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Mostly Productive

Mostly Productive

By Matthew C. Anderson
If you're overwhelmed--buried in projects, tasks, commitments--being productive can be hard (and maybe productivity shouldn't be your goal). Give yourself the space to simply be Mostly Productive, and supercharge your success.
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Embrace the productivity cycle
Recognizing and embracing a natural productivity cycle has been a valuable way to be grateful for different types of productivity. In this episode, explore the idea of the "productivity cycle".
June 24, 2021
Planning the path vs. planning every detail
When making plans for any horizon, I prefer to plan the path and not plan for all the details. In this episode I expand on this core concept.
May 27, 2021
I love how journaling helps capture a moment in time and the opportunity to reflect and speculate. These same entries, later, offer a series of little snapshots that can uncover interesting patterns when reviewed.
May 14, 2021
Separating the goal, project, and reward
I've found there are some useful benefits to separating the project, the goal, and the reward when making progress in life. In this episode, I use a fresh example from my life to share the core concepts of this approach.
April 30, 2021
Listener question: Identity-based goals & specificity
Following up the identity-based goals episode with a specific Q&A topic about being too specific (or too generic) with the goals. Original episode:
April 16, 2021
Identity-based goals
Coming up with goals and keeping them front and center through challenging times can seem daunting--but linking goals to my identity (and the activity to achieve that identity) has been a good way to stick with them and keep them aligned to my priorities. During the episode, I reference the image below, which I originally came across in this 2013 Lifehacker post about linking habits to identity.
April 1, 2021
Building a more effective task list
Ever feel like your task list lacks meaning and just seems to keep growing?  Let's discuss some things that can help bring more effectiveness to something as simple as a task list.
March 18, 2021
Information Insurance
Accumulating information can end up being a big time this episode I dig into this "information insurance" and put time back in my day. Don't waste your energy on too much Information Insurance
March 4, 2021
Review, respond, and reorient
Part of being productive is rolling with the punches--even the big ones. For me this process includes some repeatable structure, to help aid in the recovery.  In this episode I discuss my method of reviewing, responding, and reorienting when faced with a challenge that could otherwise knock me down. I use a recent real-world example that put this to the test!
February 18, 2021
Shortening my stride
Shortening my stride...when running and elsewhere in life.
January 28, 2021
Planning Horizons
I find it to be a challenge to try to plan simultaneously for a close horizon (tomorrow) while planning for next year. In this episode I chat about the method and frequency I use for various planning horizons. Follow the yellow brick road... Be more concrete in what planning means. Planning for the year Quarterly check-in Weekly planning for a 2-week horizon Day planning Task planning (limiting this!) Time frame summary & considering other "special" horizons Planning for the very long term Planning and fiscal periods Project-based planning horizon Review of all horizons--including "structured" and "special"
January 14, 2021
Planning for things you don't like
Planning for things you don't like
December 17, 2020
Use embarassingly achievable targets (to accomplish more)
Use embarassingly achievable targets (to accomplish more)
December 3, 2020
Planning when you don't know enough to make a plan
It's hard enough to put together a puzzle when you have a picture showing you what it looks like...but how do you plan when you don't know that? In this episode, it's time to explore this challenge and look at an approach to deal with this all-to-common situation. "Planners gotta plan" The pirate code Plans vs instructions An example of building the incomplete plan Starting when your goal is less concrete Identifying opportunities Respond to missteps Requesting your questions Thanks for the early support! Mostly Productive schedule Mostly Productive production planning Have something to say? Leave a comment or submit a question using this form.
November 19, 2020
What do you mean "Mostly Productive"?
In this introductory episode of Mostly Productive, Matt discusses the why and what behind the podcast. Have a question you'd like addressed in the show? Record a message here or send an email -
November 5, 2020
Trailer: Mostly Productive
The idea of being "mostly productive" is to find the productivity that comes along with focusing on what's most important to you. Set your target, respond to the setbacks, and simply be, "mostly productive" on your journey in life and your career.
October 22, 2020