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107: Crafting A Happier Life by Choosing Your Story with Lori Lee

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By Andy Proctor
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117: The 5 Components of Change with Dr. Adam Moore
Today I interview the very knowledgable Dr. Adam Moore. We talk about how we go about making a change happen in our life. He relates changing to launching a rocket into space to escape the world's gravity. The elements are: Institute a unique approach Believe and Hope that you actually can change. Create Traction with Small Wins and ritualize it so that it sticks Acknowledge and celebrate that you have made the change Make it social so you stick to the change He also gives some key advice on how to be happier today: Find one or two people that you really connect with and invest in those people Everyday make a meaningful contribution in the life of one human being.  This is a great episode. Don't miss it! Find Adam here:
October 11, 2019
116: Your Permission To Be Happier - Personal Bill of Rights
Today I just wanted to share something one of my therapists shared with me years ago that has helped me. It was what they called my "Personal Bill of Rights". It has helped me over the years to remember that I have permission to be human. Often we don't give ourselves this permission and we need to remember this more. So this is me giving you permission today, to be happier. 
September 27, 2019
115: Empowering People to Empower People with Louis Alloro, MAPP
How do you empower people to empower other people? The more I talk to people about positive psychology, the more I realize that the thing that most people want to know is how they can become a change agent themselves. In this episode, I interview Louis Alloro, an shining star in applied positive psychology who I had the honor of learning from for 7 months during my time studying at The Flourishing Center in Los Angeles.  Louis and I talk about how to really create sustainable positive change in an organization through systems. We also talk about the following topics: Listening to what your heart and body need. Being the change is starting with yourself The best way to help others is by starting by helping yourself Self care is health care and it is not selfish Fill your cup, have fun, be still Louis' focus on integrity and how important it is to be true to yourself first "the universe hears what you mean, not what you say" Give yourself permission to be human and be present with what is. As a leader, we should envision the best possible futures for our people and remember the people in the middle as integral agents of change. The best leaders see others as co-leaders and the boss doesn't have all the answers. Don't wait for something to be different to be happy now. Your happiness will boost you along the way to your goals. So much goodness came from this episode. It was an amazing conversation that I wish could have only been longer. Please listen and share with your friends!
September 16, 2019
114: Eleven Science-Backed Ways to Boost Energy Without Caffeine
Do you want to boost your energy without having to pound another RedBull or go for the afternoon cup of Joe? This episode is for you.  A lot of people struggle with fatigue, or are just sapped of energy on a regular basis. I believe that increasing energy is one of the most powerful ways to have a more happy life and I want to share things that can help you boost your energy without caffeine. First, a word on caffeine. I don’t have anything against caffeine other than that it was the stimulant that triggered my first panic attack ever. So ever since then, I have chosen not to consume caffeine to boost my energy and I have had to find other ways to keep me awake when I’m having a tired day. The other thing is that caffeine doesn’t actually produce energy in your body. It is a stimulant. It basically tricks your brain into thinking that you have energy, but it doesn’t actually have the building blocks of energy that your body needs. So here are some ways to boost energy without having to rely on that cup of Joe every day. 1. Hydration 2. Move more 3. Eat smaller meals more often 4. Optimize your Breathing 5. Sleep better 6. Eat things that boost your energy 7. Decrease your Allostatic Load 8. Connect to Your Purpose and Values 9. Rock Out to Your Favorite Songs 10. Connect to People You Love 11. Look Forward to Something
September 8, 2019
113: Make Your Commute the Best Part of Your Day, Backed by Science
Studies show that our wellbeing can be greatly impacted by our commute, but that it's what we believe about our commute that makes the difference. Here are 8 tips that can help you tell the right story and make your commute the best part of your day.  Mindfulness - don’t close your eyes, connect to yourself, connect to God, get in touch with your body. Engage in loving kindness meditation, Education- Millionaires read more than anyone else. Constantly educating. Create an education program that gets you excited. What are you interested in? Create a playlist on podcasts, audible, Libby or get a subscription to Blinkist and learn like crazy. Dealing with road ragers- Make the good assumptions Tell the right story. It doesn’t matter to them anyway.  Here are some good stories: wedding night Hospital pregnant Kids in trouble What’s your story of the commute? What story are you telling yourself? Savor the good stuff architecture Nature Change it up don’t go the same way every time. Our brain thrives with variety. Get playful with it. If you ride a train, sit somewhere different Dance party make an amazingly energizing playlist Be that guy who you see rocking out in their car Be the girl in the train with headphones who is so into her playlist that taps her foot and would be dancing if there were room Connect Look at your friendship wall each week and decide to connect to someone during your commute Connect with a family member on the phone during the commute. If you can’t talk, leave them a Marco Polo or a voice message Use it as a transition to boost energy We lose quite a bit of energy through our day because we don’t transition. So take advantage of the time you have during your commute to transition from work to home or home to work. Inhale, release tension, exhale, set intention Here is where I found the studies:
September 3, 2019
112: The Science of FUN with Mike Rucker, PhD
When was the last time you felt overwhelmingly happy? When I have asked this to people in the past, it has almost always paired with a time when they were having fun. We have talked about play before (episode 105), and in this episode Mike differentiates play from fun and shares some great tips on how we can fit more fun into our every day life.  He tells the story of how he got into researching fun in the first place and talks about how fun can really have an impact on our wellbeing. He expounds on his play model (found here: and shows us how we can optimize the fun that we are already having.  Find Mike here: Dr. Mike Rucker is a charter member of the International Positive Psychology Association, as well as a member of the American Psychological Association. Mike is a frequent contributor to national press such as Forbes, the Wall Street Journal, and CIO on topics related to well-being. Mike has spent the last few years studying the construct of fun and is coming out with a book on the subject in the summer of 2020. He has also published in peer-reviewed journals covering topics from employee well-being to ethics.
August 27, 2019
111: Making Sleep Cool Again With Julie Flygare, J.D.
In this episode we talk about all things sleep and much more! How does sleep impact our energy, mood, and clarity? How much sleep do we need each night? How did you discover your Narcolepsy? How can we improve our sleep patterns? Should naps be allowed and supported at work? Let's talk about dreams and remembering dreams What would you tell people who just found out they have narcolepsy? Find your self affirming voice within all the voices in your head. This will make you happier.  More about Julie: Julie Flygare, J.D. is an internationally recognized patient-perspective leader, an accomplished advocate, and the award-winning author of Wide Awake and Dreaming: A Memoir of Narcolepsy. Since receiving a diagnosis of narcolepsy with cataplexy in 2007, Flygare advanced her leadership in the sleep and healthcare space through speaking engagements, publications, earned media, collaborations, and advocacy and awareness initiatives. Currently, she serves as President & CEO of Project Sleep, a non-profit organization raising awareness about sleep health and sleep disorders. Prior to accepting this role, Flygare served as President of Project Sleep’s Board of Directors, while also gaining invaluable experience in marketing and philanthropy at the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network and City of Hope. Additionally, she served on the National Institutes of Health’s Sleep Disorders Research Advisory Board from 2012 – 2015. Flygare received her B.A. from Brown University in 2005 and her J.D. from Boston College Law School in 2009, focusing on health law, policy, and rare disease drug development. Where to find Julie: Instagram: Website: Project Sleep: Find her book here: Wide Awake And Dreaming
August 6, 2019
110: Blanketing 1,000,000 Homeless with Bob Dalton from Sackcloth & Ashes
Have you walked down the street and seen a homeless person and thought: "they just need to get a job"? You're not alone. Bob Dalton also thought this before his well-educated, hard-working mother became homeless in 2013. It was at this time that Bob decided he needed to do something not just to help his mom, but to help the homeless. This episode is the story of how Bob founded his company Sackcloth and Ashes that gives away tens of thousands of blankets to the homeless each month. Bob is an inspiration because he has used his strengths of creativity and entrepreneurship to fighting against an injustice in the world.  We talk about how he was contacted by Instagram - YES Instagram - to feature his Instagram account, gaining them 20,000 followers overnight. This launched his business to the next level. For Bob it was bigger than just selling blankets or giving blankets to shelters. It was about building a legacy of something bigger than himself.  What can you do to build a legacy bigger than yourself? Listen to this episode to be inspired to grow, to work hard for something you believe in and to make the world a better place.  Find Bob here:
July 10, 2019
109: How to Create Life-Changing Insights with Craig Case, Coauthor of BIG IDEAS
"Insight never comes to a fatigued mind" - Helmholtz When was the last time you had a big idea? Not just any idea, but a life-altering breakthrough that carried you through the next year (or five years) of your life? Today's episode features Craig Case, the Coauthor of the book Big Ideas: How To Unleash Your Creative Self and Have More Aha! Moments.  In this episode we cover the difference between random daily ideas and big ideas. We talk about the correlation between awe experiences and aha moments. We talk about the brain science in the difference between being busy and being innovative. We talk about why insight is critical for a more happy life. We also talk about how anxiety is one of the natural brain responses to cognitive abuse. We talk about the difference between motivation and inspiration and which one carries us further in terms of inner drive and implementation.  So many amazing nuggets came from this episode! This is not an episode to miss! Where to find Craig: Big Ideas Website: Buy his book here: Find him on LinkedIn: Like the book on Facebook: Join the Big Ideas Facebook group:
July 2, 2019
108: The Life Changing Power of Radical Motivation with Allie Gardner
In this episode we talk about the amazing power we all have to climb out of the depths of trauma and misery using what Allie Gardner calls "radical motivation". Allie Gardner is a highly acclaimed musician who, in 2017, lost 14 of her dear friends and family to death. Can you even imagine?! She shares how she was able to climb out of this by remembering her strengths and then using them to benefit the lives of others and lift those around her.  Where to find Allie: Instagram: Facebook: Youtube Video: YouTube Channel: Website: More about Allie Allie Gardner is a recording artist, vocal coach, studio musician, composer and public speaker with no shortage of personality and enthusiasm. She has been a musician since she was in her high chair when her family called her the “opera baby” because she would mimic her next door neighbor who was an opera singer. Allie was vocally trained by Dean Kaelin & Glory Naylor. She now works as a vocal coach at Dean Kaelin Vocal Studio, as well as The Piano Place in Draper and Lehi, Utah. She also teaches online songwriting & voice lessons.   She is a member of BYU Noteworthy, BYU's Premier Female A Cappella Group and was featured as a soloist in their latest music video ' I Can Only Imagine' that has reached over 800,000 views on Youtube alone. Allie has recorded many other music videos that have reached viral status on facebook and Youtube.  Allie is currently working on a full length album, and several new recordings in the Spanish language that are projected to release later this year. On a personal note, she has a passion for working with individuals with disabilities. One of her best friends is BJ who has Downs Syndrome who she loves and cares about very much.  This episode talks about how music is a universal language, how exercising your strengths is a powerful way to get through the most difficult and traumatic experiences of your life and how sometimes you need to exercise what Allie calls “radical motivation” to push through isolation and helplessness.  I’m excited to bring on Allie Gardner!
June 26, 2019
107: Crafting A Happier Life by Choosing Your Story with Lori Lee
What story are you telling yourself about your past life? What about your future? What story are you telling yourself about your day today? In today's episode I interview Lori Lee, and expert on storytelling, with a masters degree in folklore. She talks about the power of the stories we tell and how they impact our daily life. We discuss personal narratives, how to overcome victim mentality, powerful tools for reframing your story and increasing your chance of post traumatic growth by saying your story out loud and making meaning of it. From Joseph Campbell to Victor Frankl, we talk through how stories can be life changing and how we can take back control over the stories we are telling about our lives to create a happier life.  You don't want to miss this episode.   Where to find Lori: Website: Lori’s latest book:  Podcast: About Lori Lori is the host and producer of the Love Your Story podcast, a podcast dedicated to sharing candid interviews and conversations about living our best life stories on purpose. Lori pulls no punches in capturing interviews that shine a light on how we make it through the hard stuff – stress, anxiety, suicide, eating disorders, rape, the death of children, abuse, divorce and the real stuff we have to deal with. But, she also shares interviews with Olympians and incredible athletes, life coaches, therapists, and people who are changing the world – most often these two categories are one and the same. She has a master’s degree in Folklore--her research focuses on the personal narrative. She is the author of six books and over 100 magazine and newspaper articles, including her latest, L.I.F.E. – Living Intentional and Fearless Every Day. She consults with individuals on a personal and business level in helping them find their stories, reframe the ones that are holding them back, and manage the stories they currently tell themselves in order to create the story they personally want to live.
June 20, 2019
106: Six Powerful Tools to Reach Your Potential in Life
Will you reach your full potential this year? Will you reach it in the next 5 years? 10 years? What will help you do this? In this episode I share the story of one of the greatest runners to walk this earth, Steve Prefontaine and how he died with unmet potential. I don't want that to happen to you. So here are six powerful tools to help you reach your full potential in life:   1. Satisfying Work 2. Life Strategy 3. Generate Energy 4. Cultivate Resilience 5. Build Social Capital 6. Tackle Your Fears  Like this episode? Never miss another post by subscribing to the podcast and the free newsletter. Also follow us on Instagram and Facebook.  Join the More Happy Life school here:  Get a free morning routine to boost positive emotions here:
June 12, 2019
105: The Transformational Power of Play with Play Expert Jeff Harry
How often do you play? Do you feel like you need permission to play as an adult?  Do you need a breakthrough in your life? Play might just be the exact thing you need to make that happen. Jeff Harry and I discuss why this is the case in this amazing episode about the transformational power of play.   Jeff Harry has worked with Google, Microsoft, Southwest Airlines, Adobe, the NFL, Amazon and Facebook, helping their staff to infuse more play into the day-to-day. His play work has been featured on AJ+, SoulPancake, the SF Chronicle, and CNN. He is a certified positive psychology practitioner and is also certified in laughter yoga. How cool is that?! haha.  Where to find Jeff: Website: Instagram: Twitter:
June 5, 2019
104: Making the World a Happier Place Through Elevated Customer Experiences with Scott Porter
Businesses and brands have an amazing opportunity to create a positive experience for people who interact with them. Scott is on a mission to help businesses to create more happiness in the world through optimal customer experience. In today's episode, I speak with Scott Porter about how he has taken his passion for street tacos and combined it with his passion for fantastic customer experience. He believes that we can make the world a happier place by increasing the amount of positive customer experiences. He has started with his artisan churro business San Diablo Artisan Churros, and is now interviewing CEOs about how they make positive customer experience a priority. Scott says we are moving from a transactional economy into a relationship economy and that every relationship touchpoint is critical for your business to thrive.  Find Scott Porter here: Website: Instagram: LinkedIn: Scott Porter has eaten thousands of tacos in a relentless worldwide search for the perfect taco where he's found the secrets to unlocking the power of brand and customer experience to thrive. He founded and currently owns and operates Utah's only gourmet churro business, San Diablo Artisan Churros — delivering deep-fried happiness to over 1,500 celebrations since late 2016 and winning back-to-back Best of State for pastries. Scott is a seasoned entrepreneur and leader having been the executive director of two nursing homes and a home health agency, co-founded as the CMO the first all-you-can-fly membership airline called Surf Air, co-founded and launched the game of Reverse Charades, co-founded an international non-profit organization called Singular Humanitarian and has been a management consultant with Gartner (formerly CEB), InsideOut Development and General Assembly.  He holds a B.A. in public relations and an M.B.A. in international business, marketing and entrepreneurship both from BYU as well as an M.A. in Spanish from California State University-Sacramento. Scott was born in Arizona, raised in Canada, is from Las Vegas and has lived and worked in Guatemala, Costa Rica, Peru and Mexico.  There are networkers and then there are super connectors. Scott is one of the very few gifted super connectors that I know. He is just an all-around amazing person who exudes positive vibes and I’m stoked to have him on the show. Don't miss this episode!
May 28, 2019
103: Remember Your Why with Nadia Khristean
If you help one person, it was worth the effort.  Do you ever feel discouraged when working on your dreams? Just remember the reason why you are doing what you are doing. This and many other amazing nuggets came from today's episode with Nadia Khristean.   Nadia's advice to have more happiness: Enjoy the journey. Don't wait for some future event to embrace the happiness in your life. Why not enjoy now? There is so much beauty in the journey.   Nadia Khristean writes music for causes. She partners with different organizations, gets the community together for a specific cause and then shoots a music video! She is passionate about several subjects, but most of all, passionate about making music that will motivate and inspire others for good. Also, she is a blackbelt and loves honey bunches of oats.  Where to find and support Nadia's cause: Youtube: Website: Twitter: Facebook: Instagram: Patreon:
May 21, 2019
102: Finding Your Reason To Live with Seth Adam Smith
Today I interviewed Seth Adam Smith, a dear friend and amazing human being (read more about him below). Seth is a suicide survivor who has turned his life into a message to inspire people who struggle to have a reason to live. In this episode Seth talks briefly about his suicide attempt and how the world inside his head was very different from the real world around him. This didn't become evident until he was in the hospital.  We talked about the idea of enjoying the paths of life slowly and how happiness is a season of emotion. Seasons are temporary and they also return so if we remember this, we will be more able to deal with the days of winter in our lives.  About Seth: Seth Adam Smith is a best-selling and award winning author and blogger whose writings have been translated into over thirty languages and featured on the Huffington Post, Good Morning America, Fox News, CNN, the Today show, Forbes, and many other news outlets around the world. He wrote an article entitled "Marriage Isn't For You" that has been viewed over 100 million times across the internet and translated into languages all over the world.  When his article went viral, he instantly was approached by publications and people who wanted him to write about marriage or about how to go viral. But this isn't what Seth was passionate about. He started to really ask himself "how do I make an impact?" Seth has been working since then to go from from viral blogger to suicide awareness activist. He has since given a TEDx talk and has written books, including Your Life Isn't for You, which was awarded a gold medal for inspirational memoir. A suicide survivor himself, Seth is an advocate for resources and understanding concerning depression and suicide prevention, and he regularly writes about these topics in his books and on his blog. Where to find Seth:  Website: TEDx Talk: Youtube: Facebook: 1000 Words Talk:  Seth's Books:
May 14, 2019
101: Pursue Your Passion AND Keep Your Day Job with Samantha Inch, CPC, CAPP
It seems like a sexy thing to just quit your job and go for your passion, but what if you CAN'T do that? What if quitting your job puts you into a really bad financial position where you wouldn't even be able to think about your passion? Today's episode features Sam Inch, who has kept her day job while pursuing her calling and found that her day job has slowly evolved into her passion so that she can keep her bills paid while feeling more meaning in life. I LOVE this approach and I thought that this is something that needs to be shared because it builds hope. Sam shares the truth that you have time to test out your passion while in your job and that your passion may not be a job description. You might have to create the job description and slowly move into it at your current career, but that it might just be right under your nose, where you currently work! Don't miss this episode if you feel stuck in your current career, but have a different passion. There is HOPE!   Where to find Sam:  Instagram: Twitter: Linkedin: Samantha Inch is a Certified Professional Coach who helps women in high-stress careers reduce anxiety and design life on their terms. Certified in Applied Positive Psychology, Samantha has created a neuroscience-based approach to help clients manage their minds to manage their lives. As a result, she has helped countless people implement strategies that encourage “high quality living." At Jefferson Health, Philadelphia’s largest academic medical center, she is empowering employees and medical students to cultivate “mind tools” to better prepare for and manage stress, resolve conflict and achieve peak performance. Her learning and development programs, wellness initiatives and academic courses include emotional intelligence, resilience, mindset, gratitude, empathy and mindfulness. Samantha also conducts mental and emotional wellness workshops for small businesses, and serves as a teaching assistant for professional coaches enrolled in the world’s first Certificate in Happiness Studies, created by Tal Ben-Shahar. Samantha’s passion for helping people who suffer from chronic career stress comes from her own experience. She was once on a blind pursuit of corporate success, victim to the endless cycle of trying to find ‘balance’ between work and life. Through her work in positive psychology, she has transformed her career, mind and life – and is honored to help others do the same. Learn more at 
March 21, 2019
100: Turn Challenge into Opportunity with Kylie Chenn from Acanela Expeditions
 How many destinations are on your bucket list? Do you get excited to travel around the world someday? You're not alone. One of the top regrets of the dying is that they didn't travel more. So what holds you back?! In today's episode (which is the 100th episode!!! WHAT?!) I interview a travel expert Kylie Chenn.  Kylie has traveled to 104 countries around the globe. She studied Business Strategy and International Development at the Marriott School of Management and attended the Universities of Oxford and Cambridge to study Social Innovation and Business Strategy.  Her international experience and love for authentic travel led her to found Acanela Expeditions which she grew to a million dollar business by the age of 25! On top of this, she has cracked the email marketing code, growing her business email list from 500 to over a million in just a few years. She was recently featured at Utah’s Business Top 40 under 40 for her business Acanela Expeditions which allows individuals the opportunity to immerse themselves in hands-on cultural experiences around the world while they travel. Amazing! Traveling is one of the things that has brought a lot of meaning and positive emotion into my life so I wanted to interview Kylie about this to share it with you! Enjoy this episode and get out there and travel!  Find Kylie here: Instagram: Website: Medium: Like this episode? Never miss another post by subscribing to the podcast and the free newsletter. Also follow us on Instagram and Facebook.  Join the More Happy Life school here:  Take my instagram growth course here:  Get a free morning routine to boost positive emotions here:
March 11, 2019
99: The Power of Human Connection in a Digital World with The Jurgys - Nellie and Bryce Jurgensmeier
What do you do to really connect with people in a sea of social media and technology? Today I interview Bryce and Nellie Jurgensmeier (from the growing YouTube channel "The Jurgys") about their journey growing their social following to well over 200,000 followers and why they started this journey in the first place. We talk about the importance of having a life-affirming quest and taking time out of our lives to go on our own adventure. I really admire the Jurgys and have followed them since they started and I hope you enjoy this interview! This one is a little bit longer, but well worth the listen if you want to be inspired and hang out with us.  Find The Jurgys here: YouTube: Instagram:  Twitter: Website: Facebook:  Like this episode? Never miss another post by subscribing to the podcast and the free newsletter. Also follow us on Instagram and Facebook.  Join the More Happy Life school here:  Take my instagram growth course here:  Get a free morning routine to boost positive emotions here:
March 1, 2019
98: Love Yourself by Knowing Yourself with Briana Johnson from The LifeBeats Project
How well do you know yourself? How deeply do you love yourself? In today's episode I interview the amazing Briana Johnson from The LifeBeats Project and we cover so many beautiful nuggets that injected me full of joy. You are good enough. You are not alone. Pain is a teacher. Failure is a teacher. Mourn what you lost or you can't accept what you have. The world needs more people who know who they are and who can share their worth to boost other people. This is a timely message for all of us.  Find Briana here: Like this episode? Never miss another post by subscribing to the podcast and the free newsletter. Also follow us on Instagram and Facebook.  Join the More Happy Life school here:  Take my instagram growth course here:  Get a free morning routine to boost positive emotions here:
February 14, 2019
97: Transform Your Future With Your Thoughts with Tony Vic of MTWTF
Do you have big dreams? Do you believe it's possible to go after them? Tony Vic believes it! And that your thoughts are what will transform your future. If you need some motivation today, this is your episode. Tony Vic has an amazing gift for motivating and you'll feel it in this episode. He shares in this show how he went from being a 16 year old dad to overcoming and going after his dreams. Tony has a warmth and optimism that is palpable and contagious.  Find Tony Vic here: Like this episode or article? Never miss another post by subscribing to the podcast and the free newsletter. Also follow us on Instagram and Facebook.  Join the More Happy Life school here:  Take my instagram growth course here:  Get a free morning routine to boost positive emotions here:
February 4, 2019
96: Six Powerful Ways to Make New Friends as an Adult
As an adult do you have less friends than you did as a kid? That can be very lonely. Loneliness costs a lot. In fact it costs almost $7 Billion per year just in the US alone. And chronic loneliness can be detrimental to your health, some studies show it's as bad as smoking 18 cigarettes per day.  In this episode I cover 6 ways to tackle loneliness by making new friends that I have tried and that I think are powerful. I hope you enjoy this format as it is me creating an audio version of my the latest blog post that you can find here: Like this episode or article? Never miss another post by subscribing to the podcast and the free newsletter. Also follow us on Instagram and Facebook.  Join the More Happy Life school here: Take my instagram growth course here: Get a free morning routine to boost positive emotions here:
January 30, 2019
95: Movement is Medicine with William Pullen, Founder of Dynamic Running Therapy
Today's episode features William Pullen, the founder of Dynamic Running Therapy (DRT) who talks about how movement is like a medicine for our minds. William is a psychotherapist in the UK who is passionate about spreading the message that moving your body can help improve your mood. In this episode he covers some of the basics from his book and TEDx talk about how running, walking and movement can positively impact our thoughts and ultimately our mood.  Another motivation to get out there and get moving. Not just to lose weight or get in shape, but to be happier on a daily basis! Don't miss this episode! Also, find William Pullen here: Twitter: TEDx talk: Instagram: Facebook: Books: Join the More Happy Life school here: Take my instagram growth course here: Get a free morning routine to boost positive emotions here:
January 23, 2019
94: 7 Powerful Writing Prompts to Boost Your Day Full of Positive Emotion
Some days you wake up and you feel amazing. Some days you wake up and you don't feel amazing at all. That's life right? But studies show that your routines make a huge difference in the energy you have throughout the day. These 7 writing prompts can help your day go much better. These are a part of my morning routine that is designed to boost positive emotion.  Join the More Happy Life school Take my instagram growth course Get a free morning routine to boost positive emotions
January 14, 2019
93: A Happier Way To Measure Your Success in 2019 - inspired by Jeff Harry
How did you measure your success last year? Was it accomplishments? Was it steps taken? Was it by money earned? Whatever it was, here is a way to measure your year to come that will help you skew it toward a more happy year. The FJP index. How much fun, joy and play will you engage in this year? Try measuring your year this year by these things instead. Or at least add that to your measurements.  This was inspired by Jeff Harry in his post here:
January 4, 2019
92: Proof The World is Getting Better - a Special Anti-Fear-Culture Episode
I LOVED reading all the positive news over the last few days about how this world is getting better. I hope you also enjoy and are inspired by these stories that prove that the world is not spiraling out of control, but is actually improving in countless ways.  Don't just believe the news that is biased toward tragedy and trauma. Remember the positive news and that research shows there are more good things than bad things happening all the time and more good people than bad people.  Read more of these stories here: Join the More Happy Life school Take my instagram growth course Get a free morning routine to boost positive emotions
December 27, 2018
91: Tackling $100K of Debt with Joy with Mike and Carly Walton from The Walton Adventure
Do you have debt in your life? Does it weigh you down? If you do and have a desire to find more financial freedom, listen to the story of Mike and Carly Walton (from "The Walton Adventure") who share their story of having over $100,000 in student loan debt and who buckled down and paid it off in just a few years. Paying off debt doesn't have to be miserable. The years while they were paying off debt were some of their happiest. Listen to their story to be inspired to find financial freedom in your life and move toward your biggest goals without the weight of massive debt. Find Mike and Carly here: Instagram: Website: YouTube: Join the More Happy Life school here: Take my instagram growth course here: Get a free morning routine to boost positive emotions here:
December 21, 2018
90: Changing Is A Skillset That is Learned with James Garrett
Just because can CAN change, doesn't mean we're good at it. It's that time of year again when we all start thinking about the goals we want to accomplish next year. Are there changes you want to make happen in 2019? Did you make major life changes last year after setting new years resolutions? If your answer was no, you are not alone. 92% of people who set NYR goals, don't actually stick to them. In this discussion, James Garrett talks about how you can stick to your goals and change your brain so you can change your mind. I hope have as much fun listening to this episode as we had making it! Where to find James: Join the More Happy Life school here: Take my instagram growth course here: Get a free morning routine to boost positive emotions here:
December 13, 2018
89: How To Use BREATHING To Improve Your Life
Today I wanted to share what I have been learning about breathing. What an essential topic! We breathe about 22,000 times a day, but we may not be aware of it. However, our breathing patterns are correlated with our subconscious mind and we can use our breath to help push our mind from anxious and tense places back to focused and calm places. I hope you find this episode helpful to get you thinking about your breath and how you can use it to make your life better. You can't breathe in the past or the future, so it is a great way to stay present and stop worrying and ruminating. Just breathe. Here are some of the things I mentioned in the episode: The SPIRE stone (breath tracking device): The Art of Breathing: Breathe, by Dr. Belisa Vranich: Here is Dr. Vranich's TEDx talk: Reference to the study on breathing changing your salivary makeup: The Telomere Effect: If you're interested in getting certified in positive psychology like I am, here is the group I'm in: You can join any of the programs across the US and Canada or online. It has been amazing. Join the More Happy Life school here: Take my instagram growth course here: Get a free morning routine to boost positive emotions here:
November 25, 2018
88: How Food Impacts Your Happiness with Aubrey Phelps RDN
Have you ever eaten something that didn't sit well and then had a really emotionally hard day? Have you ever wondered if what you eat affects how you feel? In today's episode, I interview Aubrey Phelps, a registered dietitian and nutritionist (who appeared on the show a few months ago in episode 79). She and I discuss how what we eat affects our mood and overall happiness. So enjoy this episode and keep these tips in mind a week before your Thanksgiving feast (in the US). Find more from Aubrey here: Instagram: Website: Join the More Happy Life school here: Take my instagram growth course here: Get a free morning routine to boost positive emotions here:
November 15, 2018
87: Deliberate Serenity Through Mindfulness with Kimberly Christensen from Talk Wordy to Me
Have you ever gone off technology for a week? Well, I did it once and it changed my life (check out episode 73 for details). Who inspired me to do this? Kimberly Christensen from Talk Wordy To Me. In today's episode I get to talk with Kim about why being mindful about our use of social media and technology is so important. Why would someone want to try a social media fast? Why is mindfulness so important? What does healthy social media use look like? We cover these and many other things in this great episode with Kim Christensen. Be sure to check it out and check out her new mindfulness book here: Connect with Kim here: Instagram: Facebook: Website: Blog post about her social media fast: Join the More Happy Life school here: Take my instagram growth course here: Get a free morning routine to boost positive emotions here:
November 8, 2018
86: Real Skills For Being Happier At Work with Halelly Azulay
Today's episode covers a crucial topic: how can you be happier at work? Do you struggle to be happy at work? Do you dread going to work every day? Well, this episode talks about some real life skills for finding more happiness in the work you do. - How to make friends at work - How to deal with negative people - How to be the kind of leader people want to follow - How to communicate better All these things are powerful pieces of why we either love going to work or hate it and Halelly talks about real life skills we can use to get to a happier place in our jobs and even create a happier working environment for others. Along with what Halelly talked about she created a gift for you! It's a guide for being a better communicator she calls: "10 Ways to Become a More Engaging Communicator" and you can find it here: Follow her on social media here: Twitter: @HalellyAzulay Facebook: | | LinkedIn: YouTube: Instagram: @Halelly and @TalentGrowShow ----- Join the More Happy Life school here: Take my instagram growth course here: Get a free morning routine to boost positive emotions here:
November 2, 2018
85: Overcoming Fear With Taekwondo National Champion Samery Moras
How do you overcome the fears that come when you set BIG goals? Today's guest Samery Moras talks about how she has overcome huge obstacles and fears as she has won title after title in her Taekwondo competitions. Samery started walking with a sparring helmet. Her parents ran a martial arts studio and it has been in her life forever. However, she wasn't always a champion. "When I was younger, I was the girl crying in the bleachers and losing." What most people don't realize is that all champions start somewhere. It wasn't really until six years ago that Samery really got into Taekwondo and started to really compete. She didn't like it before because when you compete, you get hit and getting hit hurts. But she had big dreams and wanted to start winning. So she kept going. I also loved hearing about when she got injured couldn't train or compete for a year. She talked about how this was hard to let go, but she still found a way to do what she loved, just from a different angle - recording matches and posting them on YouTube. Because of this, she started to gain followers on social media and now her mission is to inspired kids to have BIG goals and to work hard on them. She shares this message on YouTube and Instagram. And she does it well because she was just selected as a 2018 YouTube NextUp creator, by YouTube! Amazing. Find Samery here: Instagram: YouTube: And here: Twitter: Join the More Happy Life school here: Take my instagram course here: Get a free morning routine to boost positive emotions here:
October 23, 2018
84: Thriving Outside Your Comfort Zone with Megan Fairchild, Principal Dancer for NYC Ballet
"We all start somewhere." When Megan Fairchild started dancing at 4 years old, she didn't know she would become a principal dancer on the world-renown New York City Ballet. I had the pleasure of talking with Megan Fairchild today about her take on some of the key factors that affect human happiness. We talked about positive emotions like inspiration and hope, we discussed resilience and diversifying your friendships, she talked about how her practice of meditation transformed her life at critical moments. She described the transcendence of flow experience during a full-length ballet performance. She talked about the mind-body connection and how much that affects her happiness. Ultimately she talked about how her mission in life is to push herself outside of her comfort zone no matter your age or stage of life. I was deeply inspired by Megan and I hope you take the time to listen to this episode in its entirety! Find Megan's instagram here: Find Megan's podcast here: Follow her on Facebook: Follow her on Twitter: Megan's website: Join the More Happy Life school here: Take my instagram course here: Get a free morning routine to boost positive emotions here:
October 19, 2018
83: Believing an Inner Lie Creates Unhappiness: With Best-Selling Author Kim Fiske
We all have a little voice inside our head that is telling us a story. Most of just let that voice chatter uncontrollably. The problem is that the voice tends to get more and more negative over the years until we begin to live according to a story that is not even true. We literally begin to live a lie. Today I interviewed Kim Fiske, best-selling author of The Monster Under The Bed: Uncovering the Lie That Drives Us. We covered a lot in this interview, but the main takeaway for me was that living according to a story that isn't true creates instant and constant unhappiness. This is a longer episode, but really got down to the truths that should drive us. Here are a few: "Just because we think it, doesn't mean it's the truth." "You can never get enough of what you never needed to begin with." "Learn to separate thought from the truth." "Love is awareness without judgement." To get Kim's book, click here: If you get her book and want to take her course for free, click here: Take my happiness course here: Take my instagram course here: Get a free morning routine to boost positive emotions here:
October 10, 2018
82: Jumpstart Positive Emotions With Your Body
If our emotions affect our posture and body language, could our body language and posture affect our emotions? Studies say that it can! This is exciting because if you aren't feeling great emotionally some days, you can do things with your body to send a message to your brain that could result in more positive emotions. This episode talks about how this works and what you can do to make this happen today. Take my happiness course here: Take my instagram course here: Get a free morning routine to boost positive emotions here: Find the book Presence, by Amy Cuddy here:
October 8, 2018
81: Why Sleep 😴 is Essential for Happiness and How to Sleep Better
Today's episode covers how sleep is so important for our wellbeing and how big of a problem sleep deprivation is in today's world. I give you real strategies on how to improve your sleep and we even talk about some of the greatest ideas that have ever come about that were inspired by dreams or sleep. At the end I talk about an exciting program my wife and I are participating in called CAPP (Certificate in Applied Positive Psychology). It's a 7 month program where we will dive deep into the science of happiness through the PERMA-V model of wellbeing. If you would like to join me and my wife (in our same cohort), click here:
September 26, 2018
80: Happiness is Resilience
Do I ever get tired of talking about happiness? No. Here is why in this episode. I also cover the answer to the question: "Are you ever unhappy as a happiness expert?" I was grateful for the awesome people who called in and commented and asked questions. I always love it when you ask thought provoking questions that get the conversation going about how to live a more happy life! Enjoy.
August 28, 2018
79: How Your Poop 💩 Affects Your Happiness - Aubrey Phelps from BIOHM
There is a strong correlation between our gut health and our mental health. From personal experience with my wife and myself, we have seen the direct correlation between our gut microbiome and our happiness and health. I have been curious about this for a while so I have been testing my fecal samples with multiple companies. I reached out to one that I thought was very interesting called Biohm ( They agreed to send me a kit to do a test and sequence a sample of my feces. In this episode I actually go over the results of my test! (don't get grossed out - it's not too bad). Aubrey Phelps, the director of wellness at Biohm was kind enough to jump on a call with me and answer all my questions about the gut-brain connection as well as tell me more about my own gut health. I really hope this inspires you to start thinking about your own happiness from the standpoint of your gut health and digestion!
August 17, 2018
78: The Neuroscience of Vision Boards with Taylor Proctor
Have you ever wondered about what the science is behind the secret or the law of attraction? Well, I ran into Taylor Proctor who trains people on how to create a vision board. When I first saw this, I was a little skeptical, but when she started explaining the neuroscience behind vision boards, I was genuinely intrigued. So I decided to have her on the show. We talk about how to create a vision board, and why the brain needs something like this if we want to make our dreams a reality with the heavy cognitive filters we have. Here are the links to her social accounts: The link to the Spotify Playlist mentioned: Also here is her website and the Vision Board Training Class: Use code MOREHAPPYLIFE for a discount at checkout.
August 8, 2018
77: Five Killers of Anxiety - Backed by Science (and personal experience)
In this episode I talk about the five ways I have tackled my anxiety. All of these were things that I read about in research. Most based on Kelly McGonigal's (from Stanford) research in her book The Upside of Stress. They are: 1. Embrace it 2. Tell Your Story 3. Values 4. Challenge VS Threat 5. Ashwagandha root I hope you take something in this that can help you with your anxious moments and that you share these with others who struggle with anxiety. This has changed my life. I hope it makes your life a little more happy. Also I mentioned that I have some courses that I'm offering. If you haven't seen them already, please go check out and follow me over on instagram at
August 7, 2018
76: Creating Positive Disruptions With Jessie Gardner from Hey Soul
This episode features Jessie Gardner from Hey Soul ( She was kind enough to send me one of her gift boxes (The Calm Box). As someone who has struggled with anxiety and panic attacks, it helped to create multiple beautiful experiences that I have highlighted on my instagram account. In this episode we talked about some really powerful principles that I think are so important to our happiness. Things like the power of rituals for happiness, how to create a positive disruption and how important it is to be open. I also loved her openness about the fact that even happiness advocates like herself have unhappy days and it's the unhappy days that can lead to even deeper happiness and shared connection with those who are close to us. I hope you enjoy this episode and that you check out Jessie's free stuff on her website as well as the giveaway that is happening right now! She is giving away some awesome positive disruption boxes you can find here:
July 26, 2018
75: Why is Happiness So Critical? Interview with Kyla Mitsunaga
I had an amazing interview with Kyla Mitsunaga who is a happiness coach in Korea. She is a ball of powerful positive energy! We became instant friends and I really loved our conversation! I wanted to share this interview with you. We originally did this on Kyla's YouTube channel and you can find that here if you want to see our amazing facial expressions as well: Things we covered in this podcast: 1. Taking a break from social media 2. How to deal with negative people 3. Why happiness is so important 4. The magic moment that led to Kyla's passion for happiness 5. Can I be unhappy as a happiness expert? Go have a listen! It was an amazing conversation that I hope you enjoy as much as we did!
July 23, 2018
74: Authenticity Discussion With Suze (The Authenticity Challenge)
Today I chatted with Suze from The Authenticity Challenge. We had a discussion about authenticity. This is really a hot topic for me. Social media almost forces anyone who uses it to have two different selves to live up to and if we aren't careful we can lose track of who we really are. Suze is pretty audacious in her adventures of authenticity and she is passionate about sharing this audacity with others. We were able to talk through some of these things and other questions like: How do you deal with people who don't like you when you are authentic to who you really are? I love what came from this one and genuinely enjoyed our conversation. I believe strongly that to be truly happy, we need to find our unique life mission. And to find our mission, it is crucial to be true to who we are. Find Suze on social media here:
July 19, 2018
73: Social Media Fasting and Happiness; 7 Things I Experienced Taking a Week Break from Technology
I haven't posted to social media or the podcast for almost two weeks now. In this episode I briefly tell why and talk about what I experienced during my social media fast. Have you ever taken a break from your smartphone and social media? How did you feel? What did you learn?
July 12, 2018
72: Accelerate Your Happiness With AI - Recap of IPEN's AI Summit
In this episode I recap the appreciative inquiry summit where over 800 delegates from all over the world gathered to be inspired and to decide how move forward in changing their part of the world with positive education and positive psychology. I had the amazing opportunity to interview Dr. Martin Seligman, the founder of positive psychology and ask him what needs to happen for positive psychology to reach more people in the world. I also got to interview the founder of Appreciative Inquiry, Dr. David Cooperrider who sets a beautiful vision for what the future will look like with a more positive foundation of young people world wide. I also was able to interview Jonny Liu from Tsinghua University (one of China's top universities) who is working to bring positive psychology to light in China. I spoke with Emiliya Zhivotovskaya, the founder of The Flourishing Center and the increasingly popular CAPP certification. Angela Reiner also honored me with her take on the future of happiness.
June 30, 2018
71: Seven Ways to BEAT LONELINESS from the Perspective of a Man
Studies show that chronic loneliness can be worse for your health than smoking 15 cigarettes per day. So why aren't we focusing on beating it? Today's episode is close to home for me. Andy Proctor, the one who is all about social media and connecting thousands of people and helping them to be happier, has suffered from loneliness for years. Yes, that's me. I have wrestled with this ever since I was divorced and then I really struggled with it when a mental health event created a major faith crisis for me. I didn't feel like I could reach out and I didn't know how to be when I did reach out. These 7 strategies are things that I have either practiced or I am trying to figure out how to practice, but that I believe are ways to exit the land of the lonely. I hope they help you, especially if you are a man who feels there is no way to express himself to anyone without being seen as weak or socially unacceptable.
June 22, 2018
70: Make Less Decisions = More Fulfillment in Life
How many decisions do you have to make every single day? The less decisions you have to make, the more space you’ll have to do things that are meaningful to you and that have to do with you ultimate purpose in life.
June 14, 2018
69: How to Say NO With Grace and Why Its Critical to Happiness
We all face those moments where we feel like saying no will ruin our relationship or turn us into the bad guy. In this episode we discuss how to say no gracefully and why it is critical for our short term and long term happiness and well being.
June 7, 2018
68: Prime Environments for Happier Living
Does willpower help you to improve happiness? Studies show that willpower is not sustainable for lasting change in our life. Today’s episode talks about how environmental changes can create virtuous upward cycles of personal transformation that will boost your life to a more happy state in a sustainable way. I take this from the research and writings of Benjamin Hardy PhD, the number one writer on Enjoy!
May 30, 2018
67: How to Live to Be 99 - Backed by my Grandma (& Science)
Today my grandma turned 99. WOW! It was a very special day for her and for our whole family. Not many people live that long. I am amazed at how long she has lived and love hearing the wisdom from someone who just entered her 100th year of life! I can't stop bragging about it. Amazing. But how does one live longer? Unfortunately, I didn't get any audio from my grandma today, but I already set up a time to record her next week where we will go into depth about how she has lived well the last 99 years. Today, I will talk about the research from National Geographic's Dan Buettner on the Blue Zones as well as Elizabeth Blackburn's Nobel Prize-winning research on telomeres and aging. Do you want to live longer? Well, these tips could add another 10 years to your life. Science shows it and so does grandma. :) Enjoy!
May 24, 2018
66: Marathon Mindsets From US Olympian Jared Ward
This week's episode is an interview with Olympic marathon runner Jared Ward. Marathons are so commonly used as metaphors for life, so I thought it would be powerful to interview an actual olympic marathon runner to see how the research in positive psychology lines up with the marathon running of someone who has run on a United States Olympic team. I learned SO much from Jared on our call. Things like: -The "can do" mindset and being empowered by the reality that the best possible outcome CAN happen. -Being present in your mind by repeating mindful phrases over and over. -Success comes from the scaffolding of your relationships -The powerful galvanizing effect of making important decisions once. -Feeling a sense of calling in life may not just come to you, but you might just have to choose it. -Doing YOUR best rather than being THE best. This is an episode you'll want to listen to all the way through!
May 16, 2018
65: This is Your Brain on Hope - The Hope Circuit: Scientific Proof of Curing Depression
Martin Seligman’s research on learned is possibly the most cited set of research in the academic journals of psychology. However, 50 years later, he has admitted that he was wrong. Very exciting research on the neuroscience of helplessness and control has proven that we can literally destroy helplessness. This episode needs out about this research and poses the question to you of how we can apply this to improve our life and increase our sense of control over the situations that are difficult and traumatic.
May 9, 2018
64: Changing Your Relationship with STRESS
What do you believe about stress? Do you believe it will kill you or do you believe it will help you perform better? Turns out, what we believe will come true regardless of our genetics or physical state. Research shows that our relationship with stress can greatly impact how stress impacts us mentally and physically. In this episode I share a powerful exercise from Stanford researcher Kelly McGonigal to change your relationship with stress in just 10 minutes. This may change your life and it might just save your life too.
May 1, 2018
63: Three Practical Self Compassion Skills
One of the biggest killers of our happiness is social comparison. We very easily get trapped in our own thoughts comparing ourselves to others who we perceive to be stronger or better or more beautiful than we are. How do we avoid this? By practicing self-compassion. In this episode we go over 3 skills that you can practice every day.
April 23, 2018
62: Power Up Your Day with Social Reflection
Today’s episode is about social reflection, which is one of the many “power ups” from Dr. Jane McGonigal’s book (and app) called SuperBetter, that can be used to make your day go better. As with all things on my podcast, this technique is backed by scientific research and has been shown to increase vagal tone and promote savoring. It’s a very powerful technique that o suggest you try today and repeat often!
April 16, 2018
61: How Your Language Affects Your Happiness and Health
In today’s episode I highlight the research at UPenn’s world well being project on how the words we use affect our health and happiness. Check out the research here... and watch the ted talk here:
April 2, 2018
60: World Happiness Summit #WOHASU Recap on Happiness Day
It’s international day of happiness and I want to share with you the key takeaways I had from the recent World Happiness Summit in Miami. #wohasu for short, this summit was founded by Karen Guggenheim and is the second annual summit. It was a beautiful presentation of many of the leading happiness experts from around the globe. Listen to my summary and key takeaways from the event and please let me know what you thought of them!
March 21, 2018
57: How to Make someone LOVE you
The best way to grow and strengthen any relationship isn’t by avoiding the bad conversations but by savoring the BEST conversations. This one thing could make all the difference.
March 3, 2018
56: Do Promotions Make You Happier? Research on Why Not.
Do you really want that big promotion? Here is what the research shows.
February 23, 2018
55: Emotional Intelligence makes you HAPPIER
As your emotional intelligence increases so does your happiness. Quick episode sharing some of my current emotions and how to choose which emotions hold your attention.
February 7, 2018
54: How to Find Your Life Purpose
Studies show that people who know their life purpose live on average 7 years longer than those who do not. There are three powerful ways to find your purpose in life. In this episode I talk about them: 1. Identity 2. Iteration and 3. Ikigai. Listen in to learn more!
January 20, 2018
53: Dream Only w/ the Right People
We all have dreams and goals but who should we share them with? We have to be careful with whom we share our most precious dreams. The first person we share our dreams with is a large determinant of whether we will actually follow through with it. Share your dreams with those who believe in you.
January 11, 2018
52: Goal Setting & FEAR Setting
Maybe you have set your goals for 2018, but have you set your fears? This is a powerful 4-question process that helps you understand what your fears are that keep you from accomplishing your goals.
January 4, 2018
51: Life by Design or Default?
If you don't prioritize your life, someone else will. Great advice from Greg McKeown, author of Essentialism.
October 6, 2017
50: Creativity & Happiness: Interview with James Redd
I was interviewed on James Redd's YouTube live stream and this is the audio from our chat. We discuss portions of Scott Barry Kaufman's book "Wired To Create" and how to be disciplined in creativity.
September 20, 2017
49: Approach Goals VS Avoidance Goals
Are your goals oriented around approaching something good that you want or avoiding something bad that you don't? There is a big difference in the motivation. Studies show that approach goals win.
September 19, 2017
48: Loneliness VS Solitude ❤️
We often think that being alone means being lonely. And sometimes being alone is actually more of a recharge than being with others. Also we at times feel lonely when we are with others. Why is that?
September 15, 2017
47: Reduce PAIN with Mindfulness
Studies show that both physical and emotional pain can be reduced with mindful meditation.
September 13, 2017
46: Money Actually CAN Buy Happiness
If you know how to use it right, your money can buy you a happier life. The trick is that you don't necessarily need money to make your life happier in this way. Time management is the key factor.
September 12, 2017
45: The future is bright.
Here are ten reasons to look forward to the future despite the horrible events that happen and are happening right now.
September 12, 2017
44: Start With Positive!
There is power in starting with positive. It doesn't mean you have to be naive to the problems to solve or the difficult areas of life, it means that your brain will be more capable to handle them.
September 5, 2017
43: Can Social Media Make You Happier?
Great discussion on social media and how it can affect our happiness for better or worse.
September 3, 2017
42: Scheduling Happiness In
When was the last time you scheduled time to do something that made you happy?
September 2, 2017
41: How to Increase Emotional Intelligence
How emotionally intelligent are you? Can you describe your daily emotions with more words than happy, sad, angry and stressed? Turns out if you can, you're likely more emotionally intelligent.
September 1, 2017
40: Harmonious Passion & Obsessive Passion
Everyone who listens to this is passionate about something. Am I right? But there are two types of passion according to Robert Vallerand's research: obsessive and harmonious. Great discussion on this.
August 31, 2017
39: Love Redefined
Can love be more accessible to everyone? I think so. Barbara Fredrickson redefines love as what she calls positivity resonance which we can experience with almost anyone almost everyday.
August 29, 2017
38: The Loneliness Epidemic
Do you ever feel lonely even in the presence of others? This episode talks about how most of us at some point experience real loneliness in our life and it's not because we aren't around people.
August 28, 2017
37: Happiness acronym: PERMA
Can you summarize human flourishing with one acronym? PERMA is the one that is used by those who research human flourishing. Listen to this short podcast to find out what lasting happiness is.
August 25, 2017
36: GRIT: Passion & Perseverance
What do you want to accomplish? No matter what it is, grit will help you. It is a special mix of passion and perseverance. Angela Duckworth's research is powerful and here is how to apply it.
August 24, 2017
35: How to make happiness last.
Sometimes we have moments of happiness and we want them to stay. How do you help them stay longer and how do you create a defense against the default of negativity? Here are two skills to help.
August 23, 2017
34: Happiness from Creativity
Creative people are shown to be happier than those who never express themselves creatively. We discuss whether creativity makes us happier or happiness makes us more creative.
August 21, 2017
33: The Power of Purpose
In a study on the elderly, those who had responsibility over a plant in their room were more likely to be healthier, happier and ultimately live longer than those who had no responsibility.
August 19, 2017
32: The Gratitude Visit
This is a beautiful way to increase positive emotion in a way that can last up to 2 weeks and build close relationships, the number one predictor of our lasting happiness.
August 17, 2017
31: Is the Law of Attraction Real?
A little discussion about the law of attraction and what some research shows about how it might be good or bad for our wellbeing and Happiness.
August 17, 2017
30: The power of sincere interest
What are you interested in? What fascinates you? When was the last time you were transfixed with fascination? When will be the next. Here I talk about the power of interest to increase happiness.
August 16, 2017
29: Mirror neurons & happy ripples
Who in your life feels like sunshine? Be around those people more often. The positive ripple effect and mirror neuron research on this.
August 15, 2017
28: Nature increases positivity
From the green city of Singapore I talk about the affect of nature on our physical and mental health.
August 14, 2017
27: My WHY for More Happy Life
I got a great call in asking about happiness being a bit of a trap. I did my best to answer why I think sustainable happiness is worth the pursuit.
August 14, 2017
26: Three Powerful Happiness Skills
Here are three powerful skills anyone can use to increase their wellbeing on a daily basis. Also I included some great call ins
August 11, 2017
25: Four keys to LIFE MEANING
Great tips on increasing life satisfaction by increasing meaning. 1. Story telling 2. Belonging 3. Transcendence 4. Purpose
August 11, 2017
24: Protect Your Dreams
With whom do you share your dreams? Be careful who you share with because their reaction can affect your likelihood of pursuit. Believe in yourself. Believe you can. Go do it! Just do it!
August 8, 2017
23: Upward spiral of creativity
Happiness and creativity both require effort. They also both support each other. Momentum is needed for both but when you start an upward spiral is created.
August 6, 2017
22: What is mindfulness?
Some of the basics of mindfulness. Guided meditation. What is good about mindfulness. What you might want to look out for. Have you ever meditated? If not, this might help.
August 5, 2017
21: You Are Genetically 99% Bacteria
You are Genetically 99% Bacteria. You can change your microbiome which can change their genetic expression which can change your genetic expression which can affect your happiness. Bacterial health =😲
July 29, 2017
20: Cat Videos and Happiness 😹
Have you been caught at work watching cat videos? Well this isn't a bad thing. Research shows that cat videos can elevate our positive emotion and make us more effective at work. Tell your boss. 😸
July 28, 2017
19: Telomeres and Happiness?
In this first segment I ever did on Anchor, I talk about telomeres and how our lifespan lengthens or shortens with their health. How to live longer: strengthen telomeres. How to do that? Positivity.
July 26, 2017
18: Autonomy + Belonging = Happiness
Both autonomy and belonging have been shown to be high predictors of happiness. A perfect balance between them will bring great life satisfaction and comfort no matter what generation you are in.
July 23, 2017
17: 6 Habits of Happier People
What activities are proven by science to make us happier? These six are very simple things almost anyone can do on a daily basis. From a TIME magazine special mixed with other personal discoveries.
July 22, 2017
16: Positive events happen more often than negative
Research shows that the positive events outnumber the negative by 3-to-1 (sometimes up to 5-to-1), but our negativity bias keeps us focused on the downers. This is reason to focus more on the good. 😁
July 21, 2017
15: SISU not Silence with Emilia Lahti
Quick chat with positive psychologist and activist Emilia Lahti about her research on "sisu" - a Finnish word that represents power and leads to post-traumatic growth.
July 17, 2017
14: Imagination and Happiness with Scott Barry Kaufman
A mini interview with imagination researcher Scott Barry Kaufman. Why is imagination so important?
July 17, 2017
13: Keep Your Telomeres Strong
A quick interview with Elissa Epel, an expert researcher on telomeres and health. She coauthored a book with a Nobel laureate called "The Telomere Effect."
July 17, 2017
12: Strength-Based Parenting with Dr. Lea Waters
Lea Waters, a strengths researcher and the new president of the IPPA, gives a few tips on strengths-based parenting.
July 16, 2017
11: When Entrepreneurs Fail With Benjamin Hardy
Ben Hardy has been published in Huffington Post, Forbes, Mashable, Inc., and many others. He briefly discusses his research on courage in entrepreneurship.
July 16, 2017
10: How to Learn Optimism
How does the little voice inside your head describe the quality of your life? Is it negative or positive? Do you want to be more internally positive? Here are some tips on how to do it.
July 12, 2017
9: Love Redefined
This episode talks about love in a different way that makes it accessible to anyone. The #1 Predictor of Happiness and health is relationships. What if we don't have them? Use positivity resonance.
July 11, 2017
8: A Positivity / Negativity Ratio for Happiness?
Some researchers have said there is a positivity - negativity ratio at which humans flourish. Here is the ratio and why it's okay that negativity is a part of flourishing.
July 9, 2017
7: The #1 Predictor of Happiness
What is the #1 Predictor of long term happiness. Here is what a 75-year Harvard study showed.
July 8, 2017
6: Happiness Against All Odds
Can you still be happy with stage 4 cancer? How can you be happier even when you have no control over your circumstances? Here are three science-backed methods to increase happiness against the odds.
July 7, 2017
5: The Opportunity Paradox
How do too many options affect our happiness? Can opportunity be our downfall? I talk about the research behind the opportunity paradox and how to fuel your brain with positive amidst the negative.
July 6, 2017
4: Making Hope Happen
Making Hope Happen. How often do you think about the future? Are your thoughts positive or negative? Hope is a combination of beliefs about the future that make it much more positive. Shane Lopez
July 4, 2017
3: Ritualizing Happiness
Ritualize happiness. • Ritualize Happiness (part 2) • I LOVE journaling and exercise 🙃 • Journaling and exercise rituals.
July 3, 2017
2: The Powerful Science of Touch
The powerful science behind touch. 👉🏻👈🏻research and facts about why human touch is so critical for both infants and adults.
July 2, 2017
1: Creativity and Happiness.
What are you creating? Creativity = happiness. • From the PH : I CREATE HAPPINESS • We need more happiness creators :) • Creativity Is An Essential Mindscape to Escape Trivial Matters • Flow State Creativity. • Other places to join the party. | Make your own podcast:
June 30, 2017
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