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What happened yesterday?

What happened yesterday?

By Andy Hair
In 2016 after a horrific cycling accident, Andy, your host, lived the immediate hours, days, weeks with Amnesia. "I lost about 6 months of memory prior to the accidents". As time went by the Amnesia reduced but the forgetfulness increased. Andy created a habit of writing a journal to remember what happened the day before & sometimes even minutes before. This podcast will share these writings that have spanned 8 books now in the past 3+ years. You will listen to some funny & insightful educational recounts as he narrates "What Happened Yesterday."
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Back in Hong Kong to collect the 3peat

What happened yesterday?

Talking 2020 PhysEd with Azza Gardiner
Discussing what a legend Azza is and the teaching that he has put in place for his families at Armstrong creek school in Geelong, Victoria, AUS during and post Covid-19 Follow him on Twitter: @azzalanche
June 15, 2020
Transparency in education is a game changer!!!
I share with you in this episode ways that I have been able embed a practise of Transparency throughout my school community.
February 12, 2020
International connections and why we do what we do..... With Erin Halonen
Chatting to Erin Halonen from San Francisco and her amazing year of learning in Australia as way as her newly acquired Regional ownership of a Dancepl3y program.
February 05, 2020
Passion is in Order for Episode 11s chat
January 14, 2020
Your first 3 weeks at school- PREP TIME!!!
What does your first 3 weeks look like at school in 2020? - Get to know your students - Build trust - Build relationships Games to start your year off: - 2 truths and a lie - Rock paper scissors 5 lives - Helium sticks through gates - Formula 1 Cars
January 09, 2020
2019 review and 2020 vision
What happened in 2019? Where did I get a chance to travel to? First appearance of my wife on the show. 2020- What is coming? Special guests. RHSports advertisement- Check out everything you need at
January 05, 2020
Disney U- Four values of Walt Disney to business excellence
Walt Disney Dream, Believe, Dare, Do Implementing values of magic into all aspects of your life. Sharing the magic with all those you come in contact with. DISNEY U Book
December 03, 2019
PHASE Asia Pacific Conference 2019 recap
The hills were huge, the elderly played ball and rocked their physically literacy, tech, story time, invasion games, assessment and dancing. This conference had it all!!
November 27, 2019
Back in Hong Kong to collect the 3peat
Wow time flies when you don't pay attention to calendars. As I sit here in the hotel room contemplating my game plan for the next three days I reflect back in time where I first flew into Honkers......... Travel with me back in time.....
November 14, 2019
Finding common values with everyone you meet.
In this episode we look at values you hold dearly to yourself, to your family and to your workspace. Passion projects and fishing all over the world.
November 07, 2019
MyPE- Self navigating learning
MyPE was a program I designed with a big question for my 2016 school year. This was “Can children learn by being the teacher?” Click here for MyPE basketball Click here for MyPE Soccer
October 31, 2019
Mentor Programs
Nick Kline (@Petop5) and I spoke 4 years ago about me going teachers in our community and bringing them together to chat about their success stories.
October 29, 2019
Introduction and Welcome Episode 1
Welcome to 'What Happened Yesterday'. In this episode Andy explains the reason behind this podcast.
October 27, 2019