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No Uterus, No Opinion

No Uterus, No Opinion

By Nicole
Meet badass Doula, Nicole- who is just about as real as it gets. No topic is off limits when it comes to empowering your uterus + saying f*ck you to misogyny.
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3. What you see ain’t what you get
In this episode we break down why what they’re showing on TV is wrongo. Some talking points: * Due date typically off by one-two weeks * Your body gives you warning signs of birth * Your water most likely won’t “break” as in a rush of water all over the place… and more!
May 14, 2022
2. A little bit of history on birth
Let’s go back in time, to when women ran the show, shall we? In this episode Nicole takes you back in time so you can understand how things looked when we ONLY birthed the natural way and the journey to where we are today.
April 01, 2021
1. Birth in 2021, the culture and how that sh*t is f*cked up
A short little intro on who the hell Nicole is and then right into the nitty gritty. Should you have to leave your dignity and bodily autonomy at the door to have a healthy baby? Our current health care system seems to think we do- and Nicole has a problem with that.
March 16, 2021