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The Monfefo Podcast

The Monfefo Podcast

By Monfefo
Welcome to The Monfefo Podcast! This podcast will explore the scientific, nutritional, and cosmic realms of our wellbeing. Our mission at Monfefo is to inspire you to feel good, and this podcast is an extension of that deep rooted intention. By connecting with leaders, scientists, artists, entrepreneurs, and healers, we explore the synergy present within these realms and our overall wellbeing. Welcome to immersing into the beautiful overlap of science and spirit!
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Sorina Vaziri of Teapot

The Monfefo Podcast

Diego Winburn
Diego Winburn is a Mexico City based mentalist, illusionist, magician, and now, hypnotherapist. Diego connects with us on the process, experience, and benefits of hypnotherapy, and how it can be a vessel for optimizing the body for healing. Immerse into the power of your mind, thoughts, and intention and how you can harness this power to have an effect on your reality and the world.
June 9, 2021
Stephen Brooks of Punta Mona
Stephen Brooks is a regenerative farming pioneer, permaculture educator, and the founder of Punta Mona and La Ecovilla. With over 25 years of experience within creating ecological communities, Steven’s passions lie within biodiversity conservation, ethnobotany, and community development. He connects with us on how to reclaim your power within the present moment by rooting our actions in care and co-creating the world we want to live in.
April 14, 2021
Sorina Vaziri of Teapot
Sorina Vaziri is the garden guru behind Teapot, a local nonprofit bringing us back to nature and teaching us how to create our own paradise. Sorina connected with us about her sustainability practices, the art of gardening, and how to make your trash work for you.
December 23, 2020
Christy Goldsby of Honey Mama's
Christy Goldsby is the radiant being behind Honey Mama's nourishing chocolate bars. Christy connected with us about Honey Mama's journey, which was birthed with creativity and consciousness in mind. A conversation reflecting the nourishment, joy, and care placed into each of her creations.
August 31, 2020