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Movie Majors Podcast

Movie Majors Podcast

By Izaak + Adeline
Movies are cool. Like really frickin' cool. If you are interested in movies too or college or learning about movies in college then THIS is the podcast you have been searching for. Meet Izaak and Adeline, two incoming movie majors at USC and NYU, respectively. Each week new episodes will detail wild college stories, strange techniques learned from classes, and hilarious commentary all around. So give us a listen and stick around for the pretentious film slander.
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"she's back!"
Adeline is back on the scene! And with her comes tales of the distant land known as, "New York". Well, not really, but she really is back! On the latest episode of the Movie Majors podcast, Izaak and Adeline catch up with each other as the end of the academic year winds down. With finals approaching, and busy weeks ahead, thinking about summer is like an oasis of relaxation for both of our movie majors. Free royalty music provided by 
May 02, 2022
"the morbius sweep is coming"
You know, they say that the best part of a journey is the friends you make along the way, and today's epside is no different. Bringing in very qualified and esteemed friends of Izaak's, this episode is chalk-full of wisdom, from talking about the business side of the entertainment industry and how it operates, to Morbius "sweeping" the box office, in addition to an upcoming mockumentary. Let's be honest people, there isn't another podcast on the planet that talks about these things, and you're only gonna get it here, so listen up! Free royalty music provided by
April 15, 2022
"listen to this instead of watching movies"
The Academy Awards are upon us! With a multitude of films being nominated in various categories from sound and animation, to cinematography and best picture, March 27th is shaping up to a night filled with craziness. And that's exactly where we come in. Featuring a special guest on this episode, Ayannah Garcia, Izaak's wonderful sister, the Movie Majors (plus 1) discuss and debate over these nominations, and cast their own predication on which film will win it all, which one's will fail to make the cut. 
March 26, 2022
"set alarms"
It's been a little while hasn't it? Naw, not really y'all are just imagining things. But second semester has started, and Adeline and Izaak are coming in swingin'. From early morning coffee brewing that wakes up roommates, random discussions in class, and talking with a well-established producer within the industry, this time of year brings curveballs of every kind, and with midterm season in full swing, the going only gets crazier. But with your two favorite movie maestros back in the scene, there is absolutely nothing to be worried about. Right? --- Support this podcast:
March 12, 2022
"I firmly believe–and i will die on this hill–that Avatar is one of the greatest movies ever made"
Citizen Kane? Orson Welles? Never heard of them. Avatar is the one to beat according to Izaak, as Adeline is left defenseless to offer a rebuttal since she hasn't seen it. How did she even get into Tisch, anyways?  Winding down the semester these two (aspiring) movie makers are tackling finals head on. With only a week left and a few more papers, scripts, and exams left–the first semester of their first year in college is coming to a close.  
December 10, 2021
"this is actually the episode when Izaak quits"
WTF is happening?! Suffering from the hard-hitting blow of finals, Izaak and Adeline destress with some good ol' fashion coca–I mean cathartic, heart to heart chats reflecting on their first semester of college. In this bizarre episode expect to hear what it is actually like living and attending as first-year students at NYU and USC. From offering their favorite spots on and near campus to fantasizing about skyscrapers, (god damn midwesterners) these next thirty minutes is a finals packed frenzy. Enjoy :)   
December 03, 2021
"at least start with fantastic mr. fox"
First of all, happy thanksgiving! Filled with apple pie attempts and hometown reunions, Izaak and Adeline breakdown their thanksgiving plans before diving into TWO different, deep, and very analytical movie reviews. Starting with Wes Anderson's "The French Dispatch" Adeline offers her take on story structure and cool camera clips. Izaak also shares his experience watching "Minari" directed by Lee Isaac Chung. Topping it off Adeline pitches a possible script idea to Izaak.  
November 26, 2021
"omg! she's writing a screenplay!"
Stories take on many forms. From long winded conversations–like Adeline's exasperating explanations (girl, get it together)–to scripted dialogue, the stories we share take on new meanings depending on the way they're told. Exploring the more technical side movies with about three months of fancy film vocabulary under their belts, Izaak and Adeline analyze and break down different story structures in recent movies they've watched. 
November 19, 2021
"hi dad!"
With Starbucks holiday cups populating every college classroom now I guess that means the holiday season is approaching. And with the holidays comes fun, family functions, right? Right?! In this episode Izaak and Adeline hypothesize their winter break plans and speculate what college finals will entail. Moving on-screen, these two FINALLY discuss the wild house of atreides in Denis Villeneuve's "Dune." This episode contains spoilers! But the movie has been out for almost a month now, so if you haven't seen it you were never really going to watch it. Just listen to our very detailed review instead to impress your friends with obscure movie vernacular :)    
November 12, 2021
"having breakdowns and stuff like that is healthy"
INT. NYU DORM ROOM - MIDNIGHT Adeline is sprawled out across her bed. Two notebooks sit on either side of her. The glow of her computer screen illuminates her face. Her eyes are glued to the screen. Her fingers are furiously typing away.  INT. USC DORM ROOM - LATE AFTERNOON Izaak sits at his desk. He is strapped into virtual reality complete with headphones and a microphone playing some dumb ass video game. A pile papers sits at the edge of his desk. He glances over the paper on top reading: "DUE MONDAY: INTRO TO CINEMA MIDTERM PAPER." He turns the paper over and immerses himself back into the game.  With midterm season finally over Adeline can only write in script format while Izaak is able to put all the stress in the past. Tune into this episode to hear these two misfits talk about midterm stress, breakdowns, and college applications. 
November 05, 2021
"his hair is going to be the death of me"
With midterm season wrapping up Izaak and Adeline are at their wits end. Jammed pack with movie reviews (new & old), college rants about dinning hall food, lyft experiences, and, of course, tackling the mysticism of Timotheé Chalamet–this episode is the epitome of stress-induced chaos. Making a special appearance (again!) is Max, who decided to stop by while procrastinating an essay to offer his take on NYU dinning and Wes Anderson favorites. If you too are avoiding imposing deadlines and the reality of life, tune into this Wednesday episode to ignore responsibility and enjoy the magic of movies! Can you tell I'm writing this description after taking a midterm??!
October 27, 2021
"screw it! let's make our own film" pt. 2 (ft. max fermin)
Aaand we're back for round two! Wrapping up part two of the series, Adeline, Izaak, and Max discuss their inspiration to study movies and how they chose their respective programs on the east and west coast. Closing out the q&a is the absolutely necessary review of the final installment of daniel craig's stint as James bond in "no time to die." The ups, the downs–this trio covers it all. WARNING: there are spoilers in this episode! Lastly, what would an episode of the podcast be without the casual reference of celebrity sightings. Hailing from the west coast, Izaak recounts his experience from seeing Jay-Z to Winnie Harlow (alongside many more!) in the flesh.    Also, do you have a question you want to be answered on the podcast? Send it to us here: !  
October 22, 2021
"screw it! let's make our own film" pt. 1 (ft. max fermin)
Extra! Extra! This tenth episode special features a two part Q&A with tisch drama student, Max. After meeting in Adeline's dorm basement lounge  while trying to find an HDMI cable to watch "schitt's creek", Max and Adeline realized they have one thing in common (okay maybe more than one thing but stay with me for dramatic effect)–their undying love for movies. From writing, directing, acting, and being an avid-movie watcher–Max has got it all. Jumping on a zoom call with Izaak, the three discuss how they ended up studying movies and how its going for them so far.  This is the first part of a two part series. Part two will be released Friday, October 22! Click on the little bell logo to receive push notifications so you don't miss out on future episodes :)    
October 20, 2021
"i could literally be failing and i wouldn't know it"
With midterm season underway, Izaak and Adeline are buckling down and focusing on academics. In this episode expect a deep dive discussion between the differences and similarities between studying movies at NYU and USC. Through sharing homework schedules, expectations from professors, and classroom assignments these two college freshman start to wrap their heads around the fact that they're, well, ... in college now.  Also, a huge shoutout to all of the listeners who participated in last week's poll! We have some exciting plans for upcoming episodes, so be sure to turn on notifications and don't miss out :)    
October 15, 2021
"i just wanna talk about movies, guys"
Roman sculptures of Neptune. "Moonlight" by Barry Jenkins. Sebastian Stan in Washington Square Park. Are you hooked yet?! From breaking down story structure of movies watched in classes to waiting in anticipation for upcoming releases, these two movie nerds are in the right places. Tune into this episode for a breakdown (I swear we're not film bros... yet) of "Moonlight" in USC and NYU classrooms. You'll leave this episode with plenty of movie recs, btw. 
October 08, 2021
SPOTTED: celebrities on-campus
You open the door for Shawn Mendes while leaving an over-priced coffee shop in Brooklyn. You make eye contact. He says "thanks," acknowledging you're stunned into stone. This isn't a Wattpad story. It happened last Sunday.  In this episode, Izaak and Adeline highlight their multiple celebrity encounters on and off-campus. From detailing what it's like being on an Apple TV/A24 production set to sitting next to Hollywood royalty in lecture there's one thing these experiences have in common–Izaak and Adeline definitely aren't in Illinois anymore.    
October 01, 2021
" ... it's the resurgence of cinema"
Wait?! It's Wednesday, right?! Tune into this mini-episode to celebrate the 100 listener special for the podcast. A huge thank you to everyone who has listened and followed along with Izaak and Adeline's college journey so far. Enjoy this episode detailing an eclectic mix of internship applications, movie nerd freakouts, and the absurdity in attempting to act. Also, get ready for our regular full-length episode to be released this Friday, because at this point "There is Nothing Holdin' Me (Us) Back" ;)  
September 29, 2021
"let's be real–we're freshman"
A month into college and Izaak and Adeline are still trying to figure out what the f*ck is going on. Leaving the monotony of high school behind, college curriculum welcomes creativity, praises individuality, and encourages collaboration. It's all very exciting, but nonetheless a strange adjustment from public high school. To cap this episode off, Adeline offers her review of "The Card Counter" and Izaak prepares to tune into Emmys.     
September 24, 2021
"how do you pronounce cannes?"
The age-old question of the correct pronunciation of Cannes boggles the minds of Izaak and Adeline as they discuss upcoming theatrical releases of some MAJOR movies. Recapping the Venice Film Festival, dissecting the "Don't Look Up" trailer, and anticipating the release of "House of Gucci"–this episode covers what to expect in theatres for the next couple of months.  WARNING: there is a high density of potential pretentious film language used in this episode. Listen at your own discretion. 
September 17, 2021
"you gotta keep your head on a swivel"
The big apple, the city that never sleeps–it's New York City baby! To kick off this episode Adeline drops the 411 on NYU move-in and orientation, before diving into the insanity of Washington Square Park and navigating the city streets. Traveling cross-country to Los Angeles Izaak reviews his first week at USC, complete with Zoom lectures and discovering a hit movie star will be teaching in the fall of 2022 (listen to find out!) Also, shoutout to all the college freshmen navigating this new experience: you're awesome and you're doing amazing! 
September 01, 2021
"check your email!"
It's happening! Everyone stay calm–Izaak has officially moved away to college. After traveling almost 2,000 miles away from his hometown, Adeline interviews Izaak about his USC move-in experience and the plethora of freshman orientation activities following it. A quick lesson about Kevin Feige, an upcoming pre-screening movie premiere, and an insistent reminder to the listeners to consistently check their email inbox–this episode has got it all. 
August 22, 2021
"we're going to find ourselves"
In the premiere episode, Izaak and Adeline discuss what to expect before meeting an enormous group of other clueless, yet overly ambitious, eighteen year olds––wait! I mean before arriving on campus in the fall to begin their college journey. From discussing their initial interests in filmmaking to predicting life-changing collegiate experiences to come, these two are ready for everything the future has in store. 
August 15, 2021