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Movie Thought

Movie Thought

By Thomas Thorogood
This podcast explores how and why filmmakers tell the stories they tell. Join Christian writer-director Thomas Thorogood as he chats to a diverse array of filmmakers and film lovers. You can also watch these interviews and more on Thomas' YouTube channel, Stir and Fry:
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Making Video Diaries | With Caterina Dixon | Movie Thought #3
Today on Movie Thought I chat to my friend Caterina Dixon about making video diaries and travel montages. We talk about digital filmmaking, tape recording, super 8 and why you should avoid handheld panoramic shots. You can watch this episode and more at
March 12, 2021
Scoring Short Films | With Thomas Field | Movie Thought #2
I chat to composer Thomas Field about using Logic Pro X and real instruments to create short film soundtracks. We use our recent short film, 'Fight or Flight', as an example. We also talk about inspirational composers, whether film soundtracks should be noticeable and the use of temp tracks. Follow Thomas Field online: You can watch this episode and more at
March 5, 2021
Radio in Cinema | With Will Ridgeon | Movie Thought #1
I chat to Will Ridgeon about the long-term relationship between radio and cinema.  You can listen to Will's radio show, 'Disco Ball Shindig!', at: You can watch this episode and more at
February 26, 2021