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Mr. & Mrs. Podcast

Mr. & Mrs. Podcast

By Marvin R. Askew II & Johnette "JA" Warren-Askew
Diving into different levels and aspects of love and relationships. Examining the good, the bad and the funny!
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Let it go, Let it happen!
After Valentines Day, we want to recognize all the single people who are looking for love and come up disappointed. Your time will come...don’t pressure yourself.
February 18, 2021
It's Valentines Day 2021! It's the LITTLE THINGS!
As we celebrate Valentines Day in 2021, we reflect on the little things we do for our partners/spouses.
February 14, 2021
Let say..."Malcolm & Marie"
We did a podcast crossover with “Cinema -N- Coffee” as we review the Netflix Film “Malcolm & Marie” and compare them to relationships of today.
February 08, 2021
Friends Before Lovers (Also Mr.'s Birthday!)
Talking about the impact of being friends before being lovers in a relationship! Also we say Happy Birthday to Mr. who turns 40!
February 01, 2021
Partnership Within Marriage
Today, I'm going to talk about three ways to share power to create an equal partnership in marriage.
January 25, 2021
Pandemic Divorce
We are back with Season 2 of "Mr. & Mrs Podcast". As we settle into 2021 and want to forget things that have transpired in 2020... We can't turn a blind eye on the Divorce rates that happen while we were LOCKED DOWN!!!
January 19, 2021
Forgiveness- The Most Important Thing In Your Relationship?
Poll Question: Do you think the person who is being forgiven or the person who is doing the forgiving, benefits most from forgiveness? Originally Aired -  7/5/19
May 27, 2020
For The Fathers- The Importance of Both Parents To a Child.
Poll Question: Do you think it’s OK for someone to keep a child away from the other parent simply because the relationship between them and the other parent was volatile and did not work out? Originally Aired - 6/28/19
May 27, 2020
Little Eyes Are Watching
Your love life and how it affects your children’s future love lives.  This week’s poll question is: “Do you think parents underestimate how much their kids are watching?”. Originally Aired - 6/21/19
May 27, 2020
When Opposites Attract
The push and pulls that make life together interesting. This Week’s Poll Question: Would you not date someone because you don’t feel you have enough in common? Originally Aired -  6/14/19
May 27, 2020
Love VS In Love
 Love VS In Love- What’s The Difference Between Loving Someone and Being In Love With Someone? This Week’s Poll Question: Is it OK to tell someone you think you love, that you are in fact  “In Love” with them because you are scared to loose them, when you are not sure you are in love or infatuated? Originally Aired - 6/7/19
May 27, 2020
Not Getting Through- When the communication isn’t working.
Poll Question: If you and your partner cannot communicate and keep having the same issues, what should you do?  A.) Call  it quits B.) Get help or  C.) Try again?  Join Mr. & Mrs. as they laugh their way through a very serious relationship topic...  communication.         1-800-583-8605.  Available on iTunes, Spotify, Google play or wherever you get your podcast.  Originally Aired - 5/31/19
May 27, 2020
Guilt- One Way Your Past interferes With Your Future”
This Week’s Poll Question: “Have you ever had a situation from your past that you thought you were done with, come back to haunt your present?” Leave us a comment and tell us about your scenario and how you handled it? Originally Aired - 5/16/19
May 11, 2020
The Dating Game
We discuss how much the dating game has changed over the years between the dating rules changing and the insertion of social media.  Our question is do you think that the rules of dating has changed over the years significantly or just a little?  Let us know what you think.  Available on iTunes, Google Play, Spotify and . Originally Aired - 3/8/19
May 11, 2020
Love Wouldn't Let Me Go
Surviving A Major Illness As A Couple.  Poll question is:  Do you think that you, honestly, could meet someone chronically or incurably ill, fall in love, marry, and take good care of them?  Answer the poll on Facebook or Twitter and subscribe via iTunes, Google play, Spotify or listen on our website Originally Aired - 2/21/19
May 07, 2020
Moving on to the Next Relationship?
When Rebounding Who Fairs Better, Men or Women?  With featured phone guest Massachusetts lawyer and poet"Igwayhee". This Week’s Poll Question: “Is it easier for a man to find a new girlfriend or a Woman to find a new boyfriend after a break up?”  If you think neither, leave us a message and tell us how you feel. Subscribe on iTunes, Google Play, Spotify or wherever you get your podcast. Originally Aired - 2/15/19
April 30, 2020
How to have Valentine’s Day all year round when you love someone
How to have Valentine’s Day all year round when you love someone. Our poll question is “ Do you believe it’s important to have a Valentine’s like day/date on more days than just Valentine’s Day or an anniversary during the course of the year to make sure your significant other knows how special they are to you?”  With special guest  couple Mr. and Mrs. Robert and Gretchen Harris.  Originally Aired - 2/8/19
April 30, 2020
Do's & Don'ts For Valentine's Day
Poll Question Is: Do you base what you do for your significant other on Valentine's Day on how long you've been together? On this podcast we have a really funny conversation about Valentine's day and the podcast features poet Annette Rainey. Originally Aired - 2/1/19
April 30, 2020
Is It Lit?
How To Keep The Relationship Interesting so it last.  This week's poll question :  is spontaneity crucial to keeping a relationship fresh?  In our last episode of 2018 we discussed different ways to keep your relationship fresh.  Happy New Year! Originally Aired - 12/28/18
April 30, 2020
Decision Making
Making Decisions as A Couple. Poll Question: Do you believe that it is alright to make major decisions that can possibly effect both of you in the long run, as a couple? Or is it OK to make them on your own without even consulting your significant other? Let us know what you think. Originally Aired - 12/21/18
April 30, 2020
Dealing While Angry
How do you handle things while angry with your significant other?  Poll question:  Is it best for you, personally, to deal with something you are angry about right away while the emotion is fresh, or walk it off, calm down and come back to it later? Originally Aired - 12/11/18
April 30, 2020
Domestic Violence
This week we discuss domestic violence, the warning signs, reasons it’s hard to leave, characteristics of the abuser and organizations geared towards helping the abused. Visit our website at Originally Aired - 12/7/18
April 30, 2020
" The 80/20 Rule"
This week we discuss the " The 80/20 Rule" and Our poll question is  “Do you believe in the 80/20 Rule for relationships? In other words, if you found a mate that gives you 80% of what you want, should you just be satisfied instead of risking that 80% to be with someone that gives you the 20% you think you are missing?” Check us out on iTunes, Google Play, Spotify and Originally Aired - 11/30/18
April 30, 2020
Mending Fences - Part 2
When You Want to Give LOVE a Second Try  Mr. & Mrs. discuss whether it is possible to get past the baggage of a bad break up or separation to successfully give the relationship a second chance? Using their past separation, Mr. & Mrs. get really real and shine some light on what worked for them and what didn’t. Originally Aired - 11/2/18
April 30, 2020
Mending Fences - Part 1
Today’s topic is “Mending fences... When you want to give LOVE a second try.”  Is it possible to get past the baggage of a bad break up or separation to successfully give the relationship a second chance? Originally Aired - 10/26/18
April 30, 2020
Unconditional Love
This week we discussed the definition of “Unconditional Love” and whether you can love someone unconditionally in a healthy way.  We also shared a piece form the poet Maya Angelou for our Love Poetry Corner.  Our poll question is: Can you love someone un-conditionally in a healthy way?  Let us know what you think. Originally Aired - 10/19/18
April 30, 2020
Relationship Love Languages
Do you think that people have different love languages? Therefore what you may need to feel loved from your partner may not be what your partner needs to feel loved from you. We discussed the importance of knowing you and your partner‘s love language to keep your relationship whole. Featuring spoken word poet Vonetta T. Rhodes. Originally Aired - 10/12/18
April 27, 2020
SE 1-EP 1: Fighting
Are couples that fight all the time happier or more in love than couples who don't fight as much?  We explore the merits of fighting and the differences between fighting and a healthy argument. Also hear about our first non-date or what we like to call our "Play Date".  Don't forget to respond to our poll question on our social media pages or website Originally Aired - 10/05/18
April 27, 2020