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More To Black

More To Black

By Tyeisha A. Cole
Welcome to the More to Black Podcast! Join us for bi-weekly stories from people who chose to study African languages or promote the diaspora in their personal or professional lives. Apply these actionable steps to your lives to do the same!
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Epi 9: How Foday Conteh's Trip to Sierra Leone Inspired him to become President of the Temne A'Bara Nation
Foday Conteh's first solo trip to Sierra Leone in 2016 alone after tracing his lineage through the African Ancestry PatriClan Test Kit™  Today, he is the Deputy Vice Chairman of the United House of Ancestry, the President of the Temne Abara Nation and co-founder of the Lineage Restoration Movement. Over the years, he has connected with other Temne people in the U.S, Canada, and the UK. Foday continues to work with several members in Sierra Leonne for elementary education and community revitalization projects. Temmne People’s Trust: Foday Conteh can be reached:
November 12, 2020
Epi 8:How An Internship in Rwanda Inspired Meshia Rudd-Ridge to become a Serial Social Entrepreneur
Meshia Rudd-Ridge’s journey started back in college in 2010 when she decided to study Kiswahili intensively in school. Tune in to learn about how Meshia completed an internship in Rwanda, lived in Ghana for 4.5 years, traveled to 14 African countries and started TWO social enterprises afterwards. After starting a travel company for Diasporans who wanted to explore the continent’s beauty, Meshia was inspired to start her first social venture, Cool & Collected Africa. After Covid-19 began to cause a decline in tourism rates globally, Meshia launched her new social venture Inala; a B2B commerce platform that connects brands and retailers to artisans who produce socially-responsible goods. Her goal is to redistribute more wealth in the industry to actual creators. IG: Website:
October 30, 2020
Epi 7: Peter Brown Discusses The LEDGE Group Members Practicing Group Economics Across Africa
Are you ready to hear about group economics being practiced all over the African continent? Tune in to hear Peter Brown, the Founder of The LEDGE Group (The Land for Environmental Development of Group Economics) discuss how 275 members have partnered with continental Africans to start multiple SELF FUNDED businesses across the continent. If you’re interested in joining the LEDGE Group to practice group economics, reach out with links below: The Website:  The Grand Rising Facebook Group  Peter’s  YouTube:
October 15, 2020
Epi 6: James Wilson Author "Teach Me About Garvey" Children's Book
Hey fam!  James Wilson speaks about why he wrote and self published his first book "Teach Me About Garvey" for our youth. At what age can you recall learning about the great Marcus Garvey? If you're like me, you probably didn't stumble upon him until early teen years.  James is a native of Nashville, Tennessee, father, and graduate of the great HBCU, Tennessee State University. He is also the founder of the non profit "Mine and Yours Community Initiative (MAYCI)."  I have my copy and love reading it to my toddler. I enjoy being able to teach her about the Pan-African Movement from such a young age.  Be on the lookout for his next book "Red, Black, and Green, Tell Me What it Means"  Teach Me About Garvey can be purchased at: Or Amazon at (Including Kindle Download) Social Media Accounts: IG for Teach Me About Garvey: IG for MAYCI : FB for Teach Me About Garvey: FB for MAYCI: Twitter:
October 1, 2020
Epi 5: C. Nichole Shares Why She Started The Pan African Think Tank
C. Nichole is a multifaceted and conscious trailblazer and business woman. After traveling to 79 countries (alone!), she noticed a common theme amongst our youth and decided to start the Pan African Think Tank. This non profit is on a mission bridge the gap between Africa and the diaspora by hosting international forums and learning about long term solutions from participant feedback.  Also, be sure to check out her first self published book available (also available on audio!): To learn more about this amazing organization visit them at:  IG: @panafricantt
September 17, 2020
Epi 4: Maya, Cavin, Casiaus Started International Non Profit Golden Aya
These three inspirational community leaders came together to learn from and uplift communities across the African continent. Tanzania was their first stop. Today, they are working on opening their next office in Ghana.  In this episode learn how: * Maya, Cavin, Casiaus used their skills to create an organization in Tanzania *Developed their capacities to speak local African language(s) and build relationships with locals *Partnered with other local organizations to provide free healthcare for a year! * Learned to replicate this sustainable model in even more communities around the African continent Check then out at and @goldenayacorp on Instagram
September 3, 2020
Epi 3: Siphiwe Baleka Tracing Roots & The Decade of Return
Siphiwe Baleka traced his ancestral roots back to Guinea Bissau after temporarily leaving Yale University due to a identity crisis.  He was mentored by the New Haven Black Panther Party, raised money for Black Panther political prisoners and worked with MOVE. His work placed him in several African nations as a journalist and he became the Director of the African Union 6th Region Education Campaign. Today, Siphiwe  is known as “The Fitness Guru to the Trucking Industry” and has appeared in Men’s Health magazine, Sports Illustrated, the Huffington Post, Good Morning America, CBS   Evening news, NPR, CNN, and BBC. He serves as the North American Regional  Director of the African Sports Ventures Group, Senior Heritage Ambassador of  the United House of Ancestry, and President of the Balanta B’urassa History & Genealogy Society of America. He is currently working with the government of of Guinea Bissau to launch the Decade of Return Initiative. Languages lessons and more can be found at:
August 20, 2020
Epi 2: Asad Ikemba How Teaching in Tanzania Inspired him to become a published author!
Hey fam! Asad Ikemba is a published author changing the lives of youth in our community. He taught in Tanzania and fell in love with educating youth so much he made it a career! Please check out his Instagram page @Asadbrandlit for more details on the virtual book release! Please rate, subscribe, and comment on the podcast if you enjoy these discussions. Our IG page is @MoretoblackLLC Thank you! 
August 6, 2020
Epi 1: From Kenya to Tanzania and Back, What is the More To Black Podcast About?
Welcome to the More To Black Podcast! Let me take this time to introduce myself and tell you why we started this. I dedicate this episode, and  journey to my little one. Often times, students study European languages by default, and have very little opportunity to study anything else. I'm here to be part of the solution. #BlackLanguagesNow! 
July 23, 2020