The MotionEffect

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By Johnny
Everything is in Motion. Your mind, your body and your spirit. You are waking up, asking who you are. Looking for better ways to live, learn, be free, and new creative ways of making an income.

This podcast will cover mind-expanding content, metaphysical concepts, and productivity lessons. Live happily outside of societies chaos, systems, and limiting norms.


14 Episodes
EP014: Big Energy shifts happening right now
Apr 21, 201825:40
EP013: Spiritual growth and money making in one podcast?
Apr 1, 201827:47
EP012: School sucks! How do we educate ourself?
Mar 24, 201823:15
EP011: When not fitting into the societies norms
Mar 17, 201828:36
EP010: The process of manifesting what you want
Mar 11, 201820:44
EP009: Hugely important step to a bright mind
Mar 10, 201817:46
EP008: Simple weekend method to de-stress your body
Mar 3, 201809:46
EP007: Can you change your reality?
Mar 3, 201809:15
EP006: One of these 3 methods of Meditation will help you
Mar 2, 201817:36
EP005: Why you Should have a Mentor in your Life
Mar 1, 201816:50
EP004: The 7 Steps to Master Yourself
Feb 28, 201822:27
EP003: How to reveal your hidden qualities, truths and passion
Feb 27, 201814:34
EP002: What could you learn from this podcast?
Feb 24, 201826:37
EP001: Why are you listening to this?
Feb 24, 201809:58
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