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Mystery of the Week

Mystery of the Week

By Mystery of the Week Podcast
Join Holly & John each week to discuss the weird and unexplained. Was that a UFO? Do ghosts use toilets? We are here to ask the big questions and see if we can get answers by diving into mysteries around the world, sharing personal experiences and interviewing others about theirs.
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EP.41 The Demonologist Doo-Wop With Ed & Lorraine Warren (Pt.1)
There is a demonologist duo that has laid claim to fame in investigating the paranormal. For over half a century, this spooky couple have peeped on thousands of ghostly cases around the globe. We are here to talk about the haunted lives ED & LORRAINE WARREN! The Warrens cases from the 1950’s to today were recorded and spread as very thrilling and terrifying horrors that caught mass attention. Eventually putting many of the cases into the book, The Demonologist and many successful film adaptations. Lets waste no time and dive into this mysterious couples life story full of ghosts, demons, scandal and the occult!  In part one, we cover how the Warrens got swept up in the world of shooing ghosts out of houses and the abilities each one held to communicate with the dimension beyond this mortal realm. 
May 6, 2021
Ep.40 Micro-does of Mystery: Case File 005
We are tripping out on mysterious and strange news! Is the sexiest man in Russian pole rigged? Is a mansion made of mud and trash maximum luxury? Are we about to experience the real Birdemic: Shock and Terror? Tune your radios to weird to for these and many other mysteries or as the great Robert Stack would say, "Join me. Perhaps you may be able to help solve a mystery."
April 7, 2021
EP.39 The Polybius Doom Groove
As you walk the arcade games along the patterned carpet, dimly lit by the neon glow, buttons mashing and joysticks clicking echo through the air and suddenly, you reach an ominous black cabinet adorning POLYBIUS at the top. The game has never been heard of, no one knows where it came from but strange and mysterious things happen to those that dare play!
February 23, 2021
Trailer: tuning your radios to weird!
Welcome to the Mystery Crew! Join us as we creep through the shadows to uncover the strange and unexplained... Bigfoot bless ya for listing in and your support!
February 10, 2021
EP.38 Mothman Cometh (Part 2)
The final terrifying chapter in our Mothman Prophecies! We wrap up our thoughts on why such a creature lurks around the once sleepy town of Point Pleasant, West Virginia. Then we fly around the world with Mothman to some other devastating disasters the creature has been known to creep.
February 9, 2021
EP.37 Mothman Cometh! (Part 1)
We are taking to the skies with one of our favorite creatures, MOTHMAN!! In this part 1 of 2, we visit Mothman in whats become known as the creatures home base, Point Pleasant. Many sightings were seen throughout the hills and dense forest of West Virginia, but many questions on the creatures presence remain after the terrifying outcome in December of 1967.
February 2, 2021
EP.36 Krampus the Crusty Santa
'Tis the season, oh such a wonderful season, of Crusty Satanic Santa…KRAMPUS!!! This is the character that disturbing holiday song ‘Santa Clause is Coming Tonight’ is really about. He sees you when your sleeping, he knows when your awake, he knows if you been bad and will drag you away from the safety of your warm home in chains across the cold dark winter snow to the underworld to torture you into being a good little kid, oh the classics! So gather around the warm flames of hell with us for this cozy little holiday ditty. Outro song: Craterface - KRAMPUS
December 15, 2020
EP.35 Killer Keepsakes: The Victorian Era
This is a PSA to not wear that corset too TIGHT! We are traveling back to the Victorian era where inventions were the thing of nightmares. In every corner of the home and all along the streets there were hidden dangers with wallpaper and dresses committing murder!
November 24, 2020
EP.34 Toilet Ghosts
Who would have thought the bowels of the dreaded public restroom held such ghostly dangers...well probably everyone! We are diving back into the wonderful world of Yokai and discuss some of the spookiest Japanese bathroom ghosts.
November 10, 2020
EP.33 It's Curtains for Corker
A story of murder, curses and conspiracies to kick off our spooktober! Was it a Masonic Temple murder that caused Mommy Marple to curse a small Oregon town? Also catch up on some mysterious news of aliens wading in the canals of India and ranch covered capers.
October 27, 2020
EP.32 Micro-dose of Mystery: Case File 004
We are tripping on mystery, ghost tripping! We are catching up on some mysterious news such as everyone favorite pop punkster, Tom Delongs UFO journey. Giant squid that have inspired the fabled Kraken are washing up on the shores and its mesmerizing. And as we called it when quarantine began, more people are finding out their haunted when staying home.
June 26, 2020
Black Lives Matter & Social Justice Reform
Bigfoot bless those who stand for change that is extremely overdue! In lieu of our regular episodes we wanted to take this time to express the much needed stand against police abuse and brutality, we stand for Black Lives Matter. We encourage the Mystery Crew to join in taking action and want to make doing so known and accessible for you so we have made a link on our site to a dedicate page to each organizations information and direct links to their sites including the NAACP . If you are able to donate, every bit does help. We understand times are financially difficult, so these organizations also provide tools to track legislation impacting communities, holding representatives accountable for taking meaningful action, petitions to end police violence and information to share and stay informed on how to push for an end to police brutality and violence. Your voice and demand for justice for all regardless of race, gender or identity is necessary and appreciated for necessary change.
June 12, 2020
EP.31 Satan on the Silver Screen: The Omen
Dim the lights because we are bringing you another CURSED FILM with The Omen from 1976! What we are here to investigate is if the underworld came to the surface in order to stop the making of another movie trying to expose them to the masses through the silver screen?!?! The production of the Omen was full of danger at every corner, narrowly missing death at every turn.
May 30, 2020
EP.30 Satan on the Silver Screen: The Exorcist
Can evil incarnate a film, its sets & those involved in its making? Does making this kind of film with the content of possession poke a sleeping Satan? This week we try to uncover the mysteries surrounding the movie, The Exorcist, from 1973. Whether or not it was cursed and if so, by whom?
May 15, 2020
EP.29 Are You Afraid of the Dark?
If you stayed up late enough to see something you probably shouldn't have, would you keep watching? This week we cover strange occurrences in the middle of the night when the watchers are the ones being watched. Followed by the news of someone stuck with ghosts during quarantine.
May 2, 2020
EP.28 Bunny Man & Things Dead People Made
We are spiraling back into the world of urban legends and this time we have come face to whiskers with a sinister fuzzy stranger. Come along as we head to Virginia for Bunny Man haunts and the cursed Bunny Man bridge. We also make a pit stop into Colorado for some very rude news at a funeral home.
April 16, 2020
EP.27 Edgar Cayce The Sleepytime Prophet (Pt.2)
In part 2 of this sleep guy, Edgar Cayce, we dive deeper into the predictions he has made and are believed to have come true! While slumbering away he predicted new technologies, proof of Atlantis, outcomes of wars and so much more in his thousands of readings. DON'T FORGET TO WASH YO HANDS! BIGFOOT BLESS YA! Follow us on Instagram for reference photos to each episode:
March 21, 2020
EP.26 Edgar Cayce The Sleepytime Prophet (Pt.1)
Welcome to Season 2! We are kicking 2020 off with the story of sleepy-time, chamomile prophet, Edgar Cayce. We talk the pillow talk in the strange case of a man who can predict the future and cure diseases just by taking a nap. In part 1 of 2 on Edgar Cayce we pinpoint how his powers came to be and the trial and tribulations of being a clairvoyant in the olden times and kicking it with ghost grandpas. Follow us on Instagram for reference photos to this episode:
February 6, 2020
EP.25 Micro-dose of Mystery: Case File 003
We are dosing on mystery this week and covering some strange news and mini stories you will want to hear. Facebook warns of suspicious vans that don't exist. Bugs Life II: A Journey Through Space is a working title but may be coming to theaters near Mars! Mannequin me like one of your french girls then lets hit the town! Also, what happens to a Cabbage Patch doll when it dies?
December 7, 2019
EP.24 Thunderbirds, Not Your Stepdads Car
Have you heard the word, BIRD? We are diving into the legend of the great Thunderbird. Are they here to protect humans, arrange a bird attack, aliens or even still flying in the sky to this day? One thing is for sure, they shoot lighting from their eye holes and that's terrifying! Follow us on Instagram for episode references: Check out LLYNs new single here for some goos tunage!
November 15, 2019
EP.23 Come One, Come All to the Parts Room!
This week we bring you a real spooky tale for the Halloween season! We check you into the Crescent Hotel where you will be bunking with ghosts and roaming the halls with its secrets! We delve into America's most haunted hotel and it's grim past as a hospital.
October 30, 2019
EP. 22 Candy Lady's Sweet Treats for the Kids
The chilling legend of Clara Crane the candy lady still haunts Terrell Texas and we are here to give the disturbing story. Heed the long told advice of never taking candy from strangers. Also cover mysteries in the news from the blob takeover to basements seeping blood from the floors! Happy Spooktober Mystery Crew!
October 23, 2019
EP.21 Alien Hand Syndrome & The Ghostly High-five
Happy Spooktober!! This week we have the strange tales of Alien Hand Syndrome. What do you do when your hand becomes something of its own, something you can no longer control and possibly possessed by ghosts?
October 11, 2019
EP.20 Kappas Cucumber for the Soul
This week is a creature feature from the crevices of Yokai, the river dwelling KAPPA! This creature has some niche interests and hobbies that will leave you wondering how such a creature came into existence and will certainly keep you from swimming in rivers.. **We are switching our podcast schedule to bi-weekly episodes. Since we are an independent podcast, we feel this gives us an opportunity to bring the Mystery Crew more to the table as creators and research on each episode. As always, bigfoot bless ya for your support!**
September 25, 2019
EP.19 Micro-dose of Mystery: Case File 002
This week we micro-dose on some our favorite mystery stories of the week. We talk furry friends ordering frisky films, loved ones replaced by doppelgangers and moon fighting planes found in the sky.
September 11, 2019
EP.18 Geometric Doom Groove (Pt.2)
We groove on out of this ocean doom with part two on the Bermuda Triangle! Can any of these theories fully explain the high strangeness of the Atlantic sea? Aliens? Sea monsters? Freakazoid weather? Sometimes answers leads to more questions...
August 28, 2019
EP.17 The Geometric Doom Groove (Pt.1)
We are back in the groove..the Bermuda groove! The Mystery Crew is diving into the water mystery of all mysteries in the Atlantic Ocean with this part 1 of 2. We cover the Devils Triangle origins, impact and stories from the sea. Followed up with the classic mysteries in the news of a very unusual Santa Clause coming to a town near you!
August 21, 2019
EP.16 Missing 411 & The Bigfoot Babysitter
This week the mystery crew discusses the great mystery around the large amount of people that go missing in the United States National Forests each year. We discuss the great David Paulides 'Missing 411' books and some strange stories of unexplained disappearances. This one is a head scratcher and will have you asking why, how and where all along the way!
July 24, 2019
EP.15 Playing Four Square With A Skin-walker
We have Tabitha back on as such a wonderful guest and storyteller. If you did not get enough of her spooky experiences on Haunted by Mommy Dearest, she is back with a strange encounter at the Four Corners region. You will have to listen to hear what strange creature she encountered in this mysterious desert area on a desolate dark night...
July 3, 2019
EP:14 Micro-dose of Mystery: Case File 001
We are tripping out on micro-dosed mysteries this week! Sometimes we deep dive so hard on our big stories, we do not get to cover all the news we would like. So we will sometimes be bringing these episodes to cover more news of our strange world. Trip through the mysteries of monsters in the loch and harbingers of doom before Chernobyl in this micro-dose..
June 25, 2019
EP.13 Interviewing & Potty Training A Werewolf (Pt.2)
This week we pick up where we left off on all things werewolf. We werewolf up and werewolf out on how to tell if someone is a werewolf, how to defeat a these hairy creatures and some spooky werewolf stories. Tune in till the end for some other creature feature news of the week!
June 18, 2019
EP.12 Interviewing & Potty Training a Werewolf (Pt.1)
This week we delve into all things werewolf! This topic to so much deeper than those classic t-shirts of three wolves howling to the moon. Tune in for a howling good time of werewolves on trial, Satan handing out lotions and us attempting some spells..
June 11, 2019
EP.11 Part 2: Summer Camp Killers
This week we wrap up Summer Camp Killers with Johns telling of the Oklahoma Girl Scout Murders. It is a super scary brutal story with many twists and turns and even some supernatural elements. Join us as we try to understand the mysteries around this highly strange case and zip your flimsy tents up tight for this one...
June 4, 2019
EP.10 Part 1: Summer Camp Killers
This week we kick off the summer vibes with...summer camp killers!! Sometimes you cannot trust sleeping in the wilderness and camping excursions go completely wrong. In this first part Brandon covers the disturbing case of the Lake Bodom Murders. Followed by Holly telling of the strange Jenner Beach Slayings. Stay tuned for part two when John dives deep into one of the most baffling summer camp killings..
May 29, 2019
EP.9 Esoteric Tarot and Cartomancy
This week we bring a single episode dive on the mysticism of Esoteric Tarot and Cartomancy. Here we cover how tarot become more than a card game, possible origins and interesting encounters with tarot. Not to mention our tradition of sharing some recent mysteries in the news.
May 21, 2019
EP.8 Haunted by Mommy Dearest
This week we have on another awesome guest, Tabitha. She tells us of stories of when she lived in a haunted house and having some strange ghost encounters. Gets to the point of having paranormal investigators come in to get some answers and relief from the spooky spirit dwellers. Follow us on Instagram @mysteryoftheweekpodcast for reference photos to the episode.
May 14, 2019
EP.7 Arizona Lights in the Sky
This week we have a special guest on the podcast to share their unexplained experiences. Gabe, from the band LLYN, joins us to tell us of strange lights seen in the sky while residing in Arizona. Tune in for mysteries in the desert as riff about UFOs. Check Gabes band out on instagram @llyn.stagram for all the stellar stuff they are working on also.
May 7, 2019
EP.6 Alien Agenda Part 3: Scientific Ascension & Observation
This is the final part of our deep dive on alien agenda and how they are helping humans ascend. For part 3, John will cover those here to observe and help us ascend the upper dimensions though scientific technology. See you on the other side at the Galactic Jubilee..
April 30, 2019
EP.5 Alien Agenda Part 2: Negative Alien Agenda
We are in it again with part 2 of our deep dive into Extraterrestrials on our planet and what they are here to accomplish. for part two, Brandon covers the NAA and those aliens here to take over, mind control, experiment and maybe even destroy humans. Que the "dun-dun-dun" music for this space trip..
April 23, 2019
EP.4 Alien Agenda Part 1: Galactic Federation of Light
We are deep diving into the Extraterrestrials on our planet and what their agenda with the humans are. For part 1, Holly will cover The Galactic Federation and those aliens here to enlighten and guide us to a superior consciousness. Strap in for some trippy-dippy space travel..
April 16, 2019
EP.3 Ghosty Play Time
This week we have our first guest on, Ron, to share his unexplained ghost encounter. He also shares some haunted satanic houses he knows of and brings about a debate on Ghost Adventures. Join us for coffee and beer as we discuss the weird and bring about some weekly mysteries in the news as well.
April 9, 2019
EP.2 Family Hearse Cruise & Times Long Ago
John & Brandon are now joined by their third host, Holly. This week they discuss garden aliens, families in hearses offering rides, ancient technology and so much more of the unknown packed in.
April 2, 2019
EP.1(The one where we figure out podcasting) Bathroom Ghosts & Auditory Hallucinations
(**Heads up, this is the first episode and production quality improves by ep. 2. Stick with us and we promise to keep improving**) John and Brandon get together this week to talk ghosts, unexplained encounters and auditory hallucinations. Whether or not it can be explained or believed is up to you...
March 26, 2019