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Monero Space is an active, project-focused Monero workgroup that provides services to the Monero community.

This podcast will be a source for audio-only versions of content published on YouTube and elsewhere, so you can more easily keep up with what's going on in the Monero ecosystem (and beyond!)
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Monero Meet 2021-04-03
In this fun, lively episode of Monero Meet, we talk spam attacks, future updates, Monero's upcoming Moneroversary, and Monero's huge recent adoption among privacy-conscious users.
April 3, 2021
Monero Meet 2021-03-06
In this more informal episode of Monero Meet, Justin and Scott discuss recent Monero news, atomic swaps, future Monero upgrades, and Monero adoption initiatives. The episode also features a cameo with rottenwheel from the El Monero podcast.
March 6, 2021
Monero Meet 2021-02-06
This month, we discuss Triptych, Monero conferences, Monerujo, the dynamic fee and block size, and implications of atomic swaps.
February 6, 2021
Cake Wallet adds Bitcoin! With Vik Sharma
Today, Cake Wallet added non-custodial BTC to their wallet. Justin and Vik discuss why this is a huge benefit to the cryptocurrency ecosystem.
February 3, 2021
Monero Meet 2021-01-09
Join us for our monthly Monero Meet discussion!
January 9, 2021
Monero Meet 2020-12-12
Join us for our monthly Monero Meet discussion!
December 12, 2020
Samourai Wallet: Building a Digital Safe Haven
Samourai discusses their approach to building a new digital safe haven building on the best successes from history and new technologies. Samourai gives an overview of the privacy functionalities offered by Samourai Wallet and answers questions from Diego Salazar and the audience. This talk originally was shown at the Monero Village at Grayhat 2020. The original livestreams can be found on the Monero Community Workgroup YouTube channel.
October 31, 2020
Herding Cats: A Look Into How Monero Is Moderated (needmoney90)
Who makes the rules in an environment with a heavy focus on decentralization? What does it mean to 'moderate' a cryptocurrency? How do we deal with bad actors as a community? Needmoney90 answers these questions and more in his talk. This talk originally was shown at the Monero Village at Grayhat 2020. The original livestreams can be found on the Monero Community Workgroup YouTube channel.
October 31, 2020
Privacy Adoption: The Collision of Theory and Practice (Justin Ehrenhofer)
Open, permissionless networks should have privacy. It's critical that privacy is implemented well, not only achievable in an experiment. This talk originally was shown at the Monero Village at Grayhat 2020. The original livestreams can be found on the Monero Community Workgroup YouTube channel.
October 31, 2020
Monero Meet (Upgrade Special) 2020-10-16
Join us for a special livestreamed edition of Monero Meet during the scheduled Monero network upgrade.
October 16, 2020
Andrey discusses Incognito with Monero Space
Andrey, the Project Lead at Incognito, explains some basics about Incognito transactions, their DEX, their coin distribution, their network security, and their goals of decentralization.
October 4, 2020
Monero Meet 2020-09-19
Members of the Monero communities discuss the Monero 0.17 release, the Perkins Coie "privacy coin" whitepaper, and other compliance topics. Dr.  Daniel Kim discusses Monero: Sound Money, Safe Mode. Is Monero the most prestigious coin? Participants: Justin Ehrenhofer, tallest man, Dr. Daniel Kim,  needmoney90, Vik Sharma, ArticMine Links from video: Monero 0.17 Announcement CLSAG Post Perkins Coie Privacy Coin Whitepaper Kraken SPDI License Monero: Sound Money, Safe Mode "Monero is easily the most prestigious coin" Chat with Dave Jevans on Tracing Tool "What Colour are your bits?"
September 20, 2020
WabiSabi for Wasabi Wallet with nothingmuch
Seth Simmons and Justin Ehrenhofer speak with Wasabi researcher and  contributor "nothingmuch" about WabiSabi. We used a backup recording  tool for this video, so the quality is lower than normal.  Wasabi Research Club videos: Knapsack paper: WabiSabi repo: Bulletproofs+ paper: CoinSwap thread: CoinSwap design: Coinjoin thread: CoinParty paper:
September 3, 2020
Samourai Wallet chats with Monero Space
Samourai from Samourai Wallet talks privacy research, risks of KYC, and "building for the streets." He also explains in his view what Monero is  doing well and ways Monero can improve.
September 1, 2020
CipherTrace's Monero tracing tool - Chat with Dave Jevans, Dr. Sarang Noether, and Justin Ehrenhofer
Dr. Sarang Noether and Justin Ehrenhofer chat with Dave Jevans, the CEO of CipherTrace, about their recent announcement of a Monero blockchain  analysis tool that was initially funded by the Department of Homeland Security Science & Technology Directorate.  Breaking Monero: Monero Research Lab papers: CipherTrace press release: Shared transaction graph:
September 1, 2020
Monero Meet 2020-08-22
Monero Meet is a casual conversation between Monero Space community members. Talking Pleroma, Triptych, and more.
August 23, 2020