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The Motivational Intelligence Podcast

The Motivational Intelligence Podcast

By 2logical, Inc.
Welcome to The Motivational Intelligence Podcast, where it is our job to deconstruct what makes people and organizations successful, and provide you with tools, tactics and techniques you can use to build the life and career you want.

Dive in to exclusive conversations with world-class trainers and consultants, top business performers, psychologists, academics, athletes and more.

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Paul Nealon: How a 69 Year Old Quadriplegic Learned to Walk Again

The Motivational Intelligence Podcast

Paul Nealon: How a 69 Year Old Quadriplegic Learned to Walk Again

The Motivational Intelligence Podcast

Jeff Glasbrenner: The First American Amputee to Summit Mt. Everest (Plus 2 World Championships, 25 Ironman's and Successfully Parenting Children With Disabilities)
Jeff Glasbrenner is a 3 time Paralympian and two-time World Champion in wheelchair basketball, where he holds a national championship scoring record with 63 points and 27 rebounds in a single game, a ironman triathlete, having completed 25 ironman races (2.4 mile swim, 112 mile bike and 26.2 mile run).  In 2013, Jeff became the first physically challenged athlete to complete the Norseman Xtreme triathlon in Norway, considered the most difficult triathlon in the world. Jeff is also an accomplished mountaineer, becoming only the second amputee to summit Mount Aconcagua, and was featured on the cover of Sports Illustrated for his summit of Mount Everest.  Jeff is in the midst of the Explorer’s Grand Slam, a challenge to summit the highest peak on all 7 continents, as well as skiing to both the North and South Pole. Jeff’s journey started at the age of 8 years old, when a traumatic farming accident left him as a below the knee amputee.  Jeff is married with 2 children, has traveled to 49 countries and is a sought-after motivational speaker all over the world. In this conversation, we talk about the accident that started it all, his time advising Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson on his blockbuster role in Skyscraper, his journey in professional wheelchair basketball, raising children, his relationship with his parents and a whole bunch more. Please enjoy this conversation with Jeff Glasbrenner.
November 16, 2020
Anthony Lue: Promise, Paralysis and The Olympic Mentality
Welcome back to The Motivational Intelligence Podcast, where today we’re bringing you a conversation with Anthony Lue. Here’s a bio on Anthony: By the time he was 14 years old, Anthony Lue was one of the top hurdlers and baseball players in the Canada.  After losing his way, Anthony landed an automotive apprenticeship.  And 11 months into his apprenticeship, his unthinkable accident happened - paralyzing him from the waist down. Today, is pursuing his lifelong Olympic dream as a 2021 Tokyo Paralympic hopeful in the sport of handcycling. Anthony speaks at a variety of schools, corporate events, television and on radio as well as being an ambassador for 2 of Canada’s largest accessibility trade shows, The People in Motion show and the Abilities Expo, sharing with his audiences how they too can persevere and succeed against all odds. In this episode we talk about Anthony’s budding athletic career, where things went wrong, the accident that changed his life, the mentality he’s used to train for the 2021 Paralympics, and a whole bunch more. For inspiration and sponsorship opportunities, check him out at and on Instagram @Anthony.lue  Please enjoy this wide ranging conversation with Anthony Lue.
November 9, 2020
James Fleming: How to Close Impossible Deals Abroad and Get Big Laughs from the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom
Welcome back to the motivational intelligence podcast, today we’re bringing you a conversation with the one and only James Fleming. After 17 years in the Oil Field, holding numerous senior leadership roles from the Middle East and Asia Regions US, and the UK, with companies such as Baker Hughes, Halliburton, and Weatherford, James Flemming took the plunge to get out of the Oil field game for good. In Feb 2017 James and his wife set up The Power Within Training & Development, a leadership and professional development company primarily based in Scotland UK, where James is the managing director. In their very short tenner, they have seen a dramatic increase in business growth and development. James’s vision, tenacity, and hyper-focus to always put the customer at the forefront of everything they do, has enabled the company to pivot their products and service through this current pandemic to evolve, healthier, stronger, more focused, and hungrier than ever before. James and his wife Enas are fully committed to giving back and helping their local communities via voluntary roles in: • Young Enterprise Scotland • Children Panel for Scotland • MCR Pathways The Power Within is also one of 2logical’s certified global partners, representing 2logical in the European markets. In this episode, we talk about James’ sit down on small business with the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, Theresa May, the strategies he used to secure terms and close deals everyone told him was impossible, leadership lessons from around the globe and a whole bunch more. Please enjoy this conversation with James Fleming.
November 2, 2020
Dr. Gregory Shea: A World-Renown Expert in Change on How to Avoid Team Distraction and "Get to the Work", Build an Environment to Facilitate Change, Fight Cancer and Find Spirituality
In this episode of The Motivational Intelligence Podcast, we’re bringing you a closed door conversation with one of the world’s leading experts in the field of change, Dr. Gregory Shea. Dr. Gregory Shea serves as President of Shea & Associates, Inc, is an Adjunct Professor of Management at the Wharton School, and is Senior Fellow at its Center for Leadership and Change Management. Dr. Shea did his undergraduate work at Harvard, got his masters degree in Management Studies from the London School of Economics and got his PhD in Administrative Science from Yale. He’s authored or coauthored 6 different books heavily focused on Leading Change, including his most recent “Leading Change: 8 Keys to Success” published by the Wharton School Press, and “Your Job Survival Guide: A Manual for Thriving in Change” published by Financial Times Press. He’s also published scores of articles in places like the Sloan Management Review and forthcoming the California Management Review. He can be found on LinkedIn as Gregory Shea, and on his website: In this episode, we get into his experiences fighting cancer, the concept of leadership proximity, how to quote “get to the work", systems thinking, and a whole bunch more. Please enjoy this wide ranging conversation with Dr. Gregory Shea.
October 26, 2020
Stephen Graham: Leading Innovation & Excellence in a Global Organization
Stephen Graham is considered by many to be a Renaissance Man - he’s travelled the world, he’s a great story teller, he’s a trained Engineer, and he knows how to put people at ease and bring out the best in them. He also happens to be a world class business Executive who runs a very large global organization for Energy giant, Baker Hughes.  His professional bona fides are: He is: Sr. Director Global Supply Chain and Manufacturing He Manages:  8 Manufacturing Plants around the world He Leads:  1,600 Employees He Supports:  $1.7 billion in revenue Recent Accomplishment:  Baker Hughes Completions and Well Intervention is now the clear #1 Global Leader in their space… ahead of Halliburton, Schlumberger, Weatherford In this conversation, you'll listen to stories from his global travels, lessons learned from his grandfather, keys to innovating in business and driving excellence in yourself and others.
October 19, 2020
James King: The Strategies Behind 25+ Patents, Better Mustangs and Effectively Leading through Dynamic Change
Welcome back to The Motivational Intelligence Podcast, I’m Sean Johnson and today we’re bringing a great conversation that John Casey and I had with James King. Here’s a quick bio on James: Mr. King is the Chief Strategy Officer of NCS Multistage. He has been with NCS since 2017, following a 25-year career at Baker Hughes. Mr. King has over 31 years of industry experience including 18 years in various leadership positions. Three of those years were in the international arena. Over his career he has worked in over 20 countries and is inventor or co-inventor on over 25 patents in the well completion field. He has held roles in diverse positions, including applications engineering, operations, and product line management. Mr. King received a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from Texas Tech University and an Executive MBA from Texas A&M University. He and his wife, Miriam, have two teenage boys. He is an active volunteer for the Boy Scouts of America, Troop 8, in Kingwood, Texas. In this conversation, John Casey and Sean Johnson talk with James about his strategies for leading through a global pandemic, how he got his start as an inventor, the playbook his parent's used to raise him, and much more. So without further ado, please enjoy this wide ranging conversation with James King.
October 14, 2020
Paul Madero: Run into Burning Buildings, Pulse Your Network and Other Career Tips from the Philosopher King of Energy
Paul Madero is a 1st generation American, having been born in New York City with his family originating from South America.  Paul started his career with Baker Hughes in 2005 and has held roles in Research and Development, Sales and Marketing, Eastern & Western Hemisphere Operations, and Mergers & Acquisitions.   He has worked across all major product lines from drilling, completions and productions.  Paul holds 9 patents and has been interviewed by the Wall Street Journal, among many other media outlets. He earned his Executive MBA with Highest Honors from the University of Houston, a Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering from Lamar University, and completed the Duke Global Leadership Program. Paul currently serves as the Vice President for Global Drilling Services. In this episode, we talk about the 2 kinds of people in crisis, the commencement speech that changed Paul's life, why he once flew to West Virginia to wait on a stoop, some of Paul's best career tips and a whole bunch more.
October 12, 2020
Garry Spence: How to Spot The Magic Moments that Shape Our Lives
Hey there, welcome back to The Motivational Intelligence Podcast.  I’m Sean Johnson, and today we have a gem of an episode for you, as Dave and I sat down with Garry Spence. A quick bio of Garry: Garry Spence is Senior Vice President and Head of Client Engagement for Lincoln’s Retirement Plan Services.  His team is focused on boosting retirement readiness of the more than 1.5 million participants that Lincoln serves. Garry joined Lincoln Financial Group in 1992 and has served in various leadership roles over the past 27 years. He has served as a financial advisor, sales manager, and executive leader. Garry received a bachelor’s degree in economics from the University of Georgia, where he also played tennis on a full scholarship - and has his FINRA Series 7, 24, 6, 63 and 65  licenses. Garry and his wife, Missy, live in Charlotte, North Carolina, and have three children and four grandchildren. In other word’s, he’s incredibly qualified to be a leader of the financial world, and once you listen to this interview, you’re going to be glad he is. In this conversation, we talk about living a life of contribution, the resolution passed by the Georgia House of Representatives honoring his mentors (which was a first on the podcast), the job he got cutting lawns that shaped his future, and much much more. Garry is just a phenomenal human being, and one of the most genuine people you’ll ever meet. So without further ado, please enjoy this conversation with Garry Spence.
September 28, 2020
Fred Collins on How to Become a CEO: Making Career Choices, Giving Back, and Building a COVID-Oriented Business
Fred Collins is an international sales leader, philanthropist and the co-founder and Managing Director of Undercover Brands, which produces protective face masks in the fight against COVID-19. Fred has spent time leading sales teams at major companies like Proctor and Gamble, Kao, Henkel and Coty. When COVID-19 hit, Fred along with his partners, decided to start Undercover Brands, which makes a wide range of protective face masks and for every mask it sells, it donates one to someone in need. Since the taping of this conversation, Undercover Brands has gone from one major customer to being carried in 4,000 retail locations.  Starting on September 1st, Undercover's premium, 100% cotton face masks will be available at retail outlets like TJ Maxx’s, Marshall’s, Home Goods and Bealls. In this conversation, we cover Fred’s experience with the California Wild Fires, his early career path and development, and the beginnings of what is now a nationally distributed product and company. You can find Fred on LinkedIn, and learn more about Undercover Brands at   Listeners of this podcast get 15% off Undercovers Brands masks by using the code "2logical15" at checkout.
September 1, 2020
COVID-19: 4 Things Great Leaders Are Doing Differently with Joe Gianni
As a result of the challenges popping up from COVID-19, 2logical is doing something unique. With podcasts more popular than ever, and a suddenly distributed workforce, having your own internal podcast might be one of the best things you can do for your people and your organization right now. So we're offering to produce a free internal podcast for up to 5 organizations. This will be a private podcast available exclusively to your employees, co-branded with your company, produced by our top trainers, and completely customized to your organization. It might include things like interviews with top performers, strategy talks with executives, stories from the front-lines, tips for working from home and a whole bunch more. And in case you need help selling this internally - 2logical was just named one of the Top 20 Leadership Training Companies in the world by Training Industry - so you can tell them it'll be produced by the top trainers on the planet. We can only do this for 5 organizations, and once the slots are filled - they’re filled.  So if you’re interested, get your name in early and fill out an application at
April 20, 2020
COVID-19: A Toolkit for Navigating These Historic Times with John Casey
As a result of the challenges popping up from COVID-19, 2logical is doing something unique. With podcasts more popular than ever, and a suddenly distributed workforce, having your own internal podcast might be one of the best things you can do for your people and your organization right now. So we're offering to produce a free internal podcast for up to 5 organizations. This will be a private podcast available exclusively to your employees, co-branded with your company, produced by our top trainers, and completely customized to your organization. It might include things like interviews with top performers, strategy talks with executives, stories from the front-lines, tips for working from home and a whole bunch more. And in case you need help selling this internally - 2logical was just named one of the Top 20 Leadership Training Companies in the world by Training Industry - so you can tell them it'll be produced by the top trainers on the planet. We can only do this for 5 organizations, and once the slots are filled - they’re filled.  So if you’re interested, get your name in early and fill out an application at
April 20, 2020
COVID-19: 4 Keys to Surviving & Thriving with Dave Naylor
As a result of the challenges popping up from COVID-19, 2logical is doing something unique. With podcasts more popular than ever, and a suddenly distributed workforce, having your own internal podcast might be one of the best things you can do for your people and your organization right now. So we're offering to produce a free internal podcast for up to 5 organizations. This will be a private podcast available exclusively to your employees, co-branded with your company, produced by our top trainers, and completely customized to your organization. It might include things like interviews with top performers, strategy talks with executives, stories from the front-lines, tips for working from home and a whole bunch more. And in case you need help selling this internally - 2logical was just named one of the Top 20 Leadership Training Companies in the world by Training Industry - so you can tell them it'll be produced by the top trainers on the planet. We can only do this for 5 organizations, and once the slots are filled - they’re filled.  So if you’re interested, get your name in early and fill out an application at
April 20, 2020
Ryan Hawley: How to Use Servant Leadership to Advance Your Career
This week on The Motivational Intelligence Podcast, Dave Naylor and Sean Johnson interview Ryan Hawley. Ryan Hawley is Assistant Vice President, Regional Manager at Lincoln Financial Group. In his role, he oversees distribution of Group Protection Solutions to help provide employees and their families with financial well-being and peace of mind, providing benefits when they need them the most. His team of Senior Account Executives are dedicated to customer retention and expanding Lincoln Financial Group presence with employer groups of all sizes. His mission is simple: To make a meaningful impact in the lives of others.  Show Notes 0:02- Introduction 2:32- Ryan’s Childhood 5:29- Leadership By Example 7:57- Interning 11:19- Getting Buy-In 20:01- The Challenge Coin 32:26- Hand-Written Notes 34:07- Struggles With School 40:19- Making An Impact 51:35- The Integrity Award 54:39- The Right Kind Of Leading 58:12- Establishing Trust 1:00:57- Standing For Something 1:11:25- Advice To Ryan’s Younger Self & Concluding Thoughts
March 2, 2020
Marc Hebner: How One of the Top Technology Executives was Raised by a Super-Hero Single Mother
On this episode of The Motivational Intelligence Podcast, Dave Naylor and Sean Johnson interview a very special guest: Marc Hebner. As VP of Sales for NEC's US, Latin America and Canadian channel operations, Marc is responsible for the Enterprise Technology Unit sales. This includes more than 600 Solutions Integrators covering all UC, Contact Center, IT Platform, XaaS, and Smart Enterprise solutions sold through the channel as well as, having responsibility for the success of ETU's Direct sales organization. Marc is a 14 year veteran of NEC and has held various positions during his tenure including; NEC Financial Services Regional Sales Manager, ETU Business Development, Vertical Practice Specialist, Enterprise East Sales Director and now, VP of Sales. Marc is a highly energetic and motivated leader focused on executing with excellence on ETU's transformation to help build the "NEC of the future" leveraging the "NEC as a Service and Smart Workspace" framework. Show Notes 00:00:39- Introduction 00:01:33- Marc’s Childhood and Upbringing 00:05:20- Marc’s Mother’s Amazing Journey 00:11:47- Marc’s Role Models and Mentors 00:13:51- Learning What Not To Do 00:17:49- Being Vulnerable For Your Team 00:20:34- The College Years 00:24:44- The Early Days Of Sales 00:28:07- Changing Career Paths 00:29:50- Small Wins 00:32:49- First Leadership Role 00:36:01- Shifting Mindsets 00:42:19- The Perfect Fit 00:44:10- Keeping Things Positive 00:46:17- NEC 00:48:25- Coaching & Opening Up Minds 00:52:19- Innovation and The Startup Mentality 01:01:22- Seeing Results 01:06:45- Making Difficult But Right Decisions 01:12:14- The Four Boxes 01:14:13- Marc’s Advice to His Younger Self 01:15:33- Conclusion
February 16, 2020
Rob Gilbert: The Art of Becoming a Leader and Salesman
This week on The Motivational Intelligence Podcast, Dave Naylor interviews a very special guest. His name is Rob Gilbert and his vast knowledge and wisdom is astounding. Rob is a Virginia native, and has 36 years’ experience in the areas of sales, marketing, leadership, and sales management and process consulting and coaching. Since his start in the office equipment industry in the early 80's, Rob has spent many years in the field of office automation sales, sales management, managed print methodologies, SFA utilization as a means of pipeline building and management, recruiting, team building and accountability, and leadership training and consulting. Rob currently serves as CMO for ImageNet Consulting LLC, where his primary areas of focus include pipeline oversight and management, training and coaching of sales and sales leadership, some training coordination and recruiting efforts, and enterprise branch assistance where needed. Show Notes 0:05- Intro 3:05- Rob’s Journey 6:28- Car Wash Competition 12:24- Keeping the Focus on High Payoff Activities 20:05- Figuring Out Patterns 26:56- Looking In The Mirror 29:36- Successful Self-Talk 35:04- Upping the Stakes 39:27- Helping People Become Goal-Oriented 48:37- Helping Managers Build Their Game 54:12- Investing Energy in The Right Things 1:03:03- Taking Action 1:07:18- The Best Feedback 1:13:33- Final thoughts & Conclusion
February 9, 2020
Roland Williams: Inside the Rams 98 Super Bowl Win & The Playbook That Got Him There
Sports fans, this episode is for you! This week on The Motivational Intelligence Podcast, Sean Johnson and Dave Naylor interview Roland Williams, legendary NFL star, Super Bowl champion and philanthropist. Roland grew up in Rochester, New York and is a graduate of East High. He also attended Syracuse University, where he was one of the nation’s top student athletes. He then went on to play for the St. Louis Rams, the Oakland Raiders and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Roland has won the St. Louis Rams “Rookie of the Year” award and the NFL “Unsung Hero” award. He is also a two time winner of The Oakland Raiders “Man of the Year” award, the American Football Conference Championship with The Raiders, and last but certainly not least, winning Super Bowl 34 with the St. Louis Rams, which has been referred to as one of the greatest Super Bowls of all time. Check out Roland's website: Show Notes 0:07- Intro 1:00- MTV “Made” 2:33- Coaching Philosophy 3:46- Attacking Flawed Belief Systems 7:47- How Roland Stays Motivated 10:56- Mental Muscles 16:15- Roland’s Childhood 19:11- Getting Started With Football 22:22- Using The Mental Muscles 25:19- Mentors 27:59- Natural Ability 32:30- Transforming From Worst to Best 38:28- A Great Coach 42:50- Leaders Of The Team 45:25- Jerry Rice 48:09- Champion Academy 55:23- How To Help 58:09- Secret Project 1:00:15- Bringing NFL To The Corporate World 1:03:42- Advice To 16 Year Old Self 1:04:28- Closing Thoughts
February 2, 2020
How to Become Consciously Motivated - Featuring Justin Francisco & Joe Gianni
For this new, intriguing episode of The Motivational Intelligence Podcast, President and CEO of 2logical, Joe Gianni, is interviewed by Justin Francisco, host of the podcast titled Mindful Impact. They dive into several fascinating topics, such as motivation, setting goals and being the best you can be every single day, year and month. “Every year, scientists create these telescopes and they look out into space. One of the biggest things that they realize, no matter how powerful they make these telescopes, they realize one simple thing. There's more space. The same is true with the progressive realization of becoming the best that we can be. In other words, we become the best that we can be, but in that journey, you realize there is no end,” says Joe. Show Notes 00:00:17- Intro And How Joe Starts His Day 00:04:29- Yearly Goals 00:08:38- How To Make Goals A Priority 00:11:37- Beliefs 00:16:23- Big Person, Bigger Person 00:25:30- Individual Development Plans 00:27:22- Consciously Motivated 00:31:18- Finding The Right Way To Look At Success 00:36:17- Being Helpful Vs. Preaching 00:40:17- “Breaking The Horse” 00:42:11- Always A Student 00:44:20- Joe’s Advice To His 18 Year Old Self 00:49:14- Conclusion
January 26, 2020
Leading To Become The Best (Part 2): You Can Do It All, If You Think You Can
This episode of The Motivational Intelligence Podcast features part two of John Casey’s keynote address at Citibank’s “Leading to Become the Best”Conference. Throughout this keynote, John touches on many important topics, such as leading younger generations, why it is important to understand your company’s vision and managing belief and attitude gaps in the work place. During this part of the conference, John asks for audience participation by asking the people of Citibank many insightful questions about their own experiences, goals and beliefs. The answers he receives are eye-opening and intriguing. Show Notes 0:20- The Best Is Yet To Come 4:20- Leading Younger Generations 9:36- The Vision 23:06- Belief And Attitude Gaps 30:27- Individual Leadership Journey 31:38- Mentors 38:27- Building Culture 55:40- Detailed Execution And Performance 59:53- Building Confidence 1:12:51- Getting Your Clients On The Same Side Of The Table 1:21:22- “Chief Cheerleader” 1:32:08- JFK’s Memorable Speech and Closing Thoughts
January 19, 2020
Leading to Become the Best (Part 1): Personal Responsibility is Key
This very special episode of The Motivational Intelligence Podcast features part one of John Casey’s keynote address at Citibank’s “Leading to Become the Best”Conference. Throughout this keynote, John touches on many important topics such as developing and growing other people (and ourselves), why we learn more from difficult employees and personal responsibility. He applies many vital beliefs and mindsets that are practiced and taught at 2logical and applies them to Citibank and everything they have accomplished, along with what can be learned from both companies. “Everyone is born with unlimited potential. It takes a catalyst, and that’s probably leadership, to pull that out,” says John. Show Notes 0:07- Introduction 2:28- Most Valuable Resource 7:01- Learning From Difficult Employees 14:05- John’s First Real Job 20:15- “Win Or Learn” 25:33- What Is Success? 33:29- Developing People 36:00- Personal Responsibility
January 12, 2020
How the World's Most Successful People View Fear
Fear is something that all of us deal with in our lives, at some point in time. However, the question is: how can we use it to energize us and not debilitate us? Sean Johnson sits down with Joe Gianni, President and CEO of 2logical, to discuss fear and how it can lead us to success if we use it the right way. Fear is often viewed as a very complex concept, when in fact, it is quite simple. There are two main ways that people handle fear: they either let it energize them, or they let it debilitate them. Energizers of fear use it to help them grow and push them to reach outside of their comfort zone. People who let fear debilitate them use fear as a way to stop any sort of progress and are likely to stay in the same exact place, where they are comfortable! Want to learn how to transform fear from being your enemy to being your friend? Check out Episode 30: “How the World's Most Successful People View Fear”. Show Notes 00:00:29- Intro 00:01:10- Where Does Fear Come From? 00:02:49-How Do People Deal With Fear? 00:06:20- Feeling Butterflies 00:09:01- The Best Way To Recognize Fear 00:13:03- Breaking Down Fear 00:16:54- Understanding The Possibilities And Outcomes 00:19:04- Affirmations When Using Fear To Energize 00:25:54- Golden Nuggets And Closing Thoughts
January 5, 2020
Nannette Nocon: How to Set Goals, Ask for Help and Lead People from Poverty to $600 Million in Assets Under Management
This week on The Motivational Intelligence Podcast, we have a very special guest: Nannette Nocon, a very successful private wealth advisor at Ameriprise Financial Services, Inc. She leads her own team, known as Nocon & Associates. She has been ranked by The Financial Times as one of the top financial planners in the nation, managing over half a billion dollars’ worth of assets for individuals in 26 different states. Nannette is also a part of The National Woman's Hall of Fame. In addition to that, she's won the prestigious ATHENA Award, which is given to women who have made significant investments in three areas: business, community service and in the advancement of women. Nannette is a highly motivated and goal-driven individual who is always looking to help others (and herself) be the best they can be. “Cultivate passion by setting the bar higher than your former self,” she says. Show Notes: 0:09- Intro 1:57- The Watch Story 5:11- Life In The Philippines 6:33- Goal Setting 9:20- Resetting The Bar Each Year 11:28- Goal Direction At A Young Age 15:18- Can-Do Attitude 19:18- Asking Yourself The Right Questions 22:04- Finding The Right Women To Mentor 24:25- Applying To College 29:26- Being Persistent 31:02- Delivering The Best To Her Clients 36:46- Building A Team of Successful People 39:51- Delegating Tasks Properly 42:36- Celebrating Success 45:43- Key Points In Growing Caliber 48:13- Knowing When Enough Is Enough 52:09- The Greatest Lessons Of Success 56:27- Final Thoughts
December 29, 2019
New Year's Resolutions: The Top 10 Reasons They Fail
This week on The Motivational Intelligence Podcast, Sean Johnson and John Casey are discussing New Year’s resolutions and why they are seemingly impossible to stick to. For a lot of people, it seems like coming up with the resolution is much easier than actually putting it into action! Sean and John discuss common issues that prevent people from moving forward with their resolutions and what can be done to stop the vicious cycle of no change. Studies show that only 12% of people actually stick to their resolutions, meaning 88% of people just can’t figure it out. There are ten main reasons why people don’t stick to their resolutions. Want to learn what those reasons are and how you can be a part of the 12%? Check out “Ep 28- New Year’s Resolutions: The Top 10 Reasons They Fail” and let us know what you think! Leave us a comment and follow us on social media!
December 22, 2019
Ep 27: Gratitude: Strength Training for the Heart
This week on The Motivational Intelligence Podcast, Sean Johnson and John Casey take a deep dive into gratitude and all of the happiness it brings. Successful people are often very happy people, but why is that? It is likely that they are practicing gratitude daily. While gratitude is mentioned very frequently during this time of year, many studies and research show that making a daily habit of practicing gratitude can be a completely life-changing experience. Even something as simple as keeping a “Gratitude Journal” where your write down everything you are grateful for each day can reduce negative feelings and change your mindset. Show Notes: Ep 27: Gratitude: Strength Training for the Heart 1:06- Intro 8:41- Unlearning Innate Traits 10:11- Working Together 11:28- How Does Gratitude Improve Our Life? 12:12- New Relationships 13:09- Physical Health 14:16- Psychological Health 22:25- Enhancing Empathy & Reducing Aggression 23-34- Sleeping Better 23:55- Improving Self-Esteem 25:19- Mental Strength 29:24- Grateful Beliefs 33:34- Helping Others 35:20- Appreciating Where You Came From 36:45- Journaling 38:45- How John Helps Others 41:59- Random Acts of Kindness 43:51- The Little Things 49:03- Final Thoughts Learn more about the articles and books referenced throughout the podcast here: 7 Scientifically Proven Benefits of Gratitude The Neuroscience of Gratitude and How It Affects Anxiety & Grief 31 Benefits of Gratitude: The Ultimate Science-Backed Guide Play It Away: A Workaholic's Cure for Anxiety by Charlie Hoehn The Revolutionary Trauma Release Process: Transcend Your Toughest Times by David Berceli
December 15, 2019
Jennifer Andrews (#MoveForJenn)- How a Woman with One Leg Inspired the World to Move!
Jenn Andrews: How a Woman with One Leg Inspired the World to Move! This week on The Motivational Intelligence Podcast, we have a very special guest named Jennifer Andrews. Born in Englewood, NJ, she is a former corporate sales executive turned health and wellness coach. Jenn's world was turned upside down after discovering a lump on her foot while getting a pedicure, leading her to being diagnosed with a very rare form of cancer called sarcoma. The week before her surgery, she recorded a Facebook live video that unintentionally went viral, as she requested others to appreciate their mobility and to MOVE in their favorite form of exercise on her surgery date. In the video, Jenn said, “Mobility is a gift and it's something that a lot of us take for granted because it's something that we're born with,” Jenn’s video quickly went viral, so much so, that #moveforjenn was trending on several different social media platforms. This video lead to a movement. Watch the full video here! That was just the beginning of Jenn’s impact on the world. After losing her right foot in March of 2018 and adapting to life as an active amputee, she quickly learned that activewear prosthetics were not covered by insurance. She and her husband, Miles started thinking about all of the cancer survivors who were not leading active lives because of this expense. This gap between what is “covered” as a benefit and what is left as an out of pocket expense had to be filled. Jenn and Miles made this their mission with the Move for Jenn Foundation. Their focus is to grant funds for activewear prosthetics to cancer survivors and sarcoma research. The mission of the Move For Jenn Foundation is to offer grants to sarcoma researchers and those who have suffered the loss of a limb to sarcoma or other affiliated diseases. The foundation’s goal is to raise awareness through fundraising events, while also helping amputees afford or obtain an active-wear prosthetic, allowing them to regain strength and mobility faster, getting them back to the physical activities they enjoyed prior to amputation. Jenn resides in Charlotte, North Carolina with her husband, two kids and three dogs. She is a two time sarcoma survivor and amputee and her story is incredibly inspiring. This is definitely an episode you don't want to miss! Listen to episode 26, “Jennifer Andrews - How a Woman With One Leg Inspired The World to Move” Show Notes: Jenn Andrews: How a Woman with One Leg Inspired the World to Move! 0:15- Intro 3:26- Life After College 5:55- Noticing A Difference 7:40- No Sign of Cancer 8:58- The Diagnosis 11:00- Check-up Appointments 18:04- The Tumor Board 19:26- Dealing With Emotions 23:44- Medication 28:02- Lack of Outreach and then Reaching Out 35:06- The Facebook Video that Went Viral 37:02-#moveforjenn 41:14- Making a Difference 45:14- Move for Jenn Foundation 46:19- Re-learning How to Walk 49:12- Finally Walking Again 53:26- Hannah’s Positive attitude 54:58- Running a 5k 58:36- Sponsoring her own race 1:08:13- Golden Nuggets 1:11:59- Final thoughts and the takeaway 39:15- Conclusion/final thoughts
December 8, 2019
John O'Leary: The 7 Choices to Ignite a Radically Inspired Life
Welcome back to The Motivational Intelligence Podcast! This week, we are interviewing John O’Leary, a well-known international and inspirational speaker, podcast host, and author. When he was just a young boy, John was playing with fire and gasoline in his home and caused a major explosion that burned 100% of his body, leaving him with a 1% chance of living. With the help of his family, the hospital janitor and an incredibly positive perspective, he survived. He now inspires a great amount of people around the world to go beyond just “living.” His podcast, “Live Inspired,” is in the top 20 of the business category in Apple Podcasts and his book “On Fire: The 7 Choices to Ignite a Radically Inspired Life” was an instant #1 best seller, selling more than 40,000 copies in less than a year! Link to John’s book, “On Fire: The Seven Choices to Ignite a Radically Inspired Life”: Help us improve the podcast in 30 seconds: Show Notes 1:16- Intro 4:31- Shocking subtitles 5:15- The life changing incident 8:11- Dying or living 9:27- The fight to come back 14:08- Learning something from everyone 17:06- First day home from the hospital 19:19- No tolerance for a victim mentality 21:01- Denial vs. self-acceptance 29:27- "Would you do it all again?" 33:10- Gratitude 35:12- Sense of purpose 45:29- "I want to be a part of the team that changes the world" 47:40- Getting out of the victim mindset 51:22- "It's not perfect, but it's good." 54:03- Children's mindset 58:31- Coping with kids 59:35- Nurse Roy 1:07:33- Glenn Cunningham 1:12:51- Success 1:14:07- How to let go of fears and choose love 1:18: 13-Og Mandino 1:20: 18- Final thoughts
December 1, 2019
Keith Heiden - The Blind Renaissance Man: Bowling Perfect 300 Games, Racing Sailboats & Heat Treating Steel
This is a very exciting new episode of The Motivational Intelligence Podcast. Sean Johnson and Dave Naylor interview Keith Heiden, a man who has lived an incredible life. He was diagnosed with a degenerative eye disease due to a bad case of strep throat when he was only about 12 years old, leading him to become legally blind. That didn’t stop him from creating an extraordinary life! Keith regularly bowls perfect games, golfs, races sailboats and is the father to four children. He also works at a heat treating plant. Despite his limitations, he has never let his vision get in the way of challenging himself and trying new things. Help us improve the podcast in 30 seconds: Show Notes 0:04- Intro 2:32- Issues with eyesight at a young age 7:55- The deterioration and diagnosis 9:00- Curing the strep infection 10:52- Supportive parents 12:42- Perfect bowling games 17:00- The mental focus 21:08- Sailing and motor boating 23:15- Avoiding the label 25:16- Ignoring the limitations and doing something else 26:17- "Whatever i focus on, I'm going to get better at" 27:57- First cataract surgery 31:04- Keith's advice for his younger self 33:40- Avoiding a victim thought process 37:53- A positive work environment 39:15- Conclusion/ final thoughts
November 24, 2019
Joe Gianni: Diamond in the Rough - Clamming, NFL Quarterbacks and College Textbooks
This is a very special episode of The Motivational Intelligence Podcast! Sean Johnson sits down and talks with the president and CEO of 2logical, Joe Gianni. Joe shares his incredible journey, starting with a “magical” childhood in East Islip, Long Island and going on to follow in his father’s footsteps by starting his own business in Rochester, New York. Joe knew he wanted to start his own business when he was just ten years old. “My dad had his own business. So I used to go to work with him on the weekends as a young guy, so, someday I wanted to be like my dad, I wanted to start my own company. I didn't know the word entrepreneur back then, but that lit the fire.”Be sure to check out this very special new episode of The Motivational Intelligence Podcast! Shownotes 2:02- Childhood Memories 4:46- Growing up with hardworking parents 6:36- Digging for clams 10:45- Inheriting a strong work ethic 13:16- Building relationships 17:08- Boomer’s plan to become an NFL quarterback 18:37- A culture of support and respect 25:02- Learning from Boomer 34:48 seeing through the lens 40:37- finding the right mentor 45:43- an amazing opportunity 58:00- A learning experience 1:06- first big sales call 1:09:52- Two gifts 1:12:57- Final thoughts
November 17, 2019
Frank Buono: Trust, Loyalty & Destroying Doubt - From $0 to $50 million
On this week’s special episode of The Motivational Intelligence Podcast, David Naylor interviews Frank Buono, the President of NEXT! Ad Agency, a Division of CGI Communications. Frank has been a fixture at CGI since it was started in 1988, helping to grow annual revenues from $0 to nearly $50 million. This interview covers his journey and the lessons he’s learned along the way - namely, how trust, loyalty and destroying doubt have been keys to his and the company’s success.This is definitely not an episode you want to miss! Shownotes: 0:13- Intro 1:48- How it began 8:58- Figuring it all out 12:20- Time & unrelenting will 18:50- Behavior dictates circumstance 24:00- Clear expectations are key! 26:50- How to indoctrinate people into the workplace 37:51- What is looked for when recruiting new people 40:30- How to get people to let their guard down during interviews 43:38- Loyalty 46:31- Empathy 49:27- "New manager’s disease" 55:18- The "want to"
November 10, 2019
Kevin Flynn: Climbing Mt. Everest (with Pneumonia), Flying Planes & Winning Ad Awards
Kevin Flynn has lived a truly extraordinary life. He has climbed all seven of the highest mountains in the world, as well as the forty-six Adirondack Peaks. He has even written a book about his experiences titled “Mount Everest: Confessions of an Amateur Peak Bagger.” On top of all that, he is an instrument-rated private pilot and runs a highly successful and award-winning advertising agency. During his interview with Dave Naylor, he tells many inspiring, emotional and, at times, raw stories about the lessons he’s learned and the journey it took him to get to where he is now. Help us improve the podcast in 30 seconds: Shownotes 0:27- Introduction to Kevin 1:50- Kevin explains how his career and hobbies came to be 3:12-Mountain climbing 10:02- The appeal of the mountains 12:48- FWA 15:48- First trip to Everest 18:24- "Don't worry about it until it happens." 21:36- The Four Camps 28:25- "It could never happen to me." 33:57- "I cashed in my chips too early.” 36:11- "You'd be surprised what the body can do, and the mind quits before the body. You probably had it in you to make it, you just limited yourself.” 38:02- Coming home 40:54- Going back to Everest 50:57- "I'm really tired, but everyone's tired on Everest." 53:21- Making it to the summit... and getting pneumonia 1:00:06- A dicey helicopter ride 1:01:14- The Long Journey Home 1:07:07- "Not making Everest the first time was a godsend because it made me stronger and better and smarter” 1:11:04- Giving your 17-year old self advice 1:14:37- Learning to fly by accident 1:18:20- Conclusion
November 3, 2019
Money Secrets of the Millionaire Mailman: Part 2 - Growing Net Worth
Last week, we brought you part 1 of how a friend of Dave’s helped him pay off his debt. Now, we bring you part 2, with even more insights and lessons learned from Dave Naylor and Sean Johnson. During part 2, they discuss building net worth and the many ways Dave continued to keep a budget even after he had all of his debt paid off. Shownotes 0:22- Recap/intro to part 2 2:23- the save and buy mentality 5:42- Using cash is key! 7:36-How to build your net worth after saving/paying off debt 13:39- Gaining power over time 20:00- How to invest the right way 33:40- What to do if/when the market crashes 38:52- How to know when you're ready to make big investments 41:36- Where to put the money you save 44:56- Know what you're investing for 48:24- The importance of life insurance 50:47- How to know what the right type of life insurance is 55:11- Final thoughts
October 27, 2019
Money Secrets of the Millionaire Mailman: Part 1 - Gaining Control
Saving money is something that mostly everyone has struggled with at some point in their lives. There are certain times where it seems nearly impossible to get out of debt. For this episode of The Motivational Intelligence Podcast, Dave Naylor and Sean Johnson discuss a time in Dave’s life where he was able to pay off all of his credit card debt- with the help of a man named Jerry who was a million dollar mailman (yes, you read that right!). Shownotes 1:00- Intro 3:40- Dave's money struggle 10:00- What determines financial success?  18:30- Coming up with a budget 20:47- Sticking to the budget 31:11- Working off the credit card debt 35:25- How to continue to save money 38:31- What Dave was working on 39:48- What happened after getting rid of the debt 46:15- How to stick to a budget even when more money is involved 50:32 Concluding thoughts
October 20, 2019
How to Convince Anyone of Anything: The Power of Persuasion
Sean Johnson and Dave Naylor talk about the power of persuasion, how to know when the right time is to use it, and why people ultimately believe certain things to be true. Shownotes: 0:44- Intro into persuasion 2:38- Can we actually convince people of things? 4:09- How do we know when we should use persuasion? 6:39- What really causes us to make a decision? 11:02- Understanding the other person's beliefs 14:01- Logic vs. emotion 17:54- Motivational profiles 23:50- How do you tell where someone falls, emotion or logic? 25:25-How to use what you learn about someone to persuade them 27:13- Dave's parenting "window" 33:25- Once we figure out how to persuade someone, where do we go from there 35:41- How do you know when the "window" is open? 42:01- The power of speaking things out loud 43:28-Preservation instinct 47:53- Deep rooted beliefs 52:07- Why delivery matters so much 1:00:03- Concluding thoughts
October 13, 2019
The Dangers of Opinion: Why We Judge Others (and Ourselves), and What To Do About It
Judging ourselves and others is a part of our daily lives, whether we like to admit it or not. Some of these judgments are positive, others are negative. The effects of our negative judgments can sometimes be so deeply rooted in our minds that we may not even realize how much of an impact it has on the way we think- because it feels so normal. In this episode of The Motivational Intelligence Podcast, Sean Johnson and Dave Naylor discuss the impacts of our judgments, where they come from, and how to change them when they become detrimental. Shownotes 0:18- Intro 1:50- Why humans are conditioned to judge 7:17- Where does judgment show up today? 20:57- When things are deep rooted, different perspectives are key 21:30 How to help someone 23:44- Why do we judge others? 30:00- What confidence really is 38:58- The social media effect 42:36- How often are our judgments actually correct? 47:50- Empathy 49:02- Judgment and understanding 52:35- How do we break out of our initial snap judgment? 57:30- Concluding thoughts
October 6, 2019
Hidden in Plain Sight: The Best Ways to Recover When Everything Goes Wrong
For this special episode of The Motivational Intelligence Podcast, we are sharing Dave Naylor’s keynote speech that he did for NEC, one of the world’s leading information technology companies. He shares many insights into what it really takes to make your business partners and consumers happy- even when times are tough. Shownotes: Hidden in Plain Sight: The Best Ways to Recover When Everything Goes Wrong 1:53-  Dave's Intro 10:24: Stories of triumph during tough times 17:13: Why having a vision is so important 25:00: Negative emotions are dominant 26:12- Why we must control our "emotional climate" 27:15: Dave's customer service experience 31:19: Dr. Douglas Copeland's wise words 38:08: What organizations will judge your business on 44:00- Conclusion
September 29, 2019
Human Conditioning: How Parenting, Friends and Media Shape Who We Are
What has more of an influence on someone, their environment or their own beliefs? There always seems to be a debate over which one has more of an influence, and how. In this episode of The Motivational Intelligence Podcast, John Casey and Sean Johnson discuss human conditioning and how many different factors shape who we are, such as how we’re raised, who we spend the most time with and social media. 
September 22, 2019
How To Build A Culture of Innovation
Innovation is extremely important, in both our personal and professional lives. In this episode of The Motivational Intelligence Podcast, Sean Johnson and John Casey discuss what it takes to build a culture of innovation, starting with ourselves and bringing it to our place of work. They discuss how vital it is to have five specific components: accountability, adaptability, resilience, initiative and courage. Shownotes 0:46- Intro 3:23- What is a culture of innovation? 8:43- Why it is important to instill a culture of innovation in the workplace 10:46- We are all apart of many different cultures 13:14- Why it is harmful to believe that you aren't good with innovation or change 14:23- What are the harmful beliefs about innovation and change that people should look out for? 18:54- What are the barriers? 23:42- How to go about "rebranding" yourself 26:47- Create a "no complaints without suggestions" approach 37:16- Let others speak first 38:59- How to become more resilient individually and at work 45:02- Goals are important! 50:49- How to instill courage in others 52:06- Get rid of negative thoughts in order to succeed 53:58- How we communicate with ourselves & why it is important 1:05:56- Conclusion
September 15, 2019
Paul Nealon: How a 69 Year Old Quadriplegic Learned to Walk Again
This is a story like no other; one of courage, bravery and determination. Paul Nealon was in an accident that threatened his ability to ever walk or move again. Several doctors told him the odds of him walking again were extremely low. However, that didn’t stop him; with a lot of hard work and determination, he was able to start moving again. Want to talk with Paul? If you or someone you know has a disability, Paul has graciously offered his help, perspective and wisdom. Send us an email at with your story, and we would be happy to put you in touch. Shownotes: 3:52- Intro 9:25- Paul's background 16:54- May 20th, 2017- the day that changed everything 31:05- What happened in the hospital 46:42- The recovery process 54:20- Goals 1:03:12- Getting it back 1:13:56- Never losing hope 1:33:44- Learning how to overcome failure & conclusion
September 8, 2019
Millennials vs. The World
Dave Naylor and Sean Johnson discuss what makes millennials different and the impact they have on today's workforce.  Shownotes 1:15- Intro into Millennials 1:37- How do other generations view millennials? 4:41- Millennials don’t work the same way 13:32- Disengagement & its consequences 15:15- What makes millennials different? 22:15- Instant gratification 24:37- How parents play a part 29:26-Why organizations need to be aware of the difference in millennials 32:11- Remote work 34:58- The difference in preference with jobs 36:12- Mindset differences 37:05- Social media influence 41:45- The refusal to give up control 43:08- How do you lead millennials? 48:03-  Conclusion
September 1, 2019
The Triumph or Tragedy of Confirmation Bias
John Casey discusses what confirmation bias really is and how it can both positively and negatively influence our lives. 
August 25, 2019
The Art of Building Relationships
In this episode of The Motivational Intelligence Podcast, Dave Naylor and Sean Johnson discuss the art of building relationships. They cover many different aspects of building relationships, such as why building good relationships is important, how to determine if someone in worth investing in, setting goals together and more.   Shownotes 0:52- Intro 1:00- Why build relationships? 2:45- The life cycle of a relationship 10:49- How do you identify whos worth investing in? 14:16- How do you invest in someone? 19:41- Ask what's important 22:10- Setting goals together 24:17- How do you maintain a meaningful relationship over time? 25:58- How do you bounce back from rough patches in relationships?  30:24- How do you balance and maintain several different relationships?  35:02- Conclusion
August 18, 2019
The 5 Habits That Destroy Careers
Dave and Sean discuss how habits are formed, what they mean and why they are important to our careers.    Shownotes 0:48- Intro into habits 15:34- Once habits are set in place, they become automatic… 16:35- Sometimes habits can lead us to tough spots in our lives without us even realizing it  17:19- Ask yourself, what are the habits that are going to help me reach my goal? 19:47- Career limiting habits are also life limiting habits 21:07- Habit #1- victim mentality  24:42- It is easier for people to put responsibility on other people, rather than themselves 28:34-The victim mentality is not a stable foundation  30:42- Habit #2 resistance to change 35:44- #3 Habit of negative thinking, playing devil's advocate 44:21- Habit #4 fear 46:20- Habit #5- negative thinking
August 11, 2019
All The Time You Need
John Casey discusses how to make use of your time wisely using to do lists, setting realistic expectations and more! Show Notes    0:27- The concept of time 3:18- Unsuccessful and successful people all have the same amount of time.. 3:47- Successful people DON'T get everything done! 4:37- Have goals! 7:18- Break down your goals into action- plan strategies  9:07- High payoff activities  10:55- What makes up your day? 11:04- How to make a proper to- do list 14:38- Stay organized with the details 15:07- Contacts 16:17- When you should plan out your day 17:30- Prioritize  19:36-What can make us a master prioritizers?   23:01- Conclusion and bonus items
August 4, 2019
Why You Should Fail More, And How To Do It Better
On this episode of the Motivational Intelligence Podcast, we are discussing failure and how it isn't as detrimental as people may think.   Shownotes 1:29- intro 1:40- why is failure important? 3:52- why do we look a failure as a negative thing? 8:58- How the media alters the alters what we see 11:40- How does someone get more comfortable with the idea of failing? 20:52-People see the world through a limited perspective  23:52- The people you surround yourself with are so important! 26:47- Is there such a thing as absolute failure?  31:07- how do we fail better? 33:24- What do people struggle with in terms of failure?  40:33- Failing forward 46:09- Win or learn 49:05- Conclusion
July 28, 2019
Asking The Right Questions: Part 2
Join Sean Johnson and David Naylor as they continue their discussing of asking the right questions!  Shownotes: 0:00-4:30- Intro & asking the right questions when leading people 4:50- Why you shouldn't act like you have all the answers 8:44- How important is the wording of questions? 11:12- The subconscious & the concept of the negative 16:13- Dave's House story 20:30- Assumption- type questions & why they're important 34:15- Situational-type questions and why they're important 38:50- Common mistakes with questions people in new leadership roles ask 43:00- What questions should managers be asking?  50:00- Conclusion & final thoughts
July 21, 2019
Asking the Right Questions: Part 1
Part 1 of 2! David Naylor and Sean Johnson discuss how to communicate, listen and ask the right questions.     Show Notes: Asking the Right Questions: Part 1 0:25- Intro 1:40- Why asking the right questions is important 4:30- What are the most important questions we can be asking ourselves, in terms of getting to where we want to go? 16:00- Why it is so important to know what you want 22:25- What questions should we be asking in terms of our health? 36:00- What are the questions we should be asking in terms of our relationships? 46:28- What are the questions we should be asking in terms of our money? 56:00- Conclusion 
July 14, 2019
Family Mottos
John Casey discusses his family mottos and why they are so important!    Show Notes- Family Mottos 1:00- Intro into Family Mottos 1:15- What is culture? 3:40: Unlimited Potential 5:00- Never give up 5:54- Mistakes aren’t a bad thing 7:03- No one can ruin our day without our permission  7:45- Win or learn 9:10- Butterflies are good! 10:29- Have fun and laugh a lot 11:38- Nobody can tell us who we can or can’t be, or what we can/can’t do, unless they care about us and will be supportive 12:25- Learn too soon and too often 13:06- When people go wrong, we don’t have to go with them 13:37- Finish what we start 14:25- Give no complaints without suggestions 16:49- We all have the power to make people feel good or bad 17:36- We keep our word, even when it is hard 18:30- Make each day count! 19:37- If the answer is yes…do the right thing 20:44- We are kind 21:57- We think before we react…
July 14, 2019
The 5 Don'ts of Coaching and Mentoring
David Naylor and Sean Johnson discuss the don'ts of coaching and mentoring, along with the difference between the two, and why they are both important in the work place.  Shownotes: 0:00-1:05- Intro into coaching and mentoring  1:40- the difference between coaching and mentoring  6:35- what coaches and mentors mean to different people  12:07- High payoff activities  15:45- Coaching isn't just for sports 17:21- what makes a mentor effective? 20:30- People know what to do and how to do it, but sometimes are missing the drive..   21:04- How do you help someone overcome mental barriers?  28:06- The mentoring process 35:54-  Helping guide people to come up with solutions on their own  40:45-  everyone can benefit from a coach or mentor no matter the position they're in 52:37- not enough people have solid coaches and mentors 1:03:08- The root cause of problems in the workplace    1:03:29-why is there a lack of coaching and mentoring? 1:17:12- What can stop someone from becoming a great coach or mentor?  1:24:52-  The biggest excuse people use.. 1:27:38-  How people incorrectly view coaching and mentoring   1: 32:54- Conclusion
July 14, 2019
The Four Cornerstones of Wisdom
John Casey discusses the four cornerstones of wisdom and all the ways we can utilize them and use them to help us succeed in life.   Show notes  0:49- Why having wisdom doesn’t seem natural 1:18- Cornerstone #1- Unlimited Potential  2:39- The Key to Unlocking Our Unlimited Potential 3:29- Cornerstone #2- Turning Weaknesses into Strengths (the number 1 secret to success) 5:25- Think like a child learning to walk 7:50- Cornerstone #3- Look at Mistakes in a Positive Way 9:59- Making mistakes helps us learn 11:52- Cornerstone #4- Difficult situations accelerate growth 
July 14, 2019
The Greatest Inhibitor to Success: Fear
On this episode of the Motivation intelligence Podcast, we are discussing fear and the effects it can have in both personal and professional settings.     Shownotes: 0:00-0:36- Intro 0:38- Why understanding fear in the workplace is important 5:00- Dave's Bungee-jumping experience  7:57- Everyone has fears- where do they come from? 12:37- A lot of fears come from childhood 21:00 What to focus on in terms of fear 36:00 Why its important to be ware of what we fear 46:00 Don't be so judgmental towards yourself 48:35 Think about the worst possible thing that could happen 55:10 We all have similar people problems in the workplace 1:01- Win or Learn 1:05:30 People are seeking purpose 1:14  The difference in people- their beliefs in themselves  1:22 Conclusion
July 14, 2019
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