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By Monica Moser
Monologue (@monologuepodcast) is hosted by Monica Moser, a singer-songwriter, music marketer & journalist who's interested in everything there is to do with TV, film, music, psychology, spirituality, etc. Monologue will have mini series's within it, announced as it happens. First ep is a breakdown of her most recent album 'your absence, a closeness,' Season 1 is on TV Shows & The Enneagram & Season 2 is Artist & Creatives interviews (artists, managers, writers, etc. in Nashville). Listen to some (hopefully) entertaining, comical, and insightful dialogues on Monologue!
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Introducing my new podcast...TX Forever!
I have a new podcast! It's a Friday Night Lights re-watch podcast with one of my best friends in the world, Carley Rutledge ( Search TX Forever wherever you listen and follow us on socials @txforeverpod.  
September 16, 2020
REVIEW: Oscar Nom 2020 Breakdown (w/ Mary Siroky & Jonny Woo)
Secret podcaster Jonny Woo (@jonnywooooo) and award-winning screenwriter (not a euphemism) Mary Siroky (@msiroky) join me for an epic Oscar 2020 breakdown episode! We discuss every best picture nom, the biggest snubs of the year (*ehem* Greta, J Lo, Awkwafina, etc.), make our predictions, and grade all 9 best pic noms (see below). Mary puts my “movie buffness” to SHAME and we all “yes and” and/or kindly disagree with one another. Buckle up. Oscar grades Parasite: A+ Little Women: A Jojo Rabbit: A 1917: A Marriage Story: B+ Once upon a time: B The Irishman: B Ford v. Ferrari: B- Joker: B-
February 6, 2020
S2E11: Artist & Creatives Interviews | Nick Johnston (The Pressure Kids)
First ep of 2020! The humble & insightful Nick Johnston (@nickjohnston) of The Pressure Kids (@thepressurekids) is my first guest of the new year. We talk about how striving for that middle ground between cryptic and on the nose is the sweet spot of music, how we love lyrics that can mean different things to different people (or even to different versions of yourself), we fan girl over Corey Kilgannon’s (@corey_kilgannon) song “The Hollow,” what’s next for The Pressure Kids, and how side hugs get a bad rep.Plugs~Nick: Joelton Mayfield (@joeltonmayfield)'s EP I Hope You Make ItMon: The Morning Show (@themorningshow) & Cheer (Netflix)recorded: 1/31/20
February 3, 2020
S2E10: Artist & Creatives Interviews | Houston Kendrick
So this was exciting. I’ve been a fan of Houston Kendrick’s (@houstonis_) for over a year and this is my first guest that I met in person for the first time minutes before recording. We talk about our southern roots, how we love the “figurative knitting-ness” of adult life, the most important songs to him on his debut mixtape PINK, how a lot of being a young adult is about unlearning the past, his new single “Birdbox” which is out THIS FRIDAY and more! It’s just a delightful ep. His song “PErSOnA” opens the ep (I included quite a bit cause it’s just so good) and his song “LiNES” closes.Plugs~Houston: Rhythm & Flow (@rhythmandflownetflix)Mon: Hustlers (@hustlersmovie) & Sophie Bush's (@sophiabush) podcast Work In Progress (@workinprogress)Recorded: 10/29/19
November 19, 2019
S2E9: Artist & Creatives Interviews | Lindsey Sweat (Trella)
We got Trella!!! I don’t know why I’m always tempted to say “we” here? It’s just me? Anywho, Lindsey Sweat (artist name Trella @trellatunes) is on the show today talkin the origins of pumpkin day, her experience as a PK (pastor’s kid), how the faith community and music were always intertwined, how she bullied Corey Kilgannon (@corey_kilgannon) in high school, her journey from a worship writer to a pop artist, and more. Her 2016 single “Retreat” opens the ep and her newest song “Takin’ It Back” closes! Enjoy!! Trella on Spotify: Linds: “In Your Eyes” Peter Gabriel Mon: The Politician (@the_politician) recorded: 10/10/19
October 29, 2019
S2E8: Artist & Creatives Interviews | Jordan Hamilton
Titling this episode “simple messy thoughts with Jordan.” I think I maybe got to one of my questions for Jordan (@jordanshamilton), and I think that’s what makes this ep so great. We always have meaningful, psychological/existential convos and this time was no different. First self-proclaimed enneagram 4 on Monologue! We start off talking toxic masculinity (which I refer to as “grabbing skirts” ...), the origins of Monologue, how watching TV makes us understand life better, the prayer process, how painfully nostalgic we are, identity in the post-post college phase, and more. Listen to the end to hear our fascinating convo on parfaits and massaged kale salads. I really love my friendship with Jordan and his ability to allow others to feel what they may not want to admit they’re feeling. Here’s to hoping he’ll join the universal conversation of music soon✌️ Jordan's EP: Plugs~ Jordan: Community (TV), Moonchild (@thisismoonchild), parfaits, scoop bibs Mon: In Grey (EP), Unbelievable (Netflix miniseries), MUNA, Saves the World (@whereismuna), Fink (@finkmusic)recorded: 10/2/19
October 16, 2019
S2E7: Artist & Creatives Interviews | Calah Mikal Caballero
I think Calah (@calahmikal) read my mind before we had this conversation. She spoke about so many things I had been feeling/thinking about like::::feeling it’s too late to learn a new skill (spoiler alert: it’s SO NOT), the tendency to always be writing about identity, our Troy Boltoness in high school, actively downplaying our potential and value, this idea that if you’re not #struggling for your music you’re not really doing it, and the overall all-consuming nature of music and songwriting. Calah Mikal Caballero is a songwriter, artist, and a school counselor, and just has such a strong sense of self and a beautiful perspective on music, identity, Nashville, and more. Check out “An Ocean” and “Details” on Spotify (which we talk about on the ep) and I’m v intrigued and excited for her new single “Jimmy Fallon” (cc: @jimmyfallon). Longest interview to date and I think every second’s worth it!! Medium article on Billie Eilish below (don’t hate me Gen Zers): Plugs~ Calah: Clairo (@clairo), Smart Sweets at Whole Foods (low sugar gummies!!!) Mon: The Little Women trailer (@littlewomenmovie), When They See Us (@whentheyseeus) recorded: 8/19/19
September 3, 2019
REVIEW: The Lion King (w/ Addison Durham & Mary Kate O'Boyle)
It always comes back to Nala’s sex eyes with these two. My One Tree Hill girls Addison Durham (@addison.w.durham) & Mary Kate O’Boyle (@marykate.oboyle) rejoin me for a surprise movie review ep! We discuss the live action Lion King — the good and the bad. Listen now!(Disclaimer: I tell MKOB at the end to close her ear not her ears cause she’s deaf in one ear like George Bailey!!!)rating: Brecorded: 7/31/19
August 27, 2019
S2E6: Artist & Creatives Interviews | Emily Wyant
First non-explicit episode (lol) with the joyous Emily Wyant (@emmi.elliott)!!! Emily and I met at school and have continued our friendship post grad via co-writing and obnoxious bits. She always puts me in a better mood and reminds me that life is beautiful. She’s in the band Local Sound (@localsound) and will be releasing a solo project under Emmi Elliot sometime TBA (artist link below)!! We talk faith, family, caring for others, especially w special needs, & how creativity is about returning to the original. Enjoy. Plugs~ Emily: serving others outside of your typical passions Mon: The Woman In The Window (novel) Emmi Elliott on Spotify: Sound on Spotify: "Loved Like This" co-written w/ Calah Mikal: 6/7/19
August 13, 2019
S2E5: Artist & Creatives Interviews | Hannah Boren
My first industry mentor, dear friend, and overall badass Hannah Boren (@hannahboren) is on Monologue today!! We discuss our Texas roots, NoiseTrade (@noisetrade), feminine norms, her quick stint as Lorde (@lordemusic)'s personal assistant, and the grief, growth, and clarity that came from that experience, what it’s like as a female in the music industry, and more. It’s a great one. Give it a listen! Plugs~ Hannah: NPR’s Up First podcast (@npr), Lizzo (@lizzobeating), Triathalon (@triathalon) Mon: (N/A I guess I forgot this time lol) recorded: 4/18/19
July 30, 2019
S2E4: Artist & Creatives Interviews | Austin Schulenburg
Austin Schulenburg (@penandmug) is in the houz today! Austin is a graphic designer — most recently he designed the killer Live On The Green Festival (@liveonthegreen) announcements — and we discuss side hustles, branding methods and more. First interviewer to request to be on Monologue! No more begging friends! Thanks for sliding in them DMs! Our conversation post the actual “episode format” was probably my favorite so stick till the end!Plugs~Austin: The Umbrella Academy (Netflix), The Perspective Podcast with Scotty Russell, Anderson .Paak (@anderson._paak)Mon: The Book of Comforts, Sigrid, Sucker Punch (@thisissigrid), The Liturgists Podcast (Fear - Live episode) (@theliturgists)recorded: 3/25/19
July 16, 2019
S2E3: Artist & Creatives Interviews | Mallory Moser & Maria LaMagna
Guyssss my seester (@mallory_moser) (the Midge Maisel to my Susie) and our pal Maria LaMagna (@mclamagna) are on the pod today!!! Mallory performs with Backtrack (@backtrackvocals) and Maria writes for Market Watch (@marketwatch) (now @cnbcmakeit) and runs her passion project Cropped (@wearecropped) on the side. On the eve of the 2019 Oscar’s I got to interview them about their careers and what got them there, how our faith has played into this, and much more. Enjoy (or hate?) our spontaneous a cappella performance of "Shallow." ***Mal was under the weather so she’s sporting a Sophia Bush rasp*** ***this ep is unofficially sponsored by Diskin Cider*** Plugs~ Maria: #goingtotherapy Mal: going to movies alone, Shaun T hip hop abs (@shaunt), Pop Sugar fitness (@popsugar) Mon: Eighth Grade (@eighthgrademov), The Death of a Dream, Brave Town (@bravetown) (again), “An Ocean” by Calah Mikal (@calahmikal)recorded: 2/24/19
July 2, 2019
S2E2: Artist & Creatives Interviews | Brielle Sebold
My second interview is with the poet-who-didn’t-know-it Brielle Sebold (@briellesebold). We talk about education, Nashville’s at time frustrating creative culture, the vulnerability of writing and sharing, and more. Brielle is honest and joyful and has one of my favorite laughs ever.Buy her book of poems "quarter life" here: say in this ep I’m not gonna do Monologue socials. LOL cause you can follow the pod now at @monologuepodcast). Plugs~Brielle: Culture Care by Makoto Fujimara (@iamfujimara)Mon: Betty, Betty Who (@bettywho) & The Death of a Dream, Brave Town (@bravetown)recorded: 2/18/19
June 18, 2019
REVIEW: Booksmart (w/ Emma Germano)
Surprise ep!!! First return guest!!! Emma Germano (@emmagermano) and I review Booksmart (@booksmart), praising its stylistic choices, the music supervision, its representation, and of course, its many humorous moments. I’ll be popping in reviews in the middle of seasons when I feel like it! Listen today! (fact check: I say “Fade Away” by Perfume Genius (@perfumegenius) but it’s “Slip Away.” SRY. Listen to it.) rating: A-recorded: 6/10/19
June 12, 2019
S2E1: Artist & Creatives Interviews | Jay Ragsdale
It’s the Season 2 premiere!!! My first interview is with the oh so kind, honest and vulnerable Jay Ragsdale (@rayjagsdale). His band Brave Town (@bravetown) had been a bit MIA — their last single “Holy Water Boyfriend” was released in 2017. I learned the reasoning behind this hiatus in my interview with Jay which involved a redefining of the word “success,” a faith deconstruction, and a return to what is pure, humbling and meaningful. This sabbatical led to The Death of a Dream, their newest project that was released on Friday, February 15th (happy bday to me!), which showcases the experiences that center on failure, grief, change, and coming to accept that these encounters are integral parts of life. I loved the conversation we ended up having from topics about the propensity of musician’s to be selfish with their work, women in the church, homosexuality and Christianity, and more. Listen now on Apple Podcasts! The Death of A Dream on Spotify: Jay’s reflections on “Holy Water Boyfriend”: Transcription of the interview on Medium: 1/31/19
June 4, 2019
S1E4: TV Shows & The Enneagram | Parks & Recreation (w/ Holland Brown)
It’s the Season 1 finale!!! The last show we analyze is Parks & Recreation. Holland Brown (Dillon) (@hollandbdillon) joins me to talk about her upcoming nuptial hashtag (fingers crossed for #HughmakemydreamscometruebyHollandoates!!!!), our GOT S8E2 and E3 predictions (lol), our frustrations with country and worship music, and of course, the characters and relationships on our beloved parks & rec (and how it got us through senior year of college and freshman year of life). Also! Surprise phone calls from Carley Rutledge and Hugh Dillon (Holland’s hubby to be!) So much fun. Carley ( tells us why she loves the show (how writing comedy about GOOD ppl is a difficult feat), the brilliance of the Emmy- winning ep “The Telethon,” and more.I’ve had some requests for more TV Shows & the Enneagram analyses but I’m taking a break for now! Season 2 is Artist/Creatives Interviews where I learn the origin stories of writers, songwriters, performers, managers, graphic designers, etc. I’ve already done a handful and can’t wait to share them! Read along here:
May 21, 2019
S1E3: TV Shows & The Enneagram | One Tree Hill (w/ Addison Durham & Mary Kate O'Boyle)
The third show we anaylze through the Enneagram lens is One Tree Hill. Two of my favorite ladies Addison Durham (@addison.w.durham) & Mary Kate O'Boyle (@marykate.oboyle) and I discuss the personality, motivations and relationships of the citizens of Tree Hill. We also get real real about the roots of our anxiety & insecurities -- and how “trauma” is such a heavy word we don’t like using, but everyone has it.***disclaimer: we had to record this one twice. We had a glitch with the audio so please excuse the distortion in the first part (it’s still listenable just not NPR quality) - and excuse the length (I did cut out almost 2 hours....) Just listen in parts :) Just one more in this season! ARTICLE LINK: @cool.cactus.media
April 9, 2019
S1E2: TV Shows & The Enneagram | The Office (w/ Meredith Roman)
The second show we analyze is quite possibly my favorite show ever: The Office.Office expert, sporty gal, and founder of but first, donuts Meredith Roman (Jean) (@merejean_) joins me to sip on some oaky afterbirth red wine and discuss our favorite characters (and our least favorite characters), quiz each other on deep track quotes, and impersonate every single character on the show.You can read my anaylsis while you listen (link below)!
February 19, 2019
S1E1: TV Shows & The Enneagram | Gilmore Girls (w/ Emma Germano)
The first show we anaylyze is the beloved Gilmore Girls. Emma Germano (@emmagermano) and I go through each characters' type and look into some key relationship dynamics as well.Follow along while you listen at the link below! episode is sponsored by LL Floral.
February 5, 2019
RELEASE: my album 'your absence, a closeness' (w/ Dylan Byrnes)
The first episode of Monologue is here! For this first stand-alone ep, my friend & producer Dylan Byrnes (@dbyrnes10) and I sip on some Chardonnay and talk about the album we made with Zach Hughes (@lostharbormusic) and Andrew Conner (@ironoakrecording). We go through each song and talk about the technical and lyrical processes behind them. We also end up discussing The Enneagram (briefly), how musical theatre brought us both out of our shells at a young age (and how that affects our music today), risk deprivation syndrome, rampant anxiety in the Millennial and Gen Z generations and more. Do we deliriously sing "thank u, next" at one point? Do I mention the Alamo? Maybe?(At the veryyy end of the ep, we hear Brielle Sebold (@briellesebold) reading a poem of hers that was inspired by the album title.)your absence, a closeness is on Spotify:
January 15, 2019
Monologue Intro
MONologue (@monologuepodcast) is hosted by Monica Moser, a singer-songwriter, music marketer & journalist who's interested in all things TV/film/music etc. Monologue will have mini series's within it, announced as it happens. Listen to some (hopefully) entertaining, comical, and insightful dialogues on Monologue!
January 7, 2019