October 20, 2020
26: How We'll Define Our Year
In the final episode of the 2019-2020 school year, Mr. Ancona talks about how your success will not be defined by the pandemic, but by what you choose to remember this year by. While it certainly hasn't been easy, Mr. Ancona opens up about how difficult navigating the pandemic has been. And for this very unique episode, Memorial students leave voice messages on what positive memory they'll choose to remember this school year by. But in true Monarch Experience fashion, the entire episode is not all serious; the debut of the official Monarch Experience theme song is unveiled, created and performed by Evan Chang, Ayush Bobra, Nivant Desai,  and Aarav Desai. Follow on Twitter @TheMonarchXP Follow on Snapchat@ The Monarch Experience Podcast
June 15, 2020
25: Transitioning to High School
Two fantastic students from the class of 2019 return to talk specifically about the transition into high school. Harry (from Homework and The Umbrella Academy Review) and Danielle join Mr. Ancona and talk about their experiences adjusting to high school from 8th grade, advice for current 8th graders, how the pandemic and school closures affected their Freshman year, and a most embarrassing Freshman story or two! 
May 17, 2020
24: The Jagan Mosely Experience
Current NCAA Big East Sportsman of the Year winner, Georgetown Hoya, and former Memorial student, Jagan Mosely, joins Mr. Ancona for an incredible conversation about reflecting on his time at MMMS, what its like playing for 2 HOF coaches, what his journey has been like so far- and how his basketball journey will continue after college, and the famous dunk against Seton Hall that made ESPN's top 10. Jagan goes into detail about failure and why people tend to struggle with it. Being a fan favorite, Jagan explains how important it is to him to give back to his fans and why  he values that so much, plus more!  Follow Jagan @J_Mosely Follow The Monarch Experience @TheMonarchXP Add on SnapChat: The Monarch Experience Podcast 
May 03, 2020
23: Graduating High School: An Alumni Experience with Max and Kush
Kush and Max have some pretty hilarious, but life-changing moments during their time at Marlboro Memorial Middle School that helped shape them into the successful young men they are today. In the first of many more alumni episodes to come, Mr. Ancona talks with two former students, Max S and Kush C, who are set to graduate Biotech High School this Spring, about the initial transition to HS, balancing sports and academics, how Covid-19 has affected their graduation, prom, and other senior activities. While they look back fondly on their last 4 years, they talk about anticipating going on to college and how that will affect them, while also offering some valid advice for current middle school students as they get ready to enter the next phase of their lives.  Follow on Twitter @TheMonarchXP Add on SnapChat at The Monarch Experience Podcast
April 19, 2020
22: Entertainment Recommendations
Are you not entertained?! Spring Break is approaching and with so much time already spent catching up on your favorite shows and video  games, we've got you covered if you're looking for suggestions! Join Yash, Aishika, Jordan, and Jason as we chat about books, graphic novels, TV shows, streaming series', video games, and movies to keep you occupied- and entertained!  Follow on Twitter @TheMonarchXP Add on Snapchat: The Monarch Experience Podcast
April 05, 2020
21: Stuck Inside
Virtual Learning definitely has both benefits and drawbacks, but in this very special, and very virtual, episode of The Monarch Experience, Mr. Ancona talks with Yash, Dhruva, and Rini about how they have been adjusting to life at home. Between trying to establish routines, picking up new hobbies, and trying not to get distracted, this conversation serves as a reminder as to how well students can adjust to challenging times.  Follow on Twitter: @TheMonarchXP Add on SnapChat: The Monarch Experience Podcast Dhruva's Playlists: Listen to Drippin by Dhruva Lepakshi on #SoundCloud Listen to Hindustani Fire by Dhruva Lepakshi on #SoundCloud Listen to Vibes by Dhruva Lepakshi on #SoundCloud Listen to HYPE by Dhruva Lepakshi on #SoundCloud
March 30, 2020
20: MLB 2020 Season Preview
Despite all sports being delayed indefinitely, Spencer, Brandon, and Mason break down the Houston Astros cheating scandal, discuss their thoughts on the controversial rule changes in baseball, talk Yankees and Mets expectations for the year, and make our picks for division winners. If you're missing baseball, or sports in general, this conversation will sure to be a much needed distraction.  Follow on Twitter @TheMonarchXP Follow on SnapChat: The Monarch Experience Podcast
March 16, 2020
19: Applying to High Schools
Middle school leads to high school, high school leads to college, college leads to a good job, and a good job means you'll be happy. That's the message and pressure that a fair number of middle school students receive from an early age. In a raw and shocking conversation, 8th graders Madison and Sara talk about the pressures and the process of applying to high schools. They hold nothing back as they discuss the sacrifices they and other students have made, the sometimes unfair expectations parents put on children, and the things they wish their teachers were more aware of.  This is definitely an eye-opening conversation that 6th and 7th graders should hear as they begin the process of applying to high schools, and a reflective look for 8th graders on the journey they went through.  Follow on Twitter: @TheMonarchXP Add on Snap Chat: The Monarch Experience Podcast
March 02, 2020
18: Tik Tok Takeover
Sienna, Alana, and Angelina take over this episode!  Seemingly overnight, the once known app transformed into the global takeover, Tik Tok, and Sienna, Angelina, and Alana join this episode of The Monarch Experience to talk about their Tik Tok strategy for gaining authentic followers. They discuss some big 'no-no's' that are quite controversial when it comes to alienating your audience, like baiting people into viewing your videos with false promises! They rant on certain celebrities ruining Tik Tok, and what everyone gets wrong about 'the hype!' Whether you are a content creator looking for more eyes to see your posts and expand your brand, or if you're someone looking to gain more followers,  Sienna, Angelina, and Alana offer a hilarious, yet informative take on how to increase your social media presence.   Add on Snapchat: The Monarch Experience Podcast Follow on Twitter: @TheMonarchXP
February 17, 2020
Monarch Moments- Our Least Favorite Social Media App
In the first installment of the mini "Monarch Moments" episodes, join 8th graders Sienna, Angelina, and Alana as they discuss their least favorite type of social media, why teens dislike Facebook, oversharing photos, and how dare you leave me on "opened". Plus, Mr. Ancona has a confession to make about the thing that irritates him the most about people on Snap Chat. Also, who's Karen?! Add on Snap Chat: @The Monarch Experience Podcast Follow on Twitter @TheMonarchXP
February 05, 2020
17: Battle of the Quads 2019
It's an 8th grade tradition at Marlboro Memorial Middle School: Battle of the Quads! After the 4th annual Battle of the Quads at Memorial, 3 winners from quad N join Mr. Ancona to talk about everything BOTQ. Taylor, Michael, and Lola talk about their strategy with Coin Wars and Toys for Tots, how they planned an organized their winning dance, their team mentality and how positivity strengthened them. And just when they felt they had victory within their grasp, a BOTQ first occurred. Plus hilarious, embarrassing, and motivational stories from the entire 2 month process leading up to the day of competition.  Follow on Twitter: @TheMonarchXP Add on SnapChat: The Monarch Experience Podcast
January 27, 2020
16: Participation Awards
If everyone gets an award, does that make everyone a winner, or does it make no one a winner? In the latest episode of The Monarch Experience, Mr. Ancona chats with Masha, Greg, and Danielle about whether or not trophy culture is ruining society or if it fosters encouragement and participation. Are there long-term detriments to handing out participation trophies? Do current generations get unfairly blamed for the abundance of participation trophies handed out? Surprisingly, the origins of participation trophies date further back than you'd believe! There's plenty of insight and humor in this episode, and even if you don't receive a trophy for listening, you'll be glad you participated in the experience!  Add us on Snap Chat: The Monarch Experience Podcast Follow us on Twitter @TheMonarchXP
January 05, 2020
15: The Secret Benefit of Pets
Think that having a pet is just having an animal roaming around the house? Think again! In this newest episode, Michelle, Jason, and Mr. Ancona explore how having a pet can help people with ADHD refocus themselves, people with diabetes regularly check their insulin levels, and how owning a pet can not only be beneficial physically, but emotionally as well, as pet owners tend to be less lonely and have various coping mechanisms to stress.  Share fun pictures of your pet on Twitter with @TheMonarchXP or on Snapchat @ The Monarch Experience Podcast
December 04, 2019
14: Bad Reputations
It's easy to get a bad reputation. And what's worse is once you get one, it's almost impossible to get rid of. Join Collin and Dominick as they explain how teenagers unfairly get bad reputations, what goes through one's mind when making a decision that will lead to a bad reputation, how adults think they are helping but their advice isn't as great as they think it is, and much more on this CAN'T MISS episode of The Monarch Experience. From talking about bad decisions students make in the lunchroom to the science as to why people act out in front of a crowd, Collin, Dominick, and Mr. Ancona hold nothing back in this honest, raw conversation.  Follow on Twitter: @TheMonarchXP Add on Snapchat: The Monarch Experience Podcast
November 19, 2019
13: The Influence of K-Pop
Think you know K-pop? Sara, Alice, Cassie, and Rebecca definitely do! Join them as they chat about what makes a K-pop idol different from American musicians, how K-pop became so popular in the US, how South Korea's politics play an enormous factor in the making of the music,  stereotypes, and how this plays a role in the recent passing of Sulli. Plus,  Mr. Ancona convinces himself he's a fan of the music by comparing it to professional wrestling! All this and more!  Follow us on Twitter @TheMonarchXP Add us on SnapChat: The Monarch Experience Podcast
November 03, 2019
12: A Middle School Survival Guide: How To Make It Through 6th Grade
Sometimes Middle School is rough, and sometimes being a Middle School student is even harder! In this episode, Madison (she's back!), Suhani, and Prisha break down how they are managing to survive middle school and how they made it through the ever difficult transition of starting 6th grade. You're not alone; they discuss hilarious failures of theirs, what their first impressions were, and if the Middle School Monster is real or not. And then, if that's not enough, they provide some fantastic life advice. This is not just an episode for 6th graders though, as they break down skills, strategies, and survival tactics necessary to conquer Middle School!  Snap @The Monarch Experience Podcast an image or video of you listening to this episode in the most unique location and win a prize.  Twitter: @TheMonarchXP
October 23, 2019
11: The Power of Positivity
Want to be awesome? Want to be able to overcome anxious thoughts and fears of failure? If you feel like negativity surrounds you, this is the episode you MUST listen to. In the season premiere, Michelle, Disha, and Mehreen break down the contagious nature of being positive, how it can help you visualize and achieve your dreams, and how affirmation statements can help boost your self-esteem and outlook on life.  Follow on Twitter: @TheMonarchXP Snapchat: The Monarch Experience Podcast
October 09, 2019
10-Moving Up To High School
As Graduation nears, Angelina, Marina, and Chloe reflect on their time in Middle School, what they anticipate High School to be like, and why they think some friendships tend to fade once they enter High School. And after 3 years of being presented with information about drugs, alcohol, and other influences , they talk openly and honestly about how teens can easily succumb to negative influences in their lives if they aren't careful, why teens tend to make bad decisions, and why society sometimes 'rewards' these behaviors. It's our last episode of the 2019 school year and you won't want to miss this one!  Subscribe on iTunes! Follow us on Twitter @TheMonarchXP Add us on Snap Chat: The Monarch Experience Podcast
June 05, 2019
9: The Umbrella Academy Review
Join us as a returning Harry and Victoria bring Eleni along for an honest review of Netflix's hit series, The Umbrella Academy. We pull no punches as we review the series, discuss the character arcs, the never-ending bizarre relationships, the writing of the show, the popular and crazy fan theories, and what we think will happen next season. Is Reginald an alien? Did Klaus have enough of a redemption story? Is Luther likable? Is Mr. Ancona too emotionally attached to Pogo?  Follow us on Twitter @TheMonarchXP Add us on SnapChat: The Monarch Experience Podcast
May 20, 2019
8: Gossip, Drama, & Rumors
Did you hear? The guests on The Monarch Experience's most downloaded episode ever are back! And this time they are talking about why people are so drawn to gossip, how it could be a bonding experience for people, how to avoid rumors, and how teens and adults can stop gossip from spreading.  Add The Monarch Experience Podcast on SnapChat. Follow The Monarch Experience on Twitter @TheMonarchXP Tag @TheMonarchXP and Retweet your favorite episode for a $10 gift card!
May 10, 2019
7: 2019 Basketball Champions
They experienced having the winning team in 2018 celebrate on their home court, only to return the favor the following year. Join 8th graders Luke and Ryan as they detail their experience with heartbreak after going so far, only to end up losing the championship last year, to the wild ride of a season they had this year leading up to the championship win defined by their team's aggressiveness, loose mentality, and tight camaraderie. This episode has funny stories, how they celebrated their championship win, and an honest conversation from Luke and Ryan about their head coach, Mr. Styler, and his coaching philosophies.  Follow us on Twitter @TheMonarchXP Add us on Snap Chat: The Monarch Experience Podcast Subscribe and leave a 5 star rating on iTunes:
April 30, 2019
6: Gaming and Streaming
There's possibly no bigger generational gap than teens that play and stream online games and the parents that don't understand the power of it. Join Brandon (Brandonbest555), Kimberly (CookieCaffine), and Evan (SoundWave328) as they explain the impact of streaming various types of gaming on multiple platforms and how teens can actually make money off of it! If you are a gamer, online streamer, or simply a fan of content creation, this is an episode you won't want to miss!  Retweet your favorite episode of @TheMonarchxp on Twitter and receive a $10 Jostens gift card. Send The Monarch Experience Podcast a Snap of you listening to this episode and be featured on our Snap Story! 
April 15, 2019
5: Coming to America: Students From Other Countries
In one of our best episodes yet, Nihal, Haaniah, Sayuri, and Roman talk about their experiences coming from another country and the challenges they faced assimilating to American schools. Experience Haaniah's shock when she saw American malls and how casual people dressed; you'll be sure to second guess what clothing you wear next time you go to the mall. Also, Nihal holds nothing back as he explains how teachers really are in India. From Roman's belief that the school in Ukraine was milking the parents for money by claiming parts of the school broke to Sayuri's magical school that offered virtual reality classes, this episode is not one that you want to miss! Follow on Twitter: @TheMonarchXp Add on Snapchat: The Monarch Experience Podcast
April 01, 2019
4: Homework Policy
Do you think homework is useless? Does homework reinforce skills learned in class? Harry, Alice, and Jason break down whether or not homework belongs in schools anymore, how it affects students' time and personal lives, the 'types' of teachers that assign homework, and more!  Follow on Twitter: @TheMonarchXp Add on Snapchat: The Monarch Experience Podcast
March 18, 2019
3: Popularity and Cliques
Want to learn how to be popular? This episode may - or may not - have all of the answers as 8th graders Sika, Marco, and Janel explore why people have the need to be popular, how it affects teens growing up, what long term effects it has, social media's impact, and much more in our 3rd episode! Plus, an opportunity to win free money by listening!  Follow on Twitter: @TheMonarchXp Add on Snapchat: The Monarch Experience Podcast
March 04, 2019
2: Stress! At the Middle School
Feeling stressed?! Well, Sid, Fadilah, Mehreen, and Disha have got you covered as they break down the stresses of being a teenager both in and out of school, how to deal with these stresses, and why parents and teachers mean well, but often don't help matters.  Follow on Twitter: @TheMonarchXp Add on Snapchat: The Monarch Experience Podcast
February 21, 2019
1: Standardized
In the very first episode of The Monarch Experience, Sammi, Madison, and Victoria break down the importance (or lack thereof) of standardized tests such as the Common Assessment and PARCC.  Plus, they address ways schools can make taking these tests more tolerable.  Follow on Twitter: @TheMonarchXp Add on Snapchat: The Monarch Experience Podcast
February 06, 2019