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Mother Nature Podcast

Mother Nature Podcast

By Mother Nature
The Mother Nature podcast, hosted by an international community of mothers, inspires your motherhood journey by sharing women's circles stories, interviews with professionals, and nature connection practices.

Mother Nature is for the first teachers, creators, sustainers, nurturers.
It is for Mothers.
Mothers of children of all ages, of all races, all backgrounds, from all cultures, and mothers without children.
We are mothers to children we may have lost, or to babies who never made it earth-side.

This podcast is co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union.
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Honoring all facets of life with Mirjam Luthe

Mother Nature Podcast

Children in Permaculture with Lusi Alderslowe
In this episode Lara is talking to Lusi Alderslowe, permaculture teacher and educator based in Scotland. Their conversation starts by remembering times they shared when working in Children in Permaculture project. They continue discussing what are their experiences in connecting children and adults with nature. YOU’LL LEARN ABOUT: What is permaculture Permaculture ethics Useful permaculture principles to use when being with a child Establishing a parents group to spend time in nature Finding nature in city environment Tips on being with children outdoors RESOURCES: Earth Care, People Care and Fair Share in Education, Children in Permaculture Manual. Get your copy here  ‘Nurture in Nature’ - featured in the Permaculture Magazine (PM73) and described in the case study, chapter of Permaculture parenting by Lusi  Online database of activities to do with children in permaculture way  ABOUT LUSI ALDERSLOWE I have always loved spending time in nature, whether bumbling in woods, paddling in burns, cycling or climbing munros. I first conceptualised my deep love and connection to nature whilst studying Ecopsychology in an MSc at the Centre Human Ecology (CHE) in Edinburgh in 2003-05. My thesis on Ecovillages and Planning Permission was awarded a distinction. I studied the Permaculture Design Course in 2005 in Kilmartin with Ed Tyler (an inspiring nature observer), and in 2006 set up an outdoor children and parents’ play-group called ‘Nurture in Nature’. In 2010 I completed a Permaculture Training of Teachers course with Designed Visions, and in January 2011 I completed my Diploma in Applied Permaculture Design. Since 2012 I have been living in Gatehouse-of-Fleet in Galloway, on the South coast of Scotland, sharing permaculture with adults and children. Completed my Forest Schools Leader training, I now work with kids both within school hours, and after school leading both nature connection in the woods and gardening in the school grounds. Since 2014 I have been working on the Children in Permaculture European project , which has been full of fun, rewards, challenges and creative solutions, including receiving Erasmus+ funding (100 page application!!!), representing two partners - Gatehouse School and the Permaculture Association. In 2018, we wrote a book entitled 'Earth Care, People Care and Fair Share in Education: the Children in Permaculture Manual'. Since then we have been leading lots of Children in Permaculture courses for parents, permaculture practitioners and school and kindergarten teachers all over the world. Currently a co-chair of the Dumfries and Galloway Outdoor and Woodland Learning Group delivering training of teachers and Branching Out (outdoor mental health support for adults).
May 10, 2022
Connecting to the wild with Debora T. Stenta
In this episode Cecilia meets Debora Stenta, birth keeper and doula, artist, researcher, consultant, trainer, traveler, activist and experimenter in the field of spontaneous learning. Debora shares with us her passion for the transformational journey of birth and how deeply we are connected to the wild in this threshold experience of becoming a mother. YOU’LL LEARN ABOUT: The journey of becoming a doula Birthing as evolutionary process The art of serving birth Learning to trust your body and your power Wilderness as encompassing element of life and birth RESOURCES** * All Michel Odent’s books Jean Liedloff author of “The Continuum Concept” Clara Scropetta author of  “Accanto alla madre”* *In Italian ABOUT DEBORA STENTA After graduating she spent a long time traveling, especially in Asia. She worked as a project writer and project manager at international cooperation NGOs and associations in the fields of training, education and cultural, musical and artistic didactics. Since childhood, she has deepened the potential of the body as a unifying element of all expressive possibilities, from dance to drawing, from writing to music, from image to plastic art. She attended the university course in Disciplines and techniques of live performance and has a Master's degree in MusicArTherapy in the Globality of Languages. As a MusicArTherapist, researcher and performer in the fields of dance, theater, music and art-therapies, she worked both performing in theaters and leading expressive workshops in schools and public or private institutions for children and teachers. She took care of projects of self-organized school, working both at the side of children, and as educational coordinator. At the same time she began to organize meetings with national and international experts and to animate training and experiences of personal growth for adults. At the same time she began the complex path as a doula, which she self-designed with the help of Michel Odent, Clara Scropetta, Liliana Lammers, Manitonquat, Alejandro and Cristobal Jodorowsky, Peter Jones, Willi Maurer, and all the mothers, children and fathers who have trusted in me, first of all, my daughter Ayla. Together with Igor Niego she founded  BradoSisma, through which we carry on research and disseminate about childhood, wilderness and analogical thinking, and through which they organized residential summer camps in nature for many years. In 2014, together with other unlearning colleagues, she created Disimparando s'impara, a path that aims at de-structuring participants from the received educational conditioning to find their own personal path. This is slowly turning into an Ecoversity. She is the Italian translator of Charles Eisensteins' writings. Since October 2015 she has been experimenting a nomadic life project based on hospitality and exchange, traveling between Asia and Europe, together with her family.
April 26, 2022
Honoring all facets of life with Mirjam Luthe
In this episode Jana meets Mirjam Luthe, a wonderful teacher for mindfulness, self-compassion, gratefulness and contemplative nature practices. In their conversation they come full circle: talking about birth and death and grace and dignity in motherhood. YOU’LL LEARN ABOUT: the power of sitting in circle the Beginning Anew Practice from Plum village as a family ritual how to be vulnerable as parents self-compassion the gifts of experiencing interconnectedness with nature the importance of honoring birth and death RESOURCES: Beginning Anew Practice Beginning Anew with Mother Earth Practice Walk in beauty ABOUT MIRJAM LUTHE Mirjam, MA International Cultural & Business Studies, Development Cooperation & NGO Management, was most of her work life engaged in consultancy in development cooperation and had switched to learning and teaching mindfulness-based interventions only after 2008. She now is a practising Certified MSC, Certified MBSR, Yoga Teacher and “Awake in the Wild”  Nature Meditation Teacher. She is trained in the Mindful Schools Curriculum, and continuously explores Council Practice and contemplative dialog forms as a means to invite equity and build bridges and weave new threads in-midst of diversity, e.g. with the Zen Peace Makers. She cooperates with the Center for Mindful Self-Compassion (CMSC) since 2016 in international affairs and global engagement and teaches at UC Irvine Susan Samueli Integrated Health Institute and at Monviso Institute (Piedmont) in the MOOC  "Designing Resilient Regenerative Systems". Mirjam has taught Mindful Self-Compassion in Germany, Italy, Vietnam and in California, for CMSC, Arbor Seminare, Benediktushof,  AVE Institut (Germany). Since its foundation in 2012, she is engaged in the core team of the European Network for Grateful Living „Dankbar leben“, founded by Brother David Steindl-Rast. She has lived in Brazil, France, Italy, Spain, California and other countries, her home base with three teens being Freiburg, Germany. She passionately stands for a socially engaged practice nourished from the dharma,  in order to contribute to peace in oneself and in the world: learning in community to listen more deeply to oneself, to another and to the Earth, towards a new understanding of life from a rather eco- than ego-centric worldview, which leads to skilful action is part of her teaching path. She is a lover of being out in nature with her backpack, traveling and learning different languages, the arts, dance, and being a self-compassionate learner in "just being” thanks to the musical instruments shakuhachi and handpan. To continue the conversation, join us on Facebook and Instagram.
April 12, 2022
Giving gratitude with Leona Johnson
Looby Macnamara is our host for today in conversation with Leona Johnson and they talk about the importance of gratitude and self care. YOU’LL LEARN ABOUT: The importance of gratitude as a way of being present and a gratitude ceremony Sit Spot as a simple and profound practice of connection Connecting with ourselves supports us to connect more authentically with our family The power of setting intentions and committing to our own self-care Singing as a way of nourishing ourselves, children and community Practicing self-care with our children The importance of bringing our unique voices into the world How emerging our culture as a mother ripples out into our families and communities Inviting small actions in our children to give them a sense of power and responsibility We also share the song Loosen, loosen by Aly Halpert, and we recommend you listen to the original to hear how the 2 parts fit together. The original version of Loosen, Loosen by Aly Halpert is on her new album available to preorder here.  RESOURCES: Live wild Singing mamas PEACE retreat with Looby and Leona  Pre-order Aly Halpert’s new album Loosen ABOUT LEONA JOHNSON Leona Johnson is a practicing Eco-therapist, host of Connection Matters Podcast and Director of Live Wild CIC a community based nature connection and village building organisation based in Hebden Bridge, West Yorkshire. Connection Matters Podcast explores evolutionary lifestyles, mindset, culture, healing and spirituality as well as many other issues relating to personal growth, community and nature connection. Leona is trained in, Forest School Leadership, Non-Violent Communication (NVC), Social Work, Ecopsychology, Life Initiation and Rites of Passage, Grief Tending and The Eight Shields model of nature connection- a holistic and earth connected way of living and working for the benefit of all beings. Leona currently facilitates Singing in Nature Retreats and courses, Long Term Nature Connection Mentoring for Adults and Children, Grief Circles and Small Group and individual Eco-therapy. Leona has experienced and witnessed the healing, enlivening and joyful benefits of intentionally building a relationship to nature and believes in the profound impact that this work can have on our communities as we move forwards into uncertain times.
March 29, 2022
Meet the Mother Nature team
In this episode you'll get to know the women from the Mother Nature team who will be hosting the first season of the podcast. They will share a little bit about themselves by using the Mother Nature cards and reflecting on the highlights of their previous and future collaboration. They are also excited to introduce some of topics they will present in their episodes such as mothers circles, self-compassion in motherhood, mothering teenagers, nature connection practices, permaculture, eco-feminism and much more. On Wednesday every other week, Jana, Lara, Looby and Cecilia will navigate you through the trasformative journey of motherhood.  Thanks for listening. Help us being discovered by more people so please:  - share the Mother Nature podcast with your friends -  - rate and review our podcasts 🙏🏽 To know more about the Mother Nature cards, book and all the events coming soon visit
March 21, 2022
Host's Welcome: Cecilia Furlan
Meet Cecilia Furlan, your host for the Mother Nature Podcast, all the way from the Swiss mountains. She's the mother of two lovely girls, named after two flowers. She loves to run mother's and women's circle and she will accompany you through the trasformative journey that motherhood is. Subscribe to our newsletter on to be the first to get to listen to our podcast.
March 18, 2022
Host's Welcome: Lara Kastelic
Lara is one of the hosts of our podcast. She is coming from Slovenia. In the last 2 years she has been recording podcasts with Slovenian women, gathering their stories about motherhood. She works as a facilitator and she loves holding space for women circles. She fells that magic happens when women sit together and listen to each other deeply. In this podcast she will speak to her guests about women circles. Lara was also part of the international project Children in Permaculture and she will speak to Lusi Alderslowe that keeps sharing her passion for involving childen in outdoor, peramculture activities. Find her on Instagram @lara.facilitation. 
March 16, 2022
Host's Welcome: Jana
Meet Jana, Berlin-based researcher, author, therapist and process facilitator in nature. She's the mother of two sons and is ever since on an expedition to explore what it means to become and be a mother. She dreams of changing societies perception of motherhood as a deeply transformational and powerful journey. Nature and having a community of other women sharing a similar journey has prooven to be an on-going inspiration and battery recharger for her. Jana feels very passionate about sharing personal experiences as a way to learn from each other and nourish our sense of connection and belonging.
March 14, 2022
Host's Welcome: Looby Macnamara
Looby Macnamara is a mother of 2 daughters aged 21 and 13. Alongside mothering she writes books, teaches courses, gardens, cooks and makes things. Her books include People & Permaculture and Cultural Emergence. She is interested in how we can nuture our own personal culture as mothers so that it has a positive influence on our family culture and can then ripple out into the world.
March 12, 2022
Welcome to Mother Nature Podcast
Podcast for mothers. 
March 07, 2022