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Movies Are Spiritual

Movies Are Spiritual

By Movies Are Spiritual
Analyze popular movies for spiritual concepts! Designed for the non-religious crowd, this show's hosts discuss spiritual parallels, symbolism and concepts we see in movies. It's a different way to explore God through popular entertainment.

Sponsored by Brewery Ministries. Free discussion questions on popular movies and the cultural context of books of the Bible are available at
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The Night House film, Ghosts and Spiritual Warfare - Part 1
A film about ghosts and spiritual warfare?  In preparation for Halloween, we discuss The Night House directed by David Bruckner.  Rebecca Hall plays a widow who learns a terrifying secret about her deceased husband.  How does this tie into faith?  Listen to our podcast to find out!  We'll even discuss the existence of ghosts and the origin of demons in religion as it relates to the film. Interested in exploring faith?  Check out our free discussion guides at  Grab a coffee, beer or meal with a friend and talk through the questions together. #thenighthouse #thenighthousemovie #thenighthousefilm #thenighthousereview #nighthouse #nighthousemovie #halloweenmovies #nighthousepodcast #moviepodcast #moviepodcasts #moviepodcaster #godonfilm #scarymovie #scarymoviepodcast #halloweenmovie #scarymoviereview
September 15, 2022
Nope by Jordan Peele: UFO's, Nahum and Jonah! Part 2
What is the spiritual message hidden in Jordan Peel's UFO film "Nope?"  We unpack what the tragedy of Gordy's Home might mean, the pursuit of the "impossible shot" or spectacle, as well as the exciting climax of this film. Want to go deeper into exploring spiritual concepts from the Bible?  We make "discussion guides" so you can sit down with your friends over a beer, coffee or a meal to talk about God.  Explore in a way that fits your personality and context.  If you don't resonate with traditional church, don't let that stop you from exploring God.  Use the discussion guides to get creative; make your own house church or discussion group in your home.  Visit and click on the Free Discussion Guides link for more. #moviepodcast #nopepodcast #jordanpeele #Godinmovies #Godinthemovies #alternativechurch #beerandjesus #breweryministries #housechurch #churchplanting #brewerychurch #faithinmovies #spiritualityinmovies #exploregod #godandentertainment #godonfilm 
August 30, 2022
Nope by Jordan Peele: UFO's, Nahum and Jonah! Part 1
What do UFO's and the biblical books Nahum and Jonah have in common?  Jordan Peele's new film starring Daniel Kaluuya begins with an apocalyptic scripture from Nahum.  We analyze the spiritual themes in this film and discuss why Jordan Peele might have chosen this scripture in this movie review.  It's cowboys, aliens, and weird Bible prophecy! Want to explore faith with your friends?  We help you make alternative forms of church that fit you.  Visit and click on Free Discussion Guides, then gather some friends in your home, at a brewery or coffee shop! #beerandjesus #godinthemovies #nope #nopepodcast #jordanpeele #cinephile #moviereviewpodcast #moviepodcast #nopemovie #nopereview #instamovies #movienight #movietime #moviediscussion #theologyonfilm #theology #theologicalmovies #movietheology #theologyofmovies #faithonfilm #faithinthemovies #spiritualconcepts #spiritualmovies
August 16, 2022
The Fifth Element Starring Bruce Willis - Roundtable Discussion & Review
What spiritual themes await in this futuristic sci-fi thriller?  Nathan, Heath and Nicole dissect this 1997 hit film featuring Bruce Willis and Milla Jovovich for the film's 25th Anniversary screening.  How does the battle of Good and Evil tie into the book of Genesis, the Garden of Eden or Ancient Astronaut Theory??  Find out on this podcast. Comments/questions?  E-mail us at Facebook and Instagram: breweryministries Twitter: breweryministry Brewery Ministries also creates discussion materials so you can talk spiritual themes in movies with your friends or discuss the cultural context of books of the Bible.  For free discussion questions, visit
July 04, 2022
The Batman Movie Review Part 2: Batman and Catwoman's Character Journeys
Analyzing the most misunderstood scene in the Batman, plus Batman and Catwoman's character journeys discussed in this roundtable review of The Batman! Film:  The Batman directed by Matt Reeves starring Robert Pattinson Want to discuss spiritual themes in movies or the Bible with friends or a small group?  We post free discussion questions that include historical/cultural context on our website.    Visit for more info! #thebatman #thebatmanmovie #thebatmanpodcast #thebatmanreview #thebatmandiscussion #thebatmanmoviepodcast #batmanandspirituality #batmanandtheology #godinthebatman #godinthemovies #godinmovies #spiritualityinmovies
May 02, 2022
The Batman Movie Review: The Garden of Eden and Moses? Part 1
This episode traces spiritual concepts in the film The Batman starring Robert Pattinson directed by Matt Reeves.  Was Batman's story arc inspired by Moses from the book of Exodus?  Is there a connection between the different perspectives of Justice held by Batman, Riddler and Catwoman to the Tree of Knowledge?  We'll also discuss which comics and video games may have inspired this movie.  Be sure to check out Part 2 of this podcast in a couple weeks! Want to discuss spiritual themes in movies or the Bible with friends or a small group?  We post free discussion questions that include historical/cultural context on our website.    Visit for more info! #spiritualthemesinmovies #godinthemovies #spiritualitypodcast #thebatmanpodcast #thebatmanmovie #thebatmanfilmreview #thebatman #spiritualconversation #thebatmanmoviereview #batmanandspirituality #Godandbatman #breweryministries #beerandjesus Follow Brewery Ministries on social media: Facebook Instagram Twitter
April 14, 2022
Uncharted The Movie: Roundtable Discussion & Review
What's spiritual about a treasure hunting video game movie?  The crew analyzes spiritual themes in the film Uncharted starring Tom Holland, Mark Wahlberg, Tati Gabrielle, Antonio Banderas and Sophia Ali, directed by Reuben Fleischer.  Where can we see hints of God in this film?  Interesting character discussions include trust, faith, forgiveness, betrayal and more. Sponsored by; planting spiritual discussion groups in bars & breweries.  Visit for free discussion questions designed to help you host group discussions on movies and books of the Bible. #unchartedpodcast #unchartedmoviereview #unchartedthemovie #unchartedroundtablediscussion #Godinthemovies #faithinfilms
March 05, 2022
The Matrix Resurrections - Roundtable Review & Spiritual Themes Discussion
This episode analyzes spiritual themes in the 2021 film The Matrix Resurrections.  Doug, Drew and Nathan talk spiritual concepts, review and discuss their reactions to the movie in this roundtable discussion.  Will they recommend entering the Matrix one last time, and how does God show up in this story? Movies are Spiritual is a podcast that focuses on generating interesting discussion about God in a non-religious setting.  It is intended to be a casual way for anyone from any background to get involved in exploring God.  Expect a new and abstract way of approaching religion! For free discussion questions for small groups, visit #matrixresurrectionsreview #matrixresurrectionsreaction #matrixresurrections #matrixmoviereview
January 25, 2022