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More Goodness Now

More Goodness Now

By Shannon Donnelly
Join your host Shannon for some good conversations for the sake of life, for the sake of Love, for the sake of God.
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Dating in the 21st Century (is screwed up!) with Katelyn

More Goodness Now

Dating in the 21st Century (is screwed up!) with Katelyn

More Goodness Now

Beware of Fitness “Influencers” on the gram
My brother Ryan joins me for A 10 minute episode of straight FACTS to get you out of the cycle of madness, insecurity, and exhausting mental strain and into the sincere goodness of health and fitness. Don’t settle for lies!
August 29, 2020
Self-Love & Closure: A New Young Adult Catholic Novel
Author Lindsey Todd is back to talk about her new novel, Closure. Listen to this riveting podcast about finding self-love in, through, and during (or without) a romantic relationship. Lindsey and Shannon discuss what self-love really is, what fears it brings us, and how to stand up for ourselves (which isn’t selfish!).. Lindsey even reads an excerpt from her new novel, which illustrates all these themes. Talk about GOODNESS.
August 24, 2020
Dating in the 21st Century (is screwed up!) with Katelyn
(The gorgeous newlywed) Katelyn is here this week to talk about the significance of waiting for the right person to date and eventually marry. She touches on toxicity in romance, not settling, and the story of how God wrote her love story. Talk about pure GOODNESS. Forget all the messages the world tells you about dating, this is the GOOD stuff. I promise you, you’ll feel refreshed after listening.
August 4, 2020
Let’s Dance Again (with Natalie Graveley)
For Natalie, dance is her first language. Dancing for 30 years evolved her heart, mind, body, and soul in so many GOOD ways. Listen in the hear her words as a gift of passion, and expression. Dancing isn’t so much about the talent, as it is the joy of dancing. It’s an energy boost needed for the human person. The awakening dance does to bring the Spirit into liveliness is so hard to find, but we can choose to create it.
July 23, 2020
How to live in the present moment
If you find your present reality isn’t meeting your expectations, this episode is a small light on sneaky things like “mental escape” — mental fantasy— mental illusions, that can leave us restless and living without peace in the present moment. You’re not lost. You’re not living a bad life, you may just need to start seeing what Goodness God is calling you to, or trying to give you.
July 11, 2020
Did you run out of Hope?
Recording solo for this episode, Shannon gives word to God’s goodness to our stories that have many setbacks. We are forced to overcome our hardships, sure, but we are even more so encouraged to never to lose hope or despair. Listen in for some thoughts on overcoming hopelessness and despair through the power of relationship.
July 6, 2020
Resistance to Change
Do you desire to make small changes to your day and perspective? Do you tell yourself, “it might cost.” “I’ll lose people.” “I don’t want to talk about it.” “I don’t have the energy for it.” “I might lose someone.” “I’m not good enough.” — none of this is goodness! And none of these thoughts will compel you towards goodness! They are fears and doubts. God is speaking to you to become your true - self and to find freedom in who you are, and the goodness He wants to accomplish in you 🌸
June 23, 2020
What the heck is TRUTH?
Season 2, baby! We’ve all got personal truths of life but what if there is ultimate truth, objective truth that grounds us all? Our thoughts, environment, habits, and relationships give us an idea of what could be true, but who can we trust to be the most faithful?
May 28, 2020
Overeating: No more guilt!
You know the vicious cycle: the day ends and the snacks are calling you. Maybe you’re making up for not eating throughout the day, maybe you’re just addicted to chocolate. Joined by Cheri St. Martine, the two y’all about this sneaky habit, and what good alternatives to keep in mind for overall health in mind, body, and even soul.
April 15, 2020
“Doomed” Relationships
Hey. Would you still take on a relationship with someone for ‘x’ amount of time if you knew it wasn’t going to work out in the end or last forever? Joined by English teacher, blogger, and speaker, John Turner, the two bring light to those wrestling with this question we all ask in our most meaningful relationships.
April 8, 2020
Prayer: what’s it all about?
Joined by Kevin Kozeniewski, youth minister for Archdiocese of Philadelphia, this weeks episode is a conversation about finding time to have conversations with God. Are you afraid of prayer? Do you want to start? Kevin’s got some words of wisdom to start.
March 11, 2020
Working out: feeling free and alive with Cheri St. Martine
Health, fitness, body image, self care and self love should not feel unattainable. Why do we doubt our own potential? Our body’s abilities? In an interview with health and fitness trainer, Cheri St. Martine, this episode motivates us to find the goodness in finding motivation in our journey of fitness and health. Speaking not on just the importance of working out for physical results, but interior ones... it’s time to: “get your mind right!”
March 3, 2020
Freedom to Love (with Lindsey Todd)
God gives humans freedom for the sake of choosing love. Freedom is the only thing that makes love possible. In an interview with Catholic writer and novelist, Lindsey Todd, Shannon unpacks Lindsey’s story of finding God after ending her 6 year relationship to pursue chastity. Lindsey is the author of ‘Freedom to Love’ where she writes on the importance and practicality of dating in the 21st century with a chaste mind and spirit.
February 25, 2020
Does True Love Exist?
How, where, and when do we get a glimpse at the love that awakens our soul? The love we dreamed of at 13, 14, even 20... does it exist or have we been burned? And when we get it, how do we keep it? In the search for love, for God, for pure goodness, how can we understand it all?
February 18, 2020
Personality & Jesus (pt. 2 with Pat Donnelly)
Part two on personality involves an interview with Shannon’s Dad, Pat. Pat, a former entrepreneur and current manger, talks about being humbled at the age of 51 when he realized Jesus’ personality is the sum of all successful management leadership. Pat identifies ways that Jesus was and is all of what secular management training taught him. The two talk about Emotional Intelligence, business leadership, and how Jesus’ personality was the influence and motivation for his followers to sustain and build up the Catholic Church. (Resources mentioned: the book, QBQ)
January 12, 2020
Personality & Jesus (pt. 1)
The power of your personality is strong, full of mystery, unrepeatable, and shows us the creativeness of our Creator. We can find God’s love, likeness, and goodness in our own self as we reflect and ponder the heroic journey of being an inspiring and authentic human.
January 6, 2020