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The JC & Andrew Podcast

The JC & Andrew Podcast

By Motion University
A casual peek at who we are, how we process, and the projects we make. Follow along on our journey as we build a creative agency (@bartlettideaco) and a post-house! (@reelcastproductions).

Andrew Bartlett and John-Clay Burnett founded Motion University, an online (and in-person) training program to help people build a career in film. Learn more about Motion University at:
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EP7: Talking narrative writing and directing (and more) with Joshua Mangrum!
Hey guys! Happy Tuesday! JC is out this week, so I reached out to my friend Josh Mangrum to see if he wanted to chat, and he graciously jumped on to talk for this week's episode :) In this episode, we talk all things writing, directing, etc - especially talking about narrative work, as that's something I'm always looking to more and more bring into the commercial work that I do. If you're interested in checking out some of Josh's work (including the film we talk about close to the end, and also Josh's podcast) - check them out at the links below! Film "Bloodline": The Inexperienced Adult Podcast:
May 18, 2022
EP6: Bringing gear into a foreign country, how to handle misunderstandings, and an update.
Welcome back to another episode! I was out last time, so jumping in JC gives his update on what he's been working on, and I share a bit (ok, maybe a lot) about my recent experience with a project filming in Mexico, and the process it takes to get gear across the border legally. Closer to the end, JC shares some helpful tips and ideas on how to best deal with misunderstandings in work or life - something I think you'll all find valuable! Enjoy! -A
May 11, 2022
EP5: Working with client feedback, pre-production for a teaching series & more!
Hey all! Welcome back to another episode. This week, JC and I give some updates on projects we're currently working on, and then jump into talking about how to work with client feedback (including feedback you disagree with) - as well as a behind-the-scenes look into how JC is prepping to shoot a new teaching series. Of course as usual that's just the highlights and we touch on a whole bunch of other random stuff as well :) 
May 03, 2022
How do you decide to buy vs. rent gear, our favorite (but maybe obscure) software & more!
Welcome back to another episode! This week starting things off with what's happen' for both of us - and then diving into renting vs buying gear, how to handle the finances of that - and also jumping into some audience questions about filming weddings, software and more! 
April 20, 2022
Are film festivals worth it? Should you work with clients who don't have the budget? (Startups)
Hey fam! This week after JC and I recap some of the stuff we're working on, we dive into a conversation about film festivals. Is it worth entering? Why does it seem like some festival "awards" don't mean anything? After that, we also talk about how we should respond when someone we'd love to work with reaches out, but doesn't have the budget we need to make the work they're looking for. Enjoy! - Andrew
April 13, 2022
Storytelling vs. Problem Solving - How do we create work that cuts through the noise?
This week on the podcast, Andrew gives an update on what's been happening at the agency - and we dive into the subject of how we create work that isn't just following the trends. Are we over-producing things? Are we just copying what others are doing? How do we connect with customers better?
April 05, 2022
EP1: Introduction, iPads, C70, documentary editing, & hiring subcontractors
Another podcast? You know it :) John-Clay and Andrew sit down for the first-ever Andrew & JC Podcast! (working title...) Why a podcast? Every time John-Clay and I have a conversation, we always have a lot of interesting things to talk about. Both of us are actively growing our video businesses (JC - a post-production house, me a creative agency) - and we want to give you guys a peek behind the scenes of the growing pains, struggles, and successes! Not your cup of tea? No worries! Go listen to Opera or something. But if you're interested in listening to two dudes who are passionate about business, serving people, and video production - this is the podcast for you :)
March 29, 2022