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By Kevin Wright & Richard Yates
We are back new and improved.

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TechTalkUK 101 -Don't Microwave your Airpods!
Back for a 2 hr show talking tech with exclusive advice from Richard on how it went when he decided to try to use a Microwave oven to recharge his Airpods quickly :-) We also give early feedback on my new E-Bike, the Eskute Netuno, which is well priced but has a few early niggles I am waiting to see if Eskute sort out for me. I have links for this on Twitter @kevwright
May 01, 2022
TechTalkUK 100 - Hundred not out (yet!)
We discuss Digital Mapping, Electric bikes, Covid :), and a few other gems. 
April 17, 2022
TechTalkUK 99 - Two old men discuss getting old :-)
Kev and Rich back for some more Tech talk, with a short rant on Covid thrown in for good measure.  We discuss this article and here is a link to get a free Libre 2 sensor for me ;-)
April 03, 2022
TechTalkUK 98 - Medical Tech
Richard is unavailable this Sunday, so we have a shorter show recorded during the week, starts off with me and Richard talking about my new gadget Libre 2 (trail for all diabetics here ) and edns with me waffling on my own as he had to cut shrt :-)
March 19, 2022
TechTalkUK 97 - From iPhone to Air Fryers!
Kev and Richard back with more tech chat. Last call for any donations (we only ask once a year now) to all gratefully received. Also my Amazon link is still active at @kevwright and @richardcyates on Twitter.
March 06, 2022
TechTalkUK 96 - The terrible Audio one.
Sorry about the audio issues, esp the music! If you can support TTUK please consider a donation, we will only ask once a year around March time. Kev & Richard
February 20, 2022
TechTalkUK 95 - Feb 6th 2022
Kev and Richard back for some more tech chatter......
February 06, 2022
TechTalkUK - 94 The one I forgot to post :-)
Sorry folks, I thought I had posted this about an hour after we recorded it, but had completely forgotten to press the button!!!
January 23, 2022
TechTalkUK 93 - Airpods Max RIP & Amazon CRAP!
Croaky Kev and Mr Y wingeing about Tech and stuff.
January 09, 2022
TechTalkUK - 92 Happy New Year
A little bonus show from Kev and Richard, to start 2022, with special guest Dave Rich from The Techbox podcast.
January 01, 2022
TechTalkUK 91- Boxing day Special
OK, it's not that special :-)
December 26, 2021
TechTalkUK 90 - Even Covid can't stop TTUK!
Happy Christmas to both our listeners :-)
December 13, 2021
TechTalkUK 89 - Return of the Max (AirPods Max)
Kev and Richard back with all the latest John Lewis stories :-)
November 28, 2021
TechTalkUK 88 - ....don't forget the Fold 3!
Kev and Rich talk tech.
November 14, 2021
TechTalkUK 87 - New Macbook Pro and Pixel 6's
Kev and Richard back with more John Lewis adverts :-)
October 31, 2021
TechTalkUK 86 -
Fill your boots :-)
October 17, 2021
TechTalkUK 85 - It's exactly the same as last year's one!
No, it really isn't. Even if it was, you deserve it :-)
October 03, 2021
TechTalkUK 84 - Holiday adventures and some tech :-)
You're welcome.
September 19, 2021
TechTalkUK 83- The Welsh One.
Despite being on my holidays, you lucky people still get an episode!
September 05, 2021
TechTalkUK 82 - The one where Richard talks for more than 3 mins!
We talked about Photography, and Aperture (again!) on small sensors, (this link will help), also Xbox Series S, Kev's lack of interest in phones, and Richard throws us a Curve ball!
August 22, 2021
TechTalkUK 81 - Was it worth the wait?
Probably not :-)
August 08, 2021
TechTalkUK 80 - Sunday 11th July 2021
Kev and Rich back again with more Tech chat.
July 11, 2021
TechTalkUK 79 - Cheap Redmi Phones
Richard is busy so James Honeyball of TechBox fame is joining me to talk tech. 
June 27, 2021
TechTalkUK 78 - Pixel take over?
Kev and Rich back with more mobile chat.
June 13, 2021
TechTalkUK 77 - Lenovo Duet Chromebook Chat
Kev and Richard discuss the cheap two in one Chromebook Tablet / Laptop. Have Chromebooks improved enough since we last tried them over two years ago?
May 30, 2021
TechTalkUK 76 - To the Moon :-)
Kev and Richard talk Fold 2, Insta 360 Camera, and Dogecoin
May 16, 2021
TechTalkUK 75 - Special Episode with Chris Kelly, 360 Cameras.
This was supposed to be a brief 15 min drop in to a new TTUK, but it went on a bit longer than planned :-)
May 12, 2021
TechTalkUK 74- Need a holiday now!
Another weekly dose of nonsense.  We will be back to fortnightly soon, as I am going back to work at JL (yay)!
May 09, 2021
TechTalkUK 73 - Mobile edition
Bit of rain noise but best we could do as I am in the LD :-) Kev
May 02, 2021
TechTalkUK 72 - Oh I don't know :-)
First 15 mins or so not tech related so feel free to skip :-)
April 18, 2021
TechTalkUK 71 - Blimey, that's a long one!
Kev and Richard waffle on for ages about something. 
April 11, 2021
TechTalkUK 70 - Happy Easter Everyone
More P30 Pro, iPhone and Apple Watch chat, plus an update on Richard's photo saga, and even some Synology talk. Richard has also found the perfect USB-C Hub.
April 04, 2021
TechTalkUK 69 - Back to April 2019
Kev and Richard now both using P30 Pros! You know it makes sense :-)
March 28, 2021
TechTalkUK 68 - Return of the best ever Android phone.
Kev and Richard chat about tech. 
March 21, 2021
TechTalkUK 67 - The oldest Techies in town!
Thanks to everyone who wished me a happy 60th on Thursday, and those who sent me a beer to
March 07, 2021
TechTalkUK 66 - Kev, solo iPhone SE battery replacement.
Also a quick look at my new AirPods Max cheapie case.  I finish up with a quick review of my Covid Jab :-)
February 26, 2021
TechTalkUK 65. - Where has my SSD gone?
Kev and Richard back for an extended TTUK, skip to 15 mins if you don't want to hear about Kev's Covid experience (luckily a false alarm) we talk about Richards new iPhone, and a huge thank you to listener Andy Grove who is a very generous chap indeed.....
February 21, 2021
TechTalkUK 64 - We talk APMs, IoT, and PWMs :)
So, I am asking for donations this episode, if you donate £10 or more (once we get at least 16 of those!) someone will win a Xiaomi Mi 10T Lite 5G, with a couple of runner up IoT devices. Donate £10 here. Thanks in advance. We talk about AirPods Max, loads of Home Automation chat, and iPhone dominance in the TTUK households......
February 07, 2021
TechTalkUK 63 - Xiaomi Mi 10T Lite 5G chat
This is the link to get the extra £15. You must use a new account never used before. Also make sure order is over £200 to get the other £30 off. Also keep in mind offers change quickly on this website so none of this may apply by the time you get to hear and see it. I paid £155.98 for a Mi 10T Lite 5G and two pairs of wired basic headsets :-) Gav's video on removing bloatware from Xiaomi phones. 
January 24, 2021
TechTalkUK 62 - That went well :-)
This is the real episode 62.  Been a bad week :-(
January 10, 2021
TechTalkUK 61 - What a year!
Join Kev and Richard for a last show of 2020, such a shame to see the back of 2020 right? We talk about Airpods Max (again), and we both pick our two top tech purchases of the year.
December 27, 2020
TechTalkUK 60 - Airpods Max
Kev and Gavin from Gavinsgadgets talk about the new Apple Airpods Max Check out Gavins Youtube review here  1. HDR version (if it looks washed out, use the one below) 2. Normal Version 
December 27, 2020
TechTalkUK 59 - Where has Kev gone?
Kev and Richard back for another incredible episode :-) A stunning revelation from Kev about screen brightness, and Richard wants a big one!
December 13, 2020
TechTalkUK 58 - Apple M1 chat
Kev and Richard have first chat since both got a base model M1 Macbook Air. First few secs of Kev's audio is rubbish because he is an idiot :-) Link to that Mac Mini M1 over one thousand Logic Pro plug in video, have a look at the other two Mac Mini M1 videos as well. And a (non affiliate) link to my new place of work :-) John Lewis
November 29, 2020
TechTalkUK 57 - Google, who are they?
Richard is busy this week, so Gavin from Gavin's Gadgets joins Kev to discuss the latest iPhones, and Macbooks, and one of them is ditching Google for ever!!!
November 14, 2020
TechTalkUK 56 - No snappy titles here
Kev and Richard talk for an hour. Please listen. 
November 08, 2020
TechTalkUK 55 - An hour of Covid and Politics chat.......JOKING!!!
Please listen to the end as I have asked you guys not to use my Amazon links anymore. Thanks to everyone who has done so in the past, but I can no longer turn a blind eye to the way this company behaves and keep on taking their money. 
November 01, 2020
TechTalkUK 54 - iPhone 12 Update
A quick second Solo show in two days to let you know what happened to the iPhone 12 Pro I was not going to open :-) And a very boring bit at the end about what people buy on my Amazon link and how much it earns me. Amazon Link :-)
October 25, 2020
TechTalkUK 53 - Solo show Kev talks about iPhone 12 Launch
As mentioned in show, my gaming PC for sale as one lot of will split if I can sell it all. CaseBeQuiet Base 500 Mett Grey MotherboardTomahawk Max B450 CPU Ryzen 5 3600 CPU CoolerCooler Master Hyper 212 LED GPU   MSI 1660 Super Gaming X Twin Frozr  Memory4 * 8GB Corsair LPX Venegence 3200 (Total 32GB) Storage  Adata 512GB M.2 NMVe drive on motherboard PSUCorsair RMx 650w Keyboard G512 SE MouseG305 to discuss
October 23, 2020
TechTalkUK 52 - Apple Event and Pixel 5 talk
Amazon Link . thanks for all the use guys, obv buy everything from John Lewis now as well :-)
October 18, 2020
TechTalkUK 51- The one with no title
Just a solo attempt by Kev, bit of 4a talk, yes I bought one :-)
October 09, 2020
TechTalkUK 50 - Pixel
October 04, 2020
TechTalkUK 49 - Samsung Z Fold 2 chat and Kev has a old, new Android.
Amazon Link works again. New John Lewis Link ditto And if you can help me out
September 27, 2020
TechTalkUK 48 - Apple Watch and Z Fold 2 Chat- From the Caravan!
Amazon Link works again. New John Lewis Link ditto And if you can help me out
September 20, 2020
TechTalkUK 47 - iPhone swapping and Fold 2 knocking :-)
Amazon Link works again. New John Lewis Link ditto And if you can help me out
September 13, 2020
TechTalkUK 46 - Solo Silliness
Amazon Link works again. New John Lewis Link ditto And if you can help me out
September 10, 2020
TechTalkUK 45 - No, the other Note....the £180 one!
Amazon Link works again. New John Lewis Link ditto And if you can help me out
September 06, 2020
TechTalkUK 44 - Take a Note, it's for sale....or is it?
The  e-Sim Article we referenced in the show is here And the cheap PC screen I mentioned is here Amazon Link works again. New John Lewis Link ditto And if you can help me out
August 30, 2020
TechTalkUK 43 - Note 20 Ultra first thoughts- Kev solo
New Amazon link as old one is confusing thanks to tinyurl (old one works again now!) or New John Lewis Link ditto And if you can help me out
August 26, 2020
TechTalkUK 42 - Note 20 Ultra?
New Amazon link as old one is confusing thanks to tinyurl (old one works again now!) or New John Lewis Link ditto And if you can help me out
August 23, 2020
TechTalkUK 41 - MS Flightsim 2020 early thoughts.
Kev and guest Tom Stuart chat mostly about FS 2020 Thanks to all using my links, the most important one is where you can sign up to my £5 a month club, and get a warm feeling inside :-) New John Lewis Link ditto
August 19, 2020
TechTalkUK 40 - An Epic Duo
Kev and ......oh I forget his name chat about MS Duo, Apple and Google vs Scumbags Epic (a very balanced look) and Kev decides not to sell his iPhone and then Richard.....see I remembered!, talks him into maybe selling it after all :-) New Amazon link as old one is confusing thanks to tinyurl New John Lewis Link ditto And if you can help me out
August 16, 2020
TechTalkUK 39 - Solo PC
Just Kev, (sorry Richard fans!) talking about his PC build, and EE sending out Sims already activated. Pro tip: If you don't like me, or the show, feel free not to listen 😉
August 12, 2020
TechTalkUK 38 - Dreaming of PC components.
Thanks to all using my links, they are all in my Twitter bio now for future reference, most important one is where you can sign up to my £5 a month club, and get a warm feeling inside :-) Kev and Richard with more rants and tech chat.
August 09, 2020
TechTalkUK 37 - Solo Midweek Show
Just a quick 30 mins with updates on my illnesses :-)
August 05, 2020
TechTalkUK 36 - Kev buys the best Android phone in the world...again.
Thanks to all the people who have donated already. If you can add your support please click The P30 Pro 512GB Dual Sim UK model is here (but only 2 left as of 2/8/20) The Power Bank is at The Cable is at (0.9m) or Amazon Link is here. John Lewis Link here.
August 02, 2020
TechTalkUK 35 - Back from the North
Over 90 mins of TTUK for you folks, enjoy.  The Redmi Phone is at The Power Bank is at The Cable is at (0.9m) or Amazon Link is here. John Lewis Link here. Thanks to all the people who have donated already.
July 26, 2020
TechTalkUK 34- Lake District Special!
Some audio issues with this one again, explained in the podcast, best I could do sorry :-) The Redmi Phone is at The Power Bank is at The Cable is at (0.9m) or Amazon Link is here. John Lewis Link here. Thanks to all the people who have donated already.
July 19, 2020
TechTalkUK 33 - GoPro overdose.
The Redmi Phone is at The Power Bank is at The Cable is at (0.9m) or Amazon Link is here. John Lewis Link here. Thanks to all the people who have donated already.
July 08, 2020
TechTalkUK 32 - The long one.
The Redmi Phone is at The Power Bank is at The Cable is at (0.9m) or Amazon Link is here. John Lewis Link here. Thanks to all the people who have donated already. 
July 05, 2020
TechTalkUK 31- Hello Redmi
So Kev has an Android phone, and Richard is still in love with Mr Trump :-) The Phone is at The Power Bank is at The Cable is at (0.9m) or Amazon Link is here. John Lewis Link here. Thanks to all the people who have donated already.
July 01, 2020
TechTalkUK 30 - Return of the Gav
Richard is off doing a stocktake on his phones, hopefully he will be done by Wednesday, so we have Gav from Gavin's Gadgets joining Kev to discuss why everyone should ditch Android and buy an iPhone ;-)  Those YT Walking Channels I mentioned are: Abbie Barnes and Athena Mellor couple of lovely relaxing channels for you to watch. If you can help an unemployed old bugger out, it's Kev's Paypal and please think about using my links: Amazon John Lewis
June 28, 2020
TechTalkUK 29. - WWDC without the clapping, much better!
We have a chat about WWDC and a few other things. if you can bung me a couple of quid, always appreciated.  Amazon Link is here. John Lewis Link here. Thanks to all the people who have donated already.
June 24, 2020
TechTalkUK 28 - Blood, sweat and tears
Blimey, this was like pulling teeth. First 10 mins deleted as my new Mic was blasting the Audio at crazy level without that being visible to me in software, and then we moved to direct recording and Richards end was clipping like mad, as his mic volume in Audacity was creeping up to max all the time.  This is the best I could salvage, so be prepared to play with the volume knob on this one and some comments may sound odd if they reference the missing 10 mins.  
June 21, 2020
TechTalkUK 27 - Thunderstruck
Right, another midweek TTUK. Kev and Richard talk about all sorts, and a bit of PUBG chat for Ted :-) Links if you can help John Lewis Link Amazon Link Donate to Kev Directly New TTUK Twitter
June 17, 2020
TechTalkUK 26 - All new TTUK - I hope :-)
New mic, new music and old presenters. if you can bung me a few quid, it helped pay for the Mic :-) Amazon Link is here. John Lewis Link here.
June 14, 2020
TechTalkUK 25 - The one with Terrible audio.....again
With apologies to you all and my co host, I buggered up the audio on this one, but Dave Rich has rescued it so at least we can released it, after all with me paying Richard £0.00 per hour, I can't afford to re record it :-) This is the video I am talking about when we get into the weeds on camera stuff, what do you think about using the crop factor on lens reach *and* aperture? Plenty of videos don't agree with Tony on this one.  Video for counting both. Video against.........   I can see both points here, but this guy makes a great point that it only really matters if you switch between different systems? if you can spare a couple of quid or dollars or whatever you like :-) So thanks again, sorry for the audio, 
June 10, 2020
TechTalkUK 24 -
Kev and Rich back again with another show.
June 07, 2020
TechTalkUK 23 - What an Anchor!
So Kev has his new old, Macbook back, but can't actually get it to record a show, so we went back to iPads and Airpods again, hopefully it's listenable. A couple of times there was a bit of overlap when we both spoke at different times but the recording seems to have overlaid them, you can not edit it like a Audio Hijack/Skype call as all voices are on one track (actually it's stereo but both tracks are identical). Long story short it's not perfect :-) Sorry for any and all confusion over donations, all gratefully received, no amount too small or too large 🤣, but for now forget about recurring amounts, just use and I will receive all the dosh, PP won't get a slice. Kev
June 03, 2020
TechTalkUK 22 - Wireless nightmare.
Apologies up front for this one, had to record on iPads with Airpods, and it did not go well. Hopefully listenable if you have literally nothing else to listen to :-) Back to normal next show, promise. Oh, and I say its show 21 at the start as I thought I made the little 20 min show 20a, but I didn't so.............Hey, SpaceX and NASA are awesome right? Kev
May 31, 2020
TechTalkUK 21 - Gis a job.
TechTalkUK 21 - Just a 20 min explainer of my changed situation and the impact it might have on TTUK
May 29, 2020
TechTalkUK 20 - Insert hilarious title here while basically talking about the same stuff :-)
Kev and Richard back again, to prove that you can't teach old dogs new tricks. Enjoy.
May 24, 2020
TechTalkUK 19 -
Kev and Rich back for a bit of midweek TTUK chat.  Enjoy
May 20, 2020
TechTalkUK 18 - Mystic Kev
OK, start at 6 mins if you hate my political leanings and Covid 19 :-) Kev and Richard
May 17, 2020
TechTalkUK 17 - It's Me time to Mix things up
You know the drill.
May 06, 2020
TechTalkUK 16 - And then there was one!
Kev and Richard back for the 4th TTUK in 8 days!!!
May 03, 2020
TechTalkUK 15 - Did a full 180, crazy.....
Well.  No words really :-)
May 01, 2020
TechTalkUK 14. Time to ditch iPhone???
Kev and Rich back with some more tech chat, Richard bought a £900 phone by "mistake", and Kev is back to the bad old days :-)
April 28, 2020
TechTalkUK 13 (Not my best work :-)
Bit of a disaster this one, used the Anchor app and Airpods again, but was editing nightmare, and it's still full of clicks and pops. Apols all, will do better next time.
April 26, 2020
TechTalkUK 12
Right, this is recorded using just the Anchor app, an iPhone, an iPad and two AirPods. This should be without the dumb music playing 😂
April 21, 2020
TechTalkUK 11
Kev and Rich back again with a bit of lockdown listening. Richard reveals all about his experiment without GMS, and Kev is a twat as usual :-)
April 15, 2020
TechTalkUK 10
Kev and Richard back again, Happy Easter everyone. 
April 12, 2020
TechTalkUK 9
You lucky, lucky people. Kev and Gav on a quick catch up, mostly P30 Pro and Covid 19 :-)
April 09, 2020
TechTalkUK 8
With Kev and Richard. Lots of Blink XT2 camera chat, and a new (old) fav phone on the way back in for Kev.  Amazon UK affiliate link.
April 07, 2020
TechTalkUK 7.......Blink (XT2) and you'll miss it
Kev and Rich talk about what phones they currently possess, and lots of chat about the Blink XT2 Camera System. Stay safe, and please think about using my links if you buy some XT2s, which you really should. Blink XT2 Amazon page.    For price reference all comments related to these being on sale. A 2 camera system for example was £143.99 Kev
April 01, 2020
TechTalkUK 6
Another episode with Kev and Gavin from, if you don't wanna hear too much about CV-19, start from 11 mins :-)
March 28, 2020
TechTalkUK 5
Yet another episode, a little bit CV - 19 heavy, but hey ho, it's our life now?
March 22, 2020
TechTalkUK 4 - Two years with an S20 Ultra!
Kev and Mr 2 years himself :-)
March 19, 2020
TechTalkUK 3
Kev and Richard Yates discuss Samsung's new S20 phones.   15/3/2020
March 15, 2020
TechTalkUK 2
Join Kev and Gavin from for a chat about the upcoming S20 devices they have coming soon. 
March 08, 2020
TechTalkUK 2020!
Ha, lets see where this goes, should I tell Richard before I make this live :-) Kev
March 01, 2020