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By Lindsey Lathrop
Money Date Night is a podcast that inspires couples to talk about money.

Married co-hosts Colin Ryan and Lindsey Lathrop realized their ability to have money conversations impacted their ability to build a bigger vision for their lives together. Colin and Lindsey want to help you have them, too. After all, money conversations make your relationship stronger, they teach you about yourself, and they help you both build the kind of life you really want together.
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002 - Brass Tacks: How We Manage Money


003 - How We Afford to Travel So Much
Travel is one of the main drivers behind why we budget our money. 2019 has been the closest to "the dream" we set our sights on years ago - snowbirding for 2.5 months and traveling. In this episode, we: - share a couple favorite memories of Thailand/Bali & how much it cost - give you tips for making travel a bigger piece of your lives - share why we put this value front and center in our budget Show Notes: Instagram:
May 21, 2019
Podcast Bonus: Money Date Night Tool Review 2019
It's easy to get overwhelmed when you're trying to choose a tool or app to manage your money. There are so many to choose from! Luckily, Money Date Night hosts Lindsey Lathrop and Colin Ryan review their favorites to track money, split expenses (including the bill), control impulses, and find deals.  More details can be found at:
April 16, 2019
002 - Brass Tacks: How We Manage Money
"How do you actually manage your money?" is a question we get asked a lot, so we're getting down to brass tacks! In this episode, we reveal how we account for our money individually and what our system looks like as a couple. We also share what we've learned from past relationships, our tips for undertaking a new money system, recommendations to couples who share expenses and, of course, our favorite personal finance apps and tools. MDN Shownotes & Questions:
April 16, 2019
001 - Meet the Couple behind Money Date Night
Meet hosts Colin Ryan and Lindsey Lathrop as they walk you through their vision of the Money Date Night podcast and what draws them to talk about money together. They'll teach you how you can begin having finance conversations in your relationship and give you a few starter questions you can ask each other or make your own.  MDN Shownotes:
March 20, 2019
Money Date Night Intro
Hi! We're excited you're joining us for Money Date Night! We release our first episode on Wednesday March 21, 2019 and new shows every third Wednesday of the month.  Find out more at
March 17, 2019