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Morning Mayhem

Morning Mayhem

By James Amato
WRHS Morning Show (cover image by Molly Nichols)
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Morning Mayhem [S1:E34] - Cast of Marvel Podcast

Morning Mayhem

Morning Mayhem [S1:E34] - Cast of Marvel Podcast

Morning Mayhem

Morning Mayhem [S1:40] - Principal Ogren and the State of the School
Principal Kurt Ogren of Woodland Regional High School gives an update on all things school-related.
April 5, 2021
Morning Mayhem [S1:E39] - Jim Staib and Career Center
The Morning Crew welcomes Jim Staib, Career Center Director, to explain the virtual college tour options for juniors and community service opportunities.
April 1, 2021
Morning Mayhem [S1:E38] - CNC Plasma cutter
Hunter Laudate and Robert Murdy talk about the CNC Plasma cutter. Hunter has previously cut signs and material for Murdy's Timber Team.
March 31, 2021
Morning Mayhem [S1:E37] - WRHS Boys Swim and Dive
The Boys Swim and Dive team - Peter Zieba, Noah Scott, and DJ Mulligan - stop by to discuss their epic record-breaking season.
March 30, 2021
Morning Mayhem [S1:E36] - TAG Productions covers the news
Just good ol' TAG Productions (Tomlin-Amato-Geary) hanging in the hallway and discussing the pressing topics of the day.
March 29, 2021
Morning Mayhem [S1:E35] - Quizbowl Prepares for Saturday
Quizbowl teammates, Eric Meade and Colin Slavin, stop by and explain how they are preparing for Saturday's big meet.
March 26, 2021
Morning Mayhem [S1:E34] - Cast of Marvel Podcast
The cast of the WRHS Marvel Podcast stopped by to talk Marvel and about their own podcast on the family of podcasts. Catch their latest podcasts here: The WRHS Marvel Podcast S1: E1 The WRHS Marvel Podcast S1: E2
March 25, 2021
Morning Mayhem [S1:E33] - Reading, Diving, Basketball
Today we focus on the gold medal diver, DJ Mulligan, the girls' basketball team in NVL semis, and reading for the Book Club. (Cover art by Sophia Araujo)
March 24, 2021
Morning Mayhem [S1:E32] - Exam Exemptions
Presidential Party - All the presidents that Woodland has to offer (Emma Wood (WRSG), Austin Roberts ('21), Eric Meade ('22), Alyssa Gillies ('23)) gather this morning to discuss what their respective roles have been responsible for and to debate the new exam exemption.
March 23, 2021
Morning Mayhem [S1:E31] - CASC Leadership conference
Executive Director of CASC, Chris Tomlin (yes, the same one from the Mayhem Crew) details the upcoming state-wide CASC Leadership Conference that is going to be held virtually through Woodland. Jenna Chicano also gives us the weather for early spring.
March 22, 2021
Morning Mayhem [S1:E30] - Science National Honor Society
Donna Lesch, the advisor for the Science National Honor Society, brings prospective scientists and attendees to the Women x Women Conference sponsored by Jackson Laboratory, Cori Patchkofsky, and NateTrumbley.  For more information see the WomenXWomen page:
March 19, 2021
Morning Mayhem [S1:E29] - NHS Reading Initiative
National Honor Society advisors Jodie D'Alexander and Alissa Becker stop by the show and give an update on their region-wide reading initiative, Reading Across the Region.
March 18, 2021
Morning Mayhem [S1:E28] - HawkWings
The WRHS HawkWings club joins us this morning for an update on positivity and the Woodland Way. Guests: advisor Anna Muharem and senior member, Ava Delucia.  Follow HawkWings on Instagram: @wrhshawkwings Find all our updates on, Our family of podcasts on, And anything Woodland on
March 17, 2021
Morning Mayhem [S1:E27] - Cori Patchkofsky
Cori Patchkofsky joins the Mayhem Crew to tell us about her latest achievement--joining the ranks of the Mount Southington Ski Patrol. Find all our updates on, Our family of podcasts on, And anything Woodland on
March 16, 2021
Morning Mayhem [S1:E26] - Woodland Worldwide / WHM
Woodland Worldwide, The Lost Episode - Less than 30 episodes in and we already have a special feature podcast (well, this one was more of a technical difficulty turned opportunity and a chance to have Woodland Worldwide return for another interview about "Choose to Challenge." Guests: Emily Laput, Lucinda Felix, Erin Bridges, Siena Liscomb, Paul Laliberte and advisor, Mrs. Meghan Geary. Woodland Worldwide members celebrate Women's History Month and discuss their initiative "Choose to Challenge" where they ask all of us to challenge the status quo--things like gender stereotypes, misogyny, misrepresentation, underrepresentation, sexism, and oppression. This year, Woodland Worldwide is collecting gift cards to donate to HOPE Family Justice Center which serves shelters and other service providers in the Greater New Haven area, including My Sister's Keeper and The Umbrella Center. Instagram: @woodlandworldwide
March 15, 2021
Morning Mayhem [S1:E25] - Math Team/Math Honor Society
Math Team and Math Honor Society take a calculated risk (see what I did there?) and joined the show to explain the insider trading on what being a Mathlete and a Mu Alpha Theta is all about. Guests: Monika Fryc, Gentianna Ukaj, Amber Rosato, Jacob Valentino, Abby Messina, Austin Roberts, Samantha Erickson, and Kayleigh Huk.
March 12, 2021
Morning Mayhem [S1:E24] - Bill Carangelo, Drew Cullen
Bill Carangelo, Applied Technology Chair, explains how working in the applied tech classes has been over the past year, Jenna Chicano gives the weather report, and Woodland and Hawk Headlines Journalism Alumni, Drew Cullen, joins the show. Find all our updates on, Our family of podcasts on, And anything Woodland on
March 11, 2021
Morning Mayhem [S1:E23] - Bailey Gartman
Miss Bailey Gartman, Woodland Theater alum and now Woodland Theater teacher, joins Amato to talk about the upcoming Cabaret, theater makeup tutorials, and theater in the pandemic. Find all our updates on, Our family of podcasts on, And anything Woodland on
March 10, 2021
Morning Mayhem [S1:E22] - Swim Team
The Crew welcomes members of the Woodland Boys Swim team with swim beat reporters from Hawk Headlines Journalism, Mia Sansone, and Molly Nichols. When you don't have enough headsets to stay on mic yourself, that's the sign of a large interview! Find more on and!
March 9, 2021
Morning Mayhem [S1:E21] - TAG Productions
TAG Productions (Tomlin-Amato-Geary) hang out in the hallway and talk about Marvel and podcasting. Check out all their content on
March 8, 2021
Morning Mayhem [S1:E20] - Kyle Brennan, HHL Broadcast Crew
20th podcast! That's a milestone for the new Morning Mayhem show. Today we were joined by Woodland alum and local sports reporter, Kyle Brennan, and the Hawk Headlines Journalism Broadcast crew: Zach Drewry, Emma Krushinski, Abigail Messina, Sophia Araujo, Grace Tottenham, Hannah Mudry, Liana Demirs Molly Nichols, Mia Sansone, and Yasmeen Galal. Check out for more information and watch our broadcasts on Catch more podcasts from T.A.G. Productions on Spotify.
March 4, 2021
Morning Mayhem [S1:E19] - Poetry Contest
Wednesday welcomed author and poet, Nancy Manning, who shared her poetry and the poetry contest with Contact Lit Mag that you all can participate in. use the QR code to find out more information. Ryan Hart shared one of his creative activities from his student teaching experience with us. Listen in around the 0:04:10 mark. See you tomorrow when our guests will be the Hawk Headlines Broadcast crew that's been bringing you all the events and sports to your phones and homes live.
March 3, 2021
Morning Mayhem [S1:E18] - Zach Drewry, Tyler Lato
The Crew welcomes Sports Podcaster Zach Drewry and Woodland Foodie, Tyler Lato.
March 1, 2021
Morning Mayhem [S1:E17]
The Morning Crew welcomes 2020 CT Teacher of the Year, Meghan Hatch-Geary, who explains the responsibilities of being teacher of the year and invites everyone to join her on the Reading Journey. Find more details on and @mrsgearyreads on Instagram.
February 26, 2021
Morning Mayhem [S1:E16]
Amato and Tomlin welcome Jenna Chicano, Woodland's weather forecaster, and Emily Laput, President of the Connecticut Association of Student Councils (CASC) and Chris Tomlin, CASC Executive Director.
February 25, 2021
Morning Mayhem [S1:E15]
The Morning Crew welcomes the Woodland Girls Basketball team captains, Ava Delucia, Andra Bojka, and Kylie Bulinski along with Hawk Headlines Sports Commentators Emma Krushinski and Zach Drewry.
February 24, 2021
Morning Mayhem [S1:E14]
Hosts: Amato and Tomlin. Momma Manning readies her Quiz Bowl team for battle against the teachers; Ethan Valentino ('24), Principal Kurt Ogren, and Assistant Principal Dr. Dana Mulligan try to find the answers.
February 23, 2021
Morning Mayhem [S1:S13]
Morning Mayhem welcomes the captains from the Boys Basketball team: Nathaniel Smith, Conrad Filipone, Joe Giuliani
February 22, 2021
Morning Mayhem [S1:E12]
(Oh, the audio is atrocious on this one; some type of feedback loop. I am working on fixing it). A show about the Mars new helicopter and memories of the Space Shuttle program.
February 19, 2021
Morning Mayhem [S1:E11]
Just some daily updates for a snow day.
February 18, 2021
Morning Mayhem [S1:E10]
Nancy Manning joins the show to give an update on WRHS Quizbowl's run toward nationals; Chris Tomlin gives background on President's day.
February 17, 2021
Morning Mayhem [S1:E9]
Valentine's Day explored with Tomlin and Amato; memories shared by WRHS students.
February 11, 2021
Morning Mayhem [S1:E8]
2021 WRHS Senior Class Advisors Kim Athan and Daniela Santos
February 10, 2021
Morning Mayhem [S1:E7]
Quizbowl with Coach Nancy Manning ad Quizzers Eric Meade and Colin Slavin
February 9, 2021
Morning Mayhem [S1:E6]
Superbowl, Contact Lit Crew (Paul Geary, Meghan Geary, Emily Laput)
February 8, 2021
Morning Mayhem [S1:E5]
Rounding the week out with an interview with Mrs. Kristen Lengyel, Fine Arts Department Chair, who shares with us all the fine courses that Fine Arts offers.
February 5, 2021
Morning Mayhem [S1:E4]
Episode 4 brings in Athletic Director, Chris Decker and Hawk Headlines Sports Broadcaster, Zach Drewry.
February 4, 2021
Morning Mayhem [S1:E3]
Woodland Regional Student Government President, Emma Woods, joins Tomlin and Amato and lets everyone know what the WRSG is working on. Sorry about the low-quality audio. We are working toward getting better.
February 3, 2021
Morning Mayhem [S1:E2]
It worked the first day, so why not try again?
February 2, 2021
Morning Mayhem [S1:E1]
Inaugural live podcast for the Morning Mayhem show. This was last attempted 13 years ago. Host: Jim Amato Announcer: Chris Tomlin
February 1, 2021