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Moneè Moves

Moneè Moves

By Moneè Moves for the Millennial
Welcome to the Moneè Moves podcast where we talk about the gotchas, aha-moments, and pain-points of creative millennial entrepreneurs.
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Entrepreneurial Mindset w/ Special Guest Jessie Balantac
In the latest episode of Moneè Moves for the Millennial Entrepreneur I'm joined by special just Jessie Balantac to talk about developing an entrepreneurial mindset and challenging the fears of the ones who love us and fear for us the most(parents!) while staying true to our purpose. Jessie Balantac consults with hardworking businesses about budget allocation, business development, training, recruiting and sales while also creating markets in the US financial sector. Listen in to find out Jessie's Top 3 pro tips for developing an entrepreneurial mindset. Recommendations: The Landmark Forum The Slight Edge by Jeff Olsen Connect with Jessie: FB: Jessie James Balantac IG: jessiejamesbalantac Twitter: @jessiejbalantac Snapchat: jessiejbalantac
November 2, 2018
Episode 4: Seeking Support & Building Your Tribe
Feeling alone in your business? In this episode I'm sharing 3 protips to get you thinking about forming a tribe that will push you to live your best life and make true Moneè Moves. Be sure to listen to the end to find out how you can score an invite to tap into my amazing tribe.
August 28, 2018
Episode 3: Fighting Burnout with Special Guest Brian Davis
Feeling burnt-out? Overwhelmed? Fearful? Today’s episode is all about bringing mindfulness back to the center of your life as the foundation of entrepreneurship. Listen in to check out Brian’s 3 protips for fighting burnout. For more information on his work, follow him on instagram @I_am_briandavis and get access to his Health, Fitness and Mind guide at:
July 26, 2018