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#001: How to Use Automation and Chatbots to Generate Leads with Nolan Clemmons

An episode of The B2B Sales Tech Podcast

By Morgan Williams
Welcome to the B2B Sales Tech Podcast - This is the place where you’ll find real conversations with real sales leaders about how you can leverage sales technology to get ahead of the pack and improve your sales numbers by taking advantage of emerging technology, before your competitors get there first.

They’ll share everything from the trends they’re seeing in the marketplace to actionable strategies that you can use to make more sales today. So, if you’re ready for a value packed interview - listen on.
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More places to listen

#016: How to Book More Demos and Discovery Calls Today with Shawn Finder
Shawn Finder is the CEO & Co-Founder of Autoklose, a revolutionary sales automation platform that is used by 3000+ sales professionals around the world to help them automate tedious tasks so they can focus on selling. Autoklose features automated lead generation software, an email drip campaign management tool, and various different CRM integrations. Shawn has a background in sales and entrepreneurship. He successfully founded ExchangeLeads, a B2B data company, and parlayed it into Autoklose. In this episode, he talks about making videos, the importance of self branding, and why the Autoklose team built a community through social media before they had a product. Link to the show notes:
June 16, 2019
#015: A Simple Way to Turn More Website Visitors into Sales Calls with Derek Homann
Derek Homann is the co-founder of Median. Median allows your website visitors to connect directly to a salesperson when they have the highest interest in your product or service. Median wants to change how salespeople interact with potential leads, making the process faster, more meaningful and more successful. Derek previously led teams at Flywheel and LinkedIn and has a background in customer service.  In this episode, Derek talks about branding, why you need to connect with potential leads immediately, and why chatbots aren’t the answer. Link to show notes:
June 10, 2019
#014: How to 3x Your Retargeting Campaigns Using AI-Segmentation with Elad Levy
Elad Levy is the Head of Growth at Fixel. Fixel is a fully automated segmentation tool that ranks your website audience according to their level of engagement. Elad has a background in web analytics, marketing automation, and SEO.  In this episode, he talks about the rise in using data, how Fixel helps marketers make decisions based on data, and what the two most popular pages on a website are.
June 3, 2019
#013: How B2B Startups Can Leverage Content and SEO to Attract Customers with Georgios Chasiotis
Georgios Chasiotis is the Co-Founder of, a client-centric digital agency that specializes in online communication and advertising. By implementing advanced online strategies, they communicate your company's message directly to your target audience.  In this episode, Georgios talks about how voice is changing things, that brands need a personal side, and his process of working out what a company needs help with.
May 27, 2019
#012: An Inspirational Story That Every Cold Caller Should Hear with Charles Stead
Charles Stead sells ink cartridges from his bedroom office in Wales, UK. He doesn’t advertise and his company doesn’t have a website. What he does have is over 450 customers including McDonald's and Specsavers (a large UK company). He has achieved this purely through cold calling. Why does Charles think cold calling is still important in the day of email and automation?  In this inspiring and motivational episode, Charles talks about the 3 keys to success in cold calling, why connection is a dying art, and the community he has built to help people find success in cold calling. If you want this episode's show notes, head over to:
May 20, 2019
#011: How Startups Can Use Customer Support to Drive Revenue Growth with Rushi Adhia
Rushi Adhia is a customer support and sales consultant for SaaS companies. With a background as a developer, email marketer, customer support executive, and much more. He now uses his skills and experience to help organizations develop strong customer service departments. In this episode he talks about why good customer service helps with retention, the use of technology, and how he works with companies to improve their customer service.
May 13, 2019
#010: Using Webinars and Content Marketing to Sell B2B SaaS Products with Kris Sharma
Kris Sharma is the founder of Freestyle Growth, a growth marketing agency for B2B tech companies. Kris started as a comedy writer, became a salesperson and moved into consulting and growth marketing. Kris is a strong believer in content marketing and a big fan of webinars.  In this episode he talks about the importance of human connection in sales, providing value to leads and why he’s so passionate about webinars.  If you want this episode's show notes, head over to:
May 6, 2019
#009: How to Leverage Partnerships and Automation to Grow Your Startup with Alex Glenn
Alex Glenn is a growth marketer who started as a salesperson for a variety of companies and had a habit of finding the white space in his different accounts and markets. His current venture is to help people find the right tech stack for a better customer experience. In this episode, he talks about the democratization of MarTech, the changing state of partnerships in B2B, and how startups can use automation to grow their businesses. If you want this episode's show notes, head over to:
April 29, 2019
#008: A Simple and Powerful Follow Up Process That Will Help You Close More Deals with Alex Grieco
Alex Grieco is an expert in creating digital marketing agencies and has developed a system that other people can use to create a successful business. Alex is the Founder of Blue Fox Media, a Social Media Marketing agency, and Agency Mentorship Elite, an action packed 8 weeks training that helps everyday people start and grow very profitable advertising agencies. Alex truly believes that anybody can start their own online agency and live a life much more meaningful life with significantly improved income and freedom. In this episode, Alex talks about his journey in entrepreneurship, the lessons he has learned, and how to follow up with a lead. Link to the show notes:
April 23, 2019
#007: How to Build a Personal Brand for Networking and Social Selling with David J.P. Fisher
David J.P. Fisher shows professionals how to harness the power of relationships to uncover new opportunities and make existing business easier. He helps individuals and organizations win more business by building their digital influence and creating human connections. He has written 7 books, including the best-seller “Hyper-Connected Selling” and is the host of "Beer, Beats, and Business", a podcast which provides listeners access to conversations with entrepreneurs, salespeople, business owners, writers, and others who are leading their industries. In this episode he talks about how to take old school selling skills and combine them with technology and how to get started with using digital platforms to engage with potential clients. Link to the show notes:
April 15, 2019
#006: Combining Facebook Messenger and Funnels to Generate More Sales Opportunities with Arvell Craig
As an early adopter of chatbots technology, Arvell Craig helps companies create chatbot funnels that take leads on interactive journeys to become qualified opportunities. He recently launched the "COFOCUS Accountability Chatbot" inside Facebook Messenger which automates accountability conversations for professional coaches. With - we are helping marketing agencies standout with their clients by providing innovation, uncommon creativity and positive ROI on ad spend. In this episode, he talks about how conversational marketing and a solid conversion process can produce an outstanding ROI for your marketing campaigns.
April 8, 2019
#005: Using Tools and Content to Build Relationships and Follow Up Effectively with Brian Basilico
Brian Basilico helps small and medium-sized businesses connect with their perfect customers to generate more sales. He is an internationally recognized best-selling author, online marketing strategist, and sought out speaker on the topic of social networking, relationship marketing, and internet marketing for business. He has over 30 years experience of running businesses traditional and new marketing tools Brian started his first business at 16 and was doing content marketing before the internet and email existed. In this episode, he talks about building relationships, thinking about the tools you use, and why he’s known as the B.A.C.O.N guy.
March 31, 2019
#004: Using Artificial Intelligence for Personalized Cold Email Outreach and Automated Follow Ups
Yan Moukoury is an entrepreneur and the founder of Voltaire, an AI personal assistant which uses data and machine learning to automate your research from thousands of sources including LinkedIn, Facebook, and Google. The system will automatically generate personalized follow ups and re-open a previous stalled conversation in a charming way. Yan was born in Africa and moved to the US by himself when he was 15 to play basketball. After playing professionally he moved into sales. In this episode, he talks about account based selling, how AI can assist salespeople with their daily tasks, and why AI won’t replace the need for a salesperson anytime soon.
March 24, 2019
#003: Generating Better (and More) Leads From Events with Geofence Advertising From a Veteran of AOL,, and w/ Rob Andreski
Rob Andreski is the VP of Sales, Midwest for Enradius. Enradius is a local programmatic digital advertising platform that is bringing the value of programmatic display, mobile, video, and social to small and mid-sized businesses, non-profits, agencies and publishers. Rob is a digital media and technology sales veteran with over 18 years experience working with advertisers, agencies, and publishers. His key areas of expertise are digital advertising including display, programmatic, mobile, and video.  He started his career in digital media with the company that later became Rob talks about the rise of programmatic advertising, other trends in digital marketing and the power of geofence advertising.
March 18, 2019
#002: A Basic Framework for Using Cold Email/Calling to Generate Sales Meetings at Scale with Curtis Bendt
Curtis Bendt is the VP of Customer Success at Market Joy which is one of the leading B2B lead generation and sales development companies in the US. He has over 28 years experience in sales and is an expert in lead generation, campaign design, and lead management. He specializes in scalable, viable, quality driven lead generation and telesales. In this episode he talks about cold calling campaigns, the keys to successful email campaigns, and how they work with startups.
March 9, 2019
#001: How to Use Automation and Chatbots to Generate Leads with Nolan Clemmons
Nolan Clemmons is a growth marketer, games entrepreneur and blogger. He assists gaming and other companies in digital marketing and is an expert in creating outbound sales campaigns from scratch. He also trains inside sales teams on how to drive organic growth. Nolan started his career at a gaming startup before getting involved in marketing. He has become the go-to guy for finding out what software and apps to use for outbound sales and marketing. In this episode he talks about his Sales Stack framework, the power of chatbots, and how to work with automation.
March 2, 2019
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