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Breakfast with Karen with guest Bethany Tolley: AGENCY - The Power to Let Go

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By Karen Broadhead
Mothers Who Know, hosted by Karen Broadhead, Certified Family Life and Wellness Coach, offers free training and support for all mothers. Karen hopes to educate mothers and empower them to find HOPE when their child battles any challenging issue faced today. With values from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Karen teaches mothers to stand strong in the storms they face, sometimes on a daily basis. Mothers Who Know is a safe place to receive support and learn tools to be a more peaceful and powerful mother.
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Mothers Who Know, hosted by Karen Broadhead, Certified Family Life and Wellness Coach, offers free training and support for all mothers. Karen hopes to educate mothers and empower them to find HOPE when their child battles any challenging issue faced today. With values from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Karen teaches mothers to stand strong in the storms they face, sometimes on a daily basis. Mothers Who Know is a safe place to receive support and learn tools to be a more peaceful and powerful mother.

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Breakfast with Karen--"Finding Gratitude and Peace Amidst Trials and Set-backs in Life" with guest Sandra Jarvis
Listen to this inspiring story of Sandra Jarvis (author of the book "Severed") and how she learned to overcome major trials and setbacks in her life, including having her hand severed. Sandra grew up in an abusive household, suffered from severe depression, had difficult pregnancies, and several very difficult years. She was diagnosed with cancer, her son came out as transgender, her family suffered financial setbacks, and was diagnosed with PTSD. Then right when everything seemed to get better, she was in an ATV accident where her hand was literally severed. This accident changed her life and eventually filled her with gratitude and peace. This is her story she wants to share with other women and provide them with hope.
November 14, 2019
Breakfast with Karen--"The Greatest Gift You Can Give Your Children is Your Own Peace and Happiness" with guest Vauna Davis
This is an incredibly powerful episode with guest Vauna Davis! Karen interviews Vauna who is the Founder of Reach 10. Vauna shares specific ways mothers (and fathers) can find JOY and why that is so important to their children. Here ultimate message to us: you are worth the time it takes to keep expanding your emotional life. She talks about 3 ways your own peace and happiness will serve your child, the difference between healthy emotional management and unhealthy emotional distress, and how to have greater influence and stronger relationships with your children. Vauna uses personal experience as well as research to teach others the important truths she has learned. For more information on Reach 10, please visit their website at and for information about Mothers Who Know, check out our website at 
November 7, 2019
Breakfast with Karen - Connecting with Teens in Positive and Uplifting Ways with guest Amber Robbins
Guest Amber Robbins from (@teentake30) talks with Karen about connecting with teens everyday in positive and uplifting ways. She talks about her "Parent 10 Minute Check-In" that encourages parents to spend time and check-in with their teens daily in 3 easy steps. She also teaches about her "Teen Take 30" program to help teens develop a peaceful mind and happy heart. Amber is open and real with Karen as she shares some of the research she has studied and the very real struggles our teens have today. She mentions a couple of "must-have" apps she recommends for teens. Join Karen Broadhead as she interviews Amber and learn things in the Spirit that will help you better connect with your teen. For any questions or more information, feel free to email us at or visit our website at 
October 31, 2019
Breakfast with Karen with guest Bethany Tolley: AGENCY - The Power to Let Go
In this special Breakfast with Karen series we hear from special guest Bethany Tolley (@thedoctrinelady) on Agency: The Power to Let Go. Bethany teaches us to ask ourselves three questions: 1. What part of your life causes you the most despair, fear, etc.? 2. Does it involve a relationship with another person? 3. Does it involve a relationship with yourself? She also teaches five "conditions of mortality:" home away from home, law, correct and complete instruction, enticement, experience, and Atonement. Listen to this powerful webinar and gain a new perspective on agency and learn to let go of things in your life. For more information or to ask any questions, please visit our website at or email us at 
October 24, 2019
Parent Training Part 4 of 4--Working Through Warrior Chemistry While Doing the Dishes
In week 4 of our Parent Training podcast, we learn that each choice we make is actually a test of our agency. What will we choose? Liberty or captivity? Why is it important for our sons to be reminded every week what they are fighting for and who they are? Do we remember what we are fighting for? Karen shares a personal story on how overcoming a mood battle helped her to remember how much she loved her family and why they are worth fighting for.  In her easy going style she describes how she came to this realization while working through a pile of dirty dishes. Karen continues to teach us important strategies that our sons are learning in Sons of Helaman, but even more importantly she reminds us that the best way to truly help our sons is by strengthening our own personal relationship with the Savior and understanding who our kids truly are--amazing sons and daughters of God who the adversary fears. For more information on our programs and mother's support, please visit our website at or for information about Eternal Warriors: 
October 2, 2019
Parent Training - Part 3 of 4: Tools in Your Arsenal
In week 3 of our Parent Training podcast series, Karen teaches about how flagpoles and service opportunities are powerful tools in helping our sons win battles. She also explains what a Man Power calendar is and she shares stories from young men who have found success in all aspects of their lives by incorporating the calendar into their daily routine. The Man Power calendar is a  tracking system for accomplishing goals. What makes the Man Power calendar unique is that it utilizes both faith (spiritual)  goals with works (physical) goals. To learn more about Sons of Helaman or to order a Like Dragons Did They Fight book, please visit our website at
September 23, 2019
Parent Training Part 2 of 4 - Why Does My Son Keep Doing the Same Thing Over and Over Again?
Why does my son keep losing battles? My son and I are really having some great conversations and the spirit is so strong. I just know that he is going to beat this, but then he loses a battle.  Is this my fault? It seems that my son is always starting over. Sometimes it makes me so angry. Karen reminds us that our child is not broken or unworthy.  The adversary is attacking him with psychological warfare and everything he has. What we need to realize is that the adversary is also attacking YOU with the same psychological warfare.  He wants you to become agitated and upset so that you react with anger and fear. In week 2 of our Parent Training podcast series, Karen teaches how important it is to put on the armor of God each and every day, do your own drills, and better understand the battles we all face.
September 17, 2019
Parent Training: part 1 of 4--My son just enrolled in Sons of Helaman...Now What?
This is Part 1 of a 4-part series on Sons of Helaman training for parents.  Is there anything I need to know to help my son be successful in the Sons of Helaman program? YES!!! In this podcast Karen teaches us the same tools that your child is being taught in Sons of Helaman.  Understanding what your child is being taught is key to supporting him on his journey to recovery. In this first lesson, Karen reminds us that the adversary is working at lightning speed to destroy families. He is an expert at being subtle and personal because he wants us to be miserable. He fills our minds with fear until we feel beaten down and then he sits back and laughs. Karen teaches us how to discern between Satan’s lies and God’s truths, so that we will come to recognize the Savior’s hand in not only our son’s journey but in our journey as well. For more information on the Sons of Helaman program, visit or  
September 9, 2019
Do I Ever Have My Own Thoughts? with guest Maurice Harker, CMHC
In this mini-podcast, listen as Maurice Harker, CMHC, answers a mother's questions about thoughts. She mentions the idea that is taught at Life Changing Services that "not every voice in my head is a trusted voice". She asks if the adversary can get in our heads and create negative thoughts or temptations, then do we ever actually have our "own" thoughts? How can we tell what is our own thought, what is from the Spirit, what is true, and what is a false idea from the adversary? What kind of tools can we use to figure that out. To join us in our free weekly support group for mothers, called Warrior Mothers Who Know, you can find the link and information on our website.  All moms are welcome.
August 29, 2019
Breakfast with Karen series - I want to FEEL better about my life
In this special episode, Karen interviews guest speaker Julie Grange. Julie teaches us to identify our feelings and be able to find peace and joy. She talks about it being okay to have feelings, to feel overwhelm, anger, frustration and other negative feelings. She also teaches us how to turn those into positives, to work through them and know that it's really okay. We are ultimately here to have joy and we can have that if we learn to have "Emotional Intelligence". If you want more information about Mothers Who Know or Mom Power, please visit our websites at or
August 21, 2019
Breakfast with Karen - Be the HERO in Your OWN Life
Karen is joined by special guest Kellie Webster. Kellie shares her story about the struggles she has faced including the loss of all her retirement investments, her husband having several strokes, and children who have not made the best decisions. She talks about how she was able to change her perspective through inspiration and a new way of thinking. Kellie also introduces us to some of the heros in her life and how she learned to be her own hero and a hero for others. Listen and be inspired. For information on Mom Power Training mentioned in this podcast go to 
August 15, 2019
What Mothers Who Know - Know
Karen talks about all the things a mother knows. We are all in a battle against the adversary, we are at war, and this life will not be without wounds. But, WOUNDS DO NOT MEAN FAILURE! In the Book of Mormon, the Sons of Helaman found battles, and all were wounded, but none perished. Our children will have wounds in this life of some kind, we as moms will have wounds, but that does not mean we won't win the war. The outcome has already been decided--with the Savior, we will win, everytime! Join Karen as she teaches with the Spirit about some of the things we as mothers know. She also invites you join her in an 8-week webinar training called Mom Power If you have any questions about Mom Power, Mothers Who Know or any of the programs at life changing services, please reach out at
August 8, 2019
Everyone has Battles - Mini-podcast
This is a special clip from Karen's Mom Power class, an 8-week series teaching moms to strengthen themselves, fortify their families,  fight the adversary and receive personal revelation. In this short message, Karen shares a personal experience about receiving revelation, about asking God "Why us?" and "Why is this happening to us?". She talks about how God answered her prayers--not in the way she thought at all and how she finally learned that the only person she could change was herself. The next Mom Power series begins August 27th, to register go to 
August 1, 2019
Protecting and Safeguarding our Families
This is the audio from one of Karen's Eternal Warriors classes--protecting our families from the evils of pornography. However, this is probably not the training you think it's going to be. In this training, Karen teaches parents that the most important thing they need to know, and their kids need to know, is WHO THEY ARE--divine sons and daughters of God. We need to teach them that our homes and hearts are "a place of grace" and that its okay to make mistakes or even feel like you have failed--that is what the Atonement is for. Mothers can have such a huge influence on their children and how that handle situations. This is a powerful lesson.  To get a free ebook copy of Karen's book "Momma Trauma," use this link:  and to find out more information about Eternal Warriors check out the website 
July 22, 2019
The Influence of Mothers - with special guest, Karen's mom Verla
You are in for a treat today as you listen to our dear Momma Verla share her wisdom and her wit.  Momma Verla shares a touching story about a young man who, after years of struggling with addictions and spending time in jail, is finally able to turn his life around.  He attributes his success to the influence of his sweet mother who never gave up on him.  As I listened to this podcast, I am reminded of this beautiful quote by Marvin J. Ashton: “What is meant by the statement, ‘No success can compensate for failure in the home?’” Knowing a little of the burdens this friend of mine carries in her mind and heart because of a rebellious, wayward daughter, I shared this meaning with her: I believe we start to fail in the home when we give up on each other. We have not failed until we have quit trying. As long as we are working diligently with love, patience, and long-suffering, despite the odds or the apparent lack of progress, we are not classified as failures in the home. We only start to fail when we give up on a son, daughter, mother, or father.” Momma Verla reminds us that the influence of a mother is a precious gift and even though we may not realize it at the moment, our efforts will have a lasting impact in the lives of our children.  For more information on Mothers Who Know, visit our website at 
July 2, 2019
My Story - Beginning of Mothers Who Know and How I Got Here
Meet Karen Broadhead - this is her story. Karen is currently the Parent Support Specialist at Life Changing Services and works daily to help and support mothers. This is the story of how she got here and why she started Mothers Who Know. She talks about feeling inadequate as a mother and being tormented daily that she wasn't doing things right. She felt like she was "checking all the boxes" but her kids were still struggling.  Then she started learning the same principles her son was learning in Sons of Helaman, and she figured out that with the Savior, she could find peace. Now she teaches other mothers these same principles. For more information on Sons of Helaman check out and for information on Mothers Who Know go to
June 18, 2019
Breakfast with Karen - Finding Hope Amidst Anxiety and Depression with special guest Ally Hayward
In this special episode guest Ally Hayward opens up about her struggles with anxiety and depression. After being really sick and not able to figure out why, Ally was diagnosed on her mission with anxiety and depression. As she learned to handle this and find the right medication, she was inspired to come home early and get help from her family and doctors. Ally is now a mother with beautiful daughters and she talks about how she takes this all on daily and has found hope and strength. Her advice to others trying to support someone with depression is to let them feel, let them run through the emotions, and just be a support. Those with mental health concerns need understanding and acknowledgement. For more information on Ally, check out her blog at . If you have a daughter struggling with anxiety or depression or other self-harm issues, please check out our Daughters of Light program at And for information about Mom Power Training, go to
June 6, 2019
Ways to help your kids make good media and online choices
Special guest presenter Deanna Lambson, founder and  creator of White Ribbon Week (, joins Karen in this special "Breakfast with Karen" episode. Deanna shares personal experiences, stories and tools to help kids make good choices online and with social media. Deanna talks about ways to empower kids, teach them to talk to adults when they see something that is inappropriate, and promote healthy online behaviors. She shares her testimony of the Savior and how He is truly the one to save our kids, and He can help moms as they navigate this technology world and any choices our loved ones may make. For more information about the Mom Power class, please visit   
May 30, 2019
Strategies for a Successful Summer
Meet Allison and Crystal--a couple of moms like you and me who share their wisdom and ideas to have a less stressful summer. We all hate it when our kids say, "I'm Bored!" It can get so stressful when kids are out of their routines, don't want to do anything around the house, or struggle with anxiety. Allison and Crystal share their stories, thoughts and ideas along with other moms. Listen to the first of three episodes in our Summer Breakfast with Karen series. For more information on our Mom Power series, check us out at To register for the next two Breakfast with Karen free webinars where we will have special guests Deanna Lambson from White Ribbon Week on May 28th and Ally Hayward from Silently Surviving Souls on June 4th, register at Everyone is Welcome.
May 23, 2019
"Behold, he changed their hearts; yea, he awakened them out of a deep sleep, and they awoke unto God." (Alma 5:7)
In this episode of the Like Dragons Did They Fight series, Karen Broadhead interviews Warrior Mom Diane. Diane opens up about her struggles with her teenage daughter. When Diane learned that her daughter doubted her own self-worth, thought about suicide and using drugs to dull the pain she was feeling, Diane confronted her in an attempt to help. Unfortunately, this initially backfired and Diane felt like their home became a "war zone". She felt she was operating out of fear. When she learned to rely on the Holy Ghost, Diane could help herself and find ways to mend things with her daughter and help her. Diane's message to moms is that "there is really hope" and "I am resilient."   Listen to Diane's story of hope.  Mothers Who Know is not only for mothers with a son struggling, but it's also for mothers with a daughter struggling. Once a month we have a therapist answer questions for moms specifically about daughters--how to help and support them and sometimes, just how to best mother them. For more information check out our website at  or for information on our program specifically for young women.
May 15, 2019
Special Mother's Day clip for Moms
This is a special Mother's Day clip for all moms. This time of year can be hard for mothers whose children are not always making good choices. Karen tells us that Mother's Day is really about having gratitude in knowing that "God can see me". She tells us that "being a mother doesn't mean we are the Savior," it means that God trusts us with the children he has sent us. And He trusts us enough to love them no matter what. Listen to this short message from Karen and know that YOU ARE LOVED AND TRUSTED!  Special love to all women from the Mothers Who Know Team.
May 10, 2019
Let the Savior Handle It
In this episode of the "Like Dragons Did They Fight" audio series, Karen interviews warrior mother Lynda. Lynda opens up about her own struggles with addictions in her life and how she found solace in the Savior and the Atonement. When she found out her son was struggling, she could honestly say, "I understand what you are going through". She has learned so much and wants other mothers to know that they are not alone in this fight, that there are others fighting, and that when we rely on the Savior Jesus Christ and His Atonement, we can find peace. Her advice to us all is, "Don't give up! Your child is still awesome and amazing, even if he/she is struggling. Let the Savior handle it." For more information about the free mothers support group for all moms, visit our website at  or to find out more out the programs at Life Changing Services, please visit . 
May 8, 2019
"I fight to show my family how to find joy and peace."
In this episode of the "Like Dragons Did They Fight" audio series, Karen interviews warrior mom Julie.  Julie is the wife of a Sons of Helaman clinician and talks about the struggles they had in their own family, even though they "should have known". Julie's family has 6 children and their oldest son had several struggles with addictions and other challenges. She also talks about how they have seen first hand how the gospel of Jesus Christ heals lives and the effect it can have on individuals and families and help a person recover from various addictions. Julie talks about being able to see her son recover, marry an amazing woman and finally be happy. Then in a tragic accident a few years later, he was killed instantly. Julie talks about how they were supported during that time and the things she has learned since then.  To find out more about Sons of Helaman, visit our website at or check out our Mothers Who Know page for more information on the free support group for mothers at:
April 30, 2019
Return to the Light
In this episode of the "Like Dragons Did They Fight" series host Karen Broadhead interviews Warrior Mother Kathy. Kathy has a son who overcame an addiction to pornography. She talks about how hard that was for her as a mom and how she had to learn how to help and support him. She learned to draw on the strength of the Savior, and also found support from other mothers in Mothers Who Know. Kathy talks about what she learned along the way in this journey and how she has found peace in the storms of her life as she has learned ways to protect her family. Kathy mentions her favorite scripture 2 Timothy 1:7 "For God hath not give us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind."  For more information about Mothers Who Know, a free support training group for all mothers where principles taught are in harmony with The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, please visit our website at   Or to listen to Karen interview others in this series, check out the podcast channel "Like Dragons Did They Fight".
April 23, 2019
"...and after they were bitten he prepared a way that they might be healed..." (1 Nephi 17:41)
Karen Broadhead, Parent Support Specialist, interviews a graduate from the Men of Moroni program. David is married and can't even remember when his addiction started, but when he realized it was causing his wife severe PTSD, pain and heartache, he knew he needed to find something that would help him overcome his addiction for the rest of his life.  David explains how the Church's Addiction Recovery Program works hand in hand with Life Changing Services' Men of Moroni program and the different things each program teaches. He talks about how "your mood has stolen part of your agency" and how he learned to overcome his "mood battles". Listen as David opens up about how he learned to overcome his addiction and repair his marriage.  For more information on the programs at Life Changing Services please visit our website at
April 3, 2019
Breakfast with Karen - Receiving Personal Revelation with PoWeR Journaling
Karen Broadhead, founder and director of Mothers Who Know and Mom Power Training, teaches about the importance of receiving personal revelation in our lives. We all know its important, and would love to receive it, but often have no idea exactly how. In this episode, Karen talks about how she learned to receive revelation using different colored pens while "Writing Letters to God" and writing in her journal. She uses these various colors of pens to gather "evidence" that God does love her and does in fact talk to her. She teaches that while she may not get "awe inspiring" answers everyday, she can look over her past journals and easily see where God was in fact talking to her. She now has evidence that God is in her life, is beside her every step of the way, and speaks to her in small ways. PoWeR journaling includes Prayer, Writing and Reading. For a printout of the things Karen talks about and how she uses each color, CLICK HERE to download a pdf version. Or feel free to email us for a copy at and we are happy to send you a copy that way too.
March 28, 2019
Breakfast with Karen - Receiving Revelation at my House
Karen Broadhead, Parent Support Specialist at Life Changing Services, held a 3-week webinar series on Receiving Personal Revelation. In this episode, she had a special guest panel of moms who shared their own stories and ways of receiving revelation. These moms opened up about their struggles and how they learned to listen to the Spirit. Come listen to Jen, Kathy and BJ share what has worked for them and what things they have learned over the last few years. Be inspired by their testimonies, their successes and their insights as we all learn from other moms.
March 21, 2019
Inspiring Children to Desire Their Own Testimony
In this episode of "Breakfast with Karen," Karen Broadhead, Parent Support Specialist, talks with guest presenter Shari Leder. Shari gets personal with moms and talks about some of her struggles of being a single mom and trying to raise 3 girls.  She gives insights into teaching and inspiring children, and helping them desire their own testimony. Shari talks about sharing stories and finding "golden nuggets" in everyone. Shari's insights are helpful for all moms. She is absolutely delightful to listen to as she shares her experiences and truly opens up to moms.
March 8, 2019
An interview with Sons of Helaman clinician - Cody Hawes
Often as parents we want to get to know a little bit more about the clinician we are trusting our son to. In this episode, Karen Broadhead, Parent Support Specialist for Life Changing Services, interviews Cody Hawes, a Sons of Helaman clinician. Cody introduces himself, his family, his experiences and what brought him to Sons of Helaman. He talks about how he sees young men as they struggle and sincerely wants to help them. He sees these young men as the "noble and great ones" and that they must be truly awesome if the adversary is trying so hard to make life difficult for them. He talks about his philosophies and how he runs his groups and tells some great stories of many of the young men he has seen change and grow with the program. Cody wants serve and help as many young men as possible and see them have success for a lifetime. Join us an meet Cody Hawes. For more information on the Sons of Helaman program for young men, visit us at
March 5, 2019
"Today I am one of the coolest people I know!"
 Bryton is 22 years old at the time of this recording. He is  an advanced martial artist, a skilled rock climber, a natural leader, and people and kids who meet him think he's incredible almost immediately.  He served a mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. However, from the time he was 8 years old, he had an addiction he had to learn to overcome.  After joining Sons of Helaman, he learned to fight and overcome his addiction. His mother was a huge strength to him and his father became his "battle buddy" during his recovery. In this podcast, Bryton shares some of the tactics he used during his journey to recovery. Meet Bryton, hear how he overcome his trials and not only learned from them but became stronger. You will gain hope and be uplifted as you hear his story of success!  For more information on Parent Support visit us at
February 18, 2019
You are messing with the wrong mom! Overcoming fear with Warrior Chemistry
Warrior Chemistry is the power God has give us to overcome fear and deception in our lives. In this podcast, Karen teaches that fear is nothing more than False Evidence Appearing Real and a tactic of the adversary to get us to do things we wouldn't normally do or to fight with our family members. Karen opens up about some of her personal battles and struggles and what she does every day to help overcome them. (Note: this audio was pulled from a video training Karen did so its not the best quality and we apologize. However, we felt the message was important enough to get out to mothers anyway! If you would rather watch the video, you can find it at ) For more information on Mothers Who Know, a free support group for ALL mothers, please visit our website at .
February 12, 2019
God's Timing is Perfect
In this powerful and uplifting podcast, Karen interviews a special friend and warrior mother--Emily. Emily has faced struggles and trials in her life, but has learned that God can turn even the weakest people into pillars of faith. She has learned that God's timing is always perfect, even if its not exactly the same timing we want. When her son was 16, she felt like they were "that" family as he struggled to overcome a pornography addiction. But through this journey she learned to be grateful for her trials and to throw away her own time clock and rely on God's. Emily talks about her greatest gift, that of being a mother. Yet she realizes that even as her children struggle to find themselves, she can never take away their agency. Her advice to mothers is to never stop loving your children, never stop praying for them, never give up, and trust in God's timing. For more information on our free support for mothers, visit our website at 
February 4, 2019
"...then will I make weak things become strong..." Ether 12:27
Karen interviews Warrior Mother April about her journey with her son as he went through the Sons of Helaman program for pornography addiction. April talks about how she too needed to heal and work on herself to be able to support her son as he worked to overcome his addiction. April learned to rely on the Savior, be her son's greatest cheerleader, and make adjustments along the way in what worked for their family. Listen as Karen interviews a mother who found hope and healing down a road no one wants to travel, but one April says she learned things she could not have learned any other way. For more information on our free Mothers Who Know Support group, find us at 
January 29, 2019
Why Do You Fight? an Interview with a Sons of Helaman General
In this episode, Karen Broadhead, Parent Support Specialist, interviews Sons of Helaman General Adam about his journey in overcoming a pornography addiction. Adam is open about the struggles he faced and how he learned to overcome his addiction, what things worked to help him, and "why he fights" everyday to continue this journey and to help others.  For more information check us out at and 
January 21, 2019
Gaining a Testimony of the Atonement through Sons of Helaman
In this episode, Karen Broadhead, Parent Support Specialist, interviews a warrior mother, Julie. Julie talks about their family's journey with the Sons of Helaman program and how her son found the Savior and gained a testimony of the Atonement through the Sons of Helaman. She talks about how she was supported and strengthened through Mothers Who Know and Eternal Warriors. Meet Julie and hear her amazing journey, what she learned, how she grew, and how her son's addiction actually helped her as a mother and woman to grow into the person she is today, and find peace and understanding in the face of their family's trial.;
January 14, 2019
Finding Peace in the Storm--with guest mother Stephanie
Karen interviews Warrior Mother Stephanie about her journey with her son. Stephanie talks about how she was impacted by his choices, how she watched him battle to overcome a pornography addiction, and how much she saw him grow and how much she personally learned during this journey. She talks about how she handled the situation wrong, but has since learned from that. This is not the road she would have chosen for her son, for her, or for her family, but one she can see the blessings from travelling. She has found "peace in the storm" and wants other mothers to know that there is HOPE! For more information, check out our website at 
January 10, 2019
Breakfast with Karen - Power of the Body
Karen talks about how our bodies are a gift from God, and because of that, we have so much power with them. We can use that power to overcome weaknesses, find our true self, serve others, and do good. Instead of focusing on the things we don't like about ourselves, we can ask God to show us how much he loves us, and show us the amazing things and gifts he has given us. You can learn to love yourself, exactly as you are, with the help of the Savior in your life. Your body has power and is divine. What an amazing gift from God.
December 20, 2018
Breakfast with Karen--How to Receive Personal Revelation
Karen Broadhead teaches how women can receive personal revelation in their lives, how they can come unto Christ and FIND HIM. She teaches how women can learn to HEAR how God talks to them, find the Savior, and receive the revelation they personally need to hear. For more information, find us at or
December 12, 2018
Breakfast with Karen - Getting Over Awkward
In this episode Karen Broadhead, Family Life and Wellness Coach, talks about how mothers can talk to their children about sensitive topics and "get over awkward." She talks about the importance of teaching our children that they can talk to us about anything, and that if we aren't the ones teaching our children - who is? She talks about the importance of listening to the Spirit and the promptings we receive and teaching our kids that "God loves you so much, He inspired me to know that something was wrong." We also learn that even if we do things wrong, the Savior is there to help, and it is through His Atonement that all can come back to Him. This is such a powerful episode and one all mothers should listen to - regardless of the age of their children.
December 7, 2018
Mothers Who Know "Light the World"
In this episode, Mothers Who Know all over the US "Light the World". They strengthen themselves against the adversary to protect and defend their families and find healing by drawing closer to the Savior Jesus Christ. The theme for this podcast is Matthew 5:4 "Blessed are they that mourn." For more information on Mothers Who Know, a free support for mothers everywhere, go to
December 3, 2018
Finding Faith in Adversity with guest Michelle Schmidt, author of "Carried"
Michelle Schmidt, wife of The Piano Guys' Jon Schmidt, shares how trusting in God has helped her through the unthinkable loss of her daughter Annie and the challenge of supporting a family member with an addiction. Listen as Michelle talks about how her faith carried her through one of the most trying times as a mother. She also talks about how other trials earlier in life helped prepare her for this and helped her rely on the Savior to get her through it. (Mothers Who Know is the parent support group for Life Changing Services.)
November 20, 2018
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