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Moorland Community Radio

Moorland Community Radio

By Moorland Community Radio
Welcome to the moor: psychedelic land of stories and ghosts.

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Episode 2: The Maverick Arthouse Filmmaker Of The Moor
Mist. Thick and organised and obstinate and layered. Did you hear it come down last night? No, you did not, because the mist works silently and efficiently. It is not clumsy. It does not trip over furniture as it walks into a room or knock your favourite photo of your grandma down the back of a radiator while it is cleaning. As you sit in curtained rooms, you might not even know it has arrived. But it is here, and it is all around you, laundering and sparkling the air, dampening the exterior of your house.  Thank you for listening to our episode of Moorland Community Radio. If you would like to support us: You can preorder Tom’s upcoming novel, Villager, here:  Written and performed by:  Tom Cox:  Additional voices by:  Ben Tallamy:  Katherine Drake:  Music by:  Dimorphodons:  Tom Cox  Produced by: Ellie Mckechnie
March 28, 2022
Episode 1: Albert the Giant Dog-Attacking Sheep
The moor. Place of ghosts. Factory of weather. Breeder of stories. The high place that reminds people of what everywhere else once was but which is also its own place, hovering, separate, other, and always was. The place where people go to learn about time. Follow the thirteen rivers down from its roof, the wide and the narrow, the high-handed and the meek, and you will understand. Follow them from their secret tussocked beginnings and watch them brag and flourish. Stand precariously on granite ledges and watch the water spin through the mossy chasms below you, listen to the voices within, find out if they ever switch off, for a moment. They did, once, many years ago. But nobody likes to mention it now. Thank you for listening to our first episode of Moorland Community Radio. You can preorder Tom’s upcoming novel, Villager, here: If you would like to support us:  Written and performed by: Tom Cox: Additional voices by: Ben Tallamy: Katherine Drake: Music by: Dimorphodons: Tom Cox Produced by: Ellie Mckechnie
March 06, 2022