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Conversations From The Heart

Conversations From The Heart

By Moyo - The Heart Centre
Each week we meditate to access higher levels of consciousness before discussing issues and events that are relevant for humanity.
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Facing the Topic of Death due to the Pandemic
In this episode of Conversations from the Heart, the panelists discuss the effects of being forced to face the topic of death. This discussion has been prompted by how the Pandemic has hit close to home. The conversation also includes talks about the collective consciousness and souls' timing in the context of moving on. Valerie also shares a moving poem by Rebecca Elson titled Antidotes to the Fear of Death. 
February 11, 2021
Being Grounded & Centred when Triggered, Angry, Frustrated or Unable to Recharge
A conversation about being grounded and centred in your heart in order to be inspired to do, say and act the way we should. Showing compassion to meet people where they are without passing judgement, viewing yourself as better or more knowledgeable. The panelists discuss the effects of the Pandemic as it hits close to home, creating reactions and triggering more aggressive responses. Acknowledging “I’m not any better than anyone else” and setting your intention on compassion. The conversation also included discussions around the effects of your recharge place being taken away and being able to counteract the subsequent anger or frustration.
February 04, 2021
Astral Projection & Healing
Jen guided our meditation this morning, through nature to a sacred space in nature. After the meditation (8:22) the conversation went to the topic of nature energies and then to astral projection when Cindy recalled her psychic training where her class would practice remote viewing.  Cindy spoke about our ability to connect to the energies of different places through the use of astral projection. She then shared a few tips on how one can do this safely & easily and everyone else shared their favourite places to visit. We soon started talking about the healing potential of astral projection and the ability to have conversations with our higher selves and with the higher selves of others. Cindy reminded us on the importance of listening in these conversations and shared some other useful tips for the healing journey. Jen shared her practice of letting go as a tool for transformation before introducing the topic of the two chair gestalt therapy which took the conversation to even further healing tools. Mark discussed the topic of family constellations and Cindy brought up ancestral healing and the topic of how many relationships are being tested at the moment. Val spoke about the heightened levels of struggle at the moment as people are being pushed to heal while others are there to simply hold space without judgement which led to the subject of spiritual bypassing.  Jen added beautifully to the conversation by bringing in the importance of community for support. Cindy then took us into a discussion about flowing versus driving sharing her difficulty with allowing divine timing. Mark spoke about the importance of knowing when to tap into each energy and gave an example of when he really needed to push through a blockage. We wrapped up season 2 with some reflection and we look forward to season three starting early next year.
December 01, 2020
Healing The Earth & Communities
Following Cindy’s opening meditation (Starts at 2min 18sec and ends at 8min 14 sec ) which really helped with grounding our energy and to receive information from source. The discussion started where we finished our last episode, by contemplating the metaphor of the lighthouse. Mark shared a story on how he ‘healed’ his grass and the discussion started with how we can share our light with others.  Val shared how walking on the earth can be a process of sharing energy with the earth which reminded the group of ancient pilgrimages like the Camino in Spain. Cindy brought in the view of how indigenous people work in harmony with the earth. Jen brought up the topic of the mistreatment of the indigenous people of Australia which led to a fascinating discussion on how one can heal communities displaced colonialists in the past which Cindy took further in a discussion that lead to some discomfort. Mark shared an example of a building that had been expropriated from the community under the apartheid government and how they had done an energy clearing of this building that included atonement towards the people who were wronged. The conversation went wider to communities and countries that have experiences injustice and to what can be done about it. Alex gave some more examples of this from her travels around the world. As often happens, the conversation brought up as many questions as it answered. The conversation took a twist to ‘mindfulness beneficiaries’ before Val brought up some Xavier Rudd Lyrics from a song called ‘Land Rights’ : “because it was sacred, because it was home because these were feelings, from so long ago they listened to the spirits, that came up strong they all pulled together, to sing their song this is how they did it, spears by their side they stood on the mountain, for their land rights all the people noticed, the movement took flight they said this is our home, these are our rights this is our home, these are our rights” Alex then explored the concept of land ownership and scarcity which Jen described as utopia before reminding us that people often react from their trauma which led the discussion towards the need for healing and for us to row in the same direction. E-mail us your comments and questions.
November 19, 2020
Coping With Election Madness
Jen also decided to engage with the election madness, but shared her technique for staying centered and controlling her responses to the triggers in the world. Many people have been caught up in the turmoil around the US election, so we discussed a number of useful tools for maintaining inner peace whilst staying connected to the world. Cindy spoke about being a compassionate observer when you can’t control the outcome and not being to invested in the outcome of the election. She also spoke about divine timing, working with your higher self, guides and angels. Jen also decided to engage with the election madness, but shared her technique for staying centred and controlling her responses to the triggers in the world. Val shared her tools for grounding and protecting her energy, especially when listening to loved ones who had different opinions to hers. She also suggested holding all candidates in the light and not being connected to any particular outcome. Cindy then weighed in with encouragement to participate more actively in our own countries, whilst being more non-attached to events in other countries. She also shared some useful perspectives on collective influences in South Africa’s history. Alex shared her experience of watching a broad range of news feeds from her friends in the states and how this has helped her to be more understanding. Mark shared his experience of being triggered and reminded the group of the different agenda’s who are pulling strings and pulling ‘triggers’ and the necessity to remain centered. The conversation meandered through compassion, ascension and being a lighthouse. Val ended with a beautiful metaphor. Listen in, and send us an email with your feedback.
November 16, 2020
Grounded And Embodied
Mark opened our conversation with a meditation around grounding and connecting. (The meditation starts at 2mins and ends at 9mins) Valerie shared that during the meditation she received clarity around how we need to rise above and as we connect to the powerful Source energy it is so important to remain grounded in the here and now and observe and remain open to all that is happening on a personal level and on a collective.  In this allowing we are able to learn and grow and  express it out into the world that becomes beneficial for all.  Bringing to mind an Aboriginal proverb – “We are all visitors in this time, this place. We are just passing through, Our purpose here is to observe, to learn, to grow, to love … and then we return home.” Cindy reminded us of the planetary shifts and how these shifts can affect us all, it is important not to move into the drama that presents itself in our families, friends, community and the world but to bring our focus back within.  We are privileged to be experiencing this incarnation and all are learning big lessons and notice how our human species is reacting to the lessons and we need to focus on the GOD within all of us and as we do we then can bring this vibration down and ground it in our way of being in the world.  As we examine the differences around we need to view all sides and work with compassion and empathy, love without judgement, with Mark emphasising that the Course in Miracles teaches we are here to perform miracles. Jen contributed to conversation around the fact that there is always light and dark and as humans we continue to face the challenge of co-existing and that the conversations that are emerging  presently are important and we need to hold our equilibrium and perspective.  Discussions flowed as Cindy raised a conversation that she had over the past few days around her focus on South Africa, noting we have it all here and our foreign policy should change and how we should only use people in positions within our own country.  She was reminded that she was repeating Donald Trumps ideas for America.  Alex raised the difficulty that has arisen in the world how government policies have created a trend which is that of Internal fighting and then there is no need to weaponise against other nations as they benefit from the left and right factions in their own countries that keep them in power.  Noting that Trump is a symptom of something that has happened before and that his Presidency has created some good change and possibly Biden would take the world back to the status quo and all would  bury our heads in the sand instead of focusing on what has been learnt in last four years and possibly allow for a different system to arise, as the system that has existed is broken. Jen moved conversation to discuss how the eruptions in the world comparing it to a raging fire on the earth which then allows to new shoots to spring forth from the charred land. Cindy referred to the world pandemic as a raging fire and we need to focus on the opportunities and get excited that this will bring forth change and new growth. Mark reminded us as how generations have been told not discuss politics or religion and yet these conversations may be difficult but important to have as not all conflict needs to be viewed as negative and as we have them new ways can be found.  Noted as a new arising. Jen ended our discussion relating a story from Australia around a tree that had been used by indigenous people for decades and was in the way of new development and was cut down.  The young son of an indigenous women collected the seeds from this tree and all the children will plant these seeds and a new generation will see them grow. As we connect to the new seeds with JOY we will see the new growth.
November 10, 2020
Possibility & Potential
In this episode Cindy leads us through a beautiful healing & cleansing meditation (conversation starts at 2mins and ends at 15 mins) before Jen took us into a discussion on Possibility & Potential. She used the metaphor of a seed and how each seed has potential. Cindy brought in the concept of miracle mindedness from A Course In Miracles which Mark then took further. We looked at the difference between nature and humankind in terms of how the potential unfolds which was then linked back to the idea of miracle mindedness. Cindy spoke of how humanity has become more and more disconnected from nature (and Source). Mark spoke of an anthropological account of telepathy and how this is actually a natural ability when we are connected to source and to the earth before recounting a story of how his mother demonstrated a mothers intuition. Val brought in the concept of the beginner mind as taught in Zen Buddhism before Cindy brought in an interesting example from teaching at the School of Intuition & Healing. Jen spoke of the potential of a child to learn any language before the conversation turned to how we have been limited in some ways. Alex brought in the concepts of evolution and how our bodies have evolved and how fear and mental manipulation has affected society and how we are living in a paradigm of survival of the fittest intellectually. Cindy shared her experience of being in school with dyslexia, and how the school system tried to limit her. Val shared her experience and that of her grandchildren in the schooling system. The conversation took a turn to the future where much work is automated. How do we live in a world without the necessity of work. Jen introduced the idea that the younger generation is already shifting the status quo with some interesting examples. Mark & Cindy shared their experience in business and how things have changed for them. Val shared an beautiful example of an apple before we wrapped up the conversation. Send us an email and let us have your feedback and questions.
November 10, 2020
Dealing With the Shadow Aspects As A Healer
Jennifer’s opening meditation talks about the 4 directions and how to look at your shadow and challenges in a safe space, being able to list your limitations and being aware of them helps to dissolve and bring them in to the light.  Cindy then spoke about the benefit of using other spiritual practices and touched on some of Alice Baileys work and the dark night of the soul. Jen then spoke about the importance of compassion and self awareness to help us through the difficult work. Mark mentioned the topic of spiritual bypassing before Val shared a tool she calls ‘Touch & Go’ for dealing with difficult issues and the continuation of the cycle of death and rebirth. Cindy took the conversation into how healers can walk with their clients and meet them where they are. We spoke about how we can deal with clients who are not quite ready to deal with some of their past trauma. Alex spoke about the importance of holding space for our clients and allowing them to choose their own path of healing. We then took a turn into the benefit of movement in the healing journey with Alex sharing her experiences as a facilitator at The Secret Sunrise. Val shared a technique she sometimes uses with her clients but Cindy wasn’t convinced. She spoke about how important it is to follow your intuition with your clients to stay on their path rather than yours. We then shared further tools for holding space for our clients with Jen using the directions from the meditation as a tool. Click here to download a copy of Jen’s meditation:
October 31, 2020
Our Interconection To Mother Earth And Nature
We started with a guided meditation that grounds and connects to earth energy, connecting to the powerful source healing light energy from a heart space allowing that energy to connect to all that we are. A heartful conversation with Jen sharing about her Sunday Group called SOTEMS  which is known as Spirit of The Earth Medicine society, a practice rooted in shamanic work that is headed by a South African Sangoma and a women from Argentina.  They connect in a Sweat Lodge setting explaining how it allows one to sit in the womb of the place allowing you to work with individual challenges and how one would then take that learning and focus that in the world.  Calling it a Sacred experience. Leading us to bring awareness about how we can connect to nature, Cindy shared how she walked on the mountain in Cape Town in South Africa in a place called Kalk Bay – which she called our little England.  Experiencing the grounding energy of the earth and the healing power of nature and allowing herself to use her senses and intuition to guide her walk without fear, trusting her intuition, connecting in nature reminded her about who we are. Alex and Valerie shared their experience around mindful walking, reflecting on how we can step gently on the earth and receive the benefits of what the earth offers with all its healing energy, the silence of been in nature allowing one to experience the stillness which has a deafening sound in its beauty. As we discussed our practices around retreating and fasting and there benefits, Mark highlighted that there are many rituals that have been practiced for many decades around retreating, fasting and going on Vision Quests in different cultures such as the Native Americans, Mexican Shamans, Vision Quests in Australia, Xhosa tribe in South Africa, These experiences brings us back to nature and gives understanding and reminder that we are all part of Nature, Animals, Sun, Moon and Stars and we have overlaid Mother Earth with a concrete jungle which disconnects us from our hearts keeping us separate from the earth and each other.  A beautiful reminder from nature and Mother earth of our interconnection to all that is and how little we need from the outside as it is all within. There are many ways we as humans can make a meaningful impact on the earth and our connection to ourselves in finding the moments of silence where we can observe in a watchful non-reactive way which is a gift to self and a gift to others.  The way the world has changed has given us an opportunity to move away from our habitual way of being, around travel and consumption embracing our local offerings in our own communities and shows our support for the earth and the planet.  Treading lightly in this world and challenging ourselves around our conditioning and habits. Quote from Clarissa Pinkola Estes – Author of Running with the Wolves When women reassert their relationship with a wildish nature, they are gifted with a permanent internal watcher, a knower, a visionary, an oracle, an inspiratrice, an intuitive, a maker, a creator, an inventor, and a listener who guide, suggest and urge vibrant life in the inner and outer world.
October 15, 2020
Doing The Basics
Cindy started by speaking about an impending cold that threatened her on health a few days ago and how she shifted it by working on fundamentals of energy management. We discussed the importance of self care and Val spoke of how self-care helps us to help others. The discussion went to the importance of grounding and embodiment and how we really need to be living our practice right now. Jen spoke of how our body’s have absolute wisdom and Mark spoke of the body as a barometer and how he uses this process with his clients. Cindy spoke of how many people are feeling out of body right now, with much of what is going on in the world right now is taking people out of the body. We then discussed something so important about embodying the divine energy and how one does this when calling on God. This led the discussion to the Christ energy and how we are all part of the divine. The conversation took an interesting turn into the history of religion and ritual. We then risked our lives with what might be called blasphemy and would’ve had us burnt at the stake a few centuries ago. Alex spoke of the need to take responsibility of our lives and avoid the temptation to blame God. Jen then gave us a brief history lesson on the canonization of the bible and how we were given only 1 chance to get things right in life. We finished with a discussion on the tools available to raise our frequency and how certain rituals can do this.
October 12, 2020
Thriving In The New World
We started our discussion by exploring what Jen’s students and clients are struggling with at the moment. This led to a discussion on disconnection and how the world has changed dramatically. We then looked at what we can do to thrive through these tumultuous times. The only certainty comes from within. We spoke about capitalism being based on scarcity and how younger people are waking up to the fact that capitalism is a con. We then discussed how to use intuition as a guide in life and in business as old business models and approaches are now outdated. Val shared a beautiful poem. Jen spoke about how the lockdown allowed children to be children and look for their hidden treasure and we explored ways of following the subtle signs from the universe to reach our abundant selves. You are the medicine! Advice from Maria Sabina, Mexican curandera (medicine woman) and poet. “Cure yourself, with the light of the sun and the rays of the moon With the sound of the river and the waterfall. With the swaying of the sea and the fluttering of birds. Heal yourself, with the mint and mint leaves, with neem and eucalyptus. Sweeten yourself with lavender, rosemary, and chamomile. Hug yourself with the cocoa bean and a touch of cinnamon. Put love in tea instead of sugar And take it looking at the stars Heal yourself , with the kisses that the wind gives you and the hugs of the rain. Get strong with bare feet on the ground and with everything that is born from it. Get smarter every day by listening to your intuition, looking at the world with the eye of your forehead. Jump, dance, sing, so that you live happier. Heal yourself, with beautiful love, and always remember are the medicine. "
October 11, 2020
Talking About Boundaries
We started the hour with Cindy taking us on a beautiful meditation to experience our energetic boundaries before we opened the discussion. Much was said about how our boundaries are being breached by technology in an age where we are expected to always be available. Alex shared how working in the hospitality industry led her to always saying yes and how she learnt that sometimes 'No' is the best answer. Cindy shared an example of how she had to learn to respect the boundaries of others, even if it meant that they take the scenic route to the same outcome. We all realized how important it is for others to do their own work and that we need to allow that without trying to rescue them. 
September 24, 2020
Living The Souls Purpose
We opened with a discussion about where the oversoul, modad and soul group sit energetically before a deep meditation to take our consciousness up to the monad where we spent some time connecting to our souls purpose. In the discussion that followed aussie Jen gave an example of someone living their souls purpose before Cindy took the conversation on a detour that allowed Erica and Mark to share how past trauma had caused involuntary responses. Mark shared how he had healed his trauma response. Val also shared her experience of healing trauma and in the end we discovered the most important part of living your souls purpose.
September 18, 2020
Going Higher
In this episode Cindy shares a great technique for dealing with the powerful ascension energies whilst still navigating the tumultuous world around us. The conversation then touches on our distrust of big f arma before delving into a discussion on how the ascension energies are showing our shadows. We have an opening meditation and a short closing meditation before the encore discussion the hard lockdown in melbourne.
September 07, 2020