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Joe and Sean rummage through cinema’s garbage for the good, bad, and god-awful! Tune in for insightful and comedic deep dives of hidden gems, out-there oddities, and Hollywood stinkers. Horror, Sci-Fi, Action and everything in-between, the Dumpster never disappoints!
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5.12 Stepfather 2 (1989)
WHO ARE WE HERE? Joe and Sean are back in the Video Dungeon just in time for Stepfather's Day weekend and they've brought with them The Winter Stepfather™! Terry O'Quinn is re-activated for this sequel to the 1987 thriller classic and Terry is back to his old ways, preying on a single mother in an attempt to create his version of a perfect all-American family. He just wants to have some order, is that so much to ask? Bird house. Mustache. Family... Mr. Ed! If you see Cruikshank from Munchie with that little red book, you know it's that time of year again to Make Room for Daddy in the Stepfather 2! Get 20% OFF @MANSCAPED + Free Shipping with promo code DUMPSTER at! Get your tickets for our 'Magick, Mayhem, and Little Rubber Monsters' LIVE show now!
June 18, 2022
Movie Dumpster LIVE | May 2022 Wrap-Up
Welcome  to the replay of our May 2022 Wrap-Up! Make sure to head over to our Twitch channel to watch and chat live with us at the end of every month! MOVIE DUMPSTER TWITCH: Get your tickets for our 'Magick, Mayhem, and Little Rubber Monsters' LIVE show now! Support the show (
June 11, 2022
5.11 Predator 2 (1990)
THE DUMPSTER DUDES ARE READY!! Tony from Hack the Movies joins us in the Video Dungeon on one of the hottest days of the year to break down one of the greatest sci-fi action movie sequels of all-time! The MDU floodgates are blasted open by Voodoo Magic as Danny Glover battles the alien City Hunter across Los Angeles, while also dealing with a brutal gang war that's tearing the city apart and the nefarious Uncle Gary Busey. So grab your Combistick and some candy, then get ready to Hack the Movie Dumpster with Predator 2! Get your tickets for our 'Magick, Mayhem, and Little Rubber Monsters' LIVE show now!
June 05, 2022
5.10 Blue Monkey (1987)
Joe and Sean are back in the Video Dungeon and they've brought a hidden gem with them! An old man falls ill after pricking his finger on an exotic flower and is rushed to the hospital, where he births an insect from his mouth that then grows to gigantic proportions. It's kind of a big bug! Officer Duane Barry teams up with Doctor Klingon and that cop from the Super Mario Bros Movie getting a heel massage, to put an end to the creature and its mate before their eggs hatch and they are totally overrun. You know, like in Aliens... but not really! So grab your medical grade laser 'cause we're talking Blue Monkey (aka Insect)! Get your tickets for our 'Magick, Mayhem, and Little Rubber Monsters' LIVE show now!
May 28, 2022
Dr. Strange (1978) | Ripe Reviews
Excelsior, Dumpster Dwellers! Joe and Sean are traveling through the MDU's Multiverse of Madness to bring you a Ripe Review of the 1978 made-for-TV Dr. Strange! Starring Peter Hooten of Orca fame and Arrested Development's matriarch Jessica Walter, we're breaking down this recent limited run blu-ray release by Shout! Factory and chatting about Marvel's latest take on the super hero in the MCU.
May 25, 2022
5.9 Theodore Rex (1995)
This week on Movie Dumpster, we're taking over Hack The Movies! Special guest Klayton Fioriti of Dragoncurve joins us to talk about one of the most infamous dinosaur movies to come out the 90s. Exterminate all rational thought and watch a contractually obligated Whoopi Goldberg team up with an anthropomorphic T-Rex to save the world from a CGI rocket induced ice age. Open the door, get on the floor, everybody walk the Theodore Rex!
May 24, 2022
Talks from the Darkside | It All Comes Out in the Wash
Real estate developer Carl Gropper (Vince Edwards) discovers that  laundromat owner Chow Ting (James Hong) is purportedly able to wash away  the sin of his clients. With this in mind, Carl pays Ting for his  special service, then goes onto engage in various increasingly  mean-spirited actions to move up in the world, believing that his guilt  will be washed away.  Written by Harvey Jacobs.  Original air date: May 26, 1985 Talks from the Darkside intro music cover by MATT CANNON / LAPSES:
May 18, 2022
Talks from the Darkside | Levitation
College student Frank (Brad Cowgill), accompanied by his friend Ernie  (Anthony Thompkins), goads The Great Kharma (Joe Turkel), a once-famous  magician, into performing his greatest feat: wireless levitation. When  Kharma relents and finally manages to perform the trick on Frank, the  results are disastrous. Based on a short story by Joseph Payne Brennan and adapted by David  Gerrold. Original air date: May 19th, 1985 Talks from the Darkside intro music cover by MATT CANNON / LAPSES:
May 11, 2022
5.8 Project Metalbeast (1995)
This week on Movie Dumpster, there's a full moon in the Video Dungeon! After an unauthorized experiment to create the ultimate soldier with werewolf blood goes awry, colonel Barry Bostwick puts his furry friend on ice. 20 years later he learns of an experiment creating artificial human skin with harder-than-steel side effects, and hatches a scheme to utilize his lycanthropic popsicle.  Is this the best Resident Evil movie ever made? Why hasn't Barry Bostwick played more bad guys? Who would win in a Metalbeast vs Uber Jason battle royal? As a truly forgotten gem of 90s werewolf movies, Project Metalbeast is sure to get your blood pumping while you howl with b-movie delight!
May 08, 2022
Talks from the Darkside | If the Shoes Fit
Smarmy politician Bo Gumbs (Dick Shawn) checks into a hotel to prepare for a speech. After he tells the hotel waitstaff his philosophy that politics is solely about entertaining people, they help him to get ready by dressing him up as the clown that he truly is.  Co-Written by Armand Mastoianni and David Gerrold, directed by Mastroianni.  Original air date: May 12th, 1985 Talks from the Darkside intro cover by Matt Cannon/Lapses Support the show (
May 04, 2022
Movie Dumpster LIVE | April 2022 Wrap-Up
Welcome  to the replay of our March 2022 Wrap-Up! Make sure to head over to our  Twitch channel to watch and chat live with us at the end of every month! MOVIE DUMPSTER TWITCH: Support the show (
May 02, 2022
Talks from the Darkside | Madness Room
Cathy and Edward Osbourne (Therese Pare and Stuart Whitman), along  with their attorney Michael Fox (Nick Benedict), discover through  communication with a spirit known as Ben that their house contains a  boarded up room that causes anyone that steps inside it to go insane.  Cathy and Michael, who are lovers, plot to scare Edward to death in the  supposedly cursed "Madness Room" so they can abscond with his fortune.  Written by Thomas Epperson. Original Air Date: May 5th, 1985 Talks from the Darkside intro cover by Matt Cannon/Lapses Support the show (
April 27, 2022
Talks from the Darkside | The Tear Collector
Prudence (Jessica Harper), a young woman who suffers from clinical depression, meets Ambrose Cavender (Victor Garber), a peculiar therapist who collects the tears of his patients, insisting they are for a purpose. It isn't long before Prudence wonders if Cavender is merely pretending to help her and is actually exploiting her constant crying fits to gather more tears. Written by Geoffrey Loftus and John Drimmer. Original Air Date: February 24, 1985 Talks from the Darkside intro cover by Matt Cannon/Lapses Support the show (
April 20, 2022
5.7 Killer Klowns from Outer Space (1988)
This week on Movie Dumpster, the Video Dungeon is being invaded by alien bozos with an appetite for close encounters! Rudy from  Lucky Duck Entertainment joins us to show us some magic tricks, balloon art, and share the love for this B-movie cult classic! Grab some popcorn, snuggle up in your cotton candy cocoons, and get ready for some grease painted sci-fi shenanigans under the big top with Killer Klowns from Outer Space! Visit Love is Love Coffee Company and use promo code DUMPSTER at checkout! Support the show (
April 16, 2022
Shakespeare's Shitstorm | Ripe Reviews
Ripe Reviews returns to the Video Dungeon this week on Movie Dumpster! The mutants of Tromaville forced us to watch killer whales defecating on cancel culture activists, big pharma bigwigs ingesting mutation-inducing drugs, wheelchair-bound-crack-addicted sex workers doing musical numbers, horrible freaks of nature fornicating with "upstanding members" of society in moments of poetic justice... AND WE LOVED IT! Climb aboard because good ol' Uncle Lloyd is steering this ship right into the brown eye of #ShakespearesShitstorm! Support the show (
April 01, 2022
Talks from the Darkside | Answer Me
Joan Matlin (Jean Marsh), an aspiring actress who has moved to New York in the hopes of finding work, is driven to near insanity by a telephone in the next apartment that rings constantly. She attempts to complain to the tenants inside, but finds that the apartment has been vacant for some time. She tries to have the phone disconnected, but it is revealed that the phone has a life of its own. Written by Michael McDowell. Original Air Date: February 17, 1985 Talks from the Darkside intro cover by Matt Cannon/Lapses Support the show (
March 30, 2022
Movie Dumpster LIVE | March 2022 Wrap-Up
Welcome to the replay of our March 2022 Wrap-Up! Make sure to head over to our Twitch channel to watch and chat live with us at the end of every month! MOVIE DUMPSTER TWITCH: Support the show ( 
March 29, 2022
Talks from the Darkside | Snip Snip
Abe North (Bud Cort), a put-upon math professor who studies the dark arts, quits his job, confident that his magic is about to help him win the lottery. Unfortunately, Abe finds out that he has lost by one number to hairdresser Anne MacColl (Carol Kane). When he comes to confront her, Abe discovers that she too studies the dark arts... and that she is more skilled, bitter, and unhinged than he is. Written by Howard Smith and Tom Allan. Original Air Date: February 10, 1985 Talks from the Darkside intro cover by Matt Cannon/Lapses Support the show (
March 23, 2022
5.6 Leapin' Leprechauns! (1995)
This week in the Video Dungeon we are getting festive for St. Patrick's Day on Movie Dumpster! King Kevin and his leprechaun kin have dropped by to spread their mischievous malady upon Grant Cramer for destroying their home to make way for his IRELAND LAND theme park. Can grandpa Mike convince his family the wee folk exist and save their home on Fairy Hill before he's locked away in a rubber room? We're going back to the shelf for another magical pull from the Moonbeam library, as we try to reinvigorate our imagination and believe in those Leapin' Leprechauns!  Support the show (
March 19, 2022
Talks from the Darkside | Anniversary Dinner
Elderly couple Henry and Elinor Colander (Mario Roccuzzo and Alice Ghostley) take in Sybil (Fredrica Duke), a drifter escaping from her boyfriend, just in time for their 25th wedding anniversary. Unfortunately for Sybil, the couple plan on serving a very specific—and revolting—dish for the occasion. Story by D.J. Pass, adapted by James Houghton. Original Air Date: February 3, 1985 Talks from the Darkside intro cover by Matt Cannon/Lapses Support the show (
March 16, 2022
5.5 Alligator (1980)
Flushed away and forgotten, left to feed on discarded lab animals in the sewers of Chicago 50 feet below the surface, a 36 foot, 2,000 pound force of genetically-transformed terror known only as Ramón is about to break loose! This week, he's found his way into the Video Dungeon looking for a snack–and it just might just end up being the Movie Dumpster boys! Robert Forster, Robert Forster's hair plugs, and Robin Riker star in the cult classic eco-horror creature feature, Alligator (1980)! Buy the new 3-Disc Special Edition 4K Blu-ray of 'Alligator' from  Shout! Factory ( the show (
March 12, 2022
Talks from the Darkside | In the Cards
Catherine (Dorothy Lyman) is a tarot reader who attracts business by only giving out good predictions. One day, she soon finds herself stuck with a new deck of tarot cards, and this new deck is cursed to make terrible predictions come true, with Catherine forced to peer into these horrific futures against her will. Written and directed by Ted Gershuny. Original Air Date: January 27, 1985 Talks from the Darkside intro cover by Matt Cannon/Lapses Support the show (
March 09, 2022
5.4 Batman Forever (1995)
Joe's better half joins us in the Video Dungeon this week on Movie Dumpster to discuss the underrated and often overlooked Batman Forever! Would the Schumacher Cut make this movie better? Who is the best Batman? Will The Batman finally stick the landing of a perfectly balanced Batman movie? Find out at the specified Bat-time right here on your favorite Bat-channel!  Support the show (
March 05, 2022
Talks from the Darkside | All a Clone by the Telephone
All a Clone by the Telephone - Tales from the Darkside S1 E11: Meek struggling screenwriter Leon (Harry Anderson) is contacted through his answering machine by a more confident and successful version of himself from an alternate universe. Making it known how intensely strong-willed he is, the alternate Leon gradually begins to take over the original Leon's life. Written by Haskell Barkin. Original air date: January 20, 1985 Talks from the Darkside intro cover by Matt Cannon/Lapses Support the show (
March 01, 2022
Movie Dumpster LIVE | February 2022 Wrap-Up
Welcome to the replay of our February 2022 Wrap-Up! Make sure to head over to our Twitch channel to watch and chat live with us at the end of every month! MOVIE DUMPSTER TWITCH: Support the show (
February 28, 2022
5.3 Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Next Generation (1994)
Tony from Hack the Movies visits the Video Dungeon this week on Movie Dumpster to talk about one of the most bizarre sequels in the annals of horror film history, Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Next Generation! Support the show (
February 21, 2022
Book to the Movie | Valentine
Does one of the best Valentine's Day horror movies, Valentine (2001), really stack up against the horror novel that it's based on? C.B. Smith from Taking a Page joins us to tackle the original Valentine horror book by Tom Savage as we go Book to the Movie™! Support the show (
February 15, 2022
5.2 My Demon Lover (1987)
Denny (Michele Little) just can't get a break when it comes to dating. She's always picking the wrong guys and her taste in men would make even Medusa shudder. Just when she thinks her luck with love can't get any worse, she runs into Kaz (Scott Valentine), a saxophone playing street urchin with a heart of gold and a permanent hard on. But Kaz has a secret–when he and Denny start to become intimate, Kaz's monster vision kicks in. And when the tent goes up, the demon gets down! Meanwhile on the streets of NY, someone has been attacking young beautiful women. This mysterious killer, known only as The Mangler, has been seen by a sole survivor–Denny's best friend Sonia's (Gina Gallego) sister. Now, with Denny and Kaz becoming intimate strangers, Sonia begins to suspect that Kaz is not what he appears to be. Kaz enlists the help of Fixer (Arnold Johnson) to rid him of his demonic curse, but at what cost? Will Kaz be cured of his Romanian blue balls? Will The Mangler finally be revealed and brought to justice, or will his kill count increase? Has Denny just seen too many horror movies? Will all of those doctors finally realize that someone has been running up their credit cards? Grab a fruit burger as we transform into something a little more comfortable to tackle this forgotten horror movie gem, and get cozy with My Demon Lover! Support the show (
February 07, 2022
5.1 Scream Blacula Scream (1973)
With the passing of the Mama Loa, Lisa Fortier (Pam Grier) inherits the title of high Voodoo priestess. However, the Mama Loa's son, Willis (Richard Lawson), is not too happy about the decision. After consulting Torgo from 'Manos: The Hands of Fate' and given the bones of the cursed African prince, Mamuwalde – Willis ressurects Blacula (William Marshall) from his sanguineous slumber on the other side. Things quickly go south and it's up to Lisa, her boyfriend Justin (Don Mitchell), and some completely incompetent cops to stop Blacula's curse once and for all. Will Pam Grier resist the vampires kiss and be able to cure Blacula via VooDoo? How much evidence is adequate to prove vampires exist? Why are these extra characters here except to beef up the kill count? Just exactly WTF happened with this horror movie? And even though we muse about possible improvements, we need this ending explained from a filmmaking stand point. It's not the best vampire movie, but it's certainly not the worst! Grab your Cheetos Bag of Bones and your best cape as we bite into this early 70s vampire movie sequel to the Blaxploitation classic, Scream Blacula Scream! Support the show (
February 02, 2022
Movie Dumpster Live | 2021 Year-End Wrap-Up
Welcome to the Movie Dumpster LIVE for our 2021 Year End Wrap-up episode! We're gonna be taking a look back at our 2021 slate and what's to come in 2022 for season 5!Support the show (
January 10, 2022
4.25 Don't Open Till Christmas (1984)
Trashing Through the Snow comes to a close for 2021, along with our season four finale! Someone is running around London killing Santa Claus impersonators in the name of cleansing evil from the holiday season! After Kate's (Belinda Mayne) father gets offed at a Christmas costume party, Detective Ian Harris (Edmund Purdom) finally decides this is one Santa slaying too many. Will the Santa killer of Santas be stopped? Can the spirit of Christmas be saved? Will Dobby finally be released from the clutches of the MDU Wizards? Sharpen up that straight razor, count your cash-in credentials, and boogie down to some Caroline Monroe, because we're dropping you off a gift–but do us a favor and Don't Open Till Christmas!Support the show (
December 24, 2021
4.24 Here Comes Santa Claus (1984)
Père Noël is coming down our chimney this week as Trashing Through the Snow jingles on! Somewhere in the MDU, a young boy Simon's parents mysteriously vanish in Africa and nobody has the heart to tell him that they are secretly Oscorp scientists being held hostage by a militia leader. Hoping to have them home for Christmas, Simon writes a letter to Santa asking for help and oh, by gosh, by golly does Santa Claus pull through! With the help of his Fairy Godmother Karen Chéryl and her magic wand, Santa takes a trek across Africa to find Simon's parents, come hell or high crocodile-infested water. If that wasn't enough, Simon and his possible imaginary friend Elodie travel to the North Pole (or Rovaniemi, Finland we guess), to make sure Santa doesn't back out. Oh and there's an Ogre living in the woods that kidnaps them and forces them to clean his house until he's ready to eat them! So hop on a flight to Santa's workshop, say hello to Phineas T. Prune while you're in town, and get ready for one song after another, because we're heading to France for J'ai rencontré Le Père Noël aka Here Comes Santa Claus!Support the show (
December 17, 2021
4.23 Jack Frost 2: Revenge of the Mutant Killer Snowman
Trashing Through the Snow is back and those slay bells are ringing! After tackling a mutant-serial-killer-snowman into a pick-up truck bed full of anti-freeze, sheriff Sam Tiler is still not convinced Jack Frost is truly dead. His worst fears are confirmed when a gravedigger gives up the location of Jack's burial mound to an FBI agent. Still being encased in his plastic bottle prison, his liquid remains are dumped into a fish tank for studying. Just add a hot cup of revivifying java courtesy of a clumsy janitor, and Jack Frost is back for his icy revenge–with some new chilling powers to boot! The very famous Tony from 'Hack the Movies' joins us to discuss the logistics of turning into ice-cubes for nefarious purposes, mistaken actor identities, and of course, eye trauma. Crack yourself a cold Asahi™ and pick a nice bunch of bananas from Donkey Kong's hoard, because we're icin' and slicin' into Jack Frost 2: Revenge of the Mutant Killer Snowman!Support the show (
December 12, 2021
Movie Dumpster Live | November 2021 Wrap-Up
Welcome to the Movie Dumpster LIVE for our November Wrap-up episode, Dumpsterbusters! Grab your proton packs and traps because we're wrapping up our Ghostbusters month, picking the winner to our 'Ghostgiving' prize pack, and giving a sneak peek at our upcoming Trashing Through the Snow December events!Support the show (
December 07, 2021
Take Two | The Real Ghostbusters Minisode
The Real Ghostbusters S1 E10"Take Two":Get ready for Hollywood's surefire blockbuster about the Ghostbusters. The advisors to the project are the guys themselves, and Slimer joins them on their flight to Hollywood. Tinsel Town may not be ready for the resulting antics, but bigger problems await. The studio turns out to be the home to a ghost that demands total peace and quiet, and it has just woken up. Even worse, workers mistake the proton packs for props and place them in storage without the Ghostbusters' knowledge. When the ghost possesses a giant robot prop and begins an attack, the guys find themselves completely defenseless.Original Air Date: November 15, 1986Support the show (
November 24, 2021
Ghostbusters: Afterlife | Ripe Reviews
WHO YA GONNA CALL? EGON’S GRANDKIDS! Dr. La Scola and Dr. O’Rourke are talking about ‘Ghostbusters 3’ if you will, the long-awaited sequel to the 1984 and 1989 classic Ghostbusters movies. Director Jason Reitman brings back Bill Murray, Ernie Hudson, Dan Aykroyd and many more familiar faces from the first two films, connecting them with a new cast of characters led by Phoebe Spengler (Mckenna Grace), who Sean repeatedly refers to as “Paige” during this episode for reasons unknown–perhaps a little too much of that expired Ecto Cooler! She’s joined by her brother Trevor (Finn Wolfhard) and podcasting friend Podcast (Logan Kim) in zapping and trapping ghosts, with a little help from Phoebe’s summer school teacher Mr. Grooberson (Paul Rudd). So slip into your flight suit, slap on your proton pack, and hop into the Ecto-1, because it’s Dumpster Busters time in a brand new Ripe Review of ‘Ghostbusters Afterlife’!Support the show (
November 24, 2021
Citizen Ghost | The Real Ghostbusters Minisode
The Real Ghostbusters S1 E11"Citizen Ghost":Peter tells reporter Cynthia Crawford (Julie Bennett) the story of what happened to the Ghostbusters after they defeated Gozer. While rebuilding their headquarters and Ecto-Containment Unit, the group is forced to deal with a certain green ghost from the Sedgwick Hotel (which Ray named Slimer). But having the green ghost constantly hanging around them is nothing compared to the trouble they have when a group of evil ghostly doubles decide to take their place, by getting rid of the original Ghostbusters.Original Air Date: November 22, 1986Support the show (
November 22, 2021
Movie Dumpster Trailer
Movie Dumpster is a comedy-forward movie review podcast with its own cinematic universe. Tune in for insightful and comedic deep dives of hidden gems, out-there oddities, and Hollywood stinkers. Horror, Sci-Fi, Action and everything in-between, the Dumpster never disappoints!Support the show (
November 09, 2021
Movie Dumpster Live | October 2021 Wrap-Up
Welcome to the Movie Dumpster LIVE for our October Wrap-up episode! We're gonna be talking all things 'Trick or Trash' including 'Halloween 6', 'Hauntedween', 'Night of the Demons 2', and our Patreon exclusive Watch-A-Long of 'Trick or Treat' and bite size minis for 'ALF' and 'Family Matters'! We'll also be taking questions and discussing our 'Ghostgiving' month for November!Support the show (
November 08, 2021
4.22 Night of the Demons 2
It’s almost time, Dumpster Dwellers! Trick or Trash is coming to an end, but not before Angela returns to the MDU to throw another howl of a party and you’re all invited! We’re heading back to Hull House just in time for Halloween, with a new batch of teenagers ready to have their souls sucked out by The Devil before midnight. Angela (Amelia Kinkade) kidnaps her sister Mouse from a Catholic boarding school for troubled teens, so that she can sacrifice Mouse in a ritual that will allow Angela to walk the earth freely again. With the help of some demonic lipstick housing a long hot dog, Angela starts transforming the student body into her minions all with the power of dance!It’s now up to a rosary-nunchakus swinging super nun Sister Gloria (Jennifer Rhodes), an uncaring nonbeliever Father Bob (Rod McCary), Marcia Brady (Christine Taylor), a teenager that definitely should not have had a topless scene named Bibi (Cristi Harris), and demonologist in training Perry (Robert Jayne) to save Mouse before sunrise! Get ready for some re-used shots from the first movie, a possible origin story for Jack Crow aka James Woods from ‘John Carpenter’s Vampires’, and a whole heap of snake imagery that comes out of nowhere!So put on that black wedding dress, stick your hand through a car seat to grab onto King Snake, and take a holy hand grenade right to your Z-Boy, because we’re getting ready for another evening of evil with Night of the Demons 2!Support the show (
October 29, 2021
4.21 Hauntedween
Trick or Trash SCARE-ies on, as we reach deep into our treat bags for this hard to find independent horror flick! When a bumbling fraternity needs cash fast, they are visited by a mysterious stranger that offers them the perfect place for their Halloween-themed fundraiser–the old Burber House of Horrors! After putting in a little elbow grease, taking a sunbathing detour, and resolving a love triangle, the house is ready to scare the pants off of anyone willing to pay the five bucks to enter. Too bad the guy who gave them the key to the place plans to follow in the footsteps of Satan Man from ‘Satan’s Little Helper’ and murder them as if it’s part of the haunt!Come one, come all, to the amazing Movie Dumpster Universe, where Meatloaf from ‘Kolobos’ will give you the show of the lifetime! Watch as the amazing Big Eddie ‘Bob Ross’ Burber (Ethan Adler) puts on a New York Mets cap, places a ball in a man’s mouth, and then knocks their head clean off with a baseball bat…all while the crowd goes wild! And you’ll never believe what he can do with a chainsaw, folks! It’s a slaughterhouse shindig and the victims are the ones throwing the party, all while the killer keeps upping the body count right in front of the paying customers' eyes! So slip on your favorite Halloween mask, crawl into Nakatomi Plaza’s air duct maze, and listen to every dang word Jeff Foxworthy has to say, because we’re about to flip the switch on this electric chair up to eleven for HauntedWeen!Support the show (
October 22, 2021
4.20 Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers
Trick or Trash returns from the grave as we slash into the month with Dr. Death of the MDU himself, Sam Loomis! We've finally taken the dive, Dumpster Dwellers! We bring you the finale of the Cult of Thorn timeline–SIX TIMES the terror, SIX TIMES the fear, SIX TIMES the thrills!?After the events of Halloween 5, Michael Myers is broken out of jail Fratelli style and whisked away to the Thorn Cult Clubhouse residing in the dingy depths of Smith's Grove Sanitarium. After giving birth to the last of the Myers bloodline, Jamie Lloyd (NOT Danielle Harris) tries to make her escape from the clutches of both Michael and the Thorn Cult. Before being dispatched by (Enter Villain's Name Here) she hides the baby boy from the same fate she cannot escape. It's now up to retired-back-on-the-beat Dr. Sammy 'Six Times' Loomis, Tommy 'Paul Stephen Rudd' Doyle, and a woman only tangentially connected to the characters of previous films to crack the case–possibly using magic, possibly foiling Umbrella's B.O.W program, and possibly putting an end to the evil of Samhain once and for all!Comparing the Theatrical Cut and the Producer's Cut, we're taking you on a full, no pumpkins barred journey through the Halloween franchise with highlights on 4 and 5, to try and make sense of this train wreck of a timeline. So, hop on the Haddonfield Express for SIX TIMES the writers, SIX TIMES the plot holes, and SIX TIMES the confusion while we try and carve a semblance of rationality in Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers!Support the show (
October 08, 2021
Movie Dumpster Live | September 2021 Wrap-Up
Welcome to the Movie Dumpster LIVE for our September Wrap-up episode! We're gonna be talking all things Roger Corman's 'Fantastic Four', 'Bad Moon', and our Patreon exclusive Watch-A-Long from earlier this month of 'Scarecrows'. We'll also be covering the latest episodes of 'Talks from the Darkside' and hmm, we don't about a sneak-peek into our treat bags at Trick or Trash's line-up this October? Maybe!Support the show (
September 30, 2021
4.19 Bad Moon (1996)
Half man, half wolf, total terror! After having a run in with a werewolf in the jungles of Borneo, Uncle Ted (Michael Paré) returns to the states having been unable to cure himself of his lycanthropy. In a last ditch effort to use The Power of Love™ as a means to rid himself of his lethal lunar activities, he shacks up with his sister Janet (Mariel Hemingway), her son Dennis the Menace (Mason Gamble), and all-around good boy Thor, their faithful German Shepard. Things of course don’t go according to plan and Uncle Ted finds himself barking up the wrong tree and face-to-face with the mighty pack protector, Thor.Director Eric Red brings to life arguably the best werewolf ever put to film by way of Steve Johnson and Bill Corso, in an excellent adaptation of Wayne Smith’s novel. Joining us is C.B. Smith from ‘Taking a Page’ and our ongoing sub-series ‘Book to the Movie’ to shed some light on the novel ‘Thor’ and how it stacks up for a wild werewolf bar mitzvah of an episode!Grab your maximum-security high-tempered steel handcuffs and make sure to lock yourself up before sundown, because every moon is a Bad Moon!Support the show (
September 24, 2021
Talks from the Darkside | 10 Djinn, No Chaser
10 Djinn, No Chaser:In a ridiculous and wacky story, newlywed couple Danny and Connie Squires (Charles Levin and Colleen Camp) purchase a lamp which turns out to hold a genie (Kareem Abdul-Jabbar). Extremely angered at being trapped for thousands of years, the genie tortures his new masters with various plagues. Fortunately, Connie offers a simple solution to the genie's problem.Based on a story by Harlan Ellison and adapted by Haskell Barkin.Original Air Date: January 13th, 1985Support the show (
September 22, 2021
Talks from the Darkside | 09 A Case of the Stubborns
09 A Case of the Stubborns:Jody Tolliver (Christian Slater) and his mother mourn the death of Grandpa Titus. Suddenly, Titus (Eddie Bracken) nonchalantly rises from the dead the next day. Jody and his mother enlist the aid of numerous townsfolk to help convince Titus that he is dead, the stubborn man refusing to believe it even as he decomposes.Written by James Houghton, based on a short story by Robert Bloch and guest-starring Brent Spiner as Reverend Peabody.Original Air Date: December 2, 1984Support the show (
September 15, 2021
4.18 The Fantastic Four (1994)
Roger Corman strikes back at the MDU with this unreleased superhero flick based on Marvel’s First Family! Originally made just to hold on to the film rights, the movie was collecting dust on a shelf for years until some Dumpster Dwellers dug it up and slapped it on the web for us all to watch. See the origins of Mr. Fantastic, Invisible Woman, Human Torch, and The Thing for the very first time (but definitely not the last)! Enjoy the uncomfortable grooming of a minor by a much older man who can stretch his tallywacker like a hose! Laugh at The Lawnmower Man’s Human Torch spinning like an idiot into a city-destroying laser! And weep with Ben Grimm, because he looks like a FREAK!! When Doctor Doom teams up with Ludban the Leprechaun to take over the world, it's up to the dysfunctional super-powered family to come together against them and stop Doom’s literal Death Star. Our good friend and resident artist Davey ‘The Scaredy Cat’ DeForne joins us to break down this long-lost comic book adaptation. Connor also compares the ill-fated Justice League of America 1997 pilot to this movie for reasons...or something, listen to his findings within! So kick up that dime store Jurassic Park theme, slip into your blue pajama-looking flight suits, and scream “FLAME ON” at the top of your lungs to spontaneously combust, because it’s Clobberin’ Time™ for Roger Corman’s The Fantastic Four!Support the show (
September 10, 2021
Movie Dumpster Live | August 2021 Wrap-Up
Welcome to the Movie Dumpster LIVE for our August Wrap-up episode! We're looking back at our 'Fallen Empire' month with 'Terror Vision', 'Sorority Babes in the Slimeball Bowl-O-Rama', and our Watch-A-Longs of 'Ghoulies 2' and 'Cellar Dweller'!! We also answer your live questions from the chat, give some updates on Watch-A-Longs and commentary tracks, and reveal what's cooking for our September slate!Support the show (
September 07, 2021
4.17 Troll (1986)
Fallen Empire comes to an end with a John Carl Buechler classic and arguably one of Empire’s best films! Harry Potter Jr. and his family (yes, that is his name) move into the same apartment building as the evil troll Torok, who wants to transform his neighbors into fae folk of the forest as a means to merge the realms. With his magic ring, Torok transforms into Harry’s little sister Heather O’Rourke from Poltergeist and goes around the complex mutating the other tenants into plants, elves, and Ghoulies™. Phil Fondacaro delivers some of his best work to date, Sonny Bono and Julia Louis-Dreyfus fall prey to the costume jewelry ring of floral death, and Shelly Shack strikes back from ‘The Stepfather’ so you know there are MDU family matters at stake here. Grab your anti-magic lightning spear, take those old records off the shelf, and don’t forget the chocolate E. Clair, because we’re grabbing a warm blanket of nostalgia and getting cozy with Troll!Support the show (
September 04, 2021
4.16 Sorority Babes in the Slimeball Bowl-O-Rama
Fallen Empire is well underway, and we have a David DeCoteau classic in tow! After a group of horny nerds crash a sorority pledge initiation, they are forced to steal a bowling trophy from a local mall with the aide of the two pledging sisters. They end up releasing a jive-talking, wish-granting imp with a nefarious agenda, bent on killing them one by one! Officially released under Charles Band's 'Urban Classics' label, this flick brings Linnea Quigley, Brinke Stevens, Michelle Bauer, and Hal Havins together under one zany roof! Mr. Lobo of 'Cinema Insomnia' joins us to answer the hard questions–Why does the imp sound like Screamin' Jay Hawkins? Were there no socks available for a simulated sex scene? Who's mall is this exactly and why don't they pay George Flower enough to buy a new hearing aid? Put your bowling shoes on, and make sure to choose your wishes carefully, because we are about to nail this 7-10 split with Sorority Babes in the Slimeball Bowl-O-Rama!Support the show (
August 20, 2021
Talks from the Darkside | 08 Word Processor of the Gods
08 Word Processor of the Gods:Richard Hagstrom (Bruce Davison), a struggling novelist married to a shrewish wife and father to an ungrateful son, discovers that his new word processor, a gift from his deceased nephew, is more powerful than he could ever have imagined: every sentence he types into it alters reality.Based on the 1983 short story by Stephen King and adapted by Michael McDowell.Original Air Date: November 25, 1984Support the show (
August 19, 2021
Talks from the Darkside | 07 Inside the Closet
07 Inside the Closet:Graduate student Gail Aynsley (Roberta Weiss) takes up a room for rent in the house of Dr. Fenner (Fritz Weaver), the dean of a local veterinary school. She discovers that her new room has a strange miniature door inside it, and estimates that there may be something lurking on the other side.Original Air Date: November 21, 1984Support the show (
August 11, 2021
4.15 TerrorVision
HOLY TOMATO, EMPIRE HAS FALLEN! While its heyday is long gone, these films are definitely not forgotten, and the Dumpster trio is here to pay homage to them! After a mutated alien creature gets blasted into deep space via energy beam, its trajectory makes a bee-line to Earth and into the Putterman family's brand new satellite TV receiver. From the mind of Charles Band comes a truly unique viewing experience by way of director Ted Nicolau and the legendary ooey gooey talents of rubber monster maestro, John Carl Buechler. Serj Murillo of Lethean joins us as we zap ourselves into the Pleasure Palace™ for an evening you'll never forget! Pour yourself an Ouzo margarita, slap on your studs, and gaze into the hypnotizing talents of Medusa, because we're staying up for the midnight horrorthon with 'Terror Vision!' Sweet dreams, kiddies!Support the show (
August 06, 2021
Talks from the Darkside | 06 Slippage
06 Slippage:Graphic designer Richard Hall (David Patrick Kelly) discovers that he has been turned down for a promotion, hasn't received an invitation to his high school reunion, and that his own mother has failed to recognize him. Putting everything together, Richard determines that the source of the problem is that he is literally slipping from existence.Original Air Date: November 11th, 1984Support the show (
August 04, 2021
Movie Dumpster Live | July 2021 Wrap-Up
Welcome to the Movie Dumpster LIVE for our July Wrap-up episode! We're looking back at 'Kolobos' (1999), 'The Kindred' (1987), our Ripe Reviews of the 'Fear Street' trilogy, the latest 'Talks from the Darkside' episode 'Mookie and Pookie' with Chris Bahr, and so much more!! We also answer your live questions from the chat, give some updates on Watch-A-Longs and commentary tracks, and reveal our event month for August along with the movies we'll be reviewing!Support the show (
August 02, 2021
4.14 The Kindred (1987)
On her deathbed, molecular biologist Dr. Amanda Hollins sends her son John to destroy her lab notes left at her home, but she fails to mention that John's brother Anthony is living in the basement. You know, his Xenomorph-esque human-octopus hybrid monster brother that Amanda created using John's DNA. Add a group of John's friends to the mix, a fish-woman ripped straight out of the Shape of Water masquerading as Amanda's biggest fan, plus the evil scientist Rod Steiger that will stop at nothing to steal Amanda's research, and you've got the perfect recipe for a serious Suckling situation. Jesse from Say You Love Satan and the whole Van Daam clan join us, as we run down the Anthony Journals in another dumpsterlicious mutant baby special! So pluck Anthony Jr. from his jar, fire up George C. Scott's tape player, and take a shot every time Hemocyanin is mentioned, because we're chest-bursting out of a watermelon with The Kindred!Support the show (
July 30, 2021
Talks from the Darkside | 05 Mookie and Pookie
05 Mookie and Pookie:Susan "Pookie" Anderson (Justine Bateman) discovers that the spirit of her recently deceased twin brother, Kevin "Mookie" Anderson (Ron Asher), lives on through his computer, but her parents don't believe her. When they threaten to sell the computer due to her growing obsession with it, Susan must to prove her parents that her brother is still alive before they follow through on their promise.Original Air Date: November 4th, 1984Support the show (
July 28, 2021
Ripe Reviews | Fear Street Part Three: 1666
The frightful finale! Rounding out the Fear Street trilogy, we get a glimpse into ye olde 1666 as we recall what was the deal the day Sunnyvale/Shadyside died. Head out to Razorback hollow to grab your grimoire from Haggis, and pop some young berries the Hugga Bunch gave you, because we're going on a witch hunt through Part 3 to get to Part 2 of the first sequel to Fear Street Part Three: 1666!Support the show (
July 21, 2021
Ripe Reviews | Fear Street Part Two: 1978
The body count continues! The second installment in the Fear Street Trilogy shoots us back into the summer of 1978 at Camp Nightwing, as more of Sunnyvale/Shadyside's dark history unfolds. Light up that J-bird and pop some asprin, because we're chopping our way through some unhappy campers in Fear Street Part Two: 1978!Support the show (
July 15, 2021
4.13 Kolobos (1999)
A group of freeloaders, artists, and actors go on the world’s deadliest game of Big Brother ever, where hidden cameras are the least of their troubles. In the house that John Kramer built (Jigsaw himself), five strangers attempt to survive a booby trapped house while cameras record their horrifying experience! With projectile saw blades around every corner and a black-gloved, Giallo-killer Meat Loaf stalking them, it’s only a matter of time before they are all picked off one by one. Justin from the Epic Film Guys podcast joins us as we dive deep into this 1999 forgotten gem that left us saying we would do anything for love, but we won’t do that! Grab your art book full of drawings nobody else is allowed to see, feed the fish in your coffee table aquarium, and get ready to carve a hole into your face, because we’re shredding into Kolobos!Support the show (
July 09, 2021
Ripe Reviews | Fear Street Part One: 1994
Listener beware, you're in for a scare! Originally planned for a theatrical release, the classic R.L. Stine book series gets its very own 3 part event exclusively on Netflix. With elements pulled from series installments 'The Betrayal', 'The Secret' & 'The Burning', the first in this terrifying trilogy has finally dropped and the Dumpster trio is here to tackle it! Pop in your '90s mix tape and raid a Spencer's Gifts, because we're hopping in Doc's DeLorean for a midnight cruise down Fear Street Part One: 1994!Support the show (
July 06, 2021
Ripe Reviews | The Amusement Park
The lost George Romero film makes its way to SHUDDER™! Commissioned and later shelved by the Lutheran Service Society of Western Pennsylvania, this surrealist depiction of one of our deepest fears comes to light in a truly powerful short by one of the Masters of Horror. We'll see you Dumpster Dwellers in the park!Support the show (
June 29, 2021
Movie Dumpster Live | June 2021 Wrap-up
Welcome to the Movie Dumpster LIVE for our June Wrap-up episode! We're looking back at 'The Beast Within' (1982), 'The Changeling' (1980), our Ripe Reviews of 'The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It' and 'The Amusement Park', our 'Super Mario Bros: The Morton Jankel Cut' Watch-A-Long and 'Deep Blood' commentary track for Patrons, the latest 'Talks from the Darkside' and 'Book to the Movie' episodes with Chris Bahr & C.B. Smith, and so much more!! We also answer your live questions from the chat and talk a little about July's release schedule and some new and future merch!Support the show (
June 28, 2021
4.12 The Changeling (1980)
After a completely avoidable tragedy, composer George C. Scott retreats to Seattle for some R&R to focus on his music. Soon after he moves into an old haunted mansion, the ghost of a little boy starts bugging him to expose his murder, while serving his dastardly duplicate a mouthful of just desserts. Tony from Hack the Movies™ joins us as we navigate this classic haunted house flick to ask the hard questions—Do telephone booth doors lock you in after you drop a dime? Does the college keep paying George while he's out solving mysteries? Will Yanni get his chance to shine in 'The Changeling 2: Optimystique'? Snag a fresh pack of smokes, break out that spirit trumpet, and let's crack this case of aristocratic atrocities committed by The Changeling!Support the show (
June 25, 2021
Book to the Movie | Razorback
We're back from the movie to give you the the movie! C.B. Smith from Taking a Page joins us again as we discuss the film Razorback and how it stacks up to the novel of the same name written by Peter Brennan. Take a ride through the bush as we compare and contrast the differences including the actual size of the titular Razorback and the road to salvation for a certain wily wallaby!Support the show (
June 23, 2021
Book to the Movie | Mortal Kombat: Annihilation
We're back from the movie to give you the the movie! C.B. Smith from Taking a Page joins us again as we head back to Outworld and go a few rounds with the novelization for 'Mortal Kombat: Annihilation'! FIGHT!Support the show (
June 18, 2021
Talks from the Darkside | 04 The Odds
04 The Odds:Tommy Vale (Danny Aiello), a bookie who never turns down a bet, meets Bill Lacey (Tom Noonan), the luckiest man he may ever know, who becomes determined to break the bookie at any cost. When Tommy ends up wagering on the time of his death, he must do everything he can to outsmart a man who has never lost.Original Air Date: October 21, 1984Support the show (
June 16, 2021
4.11 The Beast Within (1982)
Exactly 17 years after a woman is attacked on her wedding night, her son Michael becomes gravely ill. Now, Caroline and her husband Ronny Cox must return to where their nightmarish secret began, only to find out that the town of Nioba has a few secrets of its own! Crack open your Necronomicon, shed the skin of your human host, please wash your hands after you handle any raw meat, and let those Brood X cicadas serenade you because no one can stop the emergence of The Beast Within!Support the show (
June 11, 2021
Ripe Reviews | The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It
The third Conjuring movie in the main saga is here! Helmed this time by Michael Chaves instead of James Wan, the exploits of Ed and Lorraine Warren may have finally run their demonic discourse. Could this be the final main entry to The Conjuring series? Did the Devil make us sign up for HBO Max to watch this movie? Have they hit the bottom of the barrel to make this shared universe work? Find out in a brand new Ripe Reviews!Support the show (
June 07, 2021
Movie Dumpster Live | May 2021 Wrap-up
Welcome to the Movie Dumpster LIVE for our May Wrap-up episode! We're looking back at 'Mother's Day '(1980), 'Son of Dracula' (1974), our Ripe Reviews of 'Snapper: The Man-Eating Turtle Movie That Never Got Made' and 'Spiral: From the Book of Saw', our secret 'Jigsaw' (2002) Watch-A-Long for and Hack the Movies crossover 'Annabelle' commentary track for Patrons, the latest 'Talks of the Darkside' episodes with Chris Bahr, and so much more!! We also answer your live questions from the chat and talk a little about June's release schedule. Oh! AND WE CAN TOUCH EACH OTHER!!Support the show (
June 02, 2021
4.10 Son of Dracula (1974)
In 1970, one of the most famous musical groups to ever be assembled disbanded. In the wake of that break up, one of them decided to make a film about a rock 'n' roll vampire becoming king of the underworld. That man was Ringo Starr of The Beatles. Starring Harry Nilsson as Count Downe, the titular 'Son of Dracula', and Ringo himself as the great wizard Merlin, along with a motley cast of famous musicians, monsters, and madmen, this critical failure of a film was shelved indefinitely never again to see the light of day. That is, until YouTube! Pop in those plastic fangs and put your dancing shoes on because we are getting the band back together to take a bite out of Son of Dracula! Joining us is special guest Newt Wallen from Hack the Movies!Support the show (
May 28, 2021
Talks from the Darkside | 03 Pain Killer
03 Pain Killer:Henpecked husband Harvey Turman (Lou Jacobi), who happens to suffer from excruciating back pain, visits his doctor (Farley Granger) for a cure. The doctor diagnoses that Harvey's nagging wife Nadine (Peggy Cass) is the cause of his pain, and the only way that his backaches will cease is if he eliminates her.Original Air Date: October 14, 1984Support the show (
May 26, 2021
Talks from the Darkside | 02 I'll Give You a Million
02 I'll Give You a Million:Millionaire Duncan Williams (Keenan Wynn) offers his longtime acquaintance Jack Blaine (George Petrie) $1,000,000 to buy his soul. When Jack ends up dying shortly after, Duncan races to claim his soul, but faces a troubling complication when another party is interested in it as well. Written by Mark Durand and David Spiel.Original Air Date: October 7, 1984Support the show (
May 19, 2021
Ripe Reviews | Spiral: From the Book of Saw
DO YOU WANT TO PLAY A GAME...AGAIN? The highly anticipated 'Spiral: From the Book of Saw' is here bringing Chris Rock, Samuel L. Jackson, and Darren Lynn Bousman together to breath life back into a franchise that should have happened 5 sequels ago. Remember, live or die, it's your choice!Support the show (
May 18, 2021
Ripe Reviews | Snapper: The Man-Eating Turtle Movie That Never Got Made with John Campopiano
We're talking about the brand new documentary 'SNAPPER: The Man-Eating Turtle Movie That Never Got Made' and joining us is director John Campopiano! Could this have been one the best low-budget creature features to come out of the early 90s? We think so! Don't do any of your own stunts and stay out of the lake because this is one flick you'll definitely want to stick around to see get made!Support the show (
May 15, 2021
4.9 Mother’s Day (1980)
Three college friends reunite for their annual trip to some undisclosed location, unfortunately things go south when they enter the Deep Barrens™ for a weekend of fishing and reminiscing—because it's got a death curse! After being captured by Joey Ramone and Nicky Santoro, they are subjected to a hellish gamut of torture all at the command of GVD's sister, Momma! You better believe that what momma wants, Momma gets! Will the Rat Pack survive and what will be left of them? Is Easy Cheese good for your liver as well as a combustible fuel? And just how does Momma's clan get such good cable?! Grab yourself a bowl of Burger Bits, run through that serial killer obstacle course, and watch out for Queenie because we're all gathering around the boob-tube for Mother's Day!Joining us is Josh Schafer from Lunchmeat VHS!Support the show (
May 07, 2021
Movie Dumpster Live | April 2021 Wrap-up
Welcome to the Movie Dumpster LIVE for our April Wrap-up episode! We'll be taking a look back at our 'Super Kombat Fighter: Double Dumpster Edition Turbo' event month including 'Double Dragon', 'Mortal Kombat' (1995), 'Street Fighter', 'Future Cops', and 'Mortal Kombat' (2021) while answering your questions. We'll also be talking about our upcoming May schedule and more!Support the show (
May 04, 2021
4.8 Street Fighter
Keep your regular podcasts! In fact this might be the time to listen to them. For we beheld this episode AS IT FELL FROM THE HEAVENS LIKE LIGHTNING! It’s the FINAL ROUND of our ‘Super Kombat Fighter: Double Dumpster Edition Turbo’ and we’re colliding in sudden death! What happens when you mix a sleepy Jean Claude Van Damme with a volcanic Raul Julia? Quality cinema! Evil dictator General M. Bison ransoms the world for $20 billion and it’s up to Colonel William Guile to save the day. With the help of Chun-Li, Ryu and Ken, and the misfortunes of Wes Studi’s criminal organization, the entire Fighters of Street roster clash to topple Bisonopolis in an epic and outlandish battle that would make Cobra Commander blush. Who will succeed? Is that Blanka or Lou Ferigno? Was it really Tuesday? Should the food court be larger? Dump your next paycheck into BisonCoin and hop in the Dragon MK1 to head upriver because we’re about to Tatsumaki Senpukyaku into ‘Street Fighter!’Joining us is Kieran from Cinemassacre!Support the show (
May 01, 2021
Ripe Reviews | Mortal Kombat (2021)
IT HAS BEGUN...AGAIN! We're talking about the 'Mortal Kombat' reboot directed by Simon McQuoid! So, GET OVER HERE and pull up an ice block while we discuss if this updated foray was a fatality or flawless victory—FINISH THEM!Support the show (
April 29, 2021
Book to the Movie | The Lawnmower Man
We're back from the movie to give you the the movie! C.B. Smith from Taking a Page joins us again as we discuss the film 'The Lawnmower Man', covered in the premiere episode of our second season, and how it literally has nothing to do with the novella of the same name written by Stephen King. Strap into your gyroscopic virtual reality machine as we spin and twist through this monumental departure from the source material! Cyboman, save us!Support the show (
April 28, 2021
4.7 Mortal Kombat (1995)
ROUND 2 HAS BEGUN! 'Super Kombat Fighter: Double Dumpster Edition Turbo' month continues with a Paul W.S. Anderson movie we actually like! Soul stealing sorcerer Shang Tsung rounds up Earthrealm’s mightiest warriors for a deadly martial arts tournament to decide the fate of the universe. With a little help from the jovial God of Thunder, Christopher Lambert’s Raiden *HEH HEH HEH*, Puerto Rican Princess Kitana, and Chris Farley the ‘Beverly Hills Ninja’, the warriors of Earth just might have a chance at stopping the evil Outworld Emperor Shao Kahn from merging the realms in seven days...or something. Before ‘Mortal Kombat: Annihilation’ gave us a Fatality and ripped out our spines, there was a movie that set the standard for great video game adaptations. We’re talking Scorpion and Sub-Zero! Kano and Sonya Blade! Liu Kang and Goro! Johnny Cage and Art Lean! Reptile and terrible 90’s CGI!! All that and more as we travel back to the arcade to fill our hearts full of Friendship. So grab your $500 sunglasses, wave goodbye to Jaxx, and GET OVER HERE because we’re putting another quarter in 1995’s Mortal Kombat!Support the show (
April 16, 2021
4.6 Double Dragon
Round 1 of our 'Super Kombat Fighter: Double Dumpster Edition Turbo' month kicks off with a movie based on an animated series that's based on a video game! Robert Patrick attains one half of a mystical medallion that allows him to magically turn into a shadow and possess people, but he needs the other half to attain ultimate power. The rest of the medallion is held by two teenage brothers that practice martial arts, one thoughtful and the other reckless, and one only wears blue while the other only wears red. Their names? Leonardo and Raphael...uh, we mean Billy and Jimmy Lee! It's up to them to stop the T-1000 and his army of mooks, including Michael Berryman, Huey Lewis and the News, the mutated vesiculated nutsack Bane Abobo, and a literal mailman going postal. With the help of Alyssa Milano and egregious shots of her ass, they just might be able to combine the power of body and soul to overcome all odds. Hop in the Dragon Wagon, suck down some special spinach slop, and make sure to wave to Sly and Dennis while you're visiting Koopa-City One, because we're burning rubber and roundhouse kicking our way through Double Dragon!Support the show (
April 09, 2021
Movie Dumpster Live | March 2021 Wrap-up
Welcome to the Movie Dumpster LIVE for our March Wrap-up episode! We'll be taking a look back at 'Leprechaun 4: In Space', 'Kong: Skull Island', 'Godzilla: King of the Monsters', 'Stone Cold', and 'The Deadly Spawn' while answering your questions. We'll also be talking about our upcoming April schedule and more!Support the show (
April 06, 2021
Movie Dumpster Live | February 2021 Wrap-Up
Welcome to the Movie Dumpster LIVE for our February Wrap-up episode! We'll be taking a look back at 'Petey Wheatstraw', 'Coffy', and 'Blacula', while answering your questions. We'll also be talking about our upcoming March schedule and more!Support the show (
April 06, 2021
Ripe Reviews | Godzilla vs. Kong
LET THEM FIGHT!! In our debut episode we’re looking at ‘Godzilla vs. Kong’ directed by Adam Wingard, starring everyone’s favorite King of the Monsters and King of Skull Island! We’ll be plucking and reviewing only the ripest of movie fruits with this series, so it only felt right to start with some good old giant monster fights. Grab your Goji spinal axe and join us for the culmination of our Monsterverse Patreon Watch-A-Long series in a bite-sized form review!Support the show (
April 03, 2021
Talks from the Darkside | 01 The New Man
01 The New Man:Alan Coombs (Vic Tayback), a bad-tempered recovering alcoholic, meets Jerry (Chris Herbert), a young boy who claims to be his son. Coombs insists that he has never seen or met Jerry before, but Jerry and Coombs' family say otherwise. Based on a short story by Barbara Owens, adapted by Mark Durand.Original air date: September 30, 1984Support the show (
March 31, 2021
The Deadly Spawn | An Interview with Ted Bohus
As a companion piece to our episode, 4.5 The Deadly Spawn, we sit down with the man behind one of the most beloved Sci-Fi/Horror classics to come out of the '80s, Ted Bohus! We do a deep dive into Ted's career from the early days of his magazine SPFX, through the insane world of low-budget filmmaking, and of course discuss all things Deadly Spawn!Support the show (
March 29, 2021
4.5 The Deadly Spawn
A meteorite containing a flesh-eating Alien™ crash lands in Camp Crystal Lake near a small suburb. Making a flooded cellar its lair, the creature begins devouring the homeowners and starts growing into a massive three-headed worm with more teeth than a Ghost Shark! If that wasn’t enough, Momma’s pregnant and she gives birth to hundreds of penis tadpoles that want to get deep inside of you and eat you out! With Uncle Frasier Crane getting served up like tossed salads and scrambled eggs and his stuck-up astronomer brother Pete losing his grip on reality, it’s left to young monster movie fanatic Charles to go full Tommy Jarvis on the star beast to save the day! Granny Van Daam and Punished Simon Bossell are bringing the heat in this independent film classic from the Garden State and home of the Dumpster trio–New Jersey! Slurp down some of Lord Crumb’s green grool and don’t make a sound! This ain’t no Return of the Aliens, so forget Ripley and the flamethrower because we are about to get ripped apart by The Deadly Spawn!Support the show (
March 27, 2021
4.4 Leprechaun 4: In Space
St. Patrick’s Day is right around the corner, and what better way to celebrate than with lucky number 4 in a tired franchise?! That's right, we’re going to space–the final frontier for horror movies spinning their balding wheels. While trying to take over the galaxy by wedding the sadistic Princess Zarina, Lubdan the Leprechaun has to contend with a group of Colonial Marines on a budget. After getting blown to magically delicious bits and being reborn via boner, our pint-sized protagonist wreaks havoc aboard the S.S. Chex Quest to fulfill his destiny of galactic domination. Grab your M41A pulse rifles, pour yourself some Bantha milk, and pay no attention to the android-Nazi doctor behind the curtain, because we’re setting our phasers to dumb with Leprechaun 4: In Space!Support the show (
March 13, 2021
4.3 Blacula
Count Dracula turns ill-fated African prince Mamuwalde into a creature of the night. If being turned into a vampire wasn't enough, he's also sealed away in a tomb with an unquenched thirst for eternity. Decades later, he’s released from his casket prison within the walls of the MDU Warehouse. Now, prowling the streets of 1970’s L.A., Mamuwalde has a thirst for disco, blood, and his long lost love–or at least someone who looks like her, anyway. William Marshall stars in the first ever black horror film that would go on to influence the genre forever. Grab Simon Belmont’s exploding holy oil lamps, pour yourself a Bloody Mary, and put your dancing shoes on because we’re about to be kissed on the neck by Blacula!Support the show (
February 27, 2021
Talks from the Darkside | 00 Trick or Treat
Welcome to the premiere of our brand new show 'Talks from the Darkside!' Joined by Chris Bahr from Tape Hell, the Dumpster trio is going lead you right into the Darkside™ of man's domain! Spanning 4 years and 90 episodes, 'Tales from the Darkside' was a crucial part of horror television and storytelling. So, join us as we tackle the entire series, with plenty of laughs and shrieks to be had along the way! It all starts with the original pilot that launched a legacy. 00 Trick or Treat:A rich and spiteful old man named Gideon Hackles, who holds an obsession for documenting and exploiting debts owed to him, annually offers trick-or-treaters the chance to search his house on Halloween night for their parents' IOUs, only to terrify them with animatronic "ghosts". Over the course of the night, Mr. Hackles finds himself terrified by real ghosts... or in this case, demons.Guest-starring Barnard Hughes as Gideon Hackles, and Max Wright, written by George A. Romero.Original air date: October 29, 1983Support the show (
February 24, 2021
4.2 Coffy
This week we're serving a hot cup of shotgun toting revenge! Pam Grier stars as Flower Child Coffin, a nurse who's had enough of the destruction that dope-pushers and their poison leave in their wake. Using her seductive charm, Coffy takes the fight directly to the men responsible for destroying the lives of her family and friends. Will she succeed? Is that Sid Haig in red hotpants?! Witness Robert DoQui as pimp King George before becoming one of Detroit’s finest, and scar-faced trick Carol Locatell’s road to witness protection that lead directly to Imposter Voorhees! This is the end of the line for these drug dealing scum, and revenge is going to be just as sweet as a chocolate bar, because all of them are gonna pay by way of Coffy and the wrong end of a gun!Support the show (
February 12, 2021
4.1 Petey Wheatstraw, The Devil's Son-In-Law
We're sliding into Season 4 with a happenin' trip through the period where a subgenre of films were defined. Comedy legend Rudy Ray Moore does battle against the man downstairs–and we aren’t talking about Richard Moll! After meeting his demise at the hands of rival club owners Leroy and Skillet, superstar comedian Petey Wheatstraw is offered a second chance by the dubiously named Lou Cipher. Petey makes a deal with the devil and is granted incredible satanic powers via magick pimp cane to enact his revenge. However, in exchange he must marry Lou’s demonic daughter who’s so ugly she could scare a bulldog off a meat truck–and we ain’t lyin’ either! So sit down and shut your ugly, old-time, ancient-ass up and witness the legend of Petey Wheatstraw, The Devil's Son in Law!Support the show (
February 05, 2021
The Legend of Gator Face-mentary
Our first feature length commentary track! Danny and Phil just can't seem to keep out of trouble in their sleepy, backwater town. After running out of ideas, the boys create an alligator-man costume to prank the local townsfolk into thinking a local legend is real. Scaring the shit out of the yokels turns out to be a bit more than they bargained for when the plantation owning mayor and his wife call in the National Guard to handle the situation. Now, with their very lives on the line, Danny and Phil need to try and fix what they started at the expense of a benign miracle of nature. So pull up a log, mind the gator-man dong, hide your marshmallows, and crack a cold one because the Dumpster trio are headed to Vernon, Florida to see if it's true what they say about The Legend of Face™!Support the show (
January 31, 2021
Book to the Movie | Frankenstein: Unbound
The debut of our Patreon exclusive show, 'Book to the Movie', with C.B. Smith from Taking a Page! This episode tackles the infamous, MDU 'Big Bang', Frankenstein: Unbound. Rip a hole in the space time continuum, bury that old bicycle, and sew that penis to your thigh, because we're going...Book to the Movie™!Support the show (
January 31, 2021
3.35 Season 3 Wrap-up LIVE
Welcome to our first ever live event! We're taking a look back on the 87 year long period known as 2020, the movies we've covered, the friends we've made, but most importantly, we're hanging out and taking questions from all of you Dumpster Dwellers! So pull up a trash can lid, crack open a cold one, and join us in the titular Movie Dumpster for our Season Three Finale!Support the show (
January 17, 2021
3.34 Jingle All the Way
Trashing Through the Snow comes to a close this year with loving impressions of Phil Hartman and slightly better than Mortal Kombat 11 impressions of Schwarzenegger! When Howard ‘Howitzer’ Langston forgets to buy his son Jamie the hottest Christmas boutique gift item, a Turboman action figure, he sets out on Christmas Eve to obtain the unobtainable toy. Now he must battle his way through rampaging shoppers, cackling clerks, the Santa Cartel, Phil Hartman’s invasive security system, and even the T-1000 hot on his trail! Can Howard fulfill his son's Christmas wish with the odds stacked against him, or will unhinged mail carrier Sinbad be his undoing? The Dark Side of the Force™ is strong with this one! We’re also adopting some MDU monsters, ending the debate on eggnog vs boiled custard once and for all, and exchanging gifts at the Wizards’ Castle. So stop petting Ted and put that cookie down because we’re jetpacking into Jingle All the Way!Joining us is special guest, Justin Silverman!Support the show (
December 24, 2020
3.33 Jack Frost (1997)
A week before Christmas in the backwater town of Snowmonton, serial killer Jack Frost is chemically merged with snow in a freak accident engineered by John Hurt’s minion Cumdar. Vowing revenge on the man who captured him, lovable loser Sheriff Sam Tiler, Jack is reborn as one Bad Mr. Frosty™! With the help of his deranged son Ryan’s antifreeze oatmeal and general store owner/local sidewalk salter Mr. ‘I’ll Give it to you 20% Off’ Paul, maybe (just maybe), Sheriff Sam can take down the homicidal snowman once and for all! Shannon Elizabeth makes her film debut in this sleazy, dark comedy that also features an Andrienne Barbeau stand-in that we fell in love with, as well as two cops that are simply in love. We’re also talking our favorite holiday films and monsters, looking back on the unforgettable VHS box art for this movie, and giving our favorite horror franchises holiday themed sequels! So plug in your hairdryer, fire up those aerosol cans, and aim for the puddle of water coming through the door, because we're about to get frostbitten in half by Jack Frost!Joining us is special guest, David Ayllon!Support the show (
December 19, 2020
3.32 Call Me Claus
‘Zat you, Santa Goldberg? Well, the alternate timeline version anyway! Whoopi joins the Movie Dumpster Universe in a splintered, yuletide excursion that can’t help but rip-off other, better Christmas movies. Goldberg plays a malcontent, home shopping network executive producer that hasn’t had the Christmas spirit since her father was sent home in a gift wrapped box from Vietnam during the holidays. Her career is upended when a man claiming to be the real Santa reveals that unless she takes up his mantle, the world will literally end! We’re talking T-Day, global warming, Bruce Davison and John Hurt living together–MASS HYSTERIA! Are you filled with joy yet? We also decide what fantastical insect we’re stuffing Clint Howard with this week, what powers we would ask Saint Nick for, our favorite and trashiest gifts, and inserting zombies all over the MDU. So don’t forget your vanilla latte, hang on to that gift receipt for Jackpot Santa, and watch out for the extra dimensional being known as ‘Ralph’ because we’re not exactly sure how to respond when Whoopi says "Call Me Claus"!Joining us on this episode is special guest, Julie Lockwood!Support the show (
December 12, 2020
3.31 Silent Night Deadly Night 5: The Toy Maker
The stockings are hung on the mantle, the tree is trimmed, and the sugar cookies are in the oven! Trashing Through the Snow officially begins with one of the most pants-crapping insane holiday movies we've seen so far. Booze hound toy maker Joe Petto played by Mickey Rooney is trying to ruin Christmas by creating killer toys. Little Derek, his mother Sarah and the returning DISCIPLINER™ might be the only ones who can put a stop to it. And don’t even let us start on Petto’s "totally not a creepy automaton" son named Pino...don’t overthink it. Get ready for several nonsensical red herrings and a Santa-sized sack full of bizarre creative choices! We’re also talking about movies that shaped our childhoods, pairing up MDU characters in potential buddy cop movies, and thinking back to those gift requests that got away. So climb out of Dr. Freudstein’s basement, stalk your long-lost lover from the shadows, and power-up that Larry the Larvae for a good time, because things are about to get really uncomfortable on this Silent Night, Deadly Night 5: The Toy Maker!Support the show (
December 05, 2020
3.30 March Of The Wooden Soliders
Happy Thanksgiving, Dumpster Dwellers! We’re taking a trip into Mother Goose’s book of nursery rhymes to the magical world of Toyland! A wonderful place where everyone gets along...except for the rich old villain that everyone just puts up with, Silas Barnaby. When Mother Peep gets behind on her mortgage payments, the only way to avoid being kicked out of her shoe is to come up with the money or have her daughter Little Bo Peep take Barnaby’s hand in marriage. Thankfully, she has bumbling toymakers Laurel and Hardy on the job! This undisputed classic turns 85 this year, so celebrate it with us! We’re also digging deep into listener questions, our history with the film, and talking about what we are thankful for on this very special Thanksgarbage Day. So grab your peewees, find your lost sheep, and don't let the Bogeymen in because this is Babes in Toyland aka March of the Wooden Soldiers!Support the show (
November 26, 2020
3.29 Of Unknown Origin
Peter Weller is a rich Wall Street businessman with a loving family, a beautiful home, and a lucrative job. All of that is uprooted when GVD’s aggressive pet rat begins a blood feud with Weller, leaving his brownstone in ruins and his mind shattered. Plagued by sleep deprivation and a drinking problem, Weller descends into madness and builds a Devon’s Ghost bat to do mortal combat with the groundhog-sized rodent. Let’s just say he isn’t using your grandma’s mouse traps! We also talk about some of our favorite albums and TV shows growing up, plus we’ve got special guest Tony from Hack the Movies returning to the show! Lace up those cleats, crack open the J&B, and flood your basement, 'cause we’re about to get wet and wild with a creature Of Unknown Origin!Support the show (
November 20, 2020
3.28 Ernest Scared Stupid
Our 100th episode and Trick or Trash finale Spooktacular! Ernest P. Worrell just has to pick the one tree in the Dark Forest™ that’s imprisoning an evil troll to build a hangout for the neighborhood kids. Ignoring the advice of the town witch, Eartha Kitt, Ernest unintentionally awakens the dormant troll, Trantor, releasing it to once again wreak Halloween Havoc® on the sleepy Missouri suburb of Briarville. Trantor starts turning the town’s pre-teens into tiny wooden dolls to power his Boo Berry infested Tree of Might that will breed him an army of trolls. Not even our main kid characters Kenny, Elizabeth, or Joey are safe! Now, with a little help from his dog Rimshot, Ernest must follow in the footsteps of his ancestor and take down Trantor before midnight on Halloween! We’ve got special guest Pissi Myles from My Spooky Gay Family joining us and we’re talking all things Ernest. We’re also talking about which MDU characters we would fuse, our first experiences with Ernest, and potential Ernest sequels we wish existed. So stock up on chocolate milk and Hostess cupcakes, pick the perfect place to build your high ground fort, and crack that authentic Bulgarian Miak, because all this talk about trolls is gonna leave Ernest Scared Stupid, know what we mean?Support the show (
October 30, 2020
3.27 The Pit (1981)
It’s not easy being the world’s punching bag, especially when you’re 12. That is, unless you have the aid of a possessed (question mark) teddy bear to coax your unhinged thoughts into reality! Jamie is an incredibly unwell, disturbed, and perverted delinquent with an unhealthy obsession with the female form. When his 27th live-in babysitter, Sandy, begins her psychology thesis on him, his folks catch the last train for the coast while he descends deeper into his psychosis. Finally fed up with being bullied, deserted, and heartbroken, Jamie turns to his friends/pets for assistance— four prehistoric ape men who’s hunger runs deeper than a king-sized chocolate bar. As the old saying goes, when life gives you Tra-la-logs, make your tormentors pay! We also discuss the battle of the century: Nick Cassavetes vs. John Hurt, which MDU child we would adopt, why people think Adam Sandler’s shtick is still funny, and the Halloween™ franchise timeline. Call an exorcist for those yellow-eyed talking teddies, grab that old porn mag Charlie Bounty Hunter gave you for Easter, and stock up on ground beef, because we're getting slam dunked into The Pit!Support the show (
October 23, 2020
3.26 The Midnight Hour (1985)
Listen up little Dumpster Doggies, it’s Wolfman Jack and it’s All Hallow’s Eve in the sleepy New England town of Pitchford Cove—the perfect day of the year to recite an ancient curse that brings back the dead! Because that’s never gone poorly. Shari Belfaonte accidentally resurrects a graveyard of party-going zombies, a couple of hungry werewolves, and her great-great-great-great grandmother, Lucinda Cavender, who just so happens to be a witch and a vampire. Ghosts, ghouls, and everything in-between take over the town and the only way to fix things is to complete a ritual before the clock strikes 12! LeVar Burton finally returns to the MDU and Munchie’s son...joins it? Plus, we give our picks for MDU kharacters and their fatalities to join the Mortal Kombat roster! So put on some Tooty Fruity lipstick, get cock-blocked by The Wolfman™, and watch out for drunk-driving zombie Kevin McCarthy, 'cause we’re sealing this date with a kiss at The Midnight Hour!Support the show (
October 16, 2020
Satan's Little Helper | An Interview with Jeff Lieberman
Hold out those pillow cases because we've got a sweet Halloween treat for ya! As a companion piece to our episode, 3.25 Satan's Little Helper, we sit down and chew the candy corn with the man behind the madness, Jeff Lieberman! Director of beloved genre classics like 'Squirm' and 'Just Before Dawn', we do a deep dive into Jeff's career from the early days of working at Cannon Films, to creating a Halloween classic. So, pull up a pumpkin, crack open a snickers and get cozy while we spin you this special interview.Support the show (
October 13, 2020
3.25 Satan's Little Helper
Trick or Trash is back and ready to fill up your treat bags, Dumpster Dwellers! Dougie Whooly is a 9-year-old boy with a woefully oblivious family and an unhealthy obsession with a violent video game. While wandering around town on All Hallow’s Eve, he comes across a real-life serial killer in a Satan costume (question mark), who is committing murders and staging them as lawn decorations. Dougie's ignorance and skewed view on reality are manipulated by this Satan Man and he is suddenly swooped up in a night of bloodshed that the little helper mistakes as pretend. Can Dougie's older sister Katheryn Winnick or his heavily medicated mother Amanda Plummer save him before it's too late? Who exactly is the man behind the mask? Is it the Six Flags Guy? Terry O’Quinn? Granny Van Daam?! We’re breaking this Halloween delight down for you, plus we figure out who we’d send in to save the MDU from a super-sized CharnetKong! Can Dougie's older sister and heavily medicated mother save him before it's too late? Slip into your costume, put on a Nick Cave album, and flip through those Winter Stepfather books because we’re about to be sent back to Hell by Satan's Little Helper!Support the show (
October 09, 2020
3.24 The Wraith
In a canyon town somewhere in the Midwest, Packard Walsh rules the open road with a gang of degenerates and tweakers. The literal ghost of the gang’s past begins to terrorize them, taking the form of a black clad racer with a grudge. Has one of Packard's victims returned for vengeance? Is it Emilio Estevez? Has Randy Quaid EVER been this boring?! Oh and Clint Howard’s back with a Ben 10™ device strapped to his wrist. Buckle your seat belts, because we’re hopping in John Hurt’s car and taking a trip through the speed force with special guest Arlen Harrow! Long before he was "winning", talking about having tiger blood, or committing any of the other heinous human rights violations he’s known for, Charlie Sheen was simply known as The Wraith!Support the show (
September 29, 2020
3.23 The Dungeonmaster
The terror of Esteban rages on! Computer programming wizard and possible super soldier Paul Bradford gets trapped in a battle for not only his soul, but also his girlfriend Gwen’s, against Satan himself aka Richard Moll. To keep things fair, the man downstairs lets Paul keep his reality bending Power Glove™ that is powered by his custom AI, the X-CaliBR8. This literal Omni-tool can not only hack an ATM, but also fire a laser on command, conjure a massive spectral dragon, and even pleasure Paul if he so chooses! The devil went down to Silicon Valley for the ultimate showdown between magic and technology. Oh, and Dungeons & Dragons...or something? We’re bringing you another movie from the Charles Band universe, with this pseudo anthology directed by some of our favorites including David Allen, John Carl Buechler, and even Peter Manoogian! We also take a deep dive into a potential MDU remake of Ghostbusters. So put on your Google Glass, call Blackie Lawless, and crank up that W.A.S.P., because we’re rolling some polyhedral dice and trying to hit a natural 20 with The Dunegeonmaster!Support the show (
September 21, 2020
3.22 Evilspeak
By the three wizards on high, by the Van Daam thirst for lust, by the most feared and notorious name, John Hurt—WE HAVE RETURNED! After his parents perish in a car accident, Clint Howard is sent away to a Catholic military school where he is bullied by Bob Pinciotti. Forced to clean the church's basement, occupied by Sarge "The Animal" Steele, Clint uncovers a hidden room which contains the instructions for a black mass to resurrect the damned soul of Richard Moll. With the powers of Hell and MS-DOS, Clint conjures the powers of darkness to consume his body and smite his enemies. We also inject Clint Howard into Marvel's Cinematic Universe, and try to fix 'Boo! A Madea Halloween' with actual monsters. Boot up Windows '95, secure that consecrated host, and give your corporeal form over to ESTEBAN™, because we are about to Google Translate some 13th century Latin into Evilspeak!Support the show (
September 18, 2020
3.21 Body Melt
The grill is cooling off and we’re breaking out the peach cobbler and watermelon! As our GARB-BQ winds down, we’re headed back to Australia for some goopy ozploitation goodness! Let your body learn, let your body build, let your Body Melt? When "pharmaceutical" company Vimuville™ begins using the residents of Pebbles Court as lab rats for a new supplement, things start to get really gross. As the hapless civilians each take the dangerous drug through various means, their bodies begin to destroy themselves from the inside out. We've got blood, boogers and more totally unwanted bodily fluids in this stomach turning classic. We also muse about Gary Busey's favorite food, who really is the best movie villain of all time, if Vimuville is indeed a shell company for Umbrella—SPOILERS: IT IS, and our very own Dobby “The MDU Doormat” gets #swole. Joining in on the madness today is special guest, Jenna Fryer! Squeeze into your jogging suit, shoot down that fizzy vitamin drink, and crank up the Deep Purple, because we’re about to work it out with Body Melt!Support the show (
August 28, 2020
3.20 Munchie
Break out the macaroni and potato salad, because the hot dogs are about ready to come off the grill! The GARB-BQ continues with some Chuck E. Cheese™ nightmare fuel! Long before there were Demonic Toys or the Hugga Bunch, there existed an all-powerful creature older than time itself. Calamity followed it wherever it went, leaving countless lives destroyed and entire civilizations in ruins. Finally, the prophetic wrecking ball was sealed in a magic crate and tossed into a bottomless abyss to dwell with Lubdan and Kazaam . The immortal miscreant was meant to never be seen or heard from again...that is, until young Gage Dobson finds the box and opens it without a second thought. As a way of thanks for releasing him, Gage’s new friend uses powers beyond human comprehension to make any of Gage’s wildest dreams come true! So naturally he steals a pizza, enacts some petty revenge, and throws a party. Join us on our journey as we meet Jennifer Love Hewitt in her debut role, catch up with Bernie Lomax: ReAnimator, and reveal the true mastermind behind the Winter Stepfather program! We also decide which horror series antagonist our titular Dom DeLuise voiced character would replace in the MDU. Hop on that flying pizza, dream a little day dream, and update your standup material, because we are about to party 'til we perish with Munchie!Support the show (
August 21, 2020
3.19 Robot Jox
The GARB-BQ sizzles on with some frosty post-nuclear goodness! Following a nuclear apocalypse, the surviving American Market and Russian Confederation are constantly competing for resources and territory. After banning war, the next logical step for settling disputes was OBVIOUSLY through one-on-one giant mech fights! We follow the Jox, the people piloting these massive machines in mortal combat. There’s our hero Achilles, ace pilot and nine time winner, his mentor Tex, a drunk Texan with a secret (he’s not a spy though), Athena, the test tubie at the top of her class, and the Confederate pilot Alexander, a complete psychopath and Achilles’ rival. Who will walk away with the victory for their faction? Why do all the tubies have a Jedi padawan haircut? Are we all just living in the CharNatrix? Plus, we decide if any American-made mech could possibly stand up to the power of a Gundam! Heat up that singular hotdog for your whole family, pour one out for Dak Ralter, and grab a seat with the bleacher bums because we're about to crash and burn with Robot Jox!Support the show (
August 17, 2020
3.18 Razorback
Grab yourself a cold one and throw some pork chops on the grill, Movie Dumpster's GARB-BQ has officially begun! Our first delicious morsel of the month comes straight to you from the Australian Outback. After a massive wild hog charges through his house like a fireball and eats his grandson, Jake Cullen makes it his life's work to find the aberration and destroy it. Two years later, American wildlife reporter Beth Winters arrives to investigate Toecutter's gang. Soon the beast resurfaces and only "Jesus Wept" Jake, his daughter "Oracle" Sarah, and Beth's husband "I'll Grieve When I'm Dead" Carl, can stand against not only The Acolytes, but the hulking man-eater too! We also pick our teams for a potential tornado tag match versus John Hurt, Granny Van Daam, and Daniel Baldwin. Plus, Gunnar the White gives us a breakdown of his former life in the Sawyer family, Steve Irwin and Simon Bossell stop by to say g'day, and Haggerty the Blue's brother from down under makes their debut! So wake up from Richard Stanley's nightmare, climb out of a mineshaft, and drive your War Rig on over to Gas Town, because we're hunting down Razorback!Support the show (
August 07, 2020
3.17 Orca (1977)
A happy couple have their world destroyed when a greedy drunk attacks their home and leaves a mother dead, along with her unborn fetus. The father survives and makes the misery and death of the one who ruined his life the only thing that can satiate his vengeance...all told from the viewpoint of a killer whale! Captain Nolan played by Richard 'Dumbledore Prime' Harris tries everything in his power to avoid coming to blows with his aquatic adversary, even as the whale destroys the town around him. Bo Derek and Will Sampson also come along for the ride because our journey wouldn't be complete without a damsel in distress and a Native American stereotype! C.B. Smith from ‘Taking a Page’ joins us to talk about the differences between the novel and the film and OH BOY, are they plentiful! Break out the circus peanuts, headbutt a Jaws™ into oblivion, and lead your nemesis toward their icy grave, because we’re breaching into Orca!Support the show (
July 31, 2020
Ticks | An Interview with Ami Dolenz
Watch out for those skittering blood-suckers, especially that massive Panic-sized one, because we're bringing you another minisode! We interviewed the wonderful Ami Dolenz as a companion piece to our latest episode, 3.17 Ticks! We asked Ami about her time working on the flick, along with some of her other roles including Stepmonster, Witchboard 2: The Devil's Doorway, Pumpkinhead II: Bloodwings, and more. So sit back, put your feet up, hit play, and please ignore the infested Clint Howard in the corner.Support the show (
July 20, 2020
3.16 Ticks
In the woods across from the old campgrounds where Gunnar Hansen battled giant mosquitoes, Clint Howard is using some of Farmer Spivey’s secret ingredient to help his latest batch of super weed grow faster. A barrel of toxic waste spills carelessly through the floor onto some arachnid eggs, causing them to multiply in size and hatch into giant, blood-sucking parasites. But don’t panic—we’ve got Alfonso Ribeiro and Seth Green here to squash them! With an angry reincarnated Hesse from Demonic Toys out for revenge against Charnetski the Brown, some mutated eight-legged freaks seem like the least of their problems! Then there’s those strange science experiments Wayne Szalinski was talking into a tape recorder about—something about a Necronomicon he found in the basement of the cabin or whatever? Uwe Boll also makes his sad return to the show as we take some listener questions. So climb out of that mine shaft, light up a fat J-bird, and summon Simon Bossell's flaming broom, because we are about to be infested with Ticks!Support the show (
July 17, 2020
3.15 Deathdream (1974)
THE NIGHT HE CAME HOME! Happy 4th of July, Dumpster Dwellers! Following our Black Christmas episode last season, we bring you the Bob Clark horror classic that inspired it. After receiving word that her son Andy has been killed in Vietnam, a grieving mother stresses the universe into instantaneously resurrecting him. Be careful of what you wish for though, because that boy ain’t right! Cold, emotionless, and sadistic, the Andy his family and friends knew didn’t make it out of the war. We dive headfirst into uncomfortable topics like family drama, the horrors of war and the people who come back from it, and how exactly a father could screw up so badly. Uh...Happy 4th! Is Andy a Revenant? Is Quan Chi behind this? Will Dr. Loomis finally be of any use? Find out by pulling up a rocking chair and join us in the dead of night for Deathdream!Support the show (
July 04, 2020
Uninvited | An Interview with Greydon Clark
We hope you all were able to get away from that pesky mutant cat and are safely aboard your lifeboats (hopefully with that duffel bag full of hundreds). That is, if you've already survived our latest episode, 3.14 Uninvited! There's no land in sight, so It looks like you won't be going anywhere for awhile. Why don't you kick back and fill your ears with the companion piece to our 'Uninvited' episode, where we chat with writer, director, producer, and legend of low-budget filmmaking, Greydon Clark!Support the show (
June 29, 2020
3.14 Uninvited (1987)
What do you do when you find a mutant cat living inside of a regular cat? First, you should hope the mutant cat isn't hiding an even smaller mutant cat inside of it. Next, you probably SHOULDN'T isolate yourselves on a yacht with a sociopathic Wall Street criminal. Fortunately for us, that's exactly what happens in this movie! Five partygoers on spring break find themselves stranded in the middle of the ocean with rich scumbags, Alex Cord and George Kennedy, as a poisonous and morally ambiguous cat wreaks havoc on them while cackling from the shadows. Will the hapless humans survive or will the cat dish out it's own kind of Final Justice™? Put in your false teeth, break out the champagne & corn flakes, and shout out a hearty 'FOOP', because we're chartering the 'Slam Dunk' to climb aboard Greydon Clark's Uninvited!Support the show (
June 26, 2020
3.13 The Stepfather (1987)
Make room for daddy⁠—it's a Stepfather's Day special! Terry O'Quinn is a mild-mannered all-American dad with traditional 'Leave It to Beaver' values and a penchant for murder. A master of disguise, Terry dices up the families he ingrains himself in for minor infractions and disappears without a trace, only to repeat the cycle with another vulnerable family. Now married to widowed Shelley Hack, things start falling apart when his troubled stepdaughter, Jill Schoelen, begins researching his past because nobody that realized Mr. Ed wasn't actually a horse that could talk until high school is sane. With a rogue therapist and the vigilante known as 'The Discipliner' hot on his trail, it's only a matter of time before The Stepfather™ is backed into a corner asking, "Who am I here?" Slip on your flannel jacket, throw your suitcase full of evidence into the ocean, and whistle a little Camptown Races, because we're moving in with The Stepfather!Support the show (
June 19, 2020
The Willies | An Interview with Michael Ray Bower Part 2
The second half of our monster interview with Michael Ray Bower! Old Spivey threw a few extra heapins of his secret ingredient into this batch, so make sure you listen to our episode, 3.12 The Willies, and Part 1 of the interview⁠ because it'll make Part 2 extra good!Support the show (
June 12, 2020
The Willies | An Interview with Michael Ray Bower Part 1
We hope everyone wasn't too spooked by our latest episode, The Willies, because we're serving up a 2-part companion piece! We had the pleasure of chatting with "Fly Boy" himself, Michael Ray Bower, about his entire career as well as taking a peek behind the tent flap of his starring segment. So, grab a 10-piece bucket of Tennessee Fricassee Chicken™ and pull up a sleeping bag because we're about to have a campfire convo so big we had to split it in two!Support the show (
June 09, 2020
3.12 The Willies
Gather 'round the campfire with Mikey from The Goonies™, as he weaves a tapestry of spooky tales! We roll into our first anthology film and bump into wayward Twin Peaks residents, adolescent bullies, a suspiciously friendly janitor, and a boy with a gut-churning obsession with flies. Connor gets emotional about rat violence, we talk about about the infamous & unforgettable 'ExtraTERRORestrial Alien Encounter' ride at Disney, and we all wonder what exactly our folks were recording on extended-play tapes back in the '90s. Pluck a few of Farmer Spivey's mutated veggies, set that poodle in the microwave for three minutes, and try not to pee your pants, because we’re about to get a serious case of The Willies!Support the show (
June 06, 2020
3.11 The Meteor Man
Unassuming substitute teacher Jefferson Reed is struck by a very Kryptonian looking meteorite, blessing him with amazing and inconsistent superpowers! Jefferson must now use his newfound abilities to defend his neighborhood from the Golden Lords™, a gang of bleach blonde haired criminals consisting of suit-wearing babies, Don Cheadle, Kung-Fu Larry, and the Riddler! Can Jefferson succeed against all odds? Does this sound a little too much like DC's Black Lightning? Will James Earl Jones ever find the perfect wig? Find all the answers to these questions and more, as we take a deep dive into the first black superhero movie! Slip into your homemade super suit, say hello to Sinbad, and please avoid the Jello™, because we’re taking to the skies for The Meteor Man!Joining us is special guest and resident artist, Davey 'The Scaredy Cat' De Forne!Support the show (
May 23, 2020
3.10 The Suckling
At one of Granny Van Daam’s brothels, a young woman gets a messy coat hanger abortion and the fetus is unceremoniously flushed down the toilet. Down the drain, a canister of TGRI™ mutagen ooze drips onto the discarded sewage baby and transforms it into an eight-foot tall hairless killing machine. Using unexplained embryonic powers, it traps and hunts the working women and their clients inside, before taking a detour in the MDU to have a little fun! Grab your briefcase full of dildos, slap on your propeller hat, and watch out for that umbilical cord, because Big Momma and the gang are about to terminate The Suckling!Support the show (
May 15, 2020
3.9 House II: The Second Story
Our Quaran-Team Up with Slashers Podcast comes to a close! Ignoring the original film, Roger Cobb and Norm from 'Cheers' are replaced by two bumbling idiots, their undead prospector Gramps, and Cliff...the OTHER guy from 'Cheers.' They soon find out the house doubles as an Aztec temple when portals to other dimensions start opening all around it. The only way to close them? A Crystal Skull™ that is constantly stolen by random dimension-hopping denizens, but is also craved by a zombie-ghost cowboy named Slim Razor who has a bone to pick with Gramps? Bill Maher also shows up to be a total dink. So throw your friend a surprise Halloween party, dig up your mummified grandpappy, and feed your caterpuppy a nice baby bottle full of beer, because we’re climbing the stairs to House II: The Second Story!Joining us is special guest, Jake, from Slashers Podcast!Support the show (
May 08, 2020
3.8 John Carpenter's Vampires
Daniel Baldwin makes his triumphant return to the MDU and he’s brought James Woods with him! Barely an adaptation of the novel 'Vampire$', John Carpenter’s contemporary take on a western vampire flick is filled to the brim with testosterone and buckets of blood. It might even give you a little mahogany. So grab your crossbow, strap Laura Palmer to a bed, and GET IN THE CAR, because we’re jamming a stake deep into John Carpenter’s Vampires!Support the show (
April 24, 2020
3.7 The Being
Welcome to Pottsville, Idaho! A place where unsafe nuclear waste disposal is okay, but smut must be swept away!A ravenous booger monster rises from a chemical cesspool to terrorize the town on Easter weekend, and only death defying sheriff, Rexx Coltrane, can stop it. He just might need a little help from Martin Landau and a Gnome named Gnorm. Pluck yourself some Idaho potatoes, clean the slime out of your trunk, and watch out for Cacodemons because we’re going radioactive with The Being!Support the show (
April 11, 2020
3.6 Shakes The Clown
Happy April Fools Day! We hope you're not still burned by our Jurassic Park episode last year, but we can assure you that this episode IS NOT a loop of Jeff Goldblum laughing. Instead, we bring you unbridled clown debauchery! Depressed alcoholic party clown, Bobcat Goldthwait’s Shakes, is framed for killing his boss by Tom Kenny’s The Joker™, so he teams up with Adam Sandler and Blake Clark (who are also clowns) to clear his name. Basically, everyone in this movie is a clown, including our guest Rudy Reel! Bake up a custard pie, top off your favorite flask, and get ready to hurl, because we’re juggling our way into Shakes the Clown.Joining us is special guest, Rudy Reel from Lucky Duck Entertainment and O-Street Mini Golf!Support the show (
April 02, 2020
3.5 The Boneyard
Retired homicide psychic, Alley Oates, is pulled away from her job as the MDU Wizards’ landlord to help solve a case surrounding a trio of dead children. Unfortunately, the little rugrats are hosts to ancient, man-eating, Chinese demons called Kyoshi™...and they're hungry! Now, trapped in a mortuary with no escape, a group of strictly average people must come together to survive not only ravenous ghouls, but also Phyllis 'Poopinplatz' Diller and her beloved pooch, Floofsums. So, climb out of your trash heap, grab that Starship Troopers rifle out of the evidence room, and let Lionel know his mother is back, because we’re digging deep into The Boneyard!Support the show (
March 27, 2020
3.4 A Very Unlucky Leprechaun
For the love of Rawhead, it’s a St. Paddy’s Day special! Join us as we take a trip down the ol’ wishing well to Ireland and find ourselves a four-leaf clover. Warwick Davis returns to the role of a leprechaun once again for a magical journey involving a neglected little girl, her horrible father, a drunken Irishman, and a talking sex toy. So, slop some corned beef on a plate, slurp down that Shamrock Shake™, and kiss your lucky rabbit’s foot, because you're going to need all the luck you can get while we receive a mystical flogging from A Very Unlucky Leprechaun!Support the show (
March 17, 2020
Aberration | An Interview with Simon Bossell
Happy Leap Day, dumpster dwellers! We’re taking this extra day to bring you guys our very first minisode 💚📼 - the companion piece to our episode, 3.3 Aberration (1997). We had the pleasure of chatting with leading lizard killer, Simon Bossell, about working on 'Aberration', the acting life, and our favorite Ozploitation films. So, gather 'round the campfire and grab a bag of potato flakes as we slip behind the scenes of Aberration!Support the show (
March 01, 2020
3.3 Aberration (1997)
Pamela Gidley flees her criminal Russian stereotype of an ex to her family's dilapidated cabin in the freezing northwest. Unfortunately, man-eating geckos have been using her house as a breeding ground and, as Worf repeatedly reminds us, they've adapted. Wisecracking field researcher Simon Bossell and Dobby the house-elf join Pamela in a battle to see how many explosions they can walk away from without looking. Put on some protective eyewear, fill up your Super Soaker™ with expired poison, and keep your eyes peeled for skittering reptiles, because we’re about to get knocked to the bottom of the food chain by Aberration!Support the show (
February 28, 2020
3.2 Valentine
Roses are red, violets are blue, Cupid has a knife, and he's coming for you! After Katherine Heigl gets Drew Barrymore'd, a group of affluent women receive elaborate Riddler notes signed by JM, a mysterious stalker out for their blood. Could it have anything to do with young Jeremy Melton that they humiliated at their junior high Valentine's dance? Nah, it's probably just Pumpkinhead. David Boreanaz stops by to do his best Mrs. Doubtfire impression and Denise Richards returns to the MDU for a Valentine's Day event. Light some candles to set the mood, open up that box of chocolate covered maggots, and throw on your favorite Static-X slow jam, because we want you to be our Valentine!Support the show (
February 14, 2020
3.1 Pumpkinhead II: Blood Wings
WELCOME BACK! Season 3 is here and we've all been infected by sequel-itis right out of the gate. Symptoms range from odd Clinton family cameos to Hellraiser actors suddenly appearing. If you or a loved one is infected with Blood Wings™, please call a doctor immediately. Otherwise, join Sean, Joe, Connor, and special guest Tony from Hack The Movies, in the infirmary for the season premiere of Movie Dumpster! Build your model cemetery, boot up your weird tie-in PC game, and call us a doctor because we're about to be dropped down a mine shaft by Pumpkinhead II: Blood Wings!Support the show (
February 07, 2020
2.35 Season Two Finale
Dread it, run from it...Season 3 arrives just the same. In time you will know what it's like to watch Pluto Nash...or Elves. To feel so desperately like you want to pull a bag over your own head like in Black Christmas. The hardest choices require the strongest wills, but we made it through 2019 and nobody got turned into dust or killed by an anti-matter wave. Do we feel good about our choices? Did we change our minds? Did Granny Van Daam run away with 2019 or will she play second fiddle to a growing roster of MDU wizards? So grab literally anything from this year's trash heap and get cozy on this brand spankin' New Year's day as we reflect on Movie Dumpster season 2! Cue flashback sequence.Support the show (
January 01, 2020
2.34 Black Christmas (1974)
The 1974 Bob Clark classic! A sorority house is being stalked by a killer lurking in the attic on Christmas. The glistening star that brightly shines atop our Christmas tree, the birth of our dear genre as we know it, and the three wise(ass) men to walk you through it. And really, WHAT YOUR MOTHER AND I MUST KNOW IS...why do we keep remaking great movies? Grab that bottle of booze hidden in your toilet, cancel your other phone line, and make sure you lock your attic windows because we are about to have ourselves a bloody little Black Christmas.Support the show (
December 24, 2019
2.33 Elves
DE ELFEN HOUTEN LEVEN! God creates elves, Nazis destroy God, Nazis create elves. Kirstin is just your average teenage thirty-something but her lineage harbors a dark secret. It is said that on Christmas Eve, the master race will be brought forth by the consummation of a genetically-engineered Elf and a perfectly inbred human host—that is, unless ex-detective Dan Haggerty has anything to say about it! Grab a carton of Marlboro's, sketch some Art Deco boobs, and steal your dadpa's grimoire because we are about conjure up some Elves.Support the show (
December 21, 2019
2.32 Prancer
Merry Christmas? Trashing Through the Snow returns with a joyless, depressing alternate timeline where the holidays are filled with blue collar suffering and sad, sunken-eyed adults. Join us as we follow little Jessica Riggs, who attempts to nurse an injured reindeer back to health because she’s convinced it’s one of Santa’s eight loyal reindeer. Is the reindeer really magical? Does this movie ever convey the spirit of Christmas? Do reindeer really sound like a screaming, pitch-shifted Sam Worthington? Will Charnetsky the Brown ever leave Granny Van Daam’s sex dungeon? Feed a reindeer five pounds of Christmas cookies, write an incriminating letter to Santa, and pray to God your orchard turns around, because we're about to fall headfirst out of a tree onto Prancer!Support the show (
December 13, 2019
2.31 Blood Rage
Happy Thanksgiving! Join us as we dig through a little Thanksgarbage and find ourselves something that’s definitely not cranberry sauce! When young Terry's mommy issues turn fatal one night at the drive-in, he ends up framing his twin brother Todd for murder. After spending a decade in an asylum, Todd escapes to head home on Thanksgiving. With the news of his brother's escape, and his mother's brand new engagement, Terry's dormant rage is revived. Throw some pumpkin pie against the wall, spark up that j-bird, and grab your machete because we are about to slice into some Blood Rage.Support the show (
November 29, 2019
2.30 Terminator: Salvation
Welcome to the future Sarah Connor tried warning us about and we aren’t talking about T3. In the bleak, post Judgment Day world, an adult John Connor is a Resistance fighter in the war against the Machines. Elsewhere, condemned stranger Marcus Wright awakens inside a Skynet facility with no memory of how he got there and seemingly no knowledge of the global destruction carried out by Skynet. Will their paths converge? Will Arnold Schwarzenegger make a forced cameo? Is Christian Bale the savior of not only humanity, but of the MDU?! Can Sam Worthington believably scream on camera? All these questions might be answered in our very special Terminator episode of Movie Dumpster. Forget your clothes, your boots and your motorcycles, because we're about to nakedly time travel into the inevitable future of Terminator: Salvation!Support the show (
November 23, 2019
2.29 Trick or Treat
Things couldn't be worse for Eddie "Ragman" Weinbauer. When his hero Sammi Curr dies in a ritualistic hotel fire, things really get low. That is until Gene Simmons gives him the only copy of Sammi's final album post mortem! Soon Eddie realizes he can communicate with his dead idol through the record, and gets revenge on the bullies at school, but Sammi has more sinister plans. Grab a twinkie, your jean jacket & studs, and play your metal album backwards because we are knockin' for a sweet surprise with Trick or Treat! What are you afraid of? It's only rock n' roll.Support the show (
November 01, 2019
2.28 Kenan & Kel: Two Heads Are Better Than None
Ken Foree takes the entire Rockmore clan on a road trip across America, only to find his hated enemy and Kenan's best friend, Kel, has stowed away in the trunk. Their travels take them on a wild ride through Captain Spaulding's Museum of Monsters and Madmen, a chance encounter with a piano playing Cybo-Man, ketchup obsessed white people, Michael Berryman, and an incompetent headless knight. We're counting 1 million bottles of orange soda on the wall, as we question WHYYYYY the final episode of the Nickelodeon classic Kenan and Kel thought Two Heads Were Better Than None.Support the show (
October 30, 2019
2.27 Demonic Toys
Detective Judith Gray chases two criminals into a run down warehouse, only to find it haunted by a childlike demon who controls an army of dolls. After discovering the warehouse is locked up until dawn, it's up to Judith and a rag tag group to battle a potty-mouthed baby doll, a fanged jack-in-the-box, and a sinister teddy bear. It's Full Moon madness in this gory toy story, so grab a demon fetus and a bucket of Chunky Chicken, because we're winding up our Demonic Toys!Support the show (
October 22, 2019
2.26 Mr. Boogedy
Trick or Trash is back with a Disney Channel Sunday Movie classic! Gag gift salesman Richard Masur moves his family to the aptly named Lucifer Falls and into the haunted house on 29 Neibolt Street. Not only must they contend with a stunningly ineffective ghost known as Mr. Boogedy, but also a Babadook-esque Gomez Addams squatting in their home. Power up your vacuum and hand buzzers, because we’re getting gooey with Mr. Boogedy!Support the show (
October 15, 2019
2.25 Green Lantern
Our final Blockbuster Bomb lands right on Ryan Reynolds’ head, in the super hero movie flop that was meant to kick off the DCCU. A few lazy ideas lifted from Geoff Johns’ modern take on Hal Jordan, result in an overstuffed, convoluted mess of a plot. CGI body suits and Star Sapphire’s depiction are not the only mortal sins of this 2011 adaptation. Slip on your power ring of choice and join us in our intergalactic journey through Space Sector 2184, this is the Green Lantern!Support the show (
October 08, 2019
2.24 The 13th Warrior
Arabian poet, Antonio Banderas, fools around with the caliph's wife and gets promoted to lord of the dessert. During his trek, he runs afoul of a Viking camp where Granny Van Daam dubs him the 13th warrior of a quest that will lead to certain death. Now he must band together with a rough-and-tumble group of lovable bearded bad-asses to defend a village from a (seemingly) unstoppable supernatural force. Brush up on your old Norse, ask the smithy to fashion you a scimitar, and grab a piece of your fallen comrade to munch on because we're about to crack open the lost ancient text of The 13th Warrior.Support the show (
September 29, 2019
2.23 The Adventures of Pluto Nash
When ex-smuggler Pluto Nash refuses to have his night club bought out by the mysterious Rex Crater, Joe Pantoliano tries to kill him and "hilarity" ensues. From the banality ridden heap of our Blockbuster Bombs fallout rises a film that should have been shot into the sun. Charge up your outdated robot bodyguard, make a martini in your mouth, and pour one out for Eddie Murphy's career because we're about to moonwalk across The Adventures of Pluto Nash.Support the show (
September 06, 2019
2.22 Deep Rising
When a sadistic billionaire decides to sink his dream boat for a hefty insurance payout, a giant sea monster decides to crash the party for a bite to eat. Treat "If the cash is there, we do not care" Williams must lead a rag tag group of mercs including Kano, Sagat, and Korath, guns blazing through the infested ship of death! Will they make it out alive? What happened to Rodney Dangerfield after he stuck the Triple Lindy? Can the maid from the Sedgewick Hotel ever truly get a break? Get ready to say hello to the Chinese M1-L1 Triple Pulse Assault Rifle, brush up on your marine biology, and don't lose those engine parts because we're going full scream ahead into Deep Rising!Support the show (
August 26, 2019
2.21 Reign Of Fire
Decades ago, humans delved too greedily and too deep into Moria and awoke the dragon Paarthurnax from its slumber. Following Judgment Day, Christian Bale leads the last vestiges of humankind against a storm of dragons that just want to watch the world burn. Only dragon slayer Matthew “Van Zan” McConaughey and his small army of rootin'-tootin' Americans can shift the odds in humanity’s favor. Ready your magnesium-tipped C4 crossbow bolts, wait until the magic hour, and join Gerard Butler in archangel falling 17 seconds from the sky into Reign of Fire!Support the show (
August 12, 2019
2.20 Clash of the Titans (2010)
When Pete Postlethwaite is murdered by Lord Voldemort, his half-god son Perseus sets out with his D&D party on a quest for revenge. Mads Mikkelsen, Liam Cunningham, and Gemma Arterton, all star along Sam Worthington, in a remake of the classic film that nobody asked for. Grab your lightsaber, wrangle up some giant scorpions, and throw on your chiton (we’re looking at you Zeus), because we’re releasing the Kraken with the first of our summer Blockbuster Bombs, Clash of the Titans!Support the show (
August 02, 2019
2.19 Ghost Shark
Crenshaw from Boggy Creek II pours hot sauce on a great white shark and blows it up with a grenade, but its corpse lands in a magic cave that resurrects its spirit. Hungry for revenge, the iridescent blue fruit snack travels across all manner of water to chomp down on anyone it can wrap it’s jaws around. Only Gunnar Hansen, Granny Van Daam, and a group of teenagers without any redeeming qualities can stop it! Drink from a haunted water cooler, bite into some sexual chocolate, and please, DON’T FORGET ABOUT THE POOL PARTY, because we’re Slip N Sliding into Ghost Shark!Support the show (
July 19, 2019
2.18 Super Mario Bros.
Mario and Luigi jump through a hell portal beneath Brooklyn and land in a parallel dimension where dinosaurs evolved into the dominant species. Run by germaphobe dictator King Koopa, the plumbers must track down Princess Daisy before Koopa forces her to merge the fungus-covered Dinohattan with our world. Strap on your tool belt, trust the fungus, click those stomper heels together, because we're about to world warp with Super Mario Bros!Support the show (
June 29, 2019
2.17 Child's Play 3
Eight years after being set on fire, shot multiple times, losing a hand, bathed in molten plastic, and pneumatically exploding, Chucky is somehow reanimated by the Play Pals company again. Still looking to transfer his soul into a human body, he tracks Andy Barclay to a deranged military school and finds fresh meat in the delusional Tyler. Will Charles Lee Ray finally finish that incantation? Find out as we take a page from the book, get balded out by Uncle Frank, and spit-shine our combat boots! In honor of a remake no one asked for, we're unboxing Child’s Play 3.Support the show (
June 23, 2019
2.16 Prehysteria! 3
Raisin-loving Pygmy dinosaurs fall off the back of a truck and find themselves on a rundown miniature golf course owned by Fred Willard. Scotland enthusiast Ella and her family live on the mini-putt, but their livelihood is threatened by Ella’s evil Uncle Hal and his henchman, the Reverse-Flash Eobard Thawne. Now, the only thing standing between the McGregors and total destruction is 18 holes. Slip into your favorite kilt, pull that magic putter from the stone, and slop some haggis onto a bun, because we’re chowing down on some Dino Burgers by the grassy knoll back and to the left of Prehysteria! 3.Support the show (
June 04, 2019
2.15 Drainiac!
Christmas Eve a few years ago, a couple of bums wandered into the house from Mosquito and were sucked dry by a green slime emanating from a drain pipe. A water elemental haunts these lands now and only the resurrected Gunnar Hansen the White can save the unlucky group of teenage “friends” trapped by the demon. Grab your grimoire, light some candles placed at the tips of a pentagram, and climb into a haunted bathtub, because we’re spiraling down into Drainiac!Support the show (
May 25, 2019
2.14 Titanic II
On the 100th anniversary of the Titanic sinking, Shane Van Dyke takes his replica ship Titanic II on it’s maiden voyage. The same day, an iceberg the size of Rhode Island falls into the Atlantic Ocean, sending a ripple of super tsunamis across the globe. With entire countries under water, can Bruce Davison stay awake long enough to save his daughter from icebergs rocketing towards the Titanic II at 843 miles per hour? Turn on your ice detectors, slip into some scuba gear, and let the icy cold water wash over you, because we're about to sink Titanic II.Support the show (
May 18, 2019
2.13 Bushwhacked
After surviving the events of C.H.U.D., Daniel Stern changes his name to "Mad" Marv Merchants and takes a job as a delivery driver, where he falls for an obvious scam and is framed for the murder of his millionaire client, Dr. Frederick Chilton. On the lamb from FBI Agent Michael "The Suit" Minelli, Marv switches places with scoutmaster "Spider" Erickson and serendipitously leads a troop of Ranger Scouts up Devil's Peak—a treacherous trail complete with a Temple of Doom bridge! The race is on to intercept a package that will clear his name at 10am sharp, guaranteed. Grab two packs of Malboros, two Sno Balls, and a jumbo Coke, because we're about to get Bushwhacked.Support the show (
May 07, 2019
2.12 Howard the Duck
Howard is just your average anthropomorphic duck living on a parallel Earth—aptly named Duckworld. That is, until Dr. Jeffrey Jones foolishly uses the Buch-cannon™ to beam him to Cleveland. Stranded, Howard teams up with local rocker Lea Thompson and Tim "Museum Janitor" Robbins to search for a way home, and possibly some hairless ape fornication. Oh yeah, then Jeffrey Jones gets possessed by a demonic “Dark Overlord of the Universe" that turns him into Emperor Palpatine for some reason! Practice your Quack Fu, do some toot, and grab this month's issue of Playduck, because we are about to get shot through space via Lazyboy with Howard the Duck.Support the show (
April 28, 2019
2.11 Critters 2: The Main Course
Two years after ravenous space furbies invaded Grover’s Bend, Scott Grimes returns home to visit his Nana “Granny Van Daam” for Easter. A clutch of over-ripened avocados mistaken for Easter eggs hatch, flooding the town with the devious man-eating crites. Aided by alien bounty hunters Ug, Lee, and Charlie, a spittoon-spitting sheriff, Lars from Heavyweights, Lin Shaye, and Eddie Deezen, the town just might stand a chance against a literal giant ball of killer tribbles. Order a polar burger, some buffalo chips, and wash it all down with a moo shake because we’re about to take a bite out of Critters 2: The Main Course. KILL CRITES!Support the show (
April 20, 2019
2.10 Bunraku
Dreadlocked Ron Pearlman rules post-apocalyptic feudal Neo Japan, where guns are banned and everyone knows martial arts, with an iron fist. Drifter Josh Hartnet and samurai Gackt walk into a bar and meet the one person central to the plot, soliloquizing bartender and pop-up funny enthusiast, Woody Harrelson. Together, they lead a revolution of chimney sweepers against an army of redshirts and Kevin McKidd. Grab your grandpa's medallion, a fifty-five dollar glass of whiskey, and cock those fist guns, because this ain’t no ordinary puppet show—it's BUNRAKU!Support the show (
April 13, 2019
2.9 Star Kid
When an evil Broodwarrior lands on Earth, Tim from Jurassic Park plugs his brain into the Guyver Unit and becomes the only force powerful enough to save the world: URKELBOT! With the suit’s superior military weaponry, not only can he transform his arm into a gun, but he can also punish bullies and impress girls! Step into an alien cyborsuit, ingest a synthesized nebula burger, and try not to destroy your house in the process, because we’re suiting up for Star Kid!Support the show (
April 06, 2019
2.8 Jurassic Park
Meet John Hammond, an old man who doesn't know what to do with his fortune, so he decides to clone some dino DNA and open a theme park. He flies in power couple and dinosaur experts, Sam Neil and Laura Dern, along with chaos theorist, Jeff Goldblum, and a blood-sucking lawyer to prove to his investors that the park is completely safe. Once there, everything goes to shit, after a disgruntled Newman shuts all the power off on the island, so that he can steal some T-Rex blood for the competition. With prehistoric powerhouses roaming free, can life, uh, find a way? Tie your seat belts ends together, slap on your night vision goggles, and pop open your can of shaving cream, because no expense will be spared while we make our way through Jurassic Park. Hold on to your butts!Support the show (
April 01, 2019
2.7 In Pursuit
Daniel Baldwin is a terrible lawyer that can't seem to get a break. That is, until he's framed for murder by a German super model? Al from Quantum Leap? Both at once? With the help of his lawyer and her cat, he sets out to clear his name and get drunk in La Paz. This isn't the Hardy Boys or a Nancy Drew Mystery, it's just Daniel Baldwin and Coolio in your vicinity. Take some photos of a fake car accident, pretend you don't understand Spanish, and shoot down that tequila because we are about to fight a cougar while In Pursuit.Support the show (
March 30, 2019
2.6 Book of Shadows: Blair Witch 2
Trying to cash in on the Blair Witch Project hype, Jeffrey “Jeff” Donovan takes a group of played out stereotypes into the woods on a tour of locations from the film. Except, they are actual historical locations or something and the witch is real...but she might not be? Throw on a pot of coffee, pull up a chair, and get your eyeballs right up to that monitor, because we’re staring blankly into Book of Shadows: Blair Witch 2.Support the show (
March 22, 2019
2.5 Luck of the Irish
Kyle Johnson is a high school basketball star without any heritage, until he finds out that for the love of Mike, he’s actually a leprechaun! With the help of his friends and his potato chip tycoon grandpa Henry Gibson, Kyle might take down the Saint of the Step, in a life or death basketball game. Grab your green beer, catch that flying pot of corn beef and cabbage, take a shot of Jameson, and eat yerself an Irish potato! Saints preserve us, this is the Luck of the Irish.Support the show (
March 16, 2019
2.4 Bleeders
In 1652, the King of Holland told the nobles families to stop with the incest, so the Van Daams packed up and moved to America. Now, Robert Smith’s search for a cure to his rare blood disease leads him to the Van Daam family home, guarded by a granny with a shotgun. “A sauced Rutger Hauer battles mutants that feed on embalming fluid in an underground cavern “, sounds a lot better on paper. Secure your birthright, eat that pickled baby, and stay clear of open graves because we are about to get Van Daminiated by Hemoglobin aka Bleeders!Support the show (
March 08, 2019
2.3 The Punisher (1989)
When a power struggle between the Mafia and Yakuza emerges, Dolph Lundgren drags his sweaty, naked ass out of the sewers to bring death and destruction to both sides. Louis Gossett Jr. also throws a pizza at a wiseguy. Paint on your beard, ready your RC car, and don’t even think about asking why there’s no skull on his shirt, because we're about to be judged by The Punisher.Support the show (
March 01, 2019
2.2 Dragonball: Evolution
Highschool student Goku is a martial artist with lightning fast reflexes, who just happens to be a white dude. After alien dark elf Piccolo drops a house on his grandpa, Goku joins up with Bulma and Muten Roshi to gather the magical dragonballs to stop him...or something. Akira Toriyama is rolling in his grave and he’s not even dead. Take a deep breath, channel your ki, and practice that Kamehameha until Ernie Hudson is satisfied! For the love of god, this is Dragonball Evolution.Support the show (
February 23, 2019
2.1 The Lawnmower Man
We're back for season 2 and oh boy is it a doozie! When genetically modified RoboChimp and protector of the innocent, "Cybo-Man", escapes from the evil Umbrella Corporation, it finds a friend in local greenskeeper, Jobe Smith. Now, with the help of mad scientist Dr. Larry Angelo and his virtual reality machine, Cybo-Man and Jobe are teaming up for the ultimate showdown against Umbrella. So grab your revolver, zip up your TRON bodysuit, and strap into your gyroscope, because we are about to jack into The Lawnmower Man!Support the show (
February 15, 2019
1.38 Home Alone 4: Taking Back The House
In an alternate timeline that acknowledges previous events that couldn't have possibly happened, bizarro Kevin McCallister has to stop French Stewart from kidnapping a prince. Grab that piggy bank, a toy spy kit, and your transitional object because we are about to be clobbered by something worse than an iron to the face—Home Alone 4: Taking Back The House.Support the show (
December 25, 2018
1.37 Holiday Switch
From the black pit of Lifetime, a Christmas movie made for no one, has been spewed forth into our reality. Nicole Eggert is a garbage human being who doesn't appreciate anything. After rooting through a pile of laundry 10 feet high and complaining about how awful her life is, she cracks her fragile dome on her washing machine. She is then transported into an alternate life of wealth and prescription drugs. Build yourself a popsicle stick reindeer and put on that $1,200 red dress because we are about to husband swap with Holiday Switch.Support the show (
December 22, 2018
1.36 The Christmas That Almost Wasn't
When mustache twirling bad guy, Phineas T. Prune, buys the North Pole and threatens to evict Santa, jolly ol' Saint Nick has only one option: get the rent money before Christmas! Thankfully, everyone central to the plot lives in the same location. With the help of broke man-child lawyer, Sam Whipple, and a song for every situation you can imagine, Kris Kringle must become the original mall Santa to save Christmas. So, practice your ho ho ho's, play with some toys, and think to yourself, just think, think, THINK, because this is The Christmas That Almost Wasn't.Support the show (
December 17, 2018
1.35 Santa's Slay
Bill Goldberg loses a game of curling against a dime store Christopher Lloyd and is forced to give presents to children every year on December 25th. After the bet wager is decidedly paid up, Goldberg returns to his historic holiday havoc and flips it into high gear—starting with Fran Drescher. Kicking off our month of "Trashing Through the Snow" with a real shining star upon the highest bough, grab some deli meats, a curling stone, and your grandfather's book of Norse mythology because your chimney's about to be blown out by Santa's Slay. WHO'S NEXT?!Support the show (
December 08, 2018
1.34 Home Sweet Home
After a bunch of people who aren't related gather at a remote ranch for Thanksgiving day, they kind of meander around until Jake "The Body" Steinfeld arrives to murder them in a PCP fueled rage. Slip a syringe under your tongue, hide the peas, and get your KISS paint on because we are about to get body slammed by Home Sweet Home.Support the show (
November 22, 2018
1.33 Baby's Day Out
When billionaire momma, Lara Flynn Boyle, decides to get Baby Bink’s picture taken for the paper, she falls for the most obvious scam of all time and the baby is kidnapped. Unfortunately, the captors lose him immediately. Joe Mantegna, Joe Pantialiano, and Spike’s dad from the Little Giants, star as the dumbest crooks in the world, in John Hughes' terrible Home Alone rehash. Grab your Boo Boo, sneak into the gorilla pen, and get yourself lathered in some construction site spunk, because this is Baby's Day Out.Support the show (
November 18, 2018
1.32 Mortal Kombat: Annihilation
Outworld emperor Shao Khan has sour grapes after losing to Earthrealm in Mortal Kombat, so he interrupts the ending of a much better movie to bring us this huge pile of shit. Using some unexplained magic, Shao Khan resurrects his wife Sindel, forcing Outworld and Earthrealm to merge because the Bible says the Earth was created in six days or something. Johnny Cage is disrespected, Liu Kang turns into a dragon, and Raiden isn't even Christopher Lambert anymore. Slap on your five hundred dollar sunglasses, ready your animality, and rip out our spine, because we are about to test our might against Mortal Kombat: Annihilation.Support the show (
November 09, 2018
1.31 Night of the Demons
After Angela invites a bunch of odd balls to an old funeral parlor for a Halloween party, things get out of hand when they perform a seance. They accidentally release an ancient evil that turns the party goers into hideous demons that are down to fuck. This is the quintessential horror movie for the Halloween season, Dumpster Dwellers! Grab your lipstick, some sour balls, and don't forget extra batteries for the boom box because we are about to be possessed by Night of the Demons.Support the show (
October 31, 2018
1.30 Double Double, Toil and Trouble
It’s Halloween night and Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen’s parents are flat broke, so they ask their evil witch of an aunt for a loan. Unfortunately, Aunt Cloris Leachman hates the needy and kicks them to the curb, leaving the twins to hatch a crazy plan to save their “full” house (we’re sorry). Meshach Taylor, Phil Fondacaro, and Wayne Robson all join them on a trip down the yellow brick road, to save a woman they’ve never met, from a magic mirror! Schkoozie schkoozie, abra kadabra, flim flam wala wala bing bang bong, this is Double Double, Toil and Trouble.Support the show (
October 26, 2018
1.29 Boo! A Madea Halloween
Single father Brian Simmons struggles to keep his rebellious daughter from going to the local sleazeball frat's Halloween party, so he calls his Aunt Madea for help. In an experiment in madness, Tyler Perry brings together obnoxious YouTube stars, bad parenting advice, and a living room scene we thought would never end. Light up a joint and praise Jesus, because we’re about to flatline through Boo! A Madea Halloween.Support the show (
October 21, 2018
1.28 Idle Hands
When a certain evil force looks to possess the laziest fuck up it can find, stoner and general layabout Devon Sawa becomes the perfect host. Why does it only control his right hand? We don't know! After killing his parents (we hardly knew you Fred Willard) and best friends, Seth Green and Foggy Nelson, Devon must stop his evil hand before it kills Jessica Alba, the only woman interested in his stank ass. So grab yourself some Burger Jungle, rip your Mighty Joe Bong, and cut off just one of your hands, because this is Idle Hands.Support the show (
October 13, 2018
1.27 An American Werewolf in Paris
We’re kicking this Trick or Trash month off with a flaming jack-o’-lantern full of werewolf shit! Tom Everett Scott and his fuck boy friends head to Paris to bungee jump off the Eiffel Tower. Instead they get drunk and save a suicidal Julie Delpy from ridding the world of her violent lunar activities. Unfortunately for us, this movie happens as the result. As a direct sequel to one of the greatest werewolf movies of all time, this is the poster child for studio meddling and running a project straight into the ground. Tie off your bungee cord, rip open a pack of condom gum, and shoot yourself up with some moon juice because we are about to be mauled by An American Werewolf in Paris.Support the show (
October 06, 2018
1.26 The Crocodile Hunter: Collision Course
CRIKEY! Steve Irwin is just trying to make a documentary about all the dangerous and beautiful wildlife of Australia, and then a bunch of studio execs tell him no one is going to pay for that, so they make up a shitty story about a top secret satellite that gets eaten by a crocodile. With pointless side plots, a lost fifth Baldwin brother, and the Bumpuses dogs, two completely different films collide into a true blunder from down under. Grab your best sheila, a couple sticks of dynamite, and some anti-venom because we are about to bag and tag The Crocodile Hunter: Collision Course.Support the show (
September 30, 2018
1.25 Guyver: Dark Hero
He's back and he's better than ever! Sort of. A year after defeating David Gale, Solid Snake...err Sean Barker is having strange dreams about killing things. It turns out he has another purpose besides being a violent vigilante of the night—hitchhike to Utah and molest an ancient alien spacecraft. Grab a 30 pack of Bud Dry, and some bear-werewolf-rhinoman repellent because we are about to biomorph with Guyver: Dark Hero.Support the show (
September 25, 2018
1.24 Devon's Ghost: Legend of the Bloody Boy
After two idiots reopen the old Angel Grove High School across the street from the site of a legend-laden local homicide, the black and yellow Power Rangers need to face their greatest adversary yet—a dick in a baseball jersey. Co-written by Karan Ashley and co-directed by Johnny Yong Bosch, we all can't help but have one big question: what the hell were they thinking? Put on your birthday present from grandma, grab that Power Morpher, and make sure you don't get intimate with anyone because we are stepping up to bat with Devon's Ghost: The Legend of the Bloody Boy. IT'S MORPHIN' TIME!Support the show (
August 27, 2018
1.23 Dark Forest
When Emily joins her friends on a weekend getaway, her psychotic and controlling husband, Peter, takes a trip to the Black Lodge and decides that murdering them all is the only option. Or something. Send some dick pics, grab that plastic knife your dad used to kill your mom, and follow us as we make a trek through the extremely well lit Dark Forest, eh?Support the show (
August 17, 2018
1.22 The Guyver
After Sean face-plants into a one-of-a-kind alien armor prototype, he teams up with Luke Skywalker to bring down David Gale's Chronos Corporation and its army of Ninja Turtles. As a mostly faithful anime adaption, Screaming Mad George and Steve Wang deliver the goods for this beast-beatin' romp of amazing practical effects. Behold as Jimmie Walker transforms into Jar Jar Binks before your very eyes—and then gets his ass kicked. Also, Mark Hamill turns into a cockroach. The Zoanoid shit has finally hit the fan, so grab your plastic lunchbox filled with bio-booster armor because we are about to transform with The Guyver. DYN-O-MITE!Support the show (
July 31, 2018
1.21 Mosquito
After a War of The Worlds reject crash lands on earth, its body becomes a quick lunch for a bunch of mosquitoes. And wouldn't ya know it? The alien blood makes them grow into huge, radioactive, killing machines. It's up to Leatherface, Patrick Swayze, a biologist(?), Isaac Hayes, and a park ranger to stop the winged menaces from infesting the world. Slather on some deet and lube up that proboscis because we are about to suck on Mosquito.Support the show (
July 19, 2018
1.20 Uncle Sam
Sam Harper is a 100% full blooded, grade-A bag of shit. After getting shot down during some "friendly fire" over Kuwait, the military ships his body back to his life-long abusees. His nephew can't understand why everyone is so down on his uncle after all of his heroic endeavors. That is, until people start turning up dead. Isaac Hayes literally brings out the big guns for this patriotic piece of cinematic trash. Grab some BBQ and light up those fireworks because we are giving salute to good ol' Uncle Sam.Support the show (
July 05, 2018
1.19 Tetsuo: The Iron Man
A creepy, semi-magical being known only as the Metal Fetishist seeks revenge on a salaryman who ran him over while getting a blow job. An experimental art film from Shin'ya Tsukamoto, in the vein of Lynch and Cronenberg, comes a monochrome acid trip into stop-motion fever dreams and bloody body horror. Grab your oil can and mind the dick drill because we're about to be assimilated by Tetsuo: The Iron Man.Support the show (
June 30, 2018
1.18 A Gnome Named Gnorm
Anthony Michael Hall is a wisecracking cop who literally blows an undercover gig when a diamond-toting scumbag explodes all over a park. The only way to clear his name and catch the real bad guy is to team up with a horny gnome that needs to recharge a life-giving rock by way of our sun. Hang on to your bobos and secure that Lumen because we're about to tunnel into Upworld aka A Gnome Named Gnorm.Support the show (
June 25, 2018
1.17 Tammy and the T-Rex
Tammy and Michael are a young couple in love, until Tammy's edgelord ex-boyfriend feeds Michael to a lion. Paul Walker returns to the dumpster, trading in his Crunch bars for a mechanical dino body. Strap on your cup and grab somebody's junk, we're about to bite into Tammy and the T-Rex.Support the show (
June 12, 2018
1.16 Frankenstein's Army
At the end of WWII, a troop of Russian soldiers on a secret mission stumble upon the Langford Lab where Karel Roden is making Silent Hill rejects. Finish assembling your Zombot because we're about to dissect Frankenstein's Army.Support the show (
June 04, 2018
1.15 The Runestone
After stumbling upon an ancient Norse artifact in Pennsylvania, noted art collector and womanizer, Martin Almquist, brings his find to the big city—and all hell breaks loose. With the help of Thor, a prophetic cry baby, and a foul-mouthed detective, Martin's ex-wife and lover have to bring down the Nordic God of Bad Creature Design. Dig out your Grandpa's mythological axe, and pack plenty of strawberry PEZ because the boys are Big Apple bound to try and decipher The Runestone.Support the show (
May 11, 2018
1.14 Big Bully
Tom Arnold rekindles his twisted agenda of sadistic pleasure when Rick Moranis, his childhood punching bag, returns to town to teach a shitty writing class. Masquerading as a comedy, we can clearly see the horror inherent in this off-beat abomination. Meet us at the seesaw at seven o'clock, and bring your piss-filled thermos, because we are going a few rounds with Big Bully.Support the show (
April 10, 2018
1.13 House of the Dead
A group of twenty-somethings travel to Isla Nublar for the rave of the century, but instead find it infested with zombies and light beer. Based on the classic arcade rail shooter and directed by Uwe Boll, even Clint Howard can't save this movie. Pour one out for Das Boot, because this is House of the Dead.Support the show (
March 30, 2018
1.12 The Hugga Bunch
Little Bridget calls upon the tiny, plush demons that live in her mirror to help save her grandmother because no one loves her anymore. Spewed forth from the black pit of movies from which marketing schemes for toys are spawned, The Hugga Bunch are here for your sweet bone marrow. Pick some young berries and get your mirror nice and squishy because we are about to hug some puppets.Support the show (
March 23, 2018
1.11 Dungeons & Dragons
Justin Whalin and Marlon Wayans LARP their way into a mess of bad CGI and magic, while Jeremy Irons gorges himself on every piece of scenery he can get his hands on. Based loosely on the classic tabletop RPG, this foray onto the set of Hercules: The Legendary Journeys reminds us that movies based on games are never a good idea. Grab your d20 and your elven boob armor because we are about to roll for initiative against Dungeons & Dragons.Support the show (
March 20, 2018
1.10 Frankenstein Unbound
Future scientist, John Hurt, stumbles and fumbles through time in his quest to court Mary Shelly. With the help of Victor Frankenstein and the Delorean, he just might pull it off. This is what Frankenstein fan fiction looks like: Frankenstein Unbound.Support the show (
March 13, 2018
1.9 Monster in the Closet
When a slew of closet murders go unsolved, up-and-coming reporter and Christopher Reeves impersonator, Richard Clark, travels to a small California town for answers. With the help of Paul Walker, Torgo, and that woman from Days of Our Lives, Clark battles a giant McNugget to save the world. Marking the acting debuts of Paul Walker and Fergie, this film adds nothing to their résumés. Grab your xylophone and a hearty supply of Crunch bars because we're going on a hunt for Monster in the Closet.Support the show (
March 05, 2018
1.8 Sukiyaki Western Django
Quentin Tarantino gives us a Japanese history lesson about two rival gangs fighting over Captain Crunch's lost treasure, in the heart of Nevada during the Gold Rush. J-horror icon Takashi Miike blends the flavors of Akira Kurosawa and Sergio Corbucci...or something. Gather 'round the campfire and grab your chopsticks, because we are about to chew on some Sukiyaki Western Django.Support the show (
February 23, 2018
1.7 Death Note (2017)
The American adaption nobody asked for! Nat Wolff whines a lot and kills people with a magic notebook he gets from the Green Goblin, while Lakeith Stanfield squats on everyone's furniture and eats candy. Overstuffed, underdeveloped, and unwelcome, summon your Shinigami and for the love of God put our names in the Death Note.Support the show (
February 16, 2018
1.6 Venom (2005)
Poor Ray just wants to do the right thing and of course, no good deed goes unpunished. When a suitcase full of voodoo enhanced snakes turns him into Jason Voorhees, he disposes of the most vapid cast of characters this side of the Mississippi. Unfortunately, we don't get to see any of it. Make sure you grab your grandma's Baka and a cold beer because we are about to milk some Venom.Support the show (
February 09, 2018
1.5 Equilibrium
Hide your art, hide your books, hide your wife because the Grammaton Clerics are coming to town! In an Orwellian, post-WWIII future, Christian Bale saves puppies from a heartless government bent on emotionally numbing the masses. Taye Diggs is also there for some reason. Grab your Prozium and your pistol, we're headed to Libria with Equilibrium.Support the show (
February 02, 2018
1.4 Yesterday's Target
Time traveling mutants, domestic abuse, and plot holes, oh my! Daniel Baldwin serves us up his best Sarah Connor impression while trying to stop Malcolm McDowell and LeVar Burton from wearing bad hats. With a future so bright that you gotta wear shades, the boys quantum leap into the shit show of Yesterday's Target.Support the show (
January 26, 2018
1.3 Rumpelstiltskin
From Europe to L.A., Uncle Rumple’s on his way—and he wants that baby Johnny! How does a 15th century troll demon know how to drive a motorcycle? We can’t answer that, but we CAN dump on Rump.Support the show (
January 15, 2018
1.2 Bad Taste
We’re New Zealand bound for some intergalactic fast-food delicacies with Peter Jackson’s Bad Taste. If your brains fall out during this episode, just stuff them back in and put your favorite hat on to hold them there.Support the show (
January 15, 2018
1.1 RawheadRex
The premiere episode! 🎉 The boys go to Ireland and dig up the Pagan God of Dicks. An outright bastardization of the classic Clive Barker novella, Rawhead Rex is right where he belongs—in the dumpster.Support the show (
January 09, 2018