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Mortis Maledictum

Mortis Maledictum

By Malusi
Mortis Maledictum is cataloging the stories lost to the eons. Original cosmic horror stories meant to enthrall your imagination, with original artwork to help guide the senses down these dark paths. Join us as we give you new and exciting tales frequently and without mercy.
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Poison Pills
What does evil fear? The bright of dawn and the surety of justice? Punishment for its misdeeds... or possibly a greater evil? No matter your standing on any moral path, the laws of nature are absolute. There is always something with bigger teeth waiting deeper in the shadows beyond the hills.   ----------------------------------------------------------------  This chapter was guest written by Martin Shannon, an author known for his fanciful tales of the strange and magnificent!
October 11, 2021
Insults and Power
Weighing the hearts and minds of mortals is such a simple thing. It's all about the balance of the scale, weight and counter weight. Cause and effect. Every soul has its value, every life has a price. But peering into the machinations of gods is another matter entirely...   ----------------------------------------------------------- Diana of Mt. Olympus chooses two of her followers to enact her petty revenge on one of the Egyptian pantheon, Bastet. A slight for a slight, you see. But gods play the long game, and there's more than a few chips on the table (as they say).
October 4, 2021
Dangerous Tongues
At what point does knowledge become power? That key moment when life and breath are met with intent; when words are born. And like the birth of a star, such events can be seen as new beginnings or cataclysmic disasters.  -----------------------------------------  In the dense jungles of Peru, many secrets have been taken back by nature. Thick roots and moss blanket the ground as the canopy wards against prying eyes. In the jungle, humanity has come and gone more times than anyone can remember. Entire civilizations are lost. What better setting for a story of Incan mythology spreading the lost words that lead to Paititi?  The Chullachaqui is a demon of the jungle who can change it's form to that of animals and lead it's victims deep into the jungle. It's tempts them with wealth, luck, power, whatever they desire. It infects them with "dangerous tongues". The words lost to time, filled with power and intent. The weak willed are consumed by the ancient tongues, and the strong are changed. Few who follow it are ever seen again, and the few who make it out alive are never the same. We follow Quinn O'Connell, nd investigator sent to locate a missing team of archeologists. His journey leads him through the dense jungles of Peru as he picks up on a trail of notes and bodies. Something feels wrong as he descends into a deep cave system and finds more than the missing team.
August 21, 2021
The Dark Wilds
Some personalities want it all. Their greed knows no end. No desire unsated, no prize lost, no opportunity squandered. But often the heavy crown of your own ambition prevents your gaze from lifting skyward... and seeing how small you truly are.  ---------------------------------  "Don't go into the woods at night." There's something about the deep woods that fill us with horror and dread. There is something in the trees and dark wilds, eyes watching, twigs snapping, a scream of something inhuman... or worse. We've all heard the stories of hunters and hikers going off on the trails and deep forests for the sake of a good trophy or satisfy their urge to explore. But we've also all heard the countless stories about people going missing in those woods. Have you heard of the Tuzsemek? There's something out there. Their eyes shine in the moon, locked onto you, unblinking, unmoving, perfectly still. They wait for you to turn your head, look away, or start to run. So you freeze and stare back, but in the back of your mind you know you're right where it wants you. Deep in the Hungarian woods of the Bükk Mountains, we follow 4 hunters who are about to learn how cruel irony can be.
August 21, 2021
Mountain Words
Time marches, seasons change, youth fades, but the mountain stands. Like a great tower feeding the rivers of the world, the mountain always stands. From the peak above the clouds it sees all and whispers it's portents to those fated to hear it. But fate is often misconstrued as simple bad luck, especially when it comes with such a high price as grief. --------------------- Many myths and legends are born from the mountains  of ancient Greece. Mt. Parnassus has it's fair share. Stories of vile serpents poisoning the rivers, stories of prophetic plague maidens, stories of ancient powers gathering at the peak, of evil rituals, and mythology dating back to the dawn of human civilization. When two hikers decide to head up the mountains alone, their need for exploration and curiosity got the better of them. Some say it was all bad luck, some say it was meant to be, and some say stories like this are meant to be lessons on not waking ancient powers and stirring mythological cults. Fate and prophecy have a strange way of blending with horror and tragedy. "Valiant, Locate the dried ink of languages lost and futures known only to this sisterhood within the web and weave of the author’s hand. Pass through the gate with the gold in the censor."
August 21, 2021
Teeth in the Waves
We begin this tale with salt water. The Deep holds many secrets stolen from the lips of sailor's last words. Bloated bodies strung along like bread crumbs below the waves. The Sea's bed holds no rest for the lost.  Power stirs. It has been called. Laws older than recorded time dictate that it must grow... it feeds -------------------- Terrifying sea monsters, ancient Inuit gods, and sailors with arguably more bad luck than is healthy is what you'll find in this story. A sad and thrilling tale of horror, ship wrecks, power, salt water, Inuit mythology, and one man's battle against a force of nature. Tales of the Aipaloovik are old and sparse, but they all agree on the being's hunger and power. In the cold waters off the coast of Washington, sailors often describe the storms as teeth in the waves. It is as though the wind, rain, waves, and ice are some great entity trying to chew it's meal before swallowing them whole. Many good folks have been lost to those churning waters, but few ever ventured into the maw of the thing itself and lived to tell about it... not even the ones who did.  In this thrilling tale of trials and grief, we follow Jack. The sole survivor of his crew lost to the great belly of the sea. Was he spared?
August 21, 2021
Welcome to Mortis Maledictum
Mortis Maledictum is cataloging the stories lost to the eons. Original cosmic horror stories meant to enthrall your imagination, with original artwork to help guide the senses down these dark paths. Join us as we give you new and exciting tales frequently and without mercy.  Liking and subscribing helps us spread the word... before it's too late...   Het noe how tirews rou lesat in nik sha a picasel gpae in ish okob rof rou stifr veil.
August 21, 2021