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Movie Marks

Movie Marks

By Chris Creamer & Chris Sacco
Professional wrestling is the ultimate mix of athleticism and theater. Sometimes these warriors of the squared circle make the jump from the ring to the big (or small) screen. Unfortunately these endeavors aren’t always championship quality. That’s where Chris Sacco and Chris Creamer step in. Their combined knowledge of both wrestling and pop culture make them the perfect guides to experience these attempts at acting…so you don’t have to.
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Episode 30 - Minor Role Rumble + Fall of Grayskull starring Brian Cage
This week the Movie Marks have devised a special treat for you. In honor of Saturday's Royal Rumble we present the first ever MOVIE MARKS MINOR ROLE RUMBLE! We're highlighting wrestlers in roles that aren't big enough to carry a full episode, but still made an impact. Before we get to the main event, however, we take some time to discuss Fall of Grayskull starring "The Machine" Brian Cage as He-Man. Let's see what kind of low-budget magic a fan film can muster with a single green screen and less than 40 minutes.
January 26, 2022
Episode 29 - Inconceivable starring Eva Marie
It's time for some Movie Marks math. Face/Off minus Travolta plus Eva Marie divided by a Lifetime Original equals what? If you answered Inconceivable then you're correct. Your prize? Today's episode. Listen as we talk about a family that is doing everything in their power to ignore red flags that will surely not put them on the wrong side of a psychopath.
January 12, 2022
Episode 28 - Jingle All The Way 2 starring Santino Marella
This week on the show we will be playing the part of the relatives you don't care enough about to visit on or even before Christmas. The holiday is over and now you have to go to their houses and awkwardly exchange gifts. Well just like your worst aunt, we got you a gift you're sure to hate. Instead of the the Arnold version of Jingle All the Way we got you a stocking stuffed with Larry the Cable Guy. This week we're talking about Jingle All the Way 2, the sequel nobody wanted with absolutely zero of the original's charm. Lucky for us Santino Marella is along for the ride so at least we've got that.
December 29, 2021
Episode 27 - Santa's Little Helper starring The Miz & Paige
It's the holidays, so that means it's time for trees, presents, hot cocoa, and Christmas movies. Our first gift to you this holiday season is the WWE Studios film Santa's Little Helper. Let's find out if The Miz is up to snuff to become Santa's number one helper with a job title so bizarre you'll have to listen to our show to actually hear it. Along the way he runs into an elf with an attitude played by Paige. It's 100% what you should expect from a holiday movie, but only half of the time.
December 15, 2021
Episode 26 - No Holds Barred starring Hulk Hogan
For an entire generation of wrestling fans, No Holds Barred was the film that proved competitors from the ring could exist outside our television screens. That wasn't necessarily a good thing. Let us guide you down this river of DOOKIE for the ultimate (and confusing) battle between a good-ish wrestler and an evil-ish television executive. There may be no holds barred, but logic and a coherent script are definitely barred from this one.
December 01, 2021
Episode 25 - Pizza Man starring Diamond Dallas Page
This week we continue our mission to collect the cast of Malcolm in the Middle like Thanos does Infinity Stones. Frankie Muniz is ... [dramatic pause] ... Pizza Man! Every hero needs a nemesis and Frankie has to deal with The Big Cheese, played by former world champion and yoga enthusiast Diamond Dallas Page. Join us as we breakdown a series of awkward cameos intercut with the battle for control of a genetically modified tomato. Yes, that's actually the plot of this movie.
November 17, 2021
Episode 24 - Sting Moment of Truth starring Sting
It's been a wild ride for the man called Sting. Lucky for us he's letting us peek behind the curtain at his least to the best of his recollection. Watch as we experience all the highlights of Sting's career like tuna fish and orange juice smoothies, the Ultimate Warrior using a public toilet, and the greatest moment of his life: riding a rollercoaster. Let's relive history together and learn what Sting's "moment of truth" really was. (Spoiler: This film doesn't contain any moments of truth.)
November 03, 2021
Episode 23 - Pro Wrestlers vs. Zombies starring Roddy Piper, Shane Douglas & Friends
Hamilton vs. Burr, Frazier vs. Ali, and Harding vs. Kerrigan are some of the greatest battles in history. But none of them can touch the heat of Pro Wrestlers vs. Zombies. Watch as wrestling legends from WWF, ECW, and AEW come together and attempt to survive the night. Spoiler: It doesn't work out for most of them.
October 19, 2021
Episode 22 - See No Evil starring Kane
It's officially spooky season and the Marks kick it off right with See No Evil, the very first offering from WWE Studios. Join us as a group of highly unlikeable teens spend the night in an abandoned hotel with noted eye fetishist Kane. There's a lot of unsettling things that happen in this movie but one scene in particular will haunt your every waking moment for the rest of your life. Everything about this movie is pretty gross so keep that hand sanitizer ready and let's go trick or treating with the mayor of Knox County.
October 06, 2021
Episode 21 - Cosmic Sin starring C.J. "Lana" Perry
Remember when Bruce Willis was your favorite actor growing up? Just blockbuster after blockbuster. Well this week the Movie Marks watch his dollar-store sci-fi epic Cosmic Sin. And it doesn't star "blockbuster" Bruce Willis. It stars "wire me the money and you've got three weeks to film whatever you can" Bruce Willis. Lucky for us, C.J. "Lana" Perry is along for the ride as a war-hardened sniper with a gun the size of a MINI Cooper. Frank Grillo is also in this movie.....kind of. Together we'll unlock the secrets of Cosmic Sin, which includes the mystery of why that's the name of this movie in the first place.
September 21, 2021
Episode 20 - Snake Eater III... His Law starring Bam Bam Bigelow
Do you like your movie heroes vindictive, sadistic, and barely heroic at all? Well the Movie Marks have just the hero for you. His name is Soldier. Or maybe it's Kelly. Or maybe it's Snake Eater. Regardless, he's a cop. Or maybe he's a private investigator. Or maybe he's neither. Regardless, he's a terrible protagonist. And Bam Bam Bigelow is in this movie too. Join us for Snake Eater 3... His Law.
September 08, 2021
Episode 19 - Inside Out starring Triple H
Take one look at the poster for this week's movie and you would think it's your standard, run of the mill crime thriller. Well, the Movie Marks are here to tell you that the poster is a lie. This movie is easily one of the most insane and bizarre films we've covered to date. There's a lot of untaxed cigarettes and even more pickles. So many pickles. Let's head down to Brooklyn, Louisiana with some really great actors cashing checks and hanging out with Hunter.
August 24, 2021
Episode 18 - Vampiro Warrior of the Night starring Vampiro
The Marks finally check out a film starring a legendary luchador. No, it's not El Santo or Blue Demon. Instead it's the legendary member of the Dark Carnival, Vampiro. (WHOOP! WHOOP!) This movie has something for everyone. Weird ewok robots, guns that shoot giant flies, mannequins, and a completely absent hero. So spend some time with us as we fail to even remotely explain what happens in this movie.
August 11, 2021
Episode 17 - The Resurrection of Gavin Stone starring Shawn Michaels
What happens when a Hollywood bad boy lives life so close to the edge that he finally falls? Well the only thing that happens in the world of faith-based cinema is that he's forced to join his hometown church's stage production about the life of Jesus. During this journey, he learns that there are things more important than fame and debauchery like friendship and faith. Also Shawn Michaels is in this film playing a character simply named Doug. Yup. Doug. It's The Resurrection of Gavin Stone on the Movie Marks.
July 27, 2021
Episode 16 - River of Darkness starring Kurt Angle
On this week's episode of the Movie Marks, we take a leisurely trip down the River of Darkness with YOUR olympic hero Kurt Angle. It's got a few vengeful ghosts and lots of gripping small-town political drama. Along the way we'll visit friends like Big Sexy Kevin Nash, Psycho Sid, and Glacier!
July 14, 2021
Episode 15 - The Marine starring John Cena
Before he was Fast or Furious, before he was a Trainwreck, John Cena was just a man trying to readjust to civilian life. The only thing standing in his way is the T-1000 and a whole lot of walking. Let's explore the film that would launch a career as well as a neverending WWE Films franchise. (Full disclosure: this episode was recorded prior to a major production upgrade for the Movie Marks. Don't judge us. We feel you judging us.)
June 30, 2021
Episode 14 - Abraxas, Guardian of the Universe starring Jesse "The Body" Ventura
Abraxas, Guardian of the Universe is the simple tale of two former friends butting heads over the attention of a beautiful woman. Maybe one is an escaped space convict and the other a space cop and maybe the beautiful woman has a child that will unlock the anti-life equation that will destroy the universe. You know: A tale as old as time. Join us as we try to make sense of the senseless. Also keep an eye out for a truly insane cameo that puts this in a shared universe with the 1987 film The Principal.
June 16, 2021
Episode 13 - Army of the Dead starring Batista
Fresh from the oven and directly to your ear holes the Movie Marks present Army of the Dead. Zack Snyder revisits the genre that got him to the show with a zombie movie that mixes in a little Ocean's Eleven and a whole lot of WTF. Snyder won’t be walking alone on this one because Dave Bautista is along for this very long walk through Las Vegas that features the occasional zombie, the occasional tiger, and the occasional time loop subplot. Seriously? We're the Movie Marks and we'll be your guides through Army of the Dead.
June 02, 2021
Episode 12 - The Main Event starring Keith Lee & The Miz
This week we take a look at the WWE Studios film The Main Event. If you like hearing people refer to wrestlers as "superstars" and fans as "the universe," have we got the movie for you. This movie takes place in a bizarre alternate reality where normal people use all of your favorite Vince/WWE buzzwords. Young Leo Thompson dreams of being a WWE superstar (not wrestler) and he finds a magical mask that gives him all the abilities he needs to achieve his dreams. So get ready to watch a middle-schooler embarrass your favorite wrestlers from NXT like Keith Lee and Babatunde. There's plenty of WWE talent in this movie and literally all of them are under used. So it's really not any different from watching an episode of Raw.
May 18, 2021
Episode 11 - Doom starring The Rock
The year is 2026 and we have found a way to open a portal between Nevada and Mars. What for? It doesn't really matter. What does matter is that we have the first appearance by Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson on the latest episode of the Movie Marks. Get ready for a thrilling, 10-minute tribute to the namesake video game wrapped in 100+ minutes of confusing nonsense. We promise our episode will be shorter and less painful. You're welcome.
May 04, 2021
Episode 10 - Wise Guys starring Captain Lou Albano
Let the Movie Marks take you back in time to the year 1986. We have a can't-miss film starring one comedy veteran, a hot fresh face from SNL, the director of Scarface, and Captain Lou. There's no possible way this movie won't be a smash hit! What? You've never heard of this love letter to New Jersey? Well let us get you familiar with whatever this is. It's Wise Guys with Captain Lou Albano on the Movie Marks.
April 20, 2021
Episode 9 - Interrogation starring Edge
It's a very special bonus episode of the Movie Marks. What could possibly get us to break our very strict every other week format? Well of course it's Wrestlemania and what better way to celebrate than with the Rated R Superstar Edge. A main event talent deserves a main event podcast to discuss his 2016 movie Interrogation. Get ready to experience a film with almost zero interrogations, but plenty of people making really poor decisions. And man that computer expert character sure looks familiar. So whether it's before the showcase of the immortals or as a cure for your Mania hangover, check out this week's episode.
April 06, 2021
Episode 8 - Countdown starring Dolph Ziggler
This week the Movie Marks make their inaugural trip into the world of WWE Studios. Dolph Ziggler plays a cop that can't be bothered by procedures, rules, or common decency. It's a race against time to find a missing child who has a bomb strapped to him. Along the way we stop at a bunch of generic locations (tattoo parlor, lumber yard, etc.) as well as a WWE house show. Lucky for us our hero doesn't give a single damn about anyone's safety. Also Kane is the chief of police. (Insert shrug here.) It's Countdown.
March 31, 2021
Episode 7 - Three Ninjas High Noon at Mega Mountain starring Hulk Hogan
The second-most famous group of crime fighting ninja brothers are back! When their trip to local theme park Mega Mountain is interrupted by a confusingly diverse team of evildoers, the 3 Ninjas will need some major league help. Lucky for them martial arts master Dave Dragon (played by Hulk Hogan for some reason) is recently unemployed and also at the park. Together they'll all try to save Mega Mountain from Loni Anderson and Jim Varney. So strap in, listeners, for a movie where absolutely everyone is miscast.
March 17, 2021
Episode 6 - Kaiju Mono starring Kota Ibushi
Tokyo is under attack by a giant prehistoric monster and the only people that can save the city are a cosplaying scientist and his lowly loser assistant. Lucky for them they found a way to turn the assistant into one of the best professional wrestlers in the world: the great Kota Ibushi. Oh and he's as tall as a skyscraper somehow. Will this be enough to save Tokyo? Is there a pointless spy subplot? Is there a cameo by another Japanese wrestling legend? Obviously the answer to all these questions is yes. So join the Movie Marks for giant-sized adventure in Kaiju Mono.
March 03, 2021
Episode 5 - Bail Enforcers starring Trish Stratus
Are you ready for total Stratusfaction? This week on the show we take a trip north of the border for our second look at the world of bounty hunting. We accompany Trish Stratus as she balances being a bounty hunter, waitress, and mother or aunt or passionate pet owner. We'll figure out which one she actually is together in episode five of the Movie Marks. You can get in contact with the show at Follow us on Twitter Follow us on Instagram
February 17, 2021
Episode 4 - Mom, Can I Keep Her? starring Terry Funk
We here at Movie Marks aren't 100% sure how to describe this week's film. This direct to VHS children's film slowly unravels into a tale of madness that grips not just a family but the entire community. It becomes so insane that it only makes sense that living legend - and equally crazy - Terry Funk is part of what is about to be your new favorite movie. We recommend the listener indulges in their vice of choice because it only enhances the viewing experience that is Mom, Can I Keep Her?
February 03, 2021
Episode 3 - Santa's Slay starring Goldberg
On this week's episode of the Movie Marks, we explore the holiday classic Santa’s Slay. Goldberg has a lot in common with Santa Claus: They both show up once a year and dominate hours of your life for a lackluster payoff. Join us as we break down each and every merry murder on episode three.
January 27, 2021
Episode 2 - Boone The Bounty Hunter starring John Morrison
Johnny Impact, Johnny Mundo, Johnny Nitro, and John Morrison are just a few of the names used by today's superstar. But the only name we care about is Boone. We take a trip south of the border for bounty hunting action. Or, at least, what action movies think bounty hunting is all about. Along the way, we learn about the biggest bounty of all....friendship.
January 20, 2021
Episode 1 Body Slam starring Roddy Piper
Here it is: Episode one of the Movie Marks podcast. There's no better place to start than at the intersection of rock and wrestling. This movie is bursting at the seams with warriors of the ring so come for Roddy Piper, but stay for a pointless Ric Flair cameo.
January 19, 2021
The Trailer
Get to know the Movie Marks before episode one drops January 27.
January 13, 2021