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Sunday Morning Worship Podcast

Sunday Morning Worship Podcast

By Richie G
It's not a replacement for church gathering but for people who would just like more than just a spotify worship playlist. just like a church service we will include bible reflections, short bible teaching and a weekly challenge - so everything you'd expect in a church service on the go.

Also we try only to use songs with lyrics so you can throw them up on your device and join in with others!

oh yes, and we're only available on spotify so enjoy, connect together with friends. And share your messages back with us at our available soon

a podcast
It's What Jesus said! #1
Episodes with music are only available on Spotify.
Its like a church service in a can or tin. for those with a busy life, take one day outta 7 to think about your Father in Heaven! format for this service podcast playlist is Welcome Worship Message Response song Closing Prayer Final Song Please don't forget to send us feedback to - you can also leave chat messages, prayer requests at our public page
June 12, 2022