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By Daniel Bull
3 educators & friends discussing education, current affairs and all the things that make teaching #morethanajob Aimed at parents, teachers, support staff and those interested in anything educational. #Morethanajob Podcast brings you light-hearted education discussion, debate and thoughts! @DanielTBull @Bradford_Mike1 @JW19784
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S3E16: rEd Berkshire Part 2
ResearchEd Berkshire organised by Nick Hart & Karen Wespieser. What an event this was and Morethanajob have tried to capture the very best moments and highlights from each of the individual speakers. On part 2 you can hear: Clive Hill; Ameena Gamiet; Dr Jo Taylor; Laura McInerney & Professor Becky Allen; Niki Kaiser & Vic Goddard Enjoy!!
May 28, 2022
S3E15: ResearchEd Berkshire Part 1
ResearchEd Berkshire organised by Nick Hart & Karen Wespieser.  What an event this was and Morethanajob have tried to capture the very best moments and highlights from each of the individual speakers. On part 1 you can hear: Nick Hart & Karen Wespieser; Cassie Young; Malvika Acharaya; Jonatahn & Lucy Coy of Headteacher Chat; Sarah Johnson & Sir David Carter
May 21, 2022
S3E14: ResearchEd Warrington Part 2
ResearchEd Warrington made its debut on Saturday 23rd April 2022 organised by Michael Chiles & Sarah Vernon. What an event this was and Morethanajob have tried to capture the very best moments and highlights from each of the individual speakers. On part 2 you can hear: Darren Leslie David Goodwin Esther McVey MP James Garnett Marcello Giovanelli & Jennifer Webb Sophie Hall Mary Myatt & John Tomsett
May 02, 2022
S3E13: ResearchEd Warrington - Part 1
ResearchEd Warrington made its debut on Saturday 23rd April 2022 organised by Michael Chiles & Sarah Vernon. What an event this was and Morethanajob have tried to capture the very best moments and highlights from each of the individual speakers.  On part 1 you can hear: Michael Chiles & Sarah Vernon Principal of Kings Leadership Academy, Warrington - Katie Sharpe CEO of the Great Schools Trust - Shane Ierston  Sylvia Barstow Sam Gibbs & Alex Reynolds Al Kingsley Jade Pearce  Dame Alison Peacock
May 01, 2022
S3E12: Jordan Wylie
"Education inspires hope." Jordan Wylie 2022 Morethanajob podcast in association with ResearchEd have the pleasure to welcome Jordan Wylie. Jordan is a former soldier of the British Army, adventurer, author and TV personality as a cast member of Channel 4’s Hunted series. Jordan does a huge amount to raise money for charity, is a TEDX speaker and is also an ambassador for the Army Cadets in the UK. Listen to Jordan discuss his early life growing up that wasn’t always that easy, growing up on a tough council estate in Blackpool, getting in trouble with the police and leaving school with no qualifications.  Jordan discusses the highlights and lows of his 10 years dedicated to Queen & Country in the British army, serving in N.Ireland and Iraq. Jordan talks of his maritime security career including the moment when he was protecting a ship attacked by Somali pirates. This event went on to inspire his first book ‘Citadel: The True Story of One Man’s War Against the Pirates of Somalia’ – which became a Sunday Times bestseller. Jordan speaks honestly about his struggle with mental health from 2015, suffering from severe depression and extreme anxiety.  Hear about Jordan's thirst for adventure and risk and how he climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro bare foot, rowed solo across the dangerous Bab El Mandeb Straits, ran the deepest underground marathon and recently completed the Antartica Extreme Ice Marathon as part of his attempt to successfully run 10 marathons in the 10 coldest places on the planet.  Star of Channel 4's Hunted programme - listen to Jordan's experience as a hunter!!
April 14, 2022
S3E11: Dr Maurizio Bragagni OBE
Morethanajob podcast in association with ResearchEd have the pleasure to welcome Dr Maurizio Bragagni OBE. Maurizio is the Consul of San Marino to the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland; an advisor to the Department for International Trade, a visiting Professor at the University of Bolton, has the freedom of the City of London and CEO of Tratos UK Ltd. Maurizio can you tell us about your life growing up and also your experience as a student? Maurizio you rose from factory worker to CEO when you moved to the UK, having no English either. What has this journey been like for you and what is the secret to your success? You’re a visiting professor at the University of Bolton and a Senior Visiting Fellow for Bayes Business School. How much respect do you have for the teaching profession as a fellow educator yourself? Have you ever been taught how to teach? Maurizio, you talk openly about your love of learning and the benefits of having a hunger for knowledge and you say ‘Nothing is impossible if you desire.’ Is the basis behind the setting up of esharelife? You backed Matt Hancock’s dyslexia bill. Why did you feel this was an important campaign to support? You have the freedom of the City of London – what does this actually mean for you? What benefits are there? You are the Consul of San Marino to the United Kingdom – can you tell us about this role and what you do?
April 09, 2022
S3E10: ResearchEd Birmingham
Alright Bab!!! Listen to some of the highlights from a brilliant ResearchEd event at Birmingham! ResearchEd Brum was back with a bang and did not disappoint! Listen to hear highlights from: David Didau Anna Gillinder & Jennifer Webb Jen Barker Mary Myatt Ela McSorley Isaac Moore Sputnik Steve Oliver Caviglioli Kevin McGlaughlin Alex Quigley
April 03, 2022
S3E9: Walkthrus 3 with Tom Sherrington & Oliver Caviglioli
Batman & Robin, Mario & Luigi, Wallace & Gromit, Holmes & Watson, Ant & Dec, Sherrington & Caviglioli.  Morethanajob Podcast in association with ResearchEd has the absolute pleasure to welcome the greatest duo, partnership and bromance in education – Tom Sherrington & Oliver Caviglioli. They need no introduction as their reputation proceeds them and it is our absolute pleasure to welcome them both to the podcast for the first time as a duo. Welcome to the podcast! What have you both been up to since we saw you last at ResearchEd Surrey? We have the completion of the trilogy! Walkthrus 3 ( is being pre-ordered now and due for release on the 18th April. How does WT3 compliment WT & WT2? How does the writing process happen between you two? Who decides the colour? Oli – we love the avatars of Mo & Melissa but what’s your inspiration behind designing these avatars? How would you recommend we use the Walkthrus? Should ideas and strategies be clustered? Walkthrus 3 has 23 guest authors!! How have you come up with ideas for this edition? What is different about this edition? You write a Walkthru focussed on seating plans and you open by talking about designing the arrangement. Is there a proven best classroom layout? Is there advice you’d give to teachers as where to seat PPr, SEND students etc? You have focused on the a Walkthru guide for ending lessons and the last 10 minutes – why is this so important and what are the best steps to effectively ending a lesson? How will this Walkthrus guide support curriculum development and curriculum leaders? What in particular would you say are the key messages from Walkthrus 3? I was particularly drawn to your chapter on ‘Advance Organisers’ based upon the work of Robert Marzano et al. Is this an indication now that we’re increasing the level of expectations of students – I didn’t start pre-reading until I started university. How do we embed this into practice and school culture? We are finally seeing a move away from rigorous and ineffective marking policies with priority rightly being given to feedback. You have developed a Walkthru about ‘Assessment Portfolios’. Why have you included this, how are assessment portfolios used and is there any evidence to back their use? Morethanajob podcast are huge fans of the Walkthrus series and we have all used them and can see the impact. What would you say to those who haven’t come across the Walkthrus before and why would it benefit them to use the series? Fun Questions MG: If you could travel to anywhere in the world that you haven’t yet been to, where would you go to and why? MG: Who is your favourite Sec of State for Education and why? JW: Oli, you are stranded in Tom’s Learning Rainforest, what two items would you take with you? The items cannot be used to aid survival? DB: Who’s the most famous person that you have ever met and what did you say to them? DB: What next for you? The book can be ordered here: (
March 12, 2022
S3E8: Simon Antwis
Morethanajob podcast in association with ResearchEd have the pleasure to welcome Simon Antwis to our 50th episode! Simon is a former Headteacher of three schools, having qualified as a biology teacher at the start of his career. Simon is a former school inspector and now a senior education consultant at STEER education.  Tell us about life growing up for you and your own experience of education in your school years? What made you want to come into teaching? We are going to dig deep into the findings of the mental health report that STEER have published today, and we will make this available for our listeners to view. This was an extensive review gathered from schools for year 7-13 students. Almost 100 UK mainstream secondary schools were included in the sample, with an assessed student population n > 15,000. This has been an extensive report. Can you start by giving us the key headlines of the report, before explore areas in greater depth? The report shows that the pandemic has an average 25 % adverse effect on student’s self-regulation with girls are particularly affected, with a 33% decline. Why is this? What should schools be doing now to recover this? The report shows that boys’ self-regulation outside school has actually improved during the pandemic. Why have boys had a better outcome than girls? This data provides strong evidence that public exams have a direct negative emotional effect on the wellbeing of students. Surely STEER are not advocating the end of exams based upon this data? Are there any significant differences between state schools & independent schools?
March 06, 2022
S3E7: Daniel Kawczynski MP
Morethanajob podcast in association with ResearchEd have the pleasure to welcome former PPS for the Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs and former special advisor to Prime Minister David Cameron on Central & Eastern Europe, Daniel Kawczynski MP for Shrewsbury. You were born in Warsaw, Poland and moved to the UK aged 6, then attending a Roman Catholic School in Surrey. Can you tell us about life growing up for you and your own experience of education in your school years? How did this impact on your own emotional intelligence in politics? "[At Boarding School] We were beaten and punished severely." You were special advisor to Prime Minister David Cameron on Central & Eastern Europe, and of course born in Poland yourself. What are your thoughts on the current crisis between Russia and Ukraine? You were born at the height of the Cold War and your parents would have grown up during the most heightened of tensions. "Everything changes when you have a border with Russia." "Britain has played a disproportionate role in Europe and will continue to do so." When you were younger you prayed to be heterosexual and tried to ‘train your brain’ so as not to feel an attraction towards other men. What are your thoughts on the debate about the place of LGBTQ+ being taught/having a place in schools? Notably some schools in Birmingham have come under real scrutiny for teaching of LGBTQ+. How did you feel once you had revealed your sexuality? "Be proud of your sexuality."
February 22, 2022
S3E6: Karen Wespieser MBE
Morethanajob podcast in association with ResearchEd have the pleasure to welcome a leading voice in education. The author of ‘The ResearchEd guide to SEND’; a self confessed education evidence geek; the COO of TeacherTapp; a trustee of the Greenshaw Trust; the curriculum lead for children with SEND for the Oak Academy and the organiser of rEdBerks. Yes it is Karen Wespieser MBE. Tell us about life growing up for you and your own experience of education in your school years? What made you want to come into education? Let’s start with your book ‘The ResearchEd guide to SEND’. What was the inspiration behind this project? What are the key things that you have learnt from this and think need to be passed on to practioners? What are the biggest mistakes that teachers make when teaching SEND students? Are there any policy changes that you’d like to see the DfE implement to improve the whole educational outcomes and experiences of SEND children? Karen, you led the production of the curriculum for SEND students for the Oak National Academy. The start of the pandemic seems a long time ago but can you talk us through this period of your life? Who contacted you? What were you told? The mobilisation of the Oak National Academy was an incredible achievement. For those who haven’t heard about TeacherTapp – what is it? Why was it set up? With approx. 8000 responses each day – as a self confessed education evidence geek, you must be in your element? What have you learned from TeacherTapp? ResearchEd Berkshire is coming on 7th May 2022 – tell us all about what we can expect.
February 19, 2022
S3E5: Amjad Ali
It is our absolute pleasure to welcome a special guest to the Morethanajob podcast in association with ResearchEd. We are joined by Amjad Ali, a teacher, trainer. TEDx speaker and senior leader. Amjad has spent his career working in challenging, diverse schools and Young Offender Prisons. Amjad is a leader in the sector for CPD training, has co-organised several large teachmeets and si the co-founder of the charity the BAMEed Network. Could you tell us about your journey through education as a student and what was life like growing up for you? What inspired you to come into teaching? What does effective CPD look like and what advice would you give to senior leaders in order to create a culture for effective CPD? What are the most common mistakes or common pitfalls that schools make when planning CPD? You have a book coming out soon. Can you share with our listeners what we can look forward to? You’re passionate about increased opportunity for the BAME community in education, how can we achieve this? What could and should schools be doing to create a more diverse, tolerant and respectful society? To go further what are your thoughts on football fans booing when players take the knee and sports people being suspended and investigated for social media posts over 10 years ago? You’re an advocate for the Chartered College of Teaching – why do you think it is so important that teaching is given this recognition and status as a profession and what can we do to enhance it further.
February 12, 2022
S3E4: David Goodwin - Organise Ideas
Morethanajob podcast in association with ResearchEd have the pleasure to welcome a friend of the show David Goodwin. David is co-author of the hugely popular book ‘Organise Ideas’, an Associate Assistant Principal, Head of Year 10 & 11 and an ‘Evidence Lead in Education’ for Kyra Research. Tell us about life growing up for you and your own experience of education in your school years? What made you want to come into teaching? David you co-authored the book Organise Ideas with Oli Caviglioli, can you give listeners the rationale and ideas behind the book and how you ended up working with Oli? What are the 4 cognitions and how does this impact upon our thinking as classroom practioners? Frederick Reif says “Poorly organised knowledge cannot be readily remembered or used. But students don’t know how to organise their knowledge effectively.” So how do we help students to become organised? What should practioners consider? What is the external memory field and cognitive loops? You talk about it being your cognitive workspace. The body of ideas explores how gestures impact upon T&L. Specifically you explore the ‘gesture gap’ and state how parents & teachers must gesture more. What is the gesture gap and why should we gesture more? Much has been stated about dual coding and this is being embedded in practice now. You build upon this talking about word diagrams and how they are the crossover of verbal and visual stimuli. How can we best use word diagrams in our practice and why are they so powerful? We’ve made reference to the 4 cognitions and the 4th is ‘Thinking with others’. Why does sharing with others make us better thinkers? STUDENT EXEMPLARS: 
February 05, 2022
S3E3: the Rt. Hon Matt Hancock MP - Dyslexia Screening Bill
We are absolutely delighted to have the pleasure of welcoming a guest who has become one of the most well recognised and well known people in the UK. We are joined by the former Secretary of State for Digitial, Culture, Media & Sport and most notably the Secretary of Health & Social Care throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, the Rt. Hon Matt Hancock MP. 💥Tell us about life growing up for you and your own education?  💥 Matt, you very recently introduced a private members bill to parliament called the ‘Dyslexia Screening Bill’, which will receive its second reading on Friday 18thMarch. Why is this issue so important to you and why have you introduced this bill? 💥 Morethanajob totally back this bill and hope to see this bill come into law. However, once we’ve gathered the data and identified those with dyslexia – what next? How do we upskill, fund, support institutions, parents and even the students themselves? 💥What would you say to anyone listening who is dyslexic themselves? 💥 We are going to do a quick-fire section where we want a quick short answer or word association. · Re-introducing the national anthem at the start and the end of the day on television channels and a requirement for children to learn the national anthem at school · Free schools · Face masks in schools for children 💥 Matt, I’d like to explore some of your thoughts on social media and technology. Back in 2018 you stated that (at the time) you didn’t allow your own children to use social media and that more needs to be done to hold these companies to account. What do we need to do to protect our children from the dangers of social media? Should schools ban mobile phones?
January 30, 2022
S3E2: Michael Chiles - The Sweet Spot
We are joined by one of the leading voices in education, Michael Chiles, Associate Assistant Principal, Director of Tech and Innovation, a chartered geographer, a council member of the Chartered College of Teaching but most will know Michael as an influential education author, his books ‘The Craft of Assessment’, ‘The Feedback Pendulum’ and ‘The Sweet Spot’ are all hugely successful top sellers. 💥 Listen to Michael discuss his school life as register monitor and how he could have become a carpenter! 💥 Tell us about life growing up for you and your own education? 💥 What made you want to come into teaching? 💥 How do you use tech in your school? 💥ResearchEd Warrington is happening! It is sold out! What can we expect? 💥 Your third book ‘The Sweet Spot’ has been flying off the shelves and it was also illustrated by your good friend David Goodwin. For those who haven’t yet bought or read the book – can you give an overview and summary of what the book is about and why you wrote it. 💥 Peps McCrea writes how you really dig into essential nuts & bolts, and the book is very practical for all classroom practitioners. You start by talking about classroom layout. Is there an optimal classroom layout? How much consideration should we give to layout? 💥 In season 2 we talked to our mutual friend Jack TM about distractions in the classroom and how to maximise attention in the classroom based upon the research of Mike Hobbiss. You talk a lot about classroom aesthetics – what’s best? Plain walls, colourful displays, key word walls? 💥 Upgrading our curriculums and pitching up our lessons seems sensible and simple but this still doesn’t happen everywhere. How do we go about sorting this in schools where the pitch is still low? 💥 Scholarly Culture – what does this mean and how do we embed this?
January 28, 2022
S3E1: Dr Jeffery Quaye
Morethanajob podcast in association with ResearchEd starts season 3 with an exciting season planned.  More interviews, more ResearchEd events and more discussion and debate. We have the pleasure to be joined in our season 3 opener by Dr Jeffery Quaye PhD. Jeffery is the National Director of Education and Standards for the Aspirations & Academies Trust, a Lead Inspector for Ofsted, an external expert for Ofqual, a Fellow of the Royal Society for the encouragement of Arts, a DfE Expert Education Advisor, examiner of Maths for Pearson and former Headteacher of the City of London Academy. This is after a 1st class degree in engineering, a PGCE and Masters degree from the University of Hertfordshire, a PhD from Brunel, an Executive certificate from Cambridge and a Certificate in School Management and Leadership from Harvard! 💥Tell us about life growing up for you in Ghana and your own experience of education in your school years? 💥What made you want to come into teaching? 💥Can you tell us what your day to day as National Director of Education and Standards for the Aspirations & Academies Trust looks like? 💥 Much has been stated about the gap widening between those who are disadvantaged and those who are not as a result of the Covid pandemic – do you think this gap can ever be closed or will we just be raising the outcomes of all at a fairly linear rate? 💥 Covid-19 has completely changed the landscape of education and there has been a huge emphasis on digital learning and use of devices. How can you see the reimaging of the education landscape as we start to move out of the pandemic. 💥 There have been points mooted about how the BBC should be playing the national anthem at the end of their days broadcast, discussion has been raised over children learning the national anthem and schools are now judged based upon cultural capital – how do we continue to promote cultural capital in schools? 💥 You're quoted as saying “It’s going to take about 130 years to have any meaningful BAME representation [in headship (currently 4% approx..)].” How do we change this and what are the underlying reasons for such a small percentage? 💥 You’re a lead inspector for Ofsted – how have schools received Ofsted visits during the pandemic? Do you think that the judgement model is still for purpose? There is a voice out there calling for the end of grades.
January 21, 2022
S2E19: Jack Tavassoly-Marsh
It is our absolute pleasure to welcome Jack Tavassoley Marsh to the Morethanajob podcast. Jack is the Deputy Headteacher at Farnham Heath End School in Surrey, leading on Teaching & Learning across the curriculum as well as staff development. Jack is also a member of the Durrington Research School as an Evidence Lead in Education. But I am sure many of the listeners will know Jack for being the organiser of ResearchEd Surrey. 💥 Tell us about life growing up for you and your own education? 💥 What made you want to come into teaching? 💥Can you tell us more about being part of the Research School as an Evidence Lead in Education? Why do you care so much about research informed classroom practice? 💥 Jack you led a brilliant session at ResearchEd Surrey focussing on why students get distracted in lessons and what we can do to mitigate against these distractions in lessons. Can you start with the rationale behind this piece of research and what your research has shown? 💥 Ok so we have the research and the data that proves this but how can we reduce student inattention? What practical strategies can we use? Can you talk us through some of your recommendations? 💥 What are your thoughts on the plans for examinations next summer? What would you like to see the DfE do? 💥 Going back to your research projects – is there anything else you’ve worked on that has made a difference to your teaching?
December 08, 2021
S2E18: Professor Nadey Hakim
Professor Nadey Hakim It is our absolute pleasure to welcome multiple award winning surgeon Professor Nadey Hakim to the Morethanajob podcast – the first time that we have ever spoken to a surgeon on the podcast. Nadey has over 30 years experience specialising in transplants and bariatric surgery with an expertise in kidney and pancreas transplantation. He has published over 200 peer reviewed papers, written 24 textbooks and is one of the most sought after international speakers. Working for the Imperial College London as a consultant and a Presidential envoy, Harley Street, Vice President of the British Red Cross and an internationally sought after sculptor creating works for HM Queen Elizabeth II, Boris Johnson, Emmanuel Macron, Vladimir Putin, Kim Jong Un, Donald Trump & His Holiness the Pope. 💥Professor let’s start with who you are. Born in 1958 in Britain but you grew up in Lebanon during the civil war. What was your life like as a young man? How has this shaped you into the person you are today? 💥Professor following your early years you were driven to have a career in medicine, you received your MD from Paris Decartes University in 1984 and then began training at Guy’s Hospital. By 1995 you’d performed London’s first ever pancreas transplantation. Can you tell us about your early career in medicine. 💥Professor you represented Britain in 1998 performing the world’s first ever hand transplantation in Lyon and then your life changed when you saw a passenger reading about you in the Evening Standard. How did this change your life? 💥Professor, you then completed a double arm transplant on a French citizen in 2000 who’d lost both arms in an explosive accident. Can you talk to us about this part of your life. 💥Professor, I am huge fan of the book Black Box Thinking and the opening chapter focuses on the case of Elaine Bromiley and explores in more detail how surgeons are scrutinised and unable to make any mistakes. How there is a risk of a defensive culture and not having an openness to error. You were unfairly dismissed after surgery at Hammersmith, a judge rightly reinstated you. What was this period of your life like? 💥What advice would you give to children all over the word in their pursuit of education? 💥Professor, we then look at life outside of surgery and you have built an internationally recognised and award winning reputation as a portrait sculptor. You have created busts for HM Queen Elizabeth II, David Cameron, Boris Johnson, Emmanuel Macron, Kim Jong Un, Pope Francis and Donald Trump. How did this part of your career develop? 💥You’ve visited some incredible places can you try and explain how it was to visit Pyongyang and meet Kim Jong Un. You also recently visited Moscow to present a bust to Vladimir Putin and you’ve been honoured with the Order of Friendship for your contribution to the development of friendship, cooperation and mutual understanding between Russia & the UK.
November 28, 2021
S2E17: Tom Sherrington
LISTEN TO TOM SHERRINGTON AS NEVER BEFORE IN A RAW, HONEST, EMOTIONAL AND PASSIONATE EPISODE IN WHICH WE EXPLORE HIS LIFE AND CAREER - WHO IS TEACHERHEAD? It is our absolute pleasure to welcome Tom Sherrington to Morethanajob podcast. It is a real honour to be talking to an education celebrity and one of the most influential educators in the UK. Tom is an experienced former Headteacher and teacher and, having worked in schools for 30 years starting training in 1986. Tom is the author and co-author of many education books that have shaped the landscape of education including the learning rainforest and the Walkthru series. 💥 At ResearchEd Surrey you spent some time in Farnham after your talk as you grew up here. Tell us about yourself then – who is Tom Sherrington? What was life like growing up for you? 💥 Tom you then moved up t’north in Wigan and worked at Winstanley College teaching physics. What was life like as an NQT? You were influenced by Tom Billington – how did this shape your philosophy? 💥 So from the North back down South to Nottinghill at Holland Park School where you spent 7 years and served in a number of roles. You’ve talked about a baptism of fire for behaviour management – what’s your philosophy on behaviour management? Is there a particular philosophy that you believe in? 💥 Tom you’ve talked about your time in Jakarta with a culture of total achievement. What was this foreign experience like and do you think in the UK now we are starting to become so focussed on ‘closing the gap’ and vulnerable students that we are at risk of not stretching the very highest and able learners to maximise achievement? 💥 Grammar Schools. You worked at King Edward VI Grammar School in Chelmsford and this place holds a special place in your heart and educational journey. What made it so special and is there a place for Grammar Schools in the UK? 💥  Your last headship was at Highbury Grove. What is the story there? Do you miss the classroom and day to day school leadership? 💥 You have been part of the Headteachers’ Roundtable group – can you talk about this group and what it does? How much influence does it have?
November 18, 2021
S2E16: ATT Institute Team - People Development
It is our absolute pleasure to welcome the ATT Institute Team to this week’s podcast and we have our first ever returning guest, Abby Bayford, who last joined us on S1E8 to discuss her must read book ‘Letter to my NQT Self’. However, this time she hasn’t come alone and is with her amazing colleagues. First of all we have Mike Brett, who is the Deputy Director of Institute at ATT and an Assistant Principal. We also have Amy Staniforth, who is research lead for ATT and also an Assistant Principal. 💥 Mike and Amy could you start by giving us a summary of your journey as a teacher and what you have learned along the way. 💥 Abby do you miss the classroom now you’ve moved into this role as Director of Institute? 💥 What is ATTI's people development vision? 💥 What are the enablers/active ingredients of people development? 💥 As research lead how do you engage in research? Where do you even begin to start? 💥 What does professional/staff development look like if you’re an ATT employee? 💥  Your programme of people development is MAT wide – what are the greatest challenges of this? 💥 How are you responding to the changing landscape of teacher development and do you think with the new ECF and NPQs we might have finally cracked the recruitment and retention problem? 💥 What motivates you in your roles of people development?
November 14, 2021
S2E15: Nick Hart
It is our absolute pleasure to welcome Nick Hart, Executive Headteacher of Courthouse Junior School in Berkshire. Nick is a well-respected voice in education and many of you will have heard him talking at ResearchEd. Nick is also the organiser of ResearchEdBerks, which will be on 7th May 2022. Nick also runs an influential blog and is a visiting fellow of Ambition Institute. 💥 Could you start by talking us through your journey as a teacher and what you have learned along the way. 💥 For those who haven’t visited Courthouse Junior School what can they expect when immersed in your school day? Can you tell us about the Courthouse way? 💥 You’ve created a leadership handbook, 146 pages of absolute gold dust, it is so extensive. Can you talk to us about this project?  💥 We spoke to Mary Myatt about her book with John Tomsett ‘Huh’ and we discussed the relationship of senior and middle leaders and how best to support. This is something that you have blogged about recently. So how can senior leaders best support subject leaders? 💥 Talking about middle leaders/subject leaders – what makes a great subject leader? What do they need to know, need to do? 💥 How do we know if students are making progress? 💥 What do you think are the biggest differences in leading a primary school than that of a secondary school? Would you feel confident in leading a secondary or an all through school?
November 09, 2021
S2E14: Megan Mansworth
Megan Mansworth is an experienced teacher and leader who has taught English and guided students to achieve outstanding results across a variety of state schools. Megan has been Leader of Research and Leader of English for two different MATs and her writing has been published in national media publications. Megan is currently completing her PhD in Literary Linguistics and of course is the author of top selling book ‘Teaching to the Top’. 💥Could you start by talking us through your journey as a teacher and what you have learned along the way. 💥Your book is called ‘Teaching to the Top’ – what does that actually mean in practice? 💥Teaching is a profession and like any profession you want and need experts. How important is it to build the foundation of developing high-level knowledge and how can we do this? 💥There is continual talk about the level of challenge in the curriculum and pitching up, how do we embed this challenge? 💥A common issue that I have witnessed in classrooms and lessons is a real level of passivity, the teacher working harder than the students etc. What do you mean when talking about thinking hard and how do we get students to think hard in lessons? 💥This is a big question and obviously inspired a lot of the thinking in the book, chapter 4 is about teaching to the top and not to the test, something that schools have been guilty of and some may still be guilty of, so how do we teach to the top and are we not a risk of not meeting expected outcomes if we don’t think of the test? 💥I have a real passion for ensuring that staff understand how and why we make reasonable adjustments for some students, when and where needed. This leads to the chapter you wrote on the dangers of differentiation. What are the dangers and what common errors do practioners make? 💥Due to circumstance, background, parenting and many other factors, some children don’t have the aspiration or drive to reach the top. What would you recommend to school leaders to help them believe that anything is possible?
November 04, 2021
S2E13: Don't Exclude Me
Marie Gentles OBE is a Government Behaviour advisor and star of the recent ground-breaking BBC documentary ‘Don’t Exclude Me’ which aired on BBC Two and is available on the iPlayer. She currently runs a behaviour consultancy Magic Behaviour Ltd and prior to this was the Headteacher of an Outstanding Pupil Referral Unit and Social Emotional and Mental Health provision which featured on Victoria Derbyshire’s BBC One show. Marie’s influence and Partnerships with many schools, The DfE and families has had immense success in transforming pupil’s behaviour and significantly reducing the rate of permanent exclusions. Katie L’Aimable is a fellow director at Magic Behaviour Ltd. Katie started her career at an inner London mainstream school where she fostered and developed her love of working with pupils and families with additional needs. Katie was also the Deputy Head of the same outstanding Pupil Referral Unit and was also the executive lead for a successful key stage 2 Nurture Group pilot project, which saw some of the most vulnerable children in a London Borough transform their behaviour and reintegrate back into mainstream school. 💥 How did you get into teaching and did you end up becoming a behaviour expert and expert advisor, then the same question to you Katie. 💥 On both BBC programmes you’ve featured on, it clearly shows you achieving positives outcomes for the young people in need of your support. How do you go about this and what techniques do you use? 💥 Do you feel that there are too many children being excluded from mainstream provision and if so, what is the reason for this? What would you do to prevent or reduce it? 💥 The American Psychiatrist Ross W. Greene who we recently interviewed, says that ‘Kids do well if they can’ and consequently he is not a big fan of sanctions or rewards as a way of turning round challenging behaviour. What are your thoughts on this? 💥 Are there ever any reasons where you would support a school with permanently excluding a child? 💥 Can you explain how you operate with Magic behaviour Ltd how do schools sign you up and what services do you offer?
November 03, 2021
S2E12: ResearchEd Surrey 2021 Part 2
We were live at ResearchEd Surrey 2021 and have a wonderful highlights package with insights of the day from many of the leading voices in education. Listen to this episode as we are joined by: 💥 Becky Allen & Matthew Evans 💥 Daisy Christodoulou  💥 Kevin Surrey, Suzy Wybrow & Jon Owen 💥 Lianne Lax 💥 Mark Enser 💥 Yvonne Jones 💥 Michael Chiles 💥 Patrice Bain Plus hear from some of the delegates: 💥 Simi Ajayi & George McCormack 💥 Dan Hunt & Vicky Moorby
October 24, 2021
S2E11: ResearchEd Surrey 2021 Part 1
We were live at ResearchEd Surrey 2021 and have a wonderful highlights package with insights of the day from many of the leading voices in education. Listen to this episode as we are joined by: 💥 Abby Bayford & Mike Brett 💥 Jack Tavassoly-Marsh 💥 Josh Goodrich 💥 Lekha Sharma 💥 Oliver Caviglioli 💥 David Goodwin 💥 Pete Foster 💥 Tom Sherrington Plus hear from some of the delegates: 💥 Cali Price 💥 Katherine Reading 💥 Michelle Creer  💥 Scott Mellors
October 22, 2021
S2E10: Mary Myatt
Athena – goddess of wisdom and reason Iris - represents royalty, courage, wisdom and was a messenger between heaven and earth Mary Myatt – meaning Queen of the Curriculum, a wise authority of matters of education and inspirational Yes it is our absolute pleasure to welcome Mary Myatt to Morethanajob podcast, in association with ResearchEd. Mary is one of the leading voices in education and has authored many influential and must read texts such as ‘The Curriculum: Gallimaufry to Coherence’, ‘Back on Track’ and most recently ‘Huh’ that was written with John Tomsett. A former LA advisor and inspector, a governor in several schools and a trustee for a MAT. Now Mary spends her professional days an educational advisor, writer and speaker and also is a member of the curriculum advisory group for Oak National Academy. 💥 What makes an effective curriculum for a school? 💥Your book with John Tomsett is a book of curriculum conversations between subject and senior leaders. What can and should we do to support both senior and middle leaders to bring real credibility and purpose to this relationship to ensure we are truly developing curriculum and subjects? 💥 Within Key Stage 4, how do balance choice vs compulsion? Where do you think the line is? 💥 Curriculum maps – are these worth sharing with students? 💥  Marking books – is it worth the cost? What would you advocate to promote effective assessment? 💥 How important is awareness of cognitive science and application of research in developing outstanding schools, cultures and teachers? Do effective schools have staff who regularly engage with pedagogical research? 💬 "Marking kids books is a complete & utter waste of time....Talk to them and model through a visualiser." 💬 "Teachers time on marking costs £4.5bn with no evidence of any impact." 💬 "Mark extended pieces but feedback as close to the action as possible. As for verbal feedback stamps........" 💬 "Anything that we're asked to do we should ask why." [Seek rationale, evidence and understanding - this is not suggesting insubordination or rudeness!] 💬 "Always be powered by curiosity." Mary's website: 
October 17, 2021
S2E9: Stuart Lock
Listen to one of the most influential educators in the UK. Stuart is the CEO of Advantage Schools and he has previously been Headteacher of a school in Cambridgeshire.  Prior to that his experience was in four London schools.  Stuart regularly presents at national conferences, particularly on the philosophy of education and on educational research. Stuart oversees Bedford Free School which is one of only 12 schools in England to have been graded as OUTSTANDING under the EIF 2019. He has advised the Department for Education on a few groups, including the group that developed the Early Career Framework, the group that wrote the Headteacher Standards in 2019, and the group that looked at the role of National Leaders of Education in 2019. 💥 What has made Bedford Free School such an amazing place for staff to teach and students to learn?  💥 What advice would you give to school leaders to establish great behaviour in schools? 💥 What are the cornerstones/pillars to an effective curriculum intent and model? 💥 Marking books – is it worth the cost? 💥 What are your thoughts on the GCSE exams announcements on optionality, advanced notice and the overall plans for 2022? 💥 You blogged in June about teacher recruitment & retention. You said “It will be game changing if we do this do this properly.” What does it look like being done properly? 💥 What are the characteristics of an effective leader in schools?
October 08, 2021
S2E8: Kate Jones
It is our absolute pleasure to welcome Kate Jones to Morethanajob podcast in association with ResearchEd. Kate Jones is the best selling author of many influential books including the retrieval practice series and most recently ‘5 Formative Assessment Strategies in Action’. Kate is an ambassador Winston's Wish and also the recently appointed teaching and learning lead for InnerDrive. 💥 Can you help us understand the science & research behind retrieval practice? 💥 What advice and best strategies would you give to colleagues in order to successfully implement retrieval practice in their classrooms and curriculums. 💥 Marking books – is it worth the cost?  💥 What would you advocate to promote effective teaching & learning? 💥 One of your most recent books is ‘Five Formative Assessment strategies in Action’. The basis behind this research is from Dylan Wiliam’s book 10 years ago and the 5 identified strategies are: Clarifying, understanding, and sharing learning intentions Engineering effective classroom discussions, tasks and activities that elicit evidence      of learning Providing feedback that moves learners forward Activating students as learning resources for one another Activating students as owners of their own learning Can we explore each of these strategies and understand what they mean to those at the chalkface? 💥 You’ve also got another book coming out at the end of November called ‘The Teaching Life’ – what can we expect from this book? 💥 How important is awareness of cognitive science and application of research in developing outstanding schools, cultures and teachers? Do effective schools have staff wo regularly engage with pedagogical research?
October 04, 2021
S2E7: David 'The King of English' Didau
It is our absolute pleasure to welcome David Didau to Morethanajob podcast in association with ResearchED. We briefly spoke to David at ResearchEd21 but now we have the pleasure of a full interview to fully explore the mind and philosophy of the ‘King of English’. David runs one of the most influential education blogs in the UK and has won an awards for this. He has got Ofsted listening to him and has consulted on the Inspection Handbook. He works with schools and offers advice and support to those who need it. He is a bestselling author has committed to ‘Making Kids Cleverer’ and ‘Making Meaning in English’. 💥 In one of your blogs you use the phrase “Rather than settling for good things, we must be alert for better things.” To close the literacy gap what strategies would you suggest and or what considerations should school leaders have full awareness of? 💥 Can you give us the overwhelming argument for why we need to read out loud? Will this create fluent readers? 💥 Cancel Culture. Of Mice & Men. To Kill a Mockingbird. What are your thoughts on these texts and their place in the English curriculum? Also what is your advice to build a curated reading curriculum for schools? 💥 Marking books – is it worth the cost? What would you advocate to promote effective teaching & learning? 💬 "Show me how this book demonstrates that the curriculum is being learned. You are looking at the kids work [not the marking]." 💥 Is Curriculum 'all That'? 💥 What do we need to do to make kids cleverer?
October 02, 2021
S2E6: Dr Ross W. Greene
Join us for a mind blowing episode in which we talk to the BIGGEST NAME in Psychology. Ross is a clinical psychologist and a New York Times bestselling author of the influential books The Explosive Child, Lost at School, Lost and Found, and Raising Human Beings. He is the originator of the model of care described in those books, now called Collaborative & Proactive Solutions (CPS). Dr. Greene was on the faculty at Harvard Medical School for over 20 years, and is now founding director of the non-profit Lives in the Balance, which provides a vast array of free, web-based resources on the CPS model. He has appeared in a wide range of media, including The Oprah Show, Good Morning America, The Washington Post, The Chicago Tribune, and the Boston Globe. 💥 How have you become an expert on the challenging behaviours of young people? 💥 You’ve coined the phrase ‘Kids do well if they can’, what does this mean and what implication does it have for teachers and caregivers? 💥 What would you say to educators who believe that sanctions are necessary to promote good order and discipline in schools? 💥 How would you respond to those who call your method and approach as woke? How can you not consider sanctions & rewards? 💥 What advice would you give to someone working with a challenging student – what techniques could they use to improve the outcome in a positive way? 💬 "I'd rather be solving problems than modifying behaviour." 💬 "The last thing our prisoners need is more punishment." 💬 "Why does society continue with punishment, reward & sanction?" 💬 "I hate seeing kids getting...secluded for expectations we already know that the kid cannot reasonably meet." 💬 "No excuses behaviour policies = Ineffective. Silent corridors = archaic."
September 25, 2021
S2E5: Eric Sheninger
LISTEN as we welcome our first ever American educator and it doesn't get bigger than ERIC SHENINGER!! Eric began his career in education as a teacher of science in New Jersey with a fixed mindset but went on to lead New Milford High School as an award winning principal, with the school becoming a globally recognized model for innovative practices. Eric is a best selling author, his most recently published book ‘Disruptive Thinking’ will be discussed tonight, he is a consultant and a much sought after speaker. 💥 What is 'Disruptive Thinking'? 💥 How do we balance technology & pedagogy? 💥 What can schools do to ensure that students enjoy education? 💥 What is the difference between skills & competencies? 💥 What ideas do you have to check for understanding in the classroom? 💬 "We learn when we reflect on experience." 💬 "Why am I learning this?" 💬 "I learned how far behind my school was...I learned how to unlearn and then re-learn. That's when the magic happened." 💬 "Does the school environment reflect the world in which we need to survive?" 💬 "An effective leader is an effective communicator." Find his MUST READ book here: 
September 19, 2021
S2E4: Lucinda Powell
Wow what a episode to explore deep into the MIND!! 🧠 Lucinda has a degree in Philosophy and Psychology, a masters in Special and Inclusive education, is a qualified teacher and taught psychology from 2002-2017.  Her passions lie in psychology and education and luckily the two are inextricably linked. She now produces an excellent podcast called ‘Psychology in the classroom’ and writes a weekly blog summarising psychological research on learning and education. This is a must listen for educators and parents: 💥 What does good mental health provision look like in schools? How do we achieve that? 💥 What is the science behind a good nights sleep positively correlating to greater memory? 💥 What quick fixes have you got for current Y11 students who realise they may have left it too late? 💬 "£1,500 per year is lost to absenteeism or presenteeism."
September 17, 2021
S2E3: Barry Smith
LISTEN to the inspirational Barry Smith talking education, culture, standards and vision! Barry Smith is a teacher of nearly 25 years, a founding deputy headteacher at Michaela School, former headmaster of Great Yarmouth Charter Academy and educational consultant. Doug Lemov describes Barry’s lessons as ‘simply brilliant’, ‘magical’ and ‘hugely engaging’. Tom Bennett said of Barry, ‘His kids love him. They have a command of French that is stunning; I’ve never seen anything like it in my career.’ Tom Sherrington describes Barry’s lessons as ‘fabulous’ and ‘dazzling’, adding, ‘this isn’t like any language learning I’ve seen before.’ But Barry has also been dubbed the ‘strictest and toughest headteacher’ in the country and at times been descried controversial. What is undisputable though is his passion to improve the life chances of young people in UK schools. 💥 What made the Michaela project so successful? 💥 What do you mean when you talk about 'The Top of the Pyramid'? 💥 What are the core components of a successful school? 💥 How do you tackle students who don't come in to school? 💥 What does an effective lesson look like? 💬 "Culture, culture, culture." 💬 "I love to make students confident." 💬 "Written feedback to teachers isn't useful." 💬 "We've got to stop teachers giving excessive praise."
September 12, 2021
S2E2: ResearchEd 2021 #rED21 Part 2
@_Morethanajob is back for season 2 and we are back with a bang! We were live at ResearchEd21 and have a wonderful season opener with insights of the day from many of the leading voices in education. Listen to this episode as we are joined by: 💥 David Didau - The 'King' of English 💥 Dr Verena Brähler - Deputy Director of Research and Evaluation at Ofsted 💥 Alex Quigley - National Content manager at the EEF  💥 Joe Collin - Programme Manager at the EEF  💥 Stewart Pinnock - English Literature expert 💥 Heather Fearn - HMI leading Ofsted's Curriculum Unit 💥 Jonathan Barnes - Editorial Director of John Catt Education 💥 Tom Sherrington - Author, Consultant, Walkthru master, educational god 💥 Abby Bayford - author of must buy book 'Letter to my NQT Self' 💥 Ester Gray - Education Project Lead for Orbis Trust. Expert Advisor for TDT 💥 Prof Rob Coe - Director of Research and Development at Evidence Based Education & Senior Associate at the EEF
September 05, 2021
S2E1: ResearchEd 2021 #rED21 Part 1
@_Morethanajob is back for season 2 and we are back with a bang!  We were live at ResearchEd21 and have a wonderful season opener with insights of the day from many of the leading voices in education. Listen to this episode as we are joined by: 💥Tom Bennett - the founder of ResearchEd 💥Ambition Institute 💥Stuart Lock - the CEO of Advantage Schools 💥Amanda Spielman - HM Chief Inspector for Ofsted 💥Nuno Crato - Former Portugese Minister of Education 💥 James Handscombe - Principal of Harris Westminster Sixth Form 💥David Rogers - Behaviour lead at a coastal strip secondary school 💥Paul Kirschner - The world's leading Professor of Educational Psychology  💥Megan Mansworth - author of new book 'Teaching to the Top' and Teaching Fellow at Aston University 💥Mary Myatt - Influential education advisor, writer and speaker 💥John Tomsett - Leading researcher, educationalist and author
September 05, 2021
S1E23: Sam Strickland
Listen to the SEASON FINALE as we chat to the inspirational Principal Sam 'Strickomaster' Strickland on his pursuit to achieve the Halycon Dream. Sam is the Principal of a large all-through school and has helped to guide its GCSE results from the bottom 20% nationally to the top 20% and A Level outcomes to the top 5% nationally. The initial organiser of researchED Northampton, he is a leading voice in the current conversation in education. He has had educational resources and research published and has also delivered courses nationally and served as a lead facilitator for NPQSL. He is also the author of the hugely inspiring and influential books Education Exposed – ‘Leading a school in a time of uncertainty’ & ‘In pursuit of the halcyon dream.’ 'Knowledge itself is power' sits at the core of Sam’s educational philosophy and influences all that he does. 💥 What is the halcyon dream and how do we successfully pursue this? 💥 How do we make the curriculum god? 💥 How do we ensure good behaviour in schools? 💥 Why do you think people criticise your way of leading a school? 💥 What does effective Teaching & Learning look like? 💥What are your thoughts on building culture through a house system?
July 20, 2021
S1E22: Kathryn Morgan & Jade Pearce
Listen we chat with Kathryn Morgan & Jade Pearce. Kathryn Morgan is Head of Leadership Content at the Teacher Development Trust. Kathryn is a former Deputy Head Teacher and MAT Director of Professional Learning and Development. Having previously worked at Ambition Institute as Associate Dean for Learning Design, Kathryn is interested in the instructional design and content of leadership professional development. Kathryn keeps her knowledge and experience of school improvement up-to-date as a Chair of Governors. Jade Pearce is an Assistant Headteacher for Teaching & Learning. Jade also has an NPQH & a Masters in Education. Jade is also a primary school governor and also a member of the Education Endowment Foundation Expert Voicers Group. 💥 Why is CPD so important and what should leaders and colleagues do to make it effective? 💥 Can you give us some insight as to the current priorities of the TDT? 💥 Why should teaching and learning be evidence informed? 💥 “Schools should remove formal individualised written marking from their culture and policies.” What are your views and thoughts on that statement? 💥 How do you encourage staff to become reflective about their own teaching and management? 💥 What strategies would you use to support a member of who is underperforming?
July 15, 2021
S1E21: The Feedback Pendulum with Michael Chiles
Listen as we chat with Michael Chiles, Associate Assistant Principal, Director of Tech and Innovation, a chartered geographer, a council member of the Chartered College of Teaching but most will know Michael as an influential education author. Michael started his career as an author contributing to Geography textbooks and revision guides but his books ‘The Craft of Assessment’ and ‘The Feedback Pendulum’ have been top sellers on Amazon and you can pre-order ‘The Sweet Spot’ now. 💥 How do you build the correct culture for feedback? 💥 How should teachers feedback to students? 💥 How should we feedback to teachers & colleagues? 💥 Should we scrap parents' evenings? 💥 What should WCF sheets look like? 💬 "We got tangled up with the words marking & feedback...I learnt the hard way where marking became a burden...and just a waste of time." 💬 "I haven't marked a book for years now. Has it had a detrimental impact on learning? No. Not at all." 💬 "Whenever I observe, I just write a narrative of what the teacher is saying and what the pupil is saying." 
July 08, 2021
S1E20: Fleur Anderson MP - Member of the Education Select Committee
Listen as we chat with Fleur Anderson MP of the Commons Education Select Committee 💥 Why did Labour vote against the recommendations and findings of the Commons Education Select Committee report into 'White Privilege'? 💥Thoughts on Sir Kevan's resignation & the government's catch up plan 💥 Are Labour really a viable opposition to an increasingly unpopular government and DfE team? 💥 What should schools do about the growing rise in sexual harassment in schools and exposure to online pornography? 💥 What makes great school culture and great schools? We are joined by Fleur Anderson MP. Fleur’s victory was the only gain that Labour made in the 2019 General Election making her entry to the House of Commons even more special. Fleur has already made a name for herself in Whitehall and Parliament as she is a member of the Commons Education Select Committee and now the fifth member of the committee to join us on the podcast. Fleur is also the Shadow Minister for the Cabinet Office, shadowing former Sec. of State for Education the Rt. Hon Michael Gove MP.
July 01, 2021
S1E19: Branwen Jeffreys - BBC Education Editor
📰 EXCLUSIVE 📰 Join us as we have the pleasure of interviewing the BBC Education Editor Branwen Jeffreys! Branwen visits thousands of schools and speaks to tens of thousands of students every year and has a great insight into education in the UK. 💥 What is your impartial view on the Govt. catch up plan? 💥 What is your impartial view on the resignation of Sir Kevan's resignation over the catch up plan? Was it inevitable? 💥 What is your impartial assessment of Gavin Williamson's performance as Sec. of State for Education? 💥 What do you think the long term educational legacy will be post covid? 💥 What advice would you give to students who have missed school? Branwen Jeffreys is the education editor of the BBC. Branwen is known for her engaging and analytical style on TV and radio, initially as Health correspondent where she reported from across the world. More recently as education editor, Branwen has been at the forefront of reporting on education throughout the pandemic and has interviewed some of the leading figures in UK education.
June 24, 2021
S1E18: Ian Mearns MP - Member of Education Select Committee
Listen as we chat with Ian Mearns MP of the Commons Education Select Committee.  💥Thoughts on Sir Kevan's resignation 💥Are the tutoring programmes reaching the right children? 💥Is Labour's plan for education a fanciful wish list?  💥How is Labour going to pay for this fanciful wish list? 💥What other priorities are the Commons Education Select Committee currently working on? 💥How does the Commons Education Select Committee come to a consensus? 💥Is the Commons Education Select Committee strong enough to hold the DfE to account? 💥How should we reform the prison education system? 💥What makes great school culture & ethos? 💥What should we do to prevent teacher burnout? 💥Is Steve Bruce the right man for Newcastle United? 💥Thoughts on taking the knee and England cricketers on social media It is our absolute pleasure to welcome a special guest to the Morethanajob podcast. We are joined by Ian Mearns MP. Ian is the Labour MP for Gateshead having been first elected to Parliament in 2010. Ian has served on multiple Commos committees but has served as a member of the Commons Education Select Committee in successive parliaments. Ian’s passion for education also sees him serving as a Director of the Bishop Wilkinson Education Trust.
June 12, 2021
S1E17: Ndidi Okezie CEO of UKYouth
Join us for a fascinating episode with Ndidi Okezie the CEO of UKYouth who says there is still so much work to do when it comes to supporting our young people through their educational and life journey. This is such an insightful episode with some major topics tackled and discussed: 💥 How is UKYouth going to ‘unlock’ the potential and skills of Youth Workers to fully support all of those invested in the development of young people? 💥 The importance and power of opportunity & experience outside of the classroom and how it can unlock relationships between teachers and students 💥 How did she react being told that people like her don’t do careers such as Drs, Lawyers & Accountants 💥 Why did Ndidi feel like she didn’t belong at Warwick University & how much an impact did the fact that “…no-one looked like me” have on her? 💥 Is there still institutional racism? 1 year on from George Floyd & 28 years since the Stephen Lawrence murder 💥 Why does Ndidi now refuse to debate her life & lived experiences when talking to the media? 💬 “All young people should be equipped to thrive and empowered to contribute.” 💬“You cannot make a decision because of fear.” 💬“We are not willing to stay in the moment of discomfort & discuss it.” 💬“We’ve admired the problem for too long.” 💬“Young people are watching our behaviour and listening to our narrative.” Ndidi is an advocate of system change, passionate about youth voice, social justice and building sustained opportunities for overlooked and underestimated communities. Ndidi is the CEO of UK Youth, a leading charity to ensure that all young people are equipped to thrive and empowered to contribute at every stage of their lives. Prior to this Ndidi has served as Vice President for Pearson Education managing the Secondary Schools Portfolio, served on the DfE Youth Character Education Advisory Group and was an Executive Director of Teach First.
June 03, 2021
S1E16: David Weston (TDT) 'Unleashing Great Teaching'
Join us for an amazing episode in which David Weston discusses how we can Unleash Great Teaching on #Morethanajob podcast. 💥How do we make more time for CPD? 💥What is culture? 💥What are the ingredients of good schools? 💥Ideas to repurpose directed time 💥What else should the govt. do to support professional development? 💥How can an improvement of working conditions impact on student attainment? David is the founder and Chief Executive of the Teacher Development Trust. He is Chair of the Department for Education’s Teachers’ Professional Development Expert Group and, alongside Bridget Clay, wrote Unleashing Great Teaching: the secrets to the most effective teacher development. David taught maths and physics for ten years in two schools in London and the South East. He is a Founding Fellow of the Chartered College of Teaching. David speaks and writes frequently for the education sector and national media and has had a number of radio and TV appearances on the subject of teaching, teacher development and LGBTQ+ issues.
May 22, 2021
S1E15: Leadership with Andy Buck
Join us for an amazing episode with Andy Buck the man who knows that 'Leadership Matters' and shares his wisdom on #Morethanajob podcast. What is more important - character or competence? What challenges do the media present to school leaders? Why should you always mind your Ps & Qs with Andy Buck? What does it mean to be psychologically safe? What makes a great school? Who told Andy Buck he was too cocky? A geography teacher by trade, Andy went on to become a headteacher for thirteen years at two schools in east London. In the last year of headship, his school was judged outstanding in all categories and Andy was designated a National Leader of Education. In 2009 he become a Director at the National College for School Leadership. He was subsequently responsible for setting up the government's flagship Teaching Schools programme before being appointed as Managing Director at United Learning, one of the country’s largest academy groups. Since 2014, Andy has founded Leadership Matters which aims to improve the educational outcomes for pupils by supporting great leadership development.  Andy has written seven leadership and coaching books, the most recent of which is ‘An Introduction to the BASIC coaching model’.
May 15, 2021
S1E14: Running the Room with Tom Bennett
Join us for an amazing episode with Behaviour Tsar Tom Bennett who not only 'runs the room' but joins us to run the podcast!! Incredibly insightful to learn about Tom's journey in education, discussing the controversial behaviour hubs, the success of ResearchEd and his expert advice on some behaviour scenarios including breaking up gang cultures.  Tom isn't afraid to give his opinion. Listen as he described Twitter as being similar to Prof X from X-Men, how much of teaching has been based on 'folk teaching', why he upset Game of Thrones fans and his favourite tastes in music! Tom is the founder and director of researchED, a non-profit organisation that runs teacher conferences about research and education. He is the author of several books on teacher training, the most successful of which is Running the Room: the teacher’s guide to behaviour. In 2015 he was appointed the UK government’s independent advisor on school behaviour, or ‘behaviour tsar,’ and is in charge of the Behaviour Hubs program.
May 09, 2021
S1E13: PTSD with Police Interceptors star Ben Pearson (retired PC 1965)
Join us for an amazing episode in which we talk to Police Interceptors star Ben Pearson (@bs_pearson) about his journey through education, being an interceptor and his struggles with PTSD and his campaign to tackle Mental Health in the police force. Ben is frank, honest and open in this latest episode of #Morethanajob.  Ben is a published author and you can read his book 'Handcuffed Emotions' to get even further insight into his journey or subscribe to his YouTube channel with over 1 MILLION views!
May 02, 2021
S1E12: Diversity & Inclusivity in Education with Hannah Wilson (@Ethical_Leader)
It is our absolute pleasure to welcome a Hannah Wilson (@Ethical_Leader) to the Morethanajob podcast. Hannah is the founder of the influential WomenEd and DiverseEd movements. Hannah is a DfE coach for the Women Leading in Education initiative and an advocate for flexible working. She specialises in: Diversity, Inclusion and Equality, Professional Learning, Early Career Teachers, Mental Health and Wellbeing. We discuss how we can ensure greater diversity in the education sector. Why is there a lack of diverse leaders in senior positions? Is there deep rooted institutional racism in the educational sector? 
April 23, 2021
S1E11: Jonathan Gullis MP - Member of the Education Select Committee
Join us as we chat with Jonathan on his journey from the Classroom to the Commons.  *Jonathan calls for Mary Bousted & Kevin Courtney to resign or at least debate him on #Morethanajob *Is there a breakdown in respect in society? *Fundamental British Values *Are universities woke? *Banning mobile phones in schools *PGCEs & teacher training It is our absolute pleasure to welcome a very special guest to the Morethanajob podcast. We are joined by Jonathan Gullis MP. Jonathan was elected as the Member of Parliament for Stoke-on-Trent North, Kidsgrove and Talke in 2019. Previously he worked as a secondary school teacher in Birmingham. Jonathan was a Head of Year and was responsible for the achievement, behaviour and safety of over 250 students. He oversaw whole school attendance for Years 7 to 11 and was also the school trade union representative for the NASUWT. As a member of the Education Select Committee Jonathan is focused on ensuring that we improve outcomes and chances for students.
April 16, 2021
S1E10: Jess Phillips MP
Jess Phillips has been Labour MP for Birmingham Yardley since 2015. An outspoken critic of the Labour leadership under Jeremy Corbyn, she now sits on the front bench as the shadow Minister for Domestic Violence and safeguarding. Recently to coincide with International Women’s day and the high-profile murder of Sarah Everard, Jess read out the names of 118 women and girls who were killed where a man has been charged as primary perpetrator. Jess has run a campaign which saw children from Birmingham deliver a petition to Downing Street in protest at school cuts and her own father Stewart was a teacher. Join us as we discuss Jess' work as Shadow Minister for Domestic Violence & Safeguarding, growing up as a daughter of a teacher, the protests at Parkfield School, Tom Bennett's behaviour hubs and her general views on education 
April 10, 2021
S1E9: Edward Timpson CBE MP - Review of School Exclusions
It is our absolute pleasure to welcome a very special guest to the Morethanajob podcast. We are joined by Edward Timpson CBE MP. Edward was elected to Parliament in 2008 becoming the first Conservative to win a by-election since 1982, serving Crewe & Nantwich for 9 years and has since been MP for Eddisbury since 2019. Edward served as Under-Secretary of State for Children & Families from 2012-2015, becoming Minister of the year in 2014 for his commitment to reforms on the age of leaving foster care, which was raised to age 21. Edward then served at Minister of State for Children & Families for David Cameron & Theresa May. Edward was commissioned by the Secretary of State for Education to review school exclusions and published his findings in the extremely influential ‘Timpson Review of School Exclusion’ in May 2019. Join us as we discuss foster care, exclusions, behaviour management, how the DfE works from the inside, PE in schools and who is the greatest manager - Sir Alex Ferguson or Pep Guardiola!!
April 08, 2021
S1E8: 'Letter to my NQT Self' with Abby Bayford and Natalie Taylor
Join us for a special extended podcast this week as we discuss 'Early Careers Teaching' with Abby Bayford, Director of Institute for Academy Transformation Trust and Natalie Taylor, NQT and future school leader. We discuss dos and dont's of your NQT year, what SLT could do more of, what does a good induction look like, the benefits of the new ECF guidance, what we would order from the pub and Hamilton the musical!!! Abby's book is a must read for all ECT and SLT to make sure we develop our future stars and leaders. It can be bought on Amazon at 
April 02, 2021
S1E7: 'Beyond Wiping Noses' with Sputnik Steve
Listen in as we are joined by Stephen Lane a.k.a. Sputnik Steve, author of the hugely influential book 'Beyond Wiping Noses' ( We discuss behaviour management in schools, should assemblies be focussed on famous people, isolation booths, restorative justice and much more. 
March 20, 2021
S1E6: Education Room 101
As we are opening our doors to all students from Monday 8th March, we wanted to have some fun and debate some light hearted ideas to forget about the stress. So join the lads as they discuss their education pet peeves and discuss the case for putting these things into 'Room 101' and forever consigned to oblivion!! Do you agree that the following go to 'Room 101'? Back to School small talk  The phrase 'joined up thinking'  Fake promotional videos Pointless copying down of lesson objectives  Badly planned INSET days  In person parents' evenings
March 06, 2021
S1E5: Back to school #morethanajob
Join us as we discuss & debate the news of the return to school from 8th March, summer school catch up and the GCSE teacher assessed grades. Plenty of debate and opinion in this weeks episode - probably our best yet!! Plenty of back and forth between Daniel & James and Mary Bousted, Head of NEU, is called out for unhelpful comments!
February 26, 2021
S1E4: Rt. Hon Robert Halfon MP - Chair of the Education Select Committee
It is our pleasure to welcome a very special guest to the #Morethanajob podcast. We are joined by the Rt Hon Robert Halfon MP, Chair of the influential Commons Education Select Committee. Mr Halfon entered Parliament in 2010 as MP for Harlow,and has served as the Minister without Portfolio & Deputy Conservative Party Chairman under David Cameron and Minister for Skills at the DfE under Theresa May. He has long championed social justice seeing education as the ladder of opportunity for all. We discuss Robert's passion for education, thoughts on GCSEs & examinations, Covid-catch up plans and his love of Tolkein. 
February 16, 2021
S1E1: Are there too many students in school? Should teachers be prioritised for vaccination? #morethanajob
Join us as we discuss topical issues in education including the numbers of key worker and vulnerable students in school, teacher vaccinations and the debate of live lessons
February 10, 2021
S1E3: Should GCSEs ever come back and our greatest moments in teaching #morethanajob
Join us a we discuss topical issues in education including should GCSEs ever come back and greatest moments in teaching.
February 09, 2021
S1E2: Teacher bashing and the government's record on education during the pandemic #morethanajob
Join us a we discuss topical issues in education including 'teacher bashing' and the government's record on education during the pandemic.
February 04, 2021